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Gelatin pushes the contestants off Puffball because there isn't enough room.

This article is about the relationships and interactions between Gelatin and the other characters.

Gelatin is generally a calm, but immature, contestant who tends to act reckless and inconsiderate towards others, while occasionally having selfless moments.


In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", Gelatin asks Announcer where he sent Purple Face. The Announcer says I.D.K and Gelatin laughs thinking that must be a box named after an acronym. The Announcer then clarifies that he really doesn't know where he went, and Gelatin awkwardly replies "Oh... okay". Despite never meeting the Announcer before, Gelatin is shown already favoring him over Four. During the challenge, Gelatin gets held up a long time during the quiz show as the Announcer's favorite number keeps changing. Eventually, Gelatin asks for a new question and the Announcer allows this and asks "Am I gray?". Gelatin answers yes and is allowed to proceed. He gets mildly upset for getting such an easy question after he struggled for so long on the first one, nonetheless he thanks the Announcer anyway. At the end, the Announcer gives him a chance to explain why he should stay, but is cut off since he only had a moment to do so.

In "SOS (Save Our Show)", Announcer cancels BFB and claims that it's unfortunate that no one will win the BFDI. Gelatin asks if the BFB is still up for grabs, but the Announcer says no one will be winning that either.

In "Chapter Complete", Gelatin and Flower aren't sure what to say about the grand cake, even after the Announcer says that he spent all day on it. When the winner is revealed, Gelatin notices that a piece of paper was placed where his votes should be. The Announcer says he was trying to preserve his feelings by making him believe the vote was a lot closer than it was. Gelatin then removes the paper and realizes what he meant.

Status: Good terms


In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", Balloony scolds Gelatin for not being able to tell the difference between him and Blocky.

In "Chapter Complete", Balloony votes Gelatin to win. While ranting at Four, Gelatin refers to Balloony as the one Four harmed by pulling his fingers.

Status: Friends

Barf Bag

Screenshot 2018-10-14 at 2.01.45 PM.png

In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", during the challenge, Barf Bag says to take it slowly. Gelatin disagrees, saying Team Ice Cube! goes hard. During the challenge, Barf Bag, Gelatin, and Spongy work together to swing quickly.

In "Questions Answered", when Fries tells Gelatin to eat someone else's innards, Barf Bag is the first person he goes to.


In "Don't Dig Straight Down", Gelatin uses Barf Bag to cushion his fall off of a tree in the Buried Forest, Deciduously Insulated. He does not seem concerned when Naily rips her open, draining her of her barf. However, he's the one with the idea to refill Barf Bag with the hot spring water. He appears pleased when she is fixed, claiming that it calls for a celebration (playing in the BFDI's hot spring). When Barf Bag scolds Gelatin for making a joke out of Donut's death, Gelatin just says that dark humor is the way some people cope with tragedy. When Gelatin and Barf Bag make it out of the hole, Barf Bag hugs Gelatin. Gelatin then spots an emerald next to Four and suggests getting it, Barf Bag agrees.

Status: Friends


In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Gelatin doesn't seem to have any problem with Bell knocking over his stack of forks.

In "Today's Very Special Episode", he was one of those who climbed Bell's String during Cake at Stake.


In "How Loe Can You Grow?", Gelatin says that he thinks a friend donated a cardboard spaceship to him, referring to Blocky, though he can't remember which friend.

In "Let's Raid The Warehouse", Gelatin looks at Blocky when pointing out how huge Yellow Face's Warehouse is.

In "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", Gelatin calls Blocky to the stand since he plays pranks. He asks Blocky where he was when the diary got stolen, but Blocky just makes up a lie to waste time as a prank, much to Gelatin's annoyance.

In "Fashion For Your Face!", Gelatin is surprised when Blocky gets kicked by Flower.

In "The Game Has Changed", Blocky calls Gelatin over for his podcast after commanding Flower to leave. Gelatin irritably comments on how Blocky was desperately trying to broadcast a new show. Blocky defends himself by saying that Blocky's Funny Doings International was on hiatus due to perjury stuff, only for Gelatin to say that a podcast sounds lame. Blocky then tells him to leave.

