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Gelatin and Lollipop!

This article lists the interactions between Gelatin and Lollipop. Gelatin and Lollipop are currently in a newbie alliance, along with Teardrop.

Episodes suggesting a friendship

In "Take the Tower", Gelatin compliments Lollipop's plan to impersonate and infiltrate the opposing team's tower in order to destroy it.

In "How Loe Can You Grow?", Gelatin asks his team how they get to the sun. Lollipop suggests that they should bring the sun to them.

In "Let's Raid The Warehouse", when Gelatin says he needs more gizmos, Lollipop offers him her fork repellent. Gelatin realizes she and Yellow Face are selling competing products and figures that this will make things interesting.

In "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", Gelatin, Lollipop, and Leafy sit comfortably together in their house. During the court case challenge, Lollipop asks Gelatin if he wants to ask questions next, completely ignoring Leafy, who wanted to go next. When Lollipop gets annoyed over Leafy and Firey bickering again, Gelatin tells her the history between the two. Gelatin and Lollipop then form an alliance because they are the only 'newbies' left against the other 7 seasoned veterans. They also perfect their new newbie handshake despite never doing it before. When they lose the contest, Lollipop says that they need more screentime and tells Gelatin to do anything like a funny dance. Gelatin listens and starts making random moves while chanting "Gelatin and Lollipop" repetitively.

In "Fashion For Your Face!", Gelatin tells Lollipop that they're screwed in the Cake at Stake, but she replies with a bored "Oh no". During the challenge, Lollipop tells Gelatin that their team is falling behind, Gelatin randomly suggests "niblet swizzling". Lollipop reminds Gelatin of the location where they could get a lock cutter. When Gelatin complains about having to walk to Yellow Face's Warehouse, she states that they don't have to do that and they can just take the 200 year old steam train. On the ride to Yellow Face's Warehouse, Lollipop and Gelatin start feeling itchy because of their sweaters, and agree that they can safely take them off without Flower knowing. Gelatin tells Leafy and Lollipop about the purple box that they should avoid. When Purple Face starts chasing them, Gelatin remembers how the sweaters repel vomit. Lollipop asks how that would help, so Gelatin explains that even if they get eaten by Purple Face, the sweaters would protect them from his stomach acids. She asks Gelatin if he has any ideas to escape Purple Face, he suggests that they could punch their way out and Lollipop says they can't.

In "The Game Has Changed", Gelatin asks Lollipop and Firey if they've seen Teardrop. Lollipop says she hasn't but will let him know if she does. They start talking about what they will do for their parties, when Teardrop suddenly appears, so Lollipop let's Gelatin know, repeatedly. Lollipop chooses Gelatin to have immunity alongside her and Flower, due to winning the contest.

In "The Tweested Temple", not wanting to sit through Purple Face's tour, Lollipop leaves, bringing Gelatin along with her. Gelatin is excited since he sees it as them going rogue and adds Teardrop to their group.

In "The Hidden Contestant", Gelatin and Lollipop try to figure out how they can get high in the air. Lollipop remembers Blocky's cardboard spaceship that was left on the sun and Gelatin tells her that it should still be there, according to his sun facts book. Lollipop says that if they could get it, they could scoop Profily up and drop them by the BRB with ease. It at first seems as those the two were going to work together, but Flower instead retrieves the ship with Lollipop.

In "Uprooting Everything", Lollipop and Gelatin panic when they realize that they're both in the bottom 2. Gelatin proposes that whoever loses should inject their color into whoever stays. Lollipop agrees, thinking that it would make it so the spirit of their alliance can move on, though Gelatin just thought it would be cool. Lollipop ends up getting eliminated and uses Gelatin's syringe to suck out her purple coloring and injects it into him. She then says it was an honor being in the final 5 with him and Teardrop and they hug.

After getting locked in a room inside the World's Largest Oven, Gelatin starts to wish that Lollipop was still in the game since she'd know what to do. Gelatin also compares her being gone to having your voice suddenly change in a day.

In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", Gelatin calls his new team the Newbie Alliance in order to pay tribute to Lollipop.

In "Chapter Complete", Lollipop changes her vote to Gelatin to win. Lollipop tells Gelatin that second place isn't bad and that she's proud of him. Gelatin thanks her and says he forgot they were competing for a while. Lollipop is confused and asks for how long and Gelatin says three years or so. While talking with Flower, Gelatin tries to refuse the BFB prize that she is giving him, saying that she won it, and then turns to Lollipop asking for confirmation that she indeed won it. Lollipop nods. Afterwards, Lollipop suggests that they finally see how the BFB actually works. Gelatin starts to use the BFB to replay the beatboxing moment from BFB 16, annoying Lollipop the more and more he does it. Gelatin apologizes. They then try to figure how and why Four created the BFB. While riding the steam train, Gelatin and Lollipop listen as X explains how much of a fan Four was of BFDI and how he created the BFDI prize. At the ending, Lollipop is listening as Gelatin reads his comic.

Neutral interactions

In "A Taste of Space", when Gelatin tries to say some facts about the sun, Lollipop interrupts him, just to say she has no idea what he's about to say, annoying him. Gelatin figures out that the other team must've rotated the earth by running in place, as he learned in earth class. Prompting Lollipop to tell Gelatin to stop with the classes. Later, Lollipop is shown to have dripped a little on the sun. Gelatin notices the puddle, which suddenly has a face and begins talking. Lollipop and the puddle tell Gelatin not to make a big deal about it. Gelatin blankly stares speechless at both.

Episodes suggesting a conflict

In "Let's Raid the Warehouse", when Gelatin gives Lollipop her gift, Lollipop acts touched, but then points out how they only got it for her cause they were obligated to. Gelatin tells her to just open it. Gelatin later agrees with Lollipop when she tells the Have Nots that they shouldn't look at Woody as a dead weight, though he's still spiteful at her for lowering her satisfaction just because her gift is owned by Yellow Face. Lollipop tells her customer base not to listen to "the Gelatin".

In "Chapter Complete", Lollipop voted for Flower, after thinking that Gelatin threw away his purple substance on purpose, before realizing that it went away after he was recovered.


  • Both characters are recommended characters.
  • Both are foods, specifically sweet snacks.
  • As of BFB, they're the only newbies who've reached a merge without debuting into it.