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"Guys, you're all thinking too small!" - Golf Ball
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Fries are food which are found inside Fries and the box of fries that he is seen eating in "The Reveal" and "Reveal Novum". They are edible, as several other characters have previously eaten them before.


  • Gelatin, Fries, Book, Rocky, Yellow Face, and Lollipop have all eaten the fries before.
    • Not counting Rocky, all of the people who ate them coincidentally made their debuts as contestants in BFDIA.
  • Firey has burned Fries' fries.
  • Fries farms potatoes in IDFB to make more fries for himself. It is possible that he needs them for him to survive.
  • It is said Fries needs his fries in his box to survive, which he was stated in "Welcome Back".
  • According to Fries, his fries are over a year old as of what Gelatin said in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3".


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