In "Chapter Complete", Gelatin volunteers as a guest on Blocky and Woody's new show.

Status: Frenemies


Screenshot 2018-10-14 at 12.39.43 PM.png

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3", Gelatin tells Firey to ignite Bomby.

In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Gelatin has the idea to ignite Bomby, in which he runs away from him. Donut and Firey Jr. yell at him saying that he shouldn't use his friends to get what he wants.

Aw. poor bomby.png

In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", Gelatin puts on bandages and tries to comfort Bomby when he partially explodes.

In "This Episode Is About Basketball", Gelatin begins to suggest using Bomby to his team's advantage, at which his teammates criticize him, so he says that Bomby could throw balls into the basket.

Status: Frenemies


In "Get Digging", Gelatin knocks Book, Ice Cube, and Spongy off of Puffball because he thinks there's not enough room.

In "Zeeky Boogy Doog", Book and Gelatin have a friendly chat about how Pin will never shake them off of the Eiffel Tower. Gelatin tells Book that Pin must not be very well-read, which offends Book. She injects him with freeze juice.

Status: Minor enemies


In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Bottle says that Gelatin's stack of forks was very large.


Bandicam 2018-01-07 14-14-09-277.png

In "Today's Very Special Episode", when Donut says his team is being disrespectful to Bell by climbing her string, Gelatin says he is just a party pooper and high fives Bracelety.

In "Fortunate Ben", it's shown that Gelatin threw away all of Bracelety's Ice Cube related belongings.

Status: Friends


In "Get in the Van", Gelatin might've had Bubble as a customer at his steakhouse since she recommended it to Leafy. In order for Bubble to disguise as a tree, she placed Gelatin on top of her head. Gelatin appeared to be in discomfort from this action.

In "X Marks the Spot", Gelatin asks Bubble if she has any ideas on getting X, but she does not.

In "Take the Tower", when Bubble says she's "noirvous" during Cake at Stake, Gelatin helps her pronounce nervous. When they are both safe, Gelatin uses Bubble's accent. Bubble calls him out for being unfair, but Gelatin just tells her accents can change before popping her. He later tells Bubble sadly to look up when she tries to talk with Balloony, who was eliminated.

In "How Loe Can You Grow?", Gelatin asks Lollipop and Bubble how they are supposed to get to the sun. Bubble later asks Gelatin which friend donated him their cardboard spaceship. Gelatin can't remember who but dismisses who it might be.

In "Let's Raid The Warehouse", Bubble offers Gelatin some jello and he accepts it with no hesitation. However, Gelatin realizes that Bubble only gave him jello because she wanted something out of him. Bubble admits that he's right and did it because she wanted some friends since Ruby got eliminated. Gelatin says she'll never have to worry about being alone and they hug, only for Gelatin to say that she can be friends with Teardrop. Bubble angrily says she wanted to be friends with him, which annoys him since she indirectly declined befriending Teardrop, and then has Teardrop pop her. Bubble suggests that Gelatin be a shopper, he's upset at first but decides to go anyway. When Gelatin calls the Have Nots weird, Bubble tells him that wasn't nice. They both work together with Teardrop to find gifts for Lollipop and Leafy.

In "Fashion For Your Face!", Gelatin asks why Four's in jail, and Bubble says it's possibly because he killed her in the previous episode. Gelatin then says he doesn't remember any of his friends getting killed, offending Bubble. He smiles when Bubble is eliminated since it means his alliance is safe.

In "Chapter Complete", Bubble votes for Gelatin to win. While ranting at Four, Gelatin refers to Bubble when he mentions that Four always kills them. At the ending, after Gelatin finishes reading his comments to some of his friends, he asks them if Teardrop, his inspiration for the comic, will like it. Bubble says she's sure she'll love it.

Status: Friends


Gelatin has shown on a couple of occasions that he does not like David, or Davids for that matter.

In "The Long-lost Yoyle City", he appears to be terrified of Davidland when Puffball flies over it.

