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Now my chances of winning went from []%, to []%!
— Golf Ball, multiple occasions during Cake at Stake

Golf Ball (abbreviated GB, spelled Golfball in Total Firey Island and Total Firey Points) is a female contestant in Battle for Dream Island, Battle for Dream Island Again, IDFB, Battle for BFDI, and Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two.

In Battle for Dream Island, Golf Ball competed on the Squashy Grapes until "Insectophobe's Nightmare", when she joined Another Name. Despite not receiving the most votes, she was eliminated in "Lofty" because the Squishy Cherries voted Rocky on their team instead of her. She placed 17th overall.

Golf Ball received 215 votes to join Battle for Dream Island Again, which was not enough. However, InternPony707 picked her to join the season. Golf Ball competed on Team No-Name, and survived to appear in IDFB.

In Battle for BFDI, Golf Ball competed on A Better Name Than That until the split in "The Escape from Four".

In Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two, Golf Ball competes on Are You Okay.


Golf Ball is a golf ball with dimples. Her main body is light gray, and her dimples and shading are a slightly darker light gray. Inside her shell, she has a light-yellow core.


  • Golf Ball has lighter outlines.
  • Golf Ball's legs are closer to each other.
  • Golf Ball has darker outlines.
  • Golf Ball gains a bluish tint.


Golf Ball's biggest strength is her intellect, often creating devices and formulating plans. As such, Golf Ball usually asserts herself as the leader or manager of whatever team she's on and will get flustered if someone denies her that position. She also expects her teammates to respect her authority whenever she's in such a position. Golf Ball has been described as bossy by her fellow contestants because of her analytical and utilitarian demeanor, giving her a low social standing among the objects.

Despite her bold personality, Golf Ball truly cares about her team's well-being and only wants to lead them to a great victory.

Official Character Guide biography

Golf Ball, sometimes known as GB, is bossy... but most of the time she's right. She often puts herself in a position of authority because she always has a grand plan on how to execute each challenge.

Golf Ball doesn't have the best people skills. Once she became angry at Spongy for how smelly he is. Not cool! However, she does have impressive writing skills and a self-published author of the Book of BFDI Tips and Tricks. She can twist a dismal 17th place to an impressive 2nd place, and she's great at rhythmic poetry... Even when she doesn't mean to!

Did You Know?: Golf Ball is capable of deciphering the ancient lettering known as Yoylese.


  • High intelligence: Golf Ball happens to be one of, if not the smartest out of all the contestants, and she uses her intelligence to formulate plans and strategies, create devices and inventions, understand and decipher things that may seem complicated or unfamiliar to her, and would combine her intelligence with Tennis Ball when they're together. While she is well prepared when it comes to challenges, her plans still fall short as seen in some episodes when she leads a team, she often lacks a backup plan in case another problem occurs and would lose a challenge, and due to her self-proclaimed status as team leader, would clash with other contestants that would happen to disagree with her, which would almost cost them the win at times.
  • Durability: Golf Ball is durable enough to completely stop the Announcer Crusher with her own body, making it explode. However, those with high strength comparable to Blocky's can easily break Golf Ball's body and kill her.


  • Weight: Golf Ball suffers more disadvantages in challenges or events when it comes to her heavy body. She can easily drown, contestants other than Blocky and Snowball can barely pick her up, and she can be helpless when she is flung into the air. However, there are some devices and items that can handle her weight effortlessly and her speed isn't affected by it at all.



Battle for Dream Island

In "Take the Plunge", Golf Ball is first seen criticizing Firey and Coiny's argument and Spongy for being smelly. This causes Eraser and Blocky to complain behind her back about how bossy she is (with the former calling her a bossy bot). She is then seen competing in the platform challenge with Flower pushing her off along with Tennis Ball, Woody, Needle, Eraser, Firey, and Leafy. After the challenge, Golf Ball has a chance to be chosen by Leafy or Pin. When Pin is deciding, she calls out that Golf Ball is too bossy. Golf Ball then tells Pin to say that to herself, only to be silenced. Leafy's team then chooses her. In the challenge, Golf Ball tries to explain a plan to the team while they are chattering. Annoyed, she shouts at the team for not listening to her, but Snowball dismisses her and says that her plan is too confusing and that he could push her off the cliff if he wanted to. Golf Ball starts insulting him by saying that his brain is too small to allow him to do such a thing. This enrages Snowball, causing him to knock Golf Ball off the cliff and plummet to the water, making the contestants run away (except Flower and Rocky). Golf Ball is shown to have somehow survived sinking in the water as she is later shown floating on Spongy. Her team loses and is up for elimination.

