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The information in the article below contains spoilers for the BFDI series. Please watch the episode(s) in question if you haven't seen them already.

Yes, free food!

Free Food, stylized as FREE FOOD, is one of the eleven teams in Battle for BFB. The team was named by Yellow Face due to calling out that there was free food (referring to Fries' fries).

Official Character Guide description

Who doesn't like free food? Free snacks! Free burgers! Yum! You would think with a team name like Free Food, food would be the main focus. Well, it's not. The only food on the team is Fries. Unless you eat staplers.

When Free Food wins, they usually do it in a messy, clumsy way. There aren't too many people on the team who want to take a leadership role. Fries likes the idea of leadership but is really more interested in seeing other people take charge.

Go Team!:

  • It has the most characters with zero limbs-3.
  • Free Food is the most colorful team.
  • Free Food produced Four's favorite makeover by stacking themselves in a tower.
  • Free Food is skilled at synchronized body rotation.


Bell TeamIcon.png Eraser TeamIcon.png Foldy TeamIcon.png Fries TeamIcon.png Marker TeamIcon.png Puffball TeamIcon.png Stapy TeamIcon.png Yellow Face TeamIcon.png


Name Contestant Gender Episode Show Rank Team Rank Status Votes
Stapy Stapy TeamIcon.png Male 1st Voted Out
in This Episode Is About Basketball
60th Place 8th Place Pre-Split 9,028
Bell Bell TeamIcon.png Female 2nd-8th Quit
in The Escape from Four
55th-16th Place 7th-1st Place 1,376
Eraser Eraser TeamIcon.png Male 1,151
Foldy Foldy TeamIcon.png Female 1,114
Fries Fries TeamIcon.png Male 2,266
Marker Marker TeamIcon.png Male 1,395
Puffball Puffball TeamIcon.png Female 3,389
Yellow Face Yellow Face TeamIcon.png Male 3,389


Free Food.PNG

In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Free Food formed when Yellow Face asked Bell and Foldy to join. Foldy contemplated on that Stapy should be on her team, and Marker followed Stapy. Fries admired what Yellow Face did, and joined with Puffball. Eraser was the last one to join when Yellow Face said he had some free food (Fries' fries), hence the team name Free Food.

"What happened to the free food? Where is the free food?!" -Eraser
"MMMMM FREE FOOD?!" -Yellow Face
"Yes, free food!" -Eraser

During the challenge that episode, Foldy, and Stapy were playing Rock Paper Scissors when interrupted by Fries, who asked to stop playing it and help get the basket. He asked if Stapy was light, Stapy responded saying he was one of the heaviest, so Foldy went up. Fries launched Foldy up three times and Foldy died after the third, enraging Stapy. Bell asked what they would do without Foldy, stating that no-one would get up there, since nobody could fly. Puffball, behind Bell, was angry, Bell was frightened about that. So Puffball got the basket, which apparently had air spilled out of it, but Free Food was safe anyways at 3rd place.

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", Stapy slammed his body into a jawbreaker, and found someone in it, meaning they were safe at 3rd. Yellow Face asked if Foldy was inside, but Eraser revealed it was actually Lollipop. Marker and Stapy angrily punished Lollipop by eating her.

In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", Marker asked Puffball to play Toss the Dirt with him. Puffball initially agreed but was asked by Fries to rotate around the swing's center 50 times due to her being the only flier. Bell commented on how Fries was bossy. Nothingness, Puffball agreed and saved her team at 5th place[debatable].

In "Today's Very Special Episode", Free Food finished their presentation third, presenting "the year's hottest look", consisting of Yellow Face, Foldy, Fries, Puffball and Stapy (from top to bottom). They placed 1st that episode due to Four loving it, sending hearts flying and Eraser off the horizon.

In "Fortunate Ben", the team nearly lost because Stapy stapled the plane together, but, due to his stapling obsession, he stapled the ground so much that it split in half and allowed their team to fall into the middle. Their team got 7th, but were safe, as they led Beep to be up for elimination.

In "Four Goes Too Far", Pen was trying to get one of Free Food's members the Twinkle of Contagion. Pen grabs some "tossable dirt" (trying to get Marker's attention). Marker slowly turns around, but Fries stops him. Eventually, Pen Passes the Twinkle to Marker. Later in the contest, Taco convinces Bell to look at the moon. Bell then gets the Twinkle. Eraser tells Bell everyone knows she has the Twinkle, except for The Losers Bell breaks the basket The Losers are hiding in and passes it to Clock, making The Loser!'s (fittingly) lose.