In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", he says they shouldn't pick David on their team because he's human and that's just weird.

Status: Enemies


Main article: Donut and Gelatin

Status: Frenemies

Evil Leafy


In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3", in the stinger ending, he freezes Evil Leafy so that he can write a message on her back.

In "No More Snow!", Puffball says that he and Firey were eaten by Evil Leafy.

Status: Enemies


Back In BFDIA, Firey and Gelatin had spent some time together usually playing games. They had become temporary friends, but in later seasons, they don't interact much.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3", Gelatin tells Firey to ignite Bomby.

In "Zeeky Boogy Doog", the two are sitting on the Eiffel Tower along with Book and Tennis Ball.

In "Get in the Van", Gelatin believed he was saving Firey when he killed Leafy, apparently so did Firey. Firey asks if it's time for Cake at Stake, Gelatin says it is but Pin stabbed the Puffball Speaker Box. Firey tells him not to worry since he still has his Firey Speaker Box.

In "No More Snow!", Puffball reveals that Firey and Gelatin tied their legs together and fell off.

In "The Long-lost Yoyle City", they tie their legs together and almost fall off of Puffball again.

In "Take the Tower", Gelatin manages to fool Firey into believing he is actually Flower. They are later seen playing patty cake.

In "A Taste of Space", Gelatin almost bursts into tears when Firey calls him and his team the "Have Crybabies", and he helps his friends push Firey into the Sun.

In "Fashion For Your Face!", Firey confesses that he burned the high speed train, and Gelatin says that it's "not okay" and they have to walk to Yellow Face's Warehouse. After Lollipop says they can ride the 200 year old steam train, Firey says "Yeah Gelatin, go ride that!".

In "The Game Has Changed", Gelatin asks Firey how his party is going, who responds he wants to make a gift for Leafy. Gelatin offers helping Firey with his gift, and Firey thanks him.

Status: Friends

Firey Jr.

In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Gelatin is scolded by Donut and Firey Jr. for wanting to blow up Bomby.

Firey Speaker Box

In "Get in the Van", when the Firey Speaker Box tells him he only got 105 dislikes, Gelatin complains that that seems like a lot. Firey Speaker Box tells him to be happy with having the lowest, so Gelatin makes an insane expression asking "Do I not look happy to you?"


In "Zeeky Boogy Doog", he freezes her as soon as she's revived. In the stinger, he freezes her again after she tried to kill him with a bug.

You're right!.png

In "The Four is Lava", Gelatin stands on a hill with Flower, surrounded by lava. When Gelatin brings up that there isn't enough room on the hill, Flower replies with "You're right!" and pushes Gelatin in the lava.

In "Take the Tower", by placing petals on his head and changing his voice, he manages to fool Firey into thinking he's the real Flower, and calls Flower Dora.

In "Fashion For Your Face!", Gelatin says that Flower's sweaters give him nightmares even though he's still awake. He's later seen wearing one to avoid getting kicked by her.

In "The Tweested Temple", he asks Flower how she didn't notice the temple at the top of the stairs. When he points out how moist the temple is, Flower deduces that the place must be covered in vomit, to Gelatin's confusion. Gelatin angrily answers no when she offers everyone a vomit-proof sweater. Later, Gelatin is frustrated with how long Flower takes to get out of the temple.

In "The Hidden Contestant", when Flower tries to explain what they wanted to tell Woody, Gelatin interrupts her so that he could get his cake from Four.

In "Uprooting Everything", Gelatin was initially excited for his alliance to gang up on Flower so that she'd lose while the rest of them move on. However, Leafy adds Flower to the alliance, annoying him.