Golf Ball in Battle for Dream Island

In "Barriers and Pitfalls", Golf Ball is still standing with the others floating on Spongy and is brought back to the plains with a giant net. Golf Ball is in the bottom 2 for elimination, but she is safe with one vote. Golf Ball also inadvertently saves the Announcer. Her hard body cracks Flower's Announcer Crusher, which also blew Flower away to the T.L.C.

Relieved, she increased her chances of winning from 5% to 5.263%.

Golf Ball, Tennis Ball, Rocky, and Woody reached the rising wall where Pin is stuck during the challenge. After Pin slaps Woody from the wall, Golf Ball and Tennis Ball jump over Woody while the latter kicks Rocky over. Shocked and irritated, Golf Ball asks why he did that, but Tennis Ball reasons with her. Golf Ball then tells Tennis Ball to kick her over the wall, getting her across but leaving Tennis Ball behind. Golf Ball also gets frustrated once she encounters the rock climbing wall due to her lack of arms. After failing to get the Cherries to toss her and Tennis Ball up, the latter noticed a shortcut, allowing the two of them to bypass the wall. However, they cannot jump through the lowering spike due to Bubble blocking them, causing the duo to fall while pushing Bubble to safety. The Grapes eventually win, keeping Golf Ball out of danger despite her failure. In the epilogue, Golf Ball wonders if the Announcer is going to rescue them.

In "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?", Golf Ball is first seen being rescued from the pitfalls via the net. During the challenge, Golf Ball was one of the few contestants to finish their test. She also scolds Rocky for not doing the test and becomes angry at him for initially costing them the win. However, the discovery of Blocky and Pen's cheating causes the Cherries to lose again. Finally, Golf Ball receives the highest test score, winning the Win Token at 19 out of 20. Subsequently, the Grapes win again and are safe.

In "Sweet Tooth", both the Announcer and Golf Ball update her chances of winning, which increases due to Blocky's elimination. During the first half of the challenge, a clump of dirt thrown by Snowball lands in Golf Ball's cake batter, unbeknownst to either of them. All three judges for the challenge give Golf Ball's cake a zero for this ingredient, as well as for lying. Ironically, Coiny's cake, which is made up entirely of dirt, receives a much higher score of 14. The Grapes lose the cake-baking half of the challenge but win the chocolate-ball eating half; due to Snowball winning the tie-breaker, the Grapes are safe from elimination.

In "Bridge Crossing", Snowball throws Rocky at Golf Ball as retribution for her insults in the first episode, causing him to hit the bridge instead. Later, Snowball chased Golf Ball in circles before eventually catching her and throwing her at Leafy, Needle, and Ice Cube. The four of them fall into the gorge. After both teams abysmally fail in the challenge, Snowball wins the tie-breaker again, allowing Golf Ball to be safe from elimination. However, Golf Ball and Rocky sank when they reached the soggy bottom of the gorge.

In "Power of Three", the Announcer grouped Golf Ball with Rocky and Snowball, much to his displeasure. He had to compete with armless contestants (including his enemy) to complete the challenge. After Golf Ball and Snowball argue, Snowball grabs Rocky and starts the challenge without Golf Ball. However, the Announcer forces Snowball to go back for her, bringing their trio in dead last. Snowball eventually finds her and throws her and Rocky to Island One. They quickly find a raft and place second. Golf Ball cannot participate in Island Two's block-stacking. Still, she offers constant criticism on Snowball's stacking strategy, which allows Firey to sabotage them by kicking down Snowball's structure. Snowball eventually grabs a key. Golf Ball's trio places 4th after Snowball pushes Coiny's triad out of the way, allowing Golf Ball to be safe from elimination again.

In "Puzzling Mysteries", Golf Ball demonstrates her ability to spin seven basketballs, to which Snowball responds with nobody caring. After the Grapes and the Cherries are trapped in a single-room building to complete the challenge involving a jigsaw puzzle, her team can swiftly complete their puzzle, letting them out of the room, as well as gaining Firey onto the Grapes. No team is up for elimination, so Golf Ball is safe from danger.