In "Questions Answered", Stapy makes a fake buzzer to make iance lose. They were going to win, but Match had footage of them cheating, which caused Free Food to be put up for elimination.

In "This Episode Is About Basketball", Stapy was eliminated. The team had the strategy to have Marker play Toss The Dirt, which caused him to toss the balls into the basket as he was digging. This caused the team to win.

In "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", the team picked Foldy to participate in the challenge. After Flower had maneuvered herself to the top, Foldy tried to prevent her from winning in order to make iance lose and avenge Stapy. Flower ended up pushing Foldy off the top, but she successfully glided her way back to the stairs. After Flower was pushed off by Dora, Foldy was able to press the button and win for her team.

In "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", Eraser comes to the realization that Foldy is shaped like a pentagon, which causes him to scream. Then Ruby comes into the scene and unfolds Foldy for messing with iance, Eraser thanks Ruby for doing that. At the challenge, Foldy gets Fries to try and refold her back. Puffball then vomits rainbow all over Yellow Face. Yellow Face points out that this isn't Puffball. He ends up being right and Free Food wins the challenge.

In A Better Name Than That's room, Puffball is imposing as Basketball. She tricks Golf Ball into thinking she's the real Basketball after calling her the leader of that team. But once Golf Ball is focused on Grassy, Basketball says it would be easier if Grassy wasn't so basic. Blocky realizes that the real Basketball wouldn't say that to her friend, so he calls her the fake. Because this was correct, Basketball transforms into Puffball and A Better Name Than That wins the challenge.

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", Yellow Face does an ad for Fork Attractant that gets interrupted by Fries. It catches the attention of Marker, Bell, and Lollipop, but Fries tells them to stop since they don't have time. Bell asks Fries why he is being so uptight, Fries tells her that it's because Four and X are about to start the next contest. Eraser chimes in saying Fries is right since the hosts usually stand still, followed by X floating in the air. X instead goes underground, shocking both of them. By the end of the episode, Free Food can be seen still at the surface.

In "Don't Dig Straight Down", Foldy asks Yellow Face if the department store that he advertises for sells emeralds. Yellow Face says that it doesn't, but instead has cheap, plastic emeralds. Foldy attempts to turn them in, but Fries stops her, not wanting to cheat Four. Marker convinces Fries that Four will be fine with fake emeralds, so Fries decides they should turn them in. Four accepts the fake emeralds, so they are the first team safe.

In "The Four is Lava", Puffball hears Four announce the contest from space and races against Spongy back to earth. Once she gets back, Spongy starts firing cannonballs at her. Puffball dodges them and turns to see that Bell and Foldy are still alive. To get rid of Spongy, Puffball uses Bell to catch a cannonball and swings it back at Spongy's ship, destroying it. The three now start heading towards Four. Later, Blocky pushes Foldy away as he grabs on to Puffball. Foldy kicks him off, but Blocky manages to spin around Puffball to knock Foldy off again. Puffball manages to shake Blocky off of her and quickly gets Foldy before she falls in the lava. Bell, Foldy, and Puffball eventually reach Four and are safe. Bell then asks Four to recover her teammates.


Episode Win/Lose Strategy
"Getting Teardrop to Talk" Win (3rd) Foldy initially tried to reach the basket, but was shredded. Then, Puffball pushed the basket to X.
"Lick Your Way to Freedom" Win (3rd) Stapy crushed a Jawbreaker, freeing Lollipop.
"Why Would You Do This on a Swingset" Win (5th) Using Puffball to fly around the swingset.
"Today's Very Special Episode" Win (1st) Five contestants (Stapy, Puffball, Fries, Foldy, and Yellow Face) pile up to form The Year's Hottest Look.
"Fortunate Ben" Win (7th) Stapy using his staples to hover in the air and break the ground open, causing Beep to fall and lose.
"Four Goes Too Far" Win (7th) Bell breaks The Losers!'s basket to pass the Twinkle of Contagion to Clock moments before time runs out.
"The Liar Ball You Don't Want" Win Successfully keeping the Jawbreaker (with Loser inside) out of the team's crater.
"Questions Answered" Lose Stapy cheating and replacing iance's button with a fake buzzer, which was caught on tape by Match, who showed Donut the footage.
"This Episode Is About Basketball" Win (2nd) Marker tossed balls into the basket, causing them to be safe.
"Get to the Top in 500 Steps" Win (3rd) Foldy made it to the top and pressed the button.
"What Do You Think of Roleplay?" Win (2nd) Yellow Face pointed out that Puffball (who was actually Rocky) was the impostor, since she barfed on him in the same way as Rocky.
"Don't Dig Straight Down" Win (1st) Yellow Face used some fake emeralds and gave them to Four. They were safe anyway due to Four liking the team's commitment.
"The Four is Lava" Win (3rd) Bell, Foldy and Puffball came to Four.