In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", when Flower says that she remembers someone powerful saying that they hated there being three hosts at once, Gelatin thinks she's full of it, and Flower elaborates that three hosts mean the competition is falling apart. A piece of paper then flies into Gelatin's face and Flower asks what it says. Gelatin figures that whoever wrote it is trying to do a grand entrance, and Flower says that only she is allowed to do those. Flower helps Gelatin finish the 3rd challenge, and Gelatin does the same in return. At the 23rd contest, Flower notices that Gelatin caught up with her awfully quick, and he claims that's why people call him "Speedy Gelatin". In the 27th and final challenge, when Flower is concerned about the ladders, Gelatin says he doesn't care and that's why people call him "Danger Gelatin", and Flower asks if it "Speedy Gelatin" before. Gelatin tells Teardrop to knock her off her ladder, as the two are in an alliance. This backfires however, as Flower's knocks into both of them by accident, causing them to fall and making her win the contest.

In "SOS (Save Our Show)", Flower tries to brag to Gelatin about the store she's gonna put together for her fashion line. An unimpressed Gelatin retorts that he owns a steakhouse chain and walks away. After Announcer says he is cancelling BFB, Flower says the budget is almost out. Gelatin points out they still have time to fix it.

Later in the episode, Gelatin remembers that Flower had $50,000 and begs her to save the show with it. Flower eventually does so and is saddened that she lost her chance at building a store, so Gelatin reassures her that she'll have plenty of chances to try again. He also suggests helping her out and Flower appreciates the idea. Flower then congratulates him on getting to the final two and they fist bump, finally putting aside their rivalry.

In the stinger, they wish each other good luck on the win. Flower then wonders when Four will come back, which causes the ground to shake. Gelatin asks what she just and she insists she didn't do anything. The ground suddenly cracks open and Gelatin panics and asks what they're supposed to do. The shaking then stops and the two are left confused as to what just happened.

At "Chapter Complete", continuing from the ending of the last episode, Gelatin says that what ever was happening seemed to be over until a face forms in the ground. When it's gone, they both leave to tell everyone else what happened. Gelatin congrats Flower for winning and tells her good game. Flower later walks up to Gelatin and he again congratulates her for winning. She says in a lot of ways Gelatin truly won, especially with all the friendships he's made along the way. As a result, Flower gives the BFB to Gelatin. Gelatin refuses at first, however, Flower insists, saying she can tell that he really wants it. Gelatin thanks Flower and gives her a hug. Gelatin later thanks Flower for giving him the BFB, as they might not have succeeded at getting Four back without it. Flower says that they should have teamed up long ago, of which Gelatin agrees with. At the ending, Gelatin walks up to Flower saying that Blocky and Woody need new guests for their show, suggesting that they should volunteer together. Flower agrees.

Status: Former enemies, friends in BFB 29


Four zapping Gelatin.

In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", Four zaps Gelatin for throwing forks at him, and would've killed him if X didn't interrupt.

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", when Gelatin asks Four to cool down the soup before continuing, Four in a very frustrated matter obliges by dropping Ice Cube into the soup and then flinging it in Gelatin's face.

In "The Escape from Four", Gelatin acts dismissive and rude during his team's Cake at Stake which annoys Four. Four then refuses to give him a speck of dust for being safe, making him cry. Later, Gelatin wraps his arm around Four, reassuring him that he'll always understand the true value of Four's prize idea.

In "X Marks the Spot", Gelatin says no when asked by Four if he'll help him get X.

In "How Loe Can You Grow?", Gelatin angrily asks Four what he means by improve the sun.

In "A Taste of Space", when Gelatin tries suggesting an idea, Four subtracts points from his team before he can say anything.

In "Fashion For Your Face!", Gelatin asks why their "precious" Four is in jail. Four recovers Gelatin when he hears him "scream to death". Gelatin attempts to speak with him, but Four doesn't care. When Gelatin realizes that the prison bars were cardboard tubes covered in metal paint, Four is delighted that's he's out of jail and climbs over Gelatin to get out. Four thanks Gelatin for freeing him, leaping into the air and flying, leaving Gelatin confused.

In "The Game Has Changed", Gelatin makes a party for X instead of Four, which Four is not happy with. Four compliments Gelatin's party for X, saying it was lovely of him to make a party for X with things that X loves, which makes Gelatin smile. However, Four gives Gelatin's party a 0 out of 10, since the party was meant to be for Four, not X. This turns Gelatin's big smile to a big frown.