In "Cycle of Life", Golf Ball points out the Grapes' advantage over the Cherries in the relay race, prompting the Announcer to make only five randomly chosen Grapes race. Golf Ball is one of the five selected, so she participates in the race. Leafy, who has to carry Golf Ball, repeatedly remarks that Golf Ball is heavy. While taking Rocky, he vomits into Golf Ball's face, resulting in her slamming into a tree. However, she eventually gets him back to the mat. Golf Ball grows impatient with his unresponsive behavior during Rocky's turn and kicks him to the tree, inadvertently popping Bubble. Impatient that Rocky is walking back at a languid pace, Golf Ball rushes towards him and kicks him back to the starting mat, causing the Grapes to win.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare", Golf Ball was placed on and named Another Name. As a result, she participated in the six-legged race with relative ease. The Names rank second, so Golf Ball is safe from elimination.

In "Crybaby!", Golf Ball helps her team win the first challenge by forcing herself to release a single tear from her eyes. In the skiing contest, her team hits Rocky and gets trapped in a snowball, along with the Cherries. They are tied since the snowballs make it hard to tell which team placed 1st and 3rd. However, the Names lose the handstand contest, putting Golf Ball up for elimination for the second time.

In "Lofty", Golf Ball argues with Tennis Ball over the shape of a particular round cloud. She also questions the reasoning behind Firey and Coiny's feud, to which they respond by calling each other jerks. During Cake at Stake, Golf Ball uses her Win Token, but she still places 2nd. The Cherries unanimously choose Rocky over Golf Ball, so Golf Ball is eliminated.

In "A Leg Up in the Race", when Coiny is eliminated, Golf Ball's picture can be seen with a large OUT over it since she was already eliminated.

Screenshot 2020-01-20 at 11.13.08 PM.png

Golf Ball reappears in "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None", where she partakes in the challenge to rejoin, cheered on by Tennis Ball. However, she drowns in the loaves with only one loaf of bread in her basket, so she does not rejoin.

In "Reveal Novum", Blocky says they have to escape the T.L.C. Golf Ball angrily says that's easy for him to say since he got released before. Later, Golf Ball says that the T.L.C.'s lid will open in 3 minutes and asks what Blocky thinks they should do to escape. The contestants settle on hitting the side of the T.L.C. so they can walk out. However, as they're pushing it, it bounces off the springy shoes which Bubble threw away and falls into the bottom of the lake. The T.L.C. then starts filling up with water. Golf Ball tells Blocky that this is all his fault. The T.L.C. is eventually lifted by the sun, causing the water to drain.

In "Gardening Hero", Golf Ball declares her chances of rejoining and winning in an attempt to garner votes from the viewers to rejoin.

In "The Glistening", Golf Ball votes Ice Cube to be eliminated because she doesn't have dimples like her. Golf Ball and Pin each receive 13 votes, so they do not rejoin, cementing their position as eliminated contestants for the rest of B.F.D.I.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2", Golf Ball makes a very brief and minor appearance, where she asks what Blocky hears. Golf Ball is then consumed by the Announcer's bugs and dies unless the eliminated contestants faked their deaths as well. She also appears when the T.L.C. is teleported away.

Golf Ball makes her final appearance of season one in "Return of the Hang Glider". Golf Ball votes for Leafy to win, and she also remarks that all of the finalists weigh less than one-tenth of an ounce. Firey lets Golf Ball into Dream Island. However, once everyone knew Leafy stole dream Island, Golf Ball quickly got over its disappearance, sharing an imaginary statistic about islands being destroyed after being sold. Despite this, Golf Ball joins Pin in her quest to find out who stole Dream Island. Golf Ball is also quick to put together that Leafy bought Dream Island in the act of revenge. After Firey saves Leafy, Golf Ball is still adamant about executing Leafy. This carries over into B.F.D.I.A.

Battle for Dream Island Again

Golf Ball in Battle for Dream Island Again

In "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know", she is among a pack of contestants trying to catch Leafy due to her stealing Dream Island. After the group loses track of Leafy in the forest, Tennis Ball asks if they even need to catch her, to which Golf Ball replies that she'll steal Dream Island again if they don't. She lets Pen choose which path to take, but Pencil uses her Leafy Detector instead, which reignites the chase that leads to Leafy being trapped in Yoyleland. Later, Golf Ball only gets 215 votes in the joining ceremony, but user InternPony707 chooses her to enter the game. She then suggests that they split into teams. In the favorite screen compilation, she does not show a screen and instead commands the other contestants to stop. In the contest (Tug of War), her team wins, even though she is seen not grabbing the rope in any way.