Contestant BFB 9 BFB 11 Overall
Foldy TeamIcon.png 1,114 - 1,114
Eraser TeamIcon.png 1,151 - 1,151
Bell TeamIcon.png 1,376 - 1,376
Marker TeamIcon.png 1,395 - 1,395
Fries TeamIcon.png 2,266 - 2,266
YellowFace TeamIcon.png 2,621 - 2,621
Puffball TeamIcon.png 3,389 - 3,389
Stapy TeamIcon.png 9,028 1,701 10,729


  • Free Food is one of two teams that didn't have any of its remaining members stay in BFB in "The Escape from Four". The other team is Death P.A.C.T..
    • This leaves Stapy as the only member on that team.
      • This is also the case for Liy.
  • Like The Losers! and Death P.A.C.T., this team has one of every type of contestant based on when they were able to participate/be voted as contestants.
    • Eraser is the only season 1 contestant on this team.
    • Fries, Marker, and Bell were all recommended characters who viewers could've voted to join BFDI.
    • Puffball could only be voted to join BFDIA.
    • And Stapy and Foldy are newly introduced characters in BFB.
  • Despite it being called "Free Food", Fries is the only food object on this team.
  • None of its members have competed in more than one previous season.
  • Stapy is the only one on the team to have no legs and have arms, and Foldy is the only one to be armless and have legs.
    • Free Food shares this combination with iance (Stapy is to Lightning as Foldy is to Fanny).
  • Foldy is the only female on the team who doesn't float all of the time.
  • Puffball is the only team member that can truly fly.
  • According to the official character guide, Free Food is the most colorful team.
  • All of the females on this team have a different form of flight. Puffball can fly naturally, Bell doesn't fly, but floats due to being connected to a string, and Foldy can glide when falling from high distances.
  • Out of the 8 contestants in the team, four have arms and the other four don't.
    • The same goes for legs, where four have legs and the other four don't.
  • Out of the eight teams, Free Food is the only team that has no characters voiced by Satomi Hinatsu.
  • The team logo's color palette is a reference to how multiple fast food restaurants use red and yellow in their logo to signify hunger.
    • Coincidentally, their team logo also is shaped like a tongue.
  • There are three BFDIA newbies on this team, those three being Fries, Puffball, and Yellow Face.
    • They are tied with TIC for most BFDIA newbies on a single team.
  • Free Food has the most limbless contestants of any team, at 3.
  • Free Food has the most legless contestants of any team, at 4.
  • Free Food is the only team with no female contestants with arms.
  • Free Food has the least concentration of contestants with both arms and legs, at 3. They are tied with ABNTT.
  • Free Food is the last team to have a contestant obsess over Loser, with Marker and Foldy being the first team members to express immense joy with his presence, in BFB 7.
  • The members of Free Food call each other "Foodies" and "Freebies".
  • Eraser's pose from the voting screen is a reference from Paper Towel.
  • Marker's elimination icon is the only icon to be traditionally drawn instead of digitally, in this case it is drawn with a purple marker.
  • Bell, Yellow Face, and Foldy are the only people shown in the first part of the intro. Everyone else (Marker, Eraser, Stapy, Fries, Puffball) is shown in the second part.
  • Free Food is the second team to have the word "Free" in its name, with the first being FreeSmart.
  • This is the only team Fries and Puffball have been on without Tennis Ball and Golf Ball.
  • This is the only team Eraser was on without Pen.



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