In "The Tweested Temple", Gelatin slaps Four not calling Cake at Stake "Brake at Flake".

In "The Hidden Contestant", Gelatin asks for his cake, so Four gives it to him despite not thinking it would work. When the Carrot Cake goes into space, Four asks if he was surprised that happened, which Gelatin responds to with awkward banter while Four looks at him unamused. During the challenge, Gelatin tells Four that he should give him immunity so that doesn't cause anymore damage. Four stares blankly at him in response. When Gelatin argues that he should be safe for getting X to send Profily to the BRB, Four angrily points out that he cheated.

In "Uprooting Everything", Gelatin boos Four's bad attempts at stand-up jokes. Four then says that he'll take the boos as compliments, which makes Gelatin stop booing and just look at Four unamused.

In "Chapter Complete", Gelatin decides to help X get Four back. After hearing about how much of a fan Four was of BFDI, Gelatin starts to feel bad about everything that's happened to him. After departing from the steam train, Gelatin tells the group to save their favorite alien friend.

On the Sun, after Four asks why everyone won't leave them alone, Gelatin responds by saying that they're mad. Gelatin remarks on everything Four has done, reminding him that they chose to stay on his show, but Four continued their actions. Gelatin says that everyone still likes Four, however, they can't be expected to stay forever if they aren't treated nicely. Gelatin realizes that he might have been too hard on Four, but Four says he's right and apologizes. Gelatin thanks him and says that everyone is sorry as well. Gelatin remarks on the fact that they competed for 30 episodes, and no one does that for something they dislike. He points out that some contestants may have moved on, but they stuck with him. Gelatin then replays all of their memories with Four by using the BFB. Gelatin tells Four that it's been fun and thanks him for hosting, which makes Four transform back into their normal body. Four welcomes Gelatin and congratulates him on winning, until Gelatin tells Four that Flower won. Four said that he had a lot of money on Gelatin, but Gelatin says they can discuss the matters later.

Status: Frenemies


Main article: Fries and Gelatin

Status: Frenemies

Golf Ball

In "Get Digging", he's assigned by Golf Ball to ride Puffball to Yoyleland to bring back yoyleberries.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3", when Golf Ball says that she should have gotten the most likes, Gelatin glares at her angrily.

In "Zeeky Boogy Doog", he freezes her after she kills Fries. He later asks why she has an incinerator and dies in it when she walks away from it.

In "Get in the Van", he promises that he'll never switch from Golf Ball's team. He later pushes her off of Puffball because he thinks there isn't enough room.

Status: Minor enemies

Ice Cube

Screenshot 2019-07-16 at 12.53.38 AM.png

In "Get Digging", he pushes Ice Cube, Spongy, and Book off of Puffball because he thinks there's not enough room.

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", when Gelatin notices Ice Cube standing by his team during Cake at Stake, he awkwardly greets her and admits that he knows his team's name is confusing and points her in the direction of her own team. Ice Cube then forces herself on the same bench as Gelatin and Donut, leaving Gelatin asking what he's suppose to do.


Main article: Gelatin and Leafy

Status: Enemies (BFDIA), Friends (BFB)


Screenshot 2018-10-14 at 2.10.11 PM.png

In "This Episode Is About Basketball", Gelatin has Lightning carry him above Fries so he can steal some of Fries' fries.

Status: Friends


Main article: Gelatin and Lollipop

Status: Best friends/Alliance


In "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", Gelatin yells Loser's name with everyone else when Loser arrives at the beginning.

In "Take the Tower", Gelatin reveals that he once impersonated Loser and was arrested and put on probation.

In "Chapter Complete", Loser votes Gelatin to win who he appreciates a guy who "knows how to strut his style". Later, Loser wishes that there was a way to express how much fun they had on BFB to Four. Gelatin compliments Loser for the flawless segue as he has the BFB to do just that.

Status: Fan


Gelatin saving Match from the HRPC falling on her, killing himself in the process

In "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know", Gelatin is the second contestant to switch to Team No-Name, saying "I agree with Match."