In "Get Digging", many clones of Golf Ball laughed at W.O.A.H. Bunch as they walked to the Cake at Stake area. After talking with Book and Firey about how they'll get yoyleberries, Golf Ball first commanded several teammates to ride on Puffball to Yoyleland to get yoyleberries for the stew. She follows Pencil's advice: to get away if they see "a wild Leafy." She then commands the rest of Team No-Name to get other ingredients and that they'll need to get a big bowl first. Match and Nickel show off the size of their bowls, but Golf Ball rejects them and shows the base of the bowl, which is quite big. She tells Nickel, Yellow Face, Firey, Dora, and Rocky to build the bowl and the other members to get ingredients. Fries asks Golf Ball why she didn't assign herself a job, to which she replies that she is the team manager, which Fries thinks is an excuse. Golf Ball says it isn't an excuse, and it is a necessary job. Golf Ball interrupts Yellow Face's commercial to remind him of his order. Golf Ball asks why Book and Ice Cube are back early, to which they reply that Evil Leafy chased them out of the forest but caught Spongy, to Match's delight. Golf Ball calls her out for this since he was their teammate. Team No-Name loses the challenge due to going overboard in the quantity and ingredients.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3", Golf Ball gets upset when she isn't the one with the most likes. She's the fourth to last safe with 190 dislikes. Before the contest starts, she asks Ruby, Pencil, and Match why they aren't coming. Match says that they are excusing themselves from the contest. Golf Ball tries to say that everyone should participate, but Match shushes her. During the challenge, the alliance looks at and criticizes her book on B.F.D.I. "Tricks and Tips". At the same time, Golf Ball scolds her teammates as they become poisoned before becoming poisoned herself. Her team still wins.

Screenshot 2020-01-21 at 12.56.51 AM.png

In "Zeeky Boogy Doog", Golf Ball is recovered by Tennis Ball, and she recovers Ruby. Golf Ball is shown to have an underground factory and has been working on building another Dream Island, which is just in time for the next challenge. She kicks Fries into her incinerator when he calls her factory waste of time on the way down. Gelatin freezes her to calm her down, and she falls towards the same incinerator. The factory detects Golf Ball and quickly shields her from falling in. However, the heat causes her to unfreeze, and Gelatin asks her why she even has an incinerator. Golf Ball says it's none of his business and moves away from the incinerator. The factory no longer detects Golf Ball and removes the shields, which causes Gelatin to fall in and burn to death. Afterward, Golf Ball tries to go over their plan, but Pencil says it's "her" plan and too bossy. Golf Ball angrily tells her to get out and has Tennis Ball throw her in the incinerator. Match protests what she just did but stops when Golf Ball threatens to send her there too. With no one arguing with her, Golf Ball has her teammates push her vat of "Dream Sauce" into an Oven-0-Tron 2000. After some skepticism from Yellow Face, Golf Ball pours the sauce on the floor, morphing into Dream Island. Unfortunately, the other team uses Bomby (one of their new team members) to sabotage her Dream Island, resulting in a Team No-Name loss. Also, every contestant in the factory died.

In "Get in the Van", Golf Ball gets recovered by Leafy and Bubble. Golf Ball is once again upset that she didn't get the most likes. Golf Ball ends up in the bottom two against Match but survives with 20 fewer dislikes. Golf Ball's team members are defecting to W.O.A.H. Bunch. Golf Ball forms a good plan with her teammates to never switch, but Pencil refuses and, with her alliance, breaks off to create a separate team. During the challenge, she orders everyone to get onto Puffball. While they are traveling to Yoyle Mountain, Gelatin pushes her off Puffball, along with Tennis Ball and Rocky. The three land in the forest below and end up swallowed by Evil Leafy next to Evil Canyon.

Screenshot 2020-01-21 at 1.31.12 AM.png

In "It's a Monster", after the H.P.R.C. is made when W.O.A.H. Bunch fails to threaten Puffball into helping them, she successfully recovers the rest of the team, including Golf Ball. She runs the team through an attendance check, and the team resumes as normal. They catch up to FreeSmart in the desert, with Golf Ball falling into their van at one point. Pencil notices her and panics, calling her a monster. Pencil then kicks her out of the van, and Puffball turns back to catch her.

In "The Long-lost Yoyle City", Golf Ball is seen on Puffball, racing to the goal above Davidland. She brings up how dangerous the location is. When Firey and Gelatin get stuck between Puffball and the Davids, Golf Ball asks how they'll get the two back on top of Puffball, and Fries replies to kick them off the team. Once they're close to Yoyle Mountain, Pencil freezes the Team No-Name members, using Freeze Juice. Once FreeSmart reaches the top of the mountain, the members unfreeze. Golf Ball is somewhat satisfied that they (seemingly) got 2nd place and is glad they aren't up for elimination.

