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Ok, O. Come on over.
— Announcer, "Barriers and Pitfalls"

The GO Guys[1] are two characters that appeared in two BFDI episodes, and BFB 28. They are both green letters with tan limbs. Their eyes are two white balls with one black pupil in each eye. They appear as a form of saying "go", except as characters.


The GO Guys are two multi-tone green letters with anthropomorphic qualities. They have two pupiled white eyes and lack mouths. They have tan limbs.



  • The assets are more sloppily made.
  • The colors are darker.
  • The shading is more to the center.
  • O's limbs do not have outlines.
  • G is not alive.


  • The assets are more nicely drawn.
  • The assets now have gradient shading.
  • The colors are somewhat lighter.
  • G is sentient.

BFB 28

  • They are lighter.
  • Their limbs are more sloppily drawn to adhere with Four and X's limbs.
  • Their outlines are black




They made their debut in "Barriers and Pitfalls". A non-sentient G appears on the screen before Announcer interrupts it and says that the Squishy Cherries is missing Blocky and will lose the challenge automatically if they don't recover him. After Eraser and Pen shout Blocky's name, Announcer tells O to come over. O then appears on-screen nervously approaching G.

They made a reappearance in "Insectophobe's Nightmare" where after the Announcer tells that there are ropes to tie people up, he says go and G and O briefly appear for less than a second.


  • Despite having similar characteristics, they do not appear to be members of the number species.
    • However, between the recommended characters at BFB 22, there was the letter G who did appear as a number species design, but that G was coloured black, not green.
  • O made a cameo in the form of a decoration in "Thanks for 600,000 subscribers!", when Match pulled out her table.