Snow plus gasoline, equals GLUE!

Glue is a sticky type of liquid that has made various appearances in BFDI, each one serving a different purpose. It can be made by mixing snow with gasoline. It seems to be very strong, as contestants have been trapped in the glue and unable to escape.


In "Get in the Van", glue was formed in the FreeSmart Van because of all the FreeSmart members (except Pencil) having several snowball fights in the van. The snow ended up in the gasoline tank, and as a result, it mixed with the gasoline and made glue. The glue began coming out of the tailpipe, leaving a trail of it behind the van.

It caused the HPRC to get stuck in Yoyleland by the parameters of Yoyle City. It also had got Pin and Yellow Face stuck to a point where they were unable to move, and they had to die and be recovered in order to become unstuck.

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", glue appears as White Craft Glue and is used by Blocky to put glue on a piece of paper, until Grassy started talking to him. It is currently unknown what that piece of paper was for.

While the glue doesn't directly appear in "Questions Answered", it is mentioned briefly by Donut when he asks the contestants how glue is made.


  • As of now, the only way to escape from the glue is to die and then get revived at a recovery center.
  • As of now, it is known to be permanent glue.
  • The white craft glue looks like Elmer's Glue.
  • For whatever reason, the glue is gray (or stardust, as seen in BFDIA 5c) instead of white, like normal glue.


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