Once Firey Speaker Box reveals that the mountain isn't the end, Golf Ball gets the other team members back on Puffball, but they have to go back down due to Pencil killing Rocky. At the end of the race, Puffball deliberately shrinks to her minimum size, making her team lose so she can get the prize for the third time. Unfortunately, the Team No-Name members on her, including Golf Ball, fall off and are eaten by a Fish Monster.


Golf Ball in IDFB

According to Pin, Golf Ball figured out how to use Pin's pigment to form new limbs sometime before "Welcome Back".

Golf Ball walks with Tennis Ball to a museum to learn more about science, briefly stopping by Needle. Once the two enter, Golf Ball says the museum has excellent treasures before saying it's waiting to be "stolen" in a low voice. Her face briefly changes after saying this. Golf Ball then has a flashback when she sees a row of large vases where someone who looks somewhat like her is hiding from another mysterious figure with a spiked club. Golf Ball begins to sweat nervously and suddenly decides to walk out. Tennis Ball takes a wall teleporter before they go. Once they meet Coiny and Pin, they plan to teleport someone out of the L.O.L. and travel there. However, Coiny says they should get Snowball out first, making Golf Ball furious, saying he should stay in the L.O.L. forever.

Battle for BFDI

In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Golf Ball is first seen looking for Leafy. Tennis Ball tries to tell her where she is, but Golf Ball ignores him to concentrate. She then spots Leafy and runs to her but accidentally hits Pin and knocks her blueberry seeds away. Later, after the team-forming starts, she and Tennis Ball get picked by 8-Ball and Basketball since they're balls. Golf Ball then selects two "mechanical minds", believing this will help them outsmart the other teams. However, when she hears Death P.A.C.T. name their team, she says she has to come up with "a better name than that", which accidentally becomes their team name, A Better Name Than That (A.B.N.T.T.).

During the challenge, she instructs Blocky and Robot Flower to climb a tree to catch the basket, T.V. to give coordinates of the basket's location. Basketball and 8-Ball to weigh the baskets down. She also insults Grassy when he wants to help. Blocky then asks what Golf Ball will do, and she says she's managing the team. This makes Blocky angry, but he instead kills Tennis Ball when he says the same thing. Later, after Blocky is knocked out of the tree, Grassy catches him safely, and Golf Ball commends him for being useful. Blocky then asks how she plans on getting 8-Ball and Basketball to weigh down the basket if Robot Flower is already at the top of the tree. Golf Ball doesn't have an answer. Blocky starts to find it funny that the so-called strategy manager isn't doing a good job. Golf Ball ditches her old idea and decides just to use the trebuchet Tennis Ball built before he died. Blocky becomes annoyed with Golf Ball for giving him a pointless task and kills her. Her team still manages to win by flinging the basket to X with the trebuchet.

Golf Ball in Battle for BFDI

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", Golf Ball is one of the contestants trapped inside one of the jawbreakers, as Blocky killed her in the previous episode. 8-Ball takes a big bite out of Golf Ball's jawbreaker, freeing her and causing Golf Ball to poke her head out of the jawbreaker, screaming, "stop it". This lands A.B.N.T.T. in 6th place. Later in the episode, Golf Ball tries to thank her team for freeing her, but Blocky brings up Grassy's desire for respect. Golf Ball asks if Blocky is serious about this and says, "Oh come on, really? Grassy?". After this, Basketball informs Golf Ball that the team has decided to choose 8-Ball as the new team leader. Golf Ball then demands Tennis Ball "do something". He tells her that the other team members wouldn't listen to him.

In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", Golf Ball commands A.B.N.T.T. to spin the team's swing forward, but 8-Ball told the team to spin the swing backward instead, and all of the other members follow 8-Ball's request. Golf Ball is shocked that her team didn't obey her, saying they "can't be serious", only for Basketball to remind her that the team listens to 8-Ball now. Robot Flower chimes in and agrees that 8-Ball is a "much better leader". Golf Ball then commands her team to jump up, prompting 8-Ball to tell them to duck down, which they do. Golf Ball further commands them to turn yellow, but 8-Ball orders them to turn purple, which T.V. and Robot Flower do. Golf Ball took advantage of 8-Ball by telling her team to spin in circles very slowly, hoping 8-Ball would tell her team to spin very quickly. Fortunately, he did; their team ranked 6th.