In "Zeeky Boogy Doog", Gelatin tries to save Match from the falling HPRC, but ends up getting crushed to death in the process.

In "Get in the Van", for Match to disguise as a tree, she placed Gelatin on top of her head. Gelatin appeared to be in discomfort from this action.

In "Questions Answered", Match tells Gelatin and Fries that Bubble is looking swollen (overweight).



In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", Gelatin uses Naily as a jackhammer in order to break open the jawbreaker.

In "Don't Dig Straight Down", Gelatin and Naily play around in the Buried Forest, Deciduously Insulated. When Bomby is about to explode in order to send his teammates to safety, Gelatin pushes Naily off because he felt there wasn't enough room.

Status: Friends


Screenshot 2018-10-14 at 10.48.17 AM.png

In "Get Digging", they both ride Puffball all the way to Yoyleland. When Needle slaps Leafy, provoking her into throwing knives at them, Gelatin asks her why she did that and gives her some acid spitballs to disintegrate Leafy into ash.

Despite their previous friendly interactions, Gelatin didn't hesitate to use his Freeze Juice on her once she was on the enemy team in "It's a Monster".

Status: Friends


Screenshot 2018-10-14 at 11.03.10 AM.png

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3", Nickel asked Gelatin if they could use Bomby to kill the bugs, Gelatin says he thinks so.

In "Zeeky Boogy Doog", Nickel asked Gelatin for an anti-poison cure for Teardrop. Gelatin said he only had one more, so Nickel says they should use it on Teardrop, Gelatin tells him to go for it. Gelatin recovers Nickel after he's eaten by Teardrop.

In "It's a Monster", Gelatin froze W.O.A.H. Bunch with freeze syringes; Nickel was one of them.

Status: Friends


In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Gelatin says they shouldn't pick Pen on their team because he's still two hundred vigintillion dollars in debt.

In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", he kills Pen when he hits him with a fork which causes him to get sucked into Black Hole.

Status: Enemies


Screenshot 2018-10-14 at 11.10.23 AM.png

In "Zeeky Boogy Doog", Gelatin's frozen body is caught by Pencil before he can shatter on the ground. He later tells her that the side effects of anti-poison is the eating of one contestant.


In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", he kills Pie with a fork.

Status: Enemies


In "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know", he chants for her to switch to the other team.

In "Get Digging", he backs away when Pin asks if anyone wants to join their team.

In "Zeeky Boogy Doog", Gelatin jokes that Pin must not be very well read.

In "Get in the Van", he jumps over a knife thrown by Pin that was suppose to kill Leafy. Gelatin appears to be angry at Pin for killing the Puffball Speaker Box.

Status: Minor enemies


In "The Hidden Contestant", Profily looks over at Gelatin to back them up as someone who's been in the show forever, Gelatin nervously pretends like he knows them. Gelatin stops Four from unfairly eliminating Profily.

Status: Minor friends


In "Get Digging", Gelatin rides Puffball to Yoyleland to collect yoyleberries.

In "It's a Monster", he freezes all of W.O.A.H. Bunch when Puffball tells him to.

In "The Long-lost Yoyle City", he tells Puffball that she must've made a wrong turn because they're in Davidland. He is later betrayed and killed by Puffball when she decides she'd like another prize.

The two are still on good terms in BFB, in "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Gelatin and Puffball created a large stack of forks.

Status: Friends

Puffball Speaker Box

In "Zeeky Boogy Doog", when the Puffball Speaker Box yells that it's time for Cake at Stake, Gelatin says "Huh?"

In "Get in the Van", he tells Firey that the Puffball Speaker Box was stabbed by Pin with a knife.

Purple Face

In "Fashion For Your Face!", he runs away from Purple Face to avoid getting eaten by him.

In "The Tweested Temple", Gelatin screams when Purple Face appears out of no where, but calms down when he explains that he's the tour guide for the temple.

In "Uprooting Everything", Gelatin asks if anyone wants to tell a story while they are locked in a room. Purple Face tells one about him hoping that he'd get out of his box soon. Gelatin says it wasn't much of a story and Purple Face reminds him that he was trapped in a box for eight years, so most of his stories are box related. Gelatin gets extremely annoyed at Purple Face when he finds a key under a box after Purple Face claimed they already looked under it and found nothing.

In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", Gelatin beat box's for Purple Face and is shocked when he's flung away.

In "SOS (Save Our Show)", during the interview portion Purple Face's TV show, Purple Face only asks Gelatin reasonable questions, but not Flower. Later, Purple Face says they need a new act and Gelatin tells him not to worry as he has an idea. He gets on stage to say his name in different ways, which the crowd seems to love.


In "Get in the Van", Gelatin pushed Rocky off of Puffball because there wasn't enough room.


Screenshot 2018-10-14 at 11.14.23 AM.png

In "Zeeky Boogy Doog", he tells Ruby not to ever recover Flower.

In "The Escape from Four", Gelatin pulls Ruby aside from licking the A BFB so that he can show how it's supposed to be used.

In "X Marks the Spot", Gelatin swipes the chest containing the FreeSmart SuperVan from Ruby when she spends to much time talking.

In "How Loe Can You Grow?", Gelatin questions what Ruby means when she says they can alter the sun's rays. He is impressed when she shows she can act as a lens. Later, Ruby asks her team where they got their cardboard spaceship. Gelatin says he doesn't know and that he thinks a friend donated it to him.

In "A Taste of Space", when Ruby asks how they are breathing in space when there are no windows, Gelatin tells her there's plastic wrap in the way after attempting to lick space. Gelatin later proudly tells her he has an idea, and puts a hole in the plastic wrap with a fork in order to stick his tongue out. Ruby tells him he should keep his tongue in the hole, but Gelatin turns around, asking what she said.

In "Chapter Complete", Gelatin asks if there's a radio on the FreeSmart van. Ruby replies that it's broken. Gelatin later compliments Ruby for her use of the van.

Status: Friends


In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", Gelatin recalls to Saw saying that Dora smashed her head against a jawbreaker.


In "Get Digging", he pushes Spongy off of Puffball because he thinks there's not enough room.

In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", he latches onto Spongy's back in Team Ice Cube!'s transformation.

In "Don't Dig Straight Down", he and Spongy have fun in the hot springs. He attempts to pull Spongy up after the rest of the team needed to use his body to get into the tunnel. When Spongy pulls out his private jet, Gelatin asks if they could climb on, only for Spongy to decline. When Gelatin and Barf Bag are back at the surface they both give Spongy annoyed looks.

In "The Escape from Four", Gelatin says whatever when Spongy is revealed to be eliminated. Later, while Spongy is being sucked up by Four and pulled on by the contestants, Gelatin hears Spongy scream and asks how he could be in pain. Spongy says he's really hot. Gelatin gets the wrong definition of "hot" and claims he's glad Spongy has gotten more self-esteem.

In "SOS (Save Our Show)", Gelatin acknowledges that Spongy is right and that they'll need one of them to donate to the show if the audience won't.

Status: Neutral


Main article: Gelatin and Teardrop

Status: Alliance/Friends

Tennis Ball

In "Zeeky Boogy Doog", Gelatin sat at the top of the Eiffel Tower with Tennis Ball, Book, and Firey.

In "Get in the Van", Gelatin pushed Tennis Ball off of Puffball because there wasn't enough room.


In "Get Digging", he tells TV that his Cake at Stake song was horrible.

In "Zeeky Boogy Doog", Gelatin cringes when TV makes a loud dinging noise.


While not a direct interaction, Gelatin has a huge smile on his face after watching Woody burn to death in "How Loe Can You Grow?".

In "Let's Raid The Warehouse", Gelatin agrees that Woody shouldn't just be looked at as dead weight to the Have Nots.

In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", Gelatin gives Woody a plush offscreen.

In "Chapter Complete", Gelatin volunteers as a guest on Blocky and Woody's new show.

Status: Likely friends


In "This Episode Is About Basketball", Gelatin accidentally reveals X to everyone else by biting on his body, which he confused for a fry.

In "The Game Has Changed", Gelatin asks X what he likes for inspiration for his party. X tells Gelatin that he likes baskets, but after being prompted to say more, he slowly slides away, not answering the question further.

In "The Hidden Contestant", Gelatin thinks he and X have a bond since he threw him a party. X however says that lots of people throw parties for him. Gelatin wasn't expecting that response and changes the subject to asking if X could do him a favor and snap Profily. X says they'll do it if Gelatin can prove that Profily got the least votes. Gelatin arrives back to X with a fake chart that shows Profily with the least votes instead of Woody. X stays true to their word and snaps Profily to the BRB.

In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", when X asks what just happened, Gelatin tells him that he ate blue dirt, making X angrily add that he was referring to Four sinking into the ground. During the challenge, Gelatin apologizes to X for using one of his baskets to smash open a jawbreaker.

In "SOS (Save Our Show)", Gelatin tells X that they have to do something to save the show since the Announcer blew the budget, but X doesn't care as he misses Four.

In "Chapter Complete", Gelatin decides to help X get Four back and convinces everyone else to do the same, saying that X has never steered them wrong. Gelatin asks what they need and X tells everyone to follow them and to bring the BFB. Gelatin asks X why BFB means so much to Four. X responds by stating that BFDI was Four's favorite show, which Gelatin responds to with a simple "Kay", before actually thinking about it. While riding the steam train, X explains Four's obsession with BFDI and how he created the prize to Gelatin and Lollipop. After departing from the steam train, Gelatin tells the group to save their favorite alien friend. X takes offense to this and Gelatin changes this to one of their favorite alien friends. When Gelatin finishes ranting at Four, he starts to feel he went too far, especially with the forlorn look X gives him.

Yellow Face

In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Yellow Face brought Gelatin forks to stack.

Status: Friends

Recommended characters

In "Fashion For Your Face!", Gelatin acts strangely annoyed that Portable Music Player is inside Purple Face when he asks him "What are you doing here?".

Throughout "Uprooting Everything", Gelatin asks CRT who they are and tells them to leave whenever they randomly appear.


In "Today's Very Special Episode", he seems to be aware that him throwing forks is what got him in the bottom 2, so he promises not to throw anymore.

In "SOS (Save Our Show)", he tells the BFB gang to get on the bus so that they can save the show with Purple Face's plan.

In "Chapter Complete", Gelatin convinces some of the contestants to help X with getting Four back. When Bubble points out that Four has been mean to everyone, Gelatin says that they all may have been mean too. He later tells everyone to hold hands as Teardrop carries them up the BRB. At the ending, Gelatin is reading his comic to Lollipop, Flower, Bubble, Spongy, and Ruby and asks them if they think Teardrop will like it since it was inspired by her comics.


W.O.A.H. Bunch

In "Get Digging", numerous clones of Gelatin laugh at the W.O.A.H. Bunch as they walk to the Cake at Stake area.

In "It's a Monster", he freezes all of W.O.A.H. Bunch when Puffball tells him to. He seems to feel sad about it, though he may have just been confused since he was just recovered.


In "It's a Monster", Gelatin says that he thinks the reason there is snow in the desert is because it's coming from the FreeSmart Van.

Death P.A.C.T.

For no reason whatsoever, Gelatin continually throws forks at the Death P.A.C.T. in "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", killing Pie and Pen in the process. He later attempts to throw some more at Pillow, Remote, and Tree.

Team Ice Cube!

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", when Gelatin overhears Fanny saying that X's treasure is down the hole iance is digging, he tells Team Icy to follow him underground.

Have Cots

In "A Taste of Space", Gelatin willingly holds hands with his team, prepared to burn after the ice burns through the sun's outermost layer. Only for nothing to happen.

Have Nots

In "A Taste of Space", Gelatin says they need to move the sun, not to help them win, but to make the other team's plan fail.

In "Let's Raid The Warehouse", Gelatin calls the Have Nots weird after Firey says that they're going to depart since they are on separate teams and then says bye.

Interactions with Everyone, Fries, Donut, Leafy, Lollipop, Teardrop
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