Goiky is the name for a fictional continent on Earth[1] that is mostly a flat, grassy, and plain area that is notable for being the main setting in the Battle for Dream Island series.

It is where the contestants live and compete in.



A chart map of Goiky in BFDI 1b.

There are 2 known sections of Goiky: the north area and the south area(s). The two areas are islands, with North Goiky being the larger of the two.

South Goiky is generally a flat and plain area that generally lacks trees, and it rarely rains there. There are deserts, snowy forests, and deep canyons, (Evil Canyon) so it is arguably quite diverse in its own. Season 1 and Season 2 of BFDI took place here.

Yoyleland is one of the regions in North Goiky, having purple grass and yoyle bushes. An abandoned city named Yoyle City is in North Goiky. North Goiky is also home to Yoyle Mountain, which is likely the tallest Mountain in Goiky. The rest of North Goiky shown is mostly grasslands, however there are some yellow trees. Davidland is possibly in North Goiky, but that is just speculation. Season 3 took place in North Goiky and most likely Season 4 as well, as Yoyle Mountain was seen in the background in various BFB episodes.

In the middle of the south part of Goiky is the Goiky canal, which can be seen in "Take the Plunge: Part 1". The length of the Goiky canal is currently unknown, likely to its few appearances.


The transportation for objects in Goiky is very limited.

Via road

Roads exist in Yoyle City, but most of them don't go anywhere.

Via boat

Boats are used to go across the Goiky Canal.

Via FreeSmart Van

The FreeSmart Van is somehow able to go underwater by the Goiky Canal, as what FreeSmart had done in "It's a Monster". (You may need to recover, and likely travel with a friend or two.)


Goiky appears to have a wide variety of trees, bushes, and other plants.


Although some trees are sentient, the majority exhibit the same behavior as regular trees.



The most well known bushes are Yoylebushes, which contain Yoyleberries and are found exclusively in Yoyleland.


Prior to "BFDI Is Back", when it was confirmed that its name was Goiky[2], fans had assumed it was called Goiky due to the naming of the Goiky Canal, which the term "Goiky" seemed unique. However, the name of the Goiky Canal wasn't always the case, since in Total Firey Points, it's original name was the Pamana Canal[3], which is a corruption of the real-life canal, the Panama Canal. It has now been confirmed it is called Goiky by the book that Coiny retrieved.


Goiky Canal

The first contest is to build a boat, get in it and row it across the Goiky Canal. If you are the first to cross the line, your team wins. The other team loses and one of their members gets kicked out of the game.
— Announcer, "Take the Plunge: Part 2"

The Goiky Canal is a canal featured in Battle for Dream Island. It is a landmark in the greater location of Goiky that is over 500 miles wide.


In Total Firey Points, it was called the Pamana Canal, which is a misspelling of a real-life location, the Panama Canal.

It was featured in "Take the Plunge: Part 2" when the teams had to cross over it in order to get to the finish line during the challenge.

In "Barriers and Pitfalls", Flower was seen flying over it.

During "Get Digging", in an attempt to go to Yoyleland to get Yoyleberries, Gelatin, Needle, and Puffball were crossing it on the way there. The Squishy Cherries' broken boat from "Take the Plunge: Part 2" and Woody's corpse appear floating in the water as cameos.

In "It's a Monster", the FreeSmarters went through the Goiky Canal by using the HPRC to recover dead members constantly and throwing the dead bodies out of the FreeSmart Supervan while an eerie soundtrack was playing in the background. The soundtrack sounded like a foghorn making noise in a deep ocean but it is actually a song that has been slowed down and low-pitched. They finished crossing in "The Long-lost Yoyle City".


  • Goiky is on Earth, even though no humans, or recognizable organisms are present.
    • This is debatable, as David is occasionally referred to as a human, and there have been many human-like recommended characters.
    • Fish can also be seen in the Goiky Canal.
  • It is unknown whether or not Dream Island is part of Goiky.
  • It is speculated that Bubble's accent is native to Goiky.
    • Hence the reason most of her vowels are commonly replaced with "oi" (Goiky).
  • The area of Goiky (and the rest of earth) is able to be heavily stretched, because Donut stretched it through the camera.
  • The Goiky Canal is the second landmark ever mentioned in BFDI, preceded by Dream Island.
  • Real life canals cannot be more than 500 miles wide; those would be considered straits or seas.
  • It is unknown if the Goiky Canal is man made or not.



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