In "Today's Very Special Episode", Golf Ball has additional trouble managing her team in conflict with 8-Ball:

  1. She told her team not to waste time, but 8-Ball told everyone to waste time, which everyone else did.
  2. Golf Ball urged her team to do something as time ran out, but Tennis Ball said they followed orders. Once the "wasting time" timer was up, she grabbed some paper and markers, telling Grassy to draw their picture. Unfortunately, he only responded to 8-Ball's commands.
  3. In the last few seconds, she gave up and drew it herself while the rest of the team was repeatedly saying, "Treason!".

When their picture is submitted, Four first examines it without emotion but is seemingly surprised by some detail. Nevertheless, the image ranks better than Death P.A.C.T., making the team safe. Afterward, 8-Ball dropped the act since he almost made them lose and claimed that he had only been saying the opposite of Golf Ball's order sarcastically, "to add some humor" and lift the team's spirits. Golf Ball seems to forgive him, but the rest of the team continues to ignore her.

In "Fortunate Ben", Golf Ball asks how the steering of their plane is going, and Tennis Ball answers that there is no steering since it is just a paper plane.

In "Four Goes Too Far", Golf Ball and the rest of her team see Four abusing his powers on Free Food. When Basketball asks what they should do, 8-Ball defers to Golf Ball. So she thinks and comes up with an idea to multiply Four with Zero (using Donut). Four led the elimination with Beep; it's down to David and Roboty when A Better Name Than That was ready with their plan. They sled down a hill, passing by the recommended characters, before reaching their targets. The team hit Donut first, then X, then Four. Four (and X seemingly) disappear, and Golf Ball and her team celebrate. Golf Ball then has T.V. reveal that Roboty was eliminated. When trying to figure out who should choose the next contest, Tennis Ball says that Four became a factor of Zero, and he and Golf Ball shift their eyebrows at each other. During the challenge, the Better Namers, led by Golf Ball, travel to the Moon in Golf Ball's rocket ship to avoid catching the Twinkle of Contagion. However, upon landing, A.B.N.T.T. finds out that {{BlehWord}} followed the Better Namers, accidentally bringing the Twinkle with them. The two teams were standing in two lines, staring at each other to pass the Twinkle of Contagion back and forth. When Taco's plan works, no one on the Moon has the Twinkle, but Golf Ball's rocket suddenly crashes, leaving the two teams stranded on the Moon. Golf Ball also repeats the line, "Um, are they gonna pick us up, or what?" from B.F.D.I. 2.

In "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", Golf Ball is worried when Taco is killed since she was the only earthling out of both A Better Name Than That and BlehWord. As Basketball explains that Robot Flower can send signals to the ship, Golf Ball and Tennis Ball shift their eyebrows at each other again. For the challenge, Golf Ball tells Robot Flower not to break the signal as Basketball and Tennis Ball use her to control Remote. At one point during the challenge, Blocky gives Golf Ball a task. She gets angry since she's rarely told what to do but decides that she should listen. Later, Robot Flower eventually breaks the signal to save the moon occupants. Remote lands the Liar Ball in the team's hole, shocking Golf Ball (she trusted Robot Flower to keep the signal up).


In "Questions Answered", Golf Ball tells T.V. not to mess with the Cake at Stake results. Donut brought Golf Ball, A Better Name Than That, and {{BlehWord}} to Earth by forcing the planet through T.V. Golf Ball and 8=Ball land in the bottom two, but Donut declared her safe with 4,049 votes. Golf Ball answers the question "What's 1+1?" with "2" during the challenge, granting her team safety.

In "This Episode Is About Basketball", Golf Ball is only seen in a crowd shot before Donut attempts to pick the 9th contest.

In "Enter the Exit", Golf Ball gets sent flying by Bottle using a golf club on her in an attempt to get Four back. Instead, she crashes into Cloudy's window. She is also seen when Robot Flower reveals Remote to try to send them a bomb.

In "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", Golf Ball asks Four and X to hurry the explanation of the contest.

In "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", Golf Ball asks Tennis Ball what the first thing he took from the science museum was during the challenge. He answers that he took a wall teleporter, which causes Golf Ball to conclude that he must be real. She then realizes that Pin, Coiny, Nickel, and Fries also knew the answer to that question so that he could be any of those people too. Robot Flower questions why Golf Ball isn't interrogating herself, to which she responds there is no need since she knows that she's real. Angered, Robot Flower tells her that's what an impostor would say.

Moving on, she asks "Basketball" who the team leader is, and Basketball responds that the team leader is definitely Golf Ball, prompting her to assume that Basketball is real. Because of this, she allows Basketball to interview half of the remaining members. When Basketball (who was really Puffball) responds, "okay-dokay," Golf Ball compliments her singing. Later, Golf Ball tells Grassy to prove he's himself. Grassy responds with, "I'm Grassy", which isn't a satisfying enough answer for her. Golf Ball had a dumbfounded expression when Blocky revealed that Basketball was the impostor.

