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The 5 generations of BFDI.

Contestants in BFDI were made in different "generations", as Cary called in the first challenge of B.A.G.U.E.T.T.E. There are 5 generations:

Number Origin Contestants
1 First BFDI drawing ever, 5th grade Firey Comics #1 Firey, Woody, Teardrop, Spongy, Match
2 Firey Expansion Pencil, Eraser, Bubble
3 Firey comic series Coiny, Tennis Ball, Flower, Ice Cube
4 Total Firey Island Blocky, Snowball, Rocky, Golf Ball
5 Total Firey Points/Battle for Dream Island Needle, Pen, Leafy, Pin, David


  • If hosts where being counted, the Announcer would be in generation 4 as he first appeared in the Total Firey Island books.
  • Generation 1 has the highest and lowest ranking contestants in BFDI, being Firey and Woody.
    • Coincidentally, they were the first two characters to be created.
  • Generation 1 has the only original contestants who were eliminated during BFDIA's short run.
  • Everyone in generation 2 competed on the Squishy Cherries.
  • Everyone in generation 3 and 4 competed on the Squashy Grapes.
  • Match is the only member of the original alliance who isn't in generation 2.
  • Michael Huang does the voices for everyone in generation 2.
  • Generation 2 is the only generation without a rejoining contestant.
  • Generation 3 is the only generation that's made up of free characters in IDFB.
  • Generation 4 is the only generation without a finalist.
    • However, if one were to count pre-BFDI content, Snowball was a finalist in Total Firey Island.
  • Generation 5 is the only generation with a recommended character, being David.


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