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", Golf Ball presents the M.M.R. to Tennis Ball, a device she built to read minds. Golf Ball also demonstrates its functions to Blocky by using it on Cloudy, Saw, and Bell, receiving each of their thoughts. In return, Cloudy, Saw, and Bell each receive one of Golf Ball's thoughts as well. After the demonstration, she asks Tennis Ball to use the M.M.R. on X to determine their treasure and where it could be located. Tennis Ball agrees to her request. As Tennis Ball located where X was, Golf Ball reminded him that X could read his mind; she told him what not to say, resulting in Tennis Ball accidentally insulting X. Finally, Tennis Ball learned what X's treasures were (underground emeralds) and their coordinates. Grassy then yells this information out loud for all the other teams to hear, making Golf Ball angry with him. Golf Ball seems not to trust Basketball, evident when Basketball asks her about the team's plan for the episode in which she declines in doing so.

Later on, Golf Ball uses her G.P.S. to make it, so the team is standing directly above the coordinates. She then orders Robot Flower to retrieve her Rocket Ship from the Moon. After telling her team to go inside the rocket, they dig downwards by rotating the ship's satellite dish.

In "Don't Dig Straight Down", Golf Ball is glad after hearing her rocket make a bonk noise. She explains that it means the team has hit an emerald. Golf Ball and her team wall-jumped to the surface to bring the emerald back to Four. After reaching the surface, Golf Ball snatched the emerald originally held by Basketball and gave it to Four, making her team safe. When Death P.A.C.T. uses A.B.N.T.T.'s emerald to win, Golf Ball thinks it's a big deal, so she tells Four a joke to get the emerald back. However, she is appalled when two more teams end up safe by turning in her emerald.

Later, as iance tries to avoid Golf Ball, she feels the grass getting warm. She somehow figures out that a team is getting chased by lava while also avoiding her and tries to prevent them from breaking out of the surface, which could get them up for elimination. Golf Ball continues doing this despite her teammates telling her to stop until she notices someone is breaking into her underground factory. Therefore, she heads down to her factory to investigate, which allows iance to break the surface and win. Golf Ball is bewildered by the intruders' noises and tries to find out who they are. However, when they successfully break through, the lava rushes into the factory, killing Golf Ball.

In "The Four is Lava", Golf Ball is recovered.

In "The Escape from Four", Golf Ball is first seen walking with the other contestants to watch Four struggle to eliminate Spongy. Later, she tries to help the eliminated contestants escape by pulling Spongy out of Four with the other contestants. Once Two arrives, Two's abilities don't enthuse Golf Ball. She agrees with Tennis Ball that she should not trust Two. Golf Ball points out that nobody knows Two's origin, motives, and whether Two is a qualified host. Pie states that she has yet to answer those questions about Four. Despite her hesitation to trust Two, Golf Ball decides to switch to T.P.O.T. after seeing more of his powers.

Battle for BFB

In "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", Golf Ball is only present in a flashback of what happened just before the events "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know". Her single line in the episode was "People! Leafy is over there!"

Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two

Golf Ball in Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two

In "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?", Golf Ball gives Two the idea to let the second-most voted joiner debut so that they could divide the number of contestants evenly. Golf Ball teams up with Tennis Ball, despite his earlier grammatical error. She also begrudgingly allows Basketball to join. When her team is full, she yells that her team is filled with useless people, causing Basketball to leave. With this free spot, she invites T.V. onto the team. She laughs when Basketball is stuck with Snowball on her team. When Pen wants to be called Death P.A.C.T. Again, she says they can't do it and that "Our team name will have to be" before she realizes whatever she says will be the team name. The pause confuses Tennis Ball, and he asks, "Are You Okay?" which becomes the team's name. During the challenge, she tells everyone to get on Puffball, but they can't all fit on her, leading Golf Ball to say there wasn't enough room (compared to B.F.D.I.A. 5a). After Tennis Ball repairs his trebuchet from the lava damage, Golf Ball tells him to use lava-resistant materials next time. He used his trebuchet to fling her team to the top of the building, but they flew over it. Instead, they landed in a tree, which flung them back into the trebuchet, and the chain reaction began. Puffball caught her teammates using Fries, and Golf Ball's team was the first one safe.

In "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life", during Cake At Stake, Two says that they got 59,817 votes, following with saying that it's the biggest ever. Golf Ball corrects them saying BFB 29 and BFB 30 had more votes. When Two eliminates Pie by clapping in front of her to make her disappear, Golf Ball and some other contestants gasp. After Teardrop is given permission to compete by Two, Tree asks what team Teardrop will be on. Golf Ball explains that Teardrop joining one of the full teams would give them an unfair advantage, but Teardrop also shouldn't join Death P.A.C.T. Again either, because it would negate their penalty from losing last challenge. Golf Ball suggests Teardrop should be on a team by herself, as punishment for joining late. Teardrop then slaps Golf Ball. Two agrees and makes the new team, Tear Drop.

During the challenge, Golf Ball realizes Tennis Ball is distracted from talking about shapes, and tells him to focus on the challenge. Basketball mocks Golf Ball for not caring about shapes, annoying Golf Ball as she tries to convince Basketball that she cares about shapes. Tennis Ball ends up having to drag her as she screams for him to tell her. As the team is stacking, Golf Ball is pacing in circles saying that she likes shapes when Puffball interrupts saying that she likes cubes. Golf Ball says that they are discussing two-dimensional shapes. She also realizes that the stack has no structural integrity and is therefore very unstable. Pen suggests that Golf Ball should help them, so Golf Ball asks TV to show a very stable tower. TV shows a 99% stable tower, but Golf Ball says to make it more stable, but he ends up making a very unstable tower. Golf Ball keeps asking for a more stable tower, until TV says that stability isn't the only thing that matters. Golf Ball says it matters to her. Puffball suggests that they glue the blocks together, but TV says it would be cheating. Golf Ball admits it would've been a good idea. TV recommends more structures, but all of them aren't to Golf Ball's liking. When Bell knocks their tower over, only one block remains on the podium. Golf Ball realizes that they should not stack at all, as it can't fall when there is only one block. She then asks TV if it's a great idea, only for TV to respond with a clip of Fanny saying "I hate you." The challenge ends and Golf Ball's team is safe with a stack total of one block, placing them in second to last place ahead of The Strongest Team on Earth.


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Season 1
Episode Votes
2 1
11 12 (eliminated)
21 13 votes (to rejoin)
Season 2
Episode Votes
1 215 (to join, directly joined via INTERN-PONY707)
3 143 likes, 190 dislikes
5a 278 likes, 406 dislikes
Season 3
Episode Votes
1 665 likes, 675 dislikes
Season 4
Episode Votes
8 4,049
Total votes
Elimination Prize Total
5,333 1,086 6,647


  1. "Take the Plunge: Part 1": May have drowned when Flower pushed her into the water (debatable).
  2. "Bridge Crossing": It's implied that she drowns at the bottom of the gorge.
  3. "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2": Is devoured by bugs.
  4. "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3": Is poisoned by a bug.
  5. "Zeeky Boogy Doog": Dies in Bomby's explosion.
  6. "No More Snow!": Crushed to death while inside Evil Leafy.
  7. "The Long-lost Yoyle City": Is eaten by a Fish Monster.
  8. "Getting Teardrop to Talk": Is broken in half by Blocky off-screen.
  9. "Don't Dig Straight Down": Killed when the lava spews into her factory.

Non-canon deaths:

  1. "Last BFDI": Is zapped simultaneously with Puffball and Leafy, forming Tennis Ball.
  2. "If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge": Is sucked into Black Hole


Total kills: 6

Character Number of times killed Episodes
Bubble 2 "Barriers and Pitfalls" (along with Flower)
"Cycle of Life" (along with Rocky)
Book 1 "Zeeky Boogy Doog" (along with Ruby, Spongy, Puffball, Match, and Tennis Ball)
Fries 1 "Zeeky Boogy Doog"
Four 1 "Four Goes Too Far" (along with Donut and ABNTT)
Gelatin 1 "Zeeky Boogy Doog"




  • Golf Ball is one of the 7 contestants that have been in all 5 seasons of BFDI, the others are Needle, Pin, Coiny, Ice Cube, Rocky, and Tennis Ball.
  • Most of the teams that Golf Ball joins have the word "Name" in the team name. This is caused by either not naming the team, or by Golf Ball making a mistake while still thinking of a name.
    • This applies to all teams she joins, excluding the Squashy Grapes and Are You Okay.
  • Golf Ball and Tennis Ball are the only contestants who have consistently stayed on the same team in every season since BFDI.
  • Golf Ball is the only armless contestant to earn a Win Token.
  • Golf Ball was the only female in Another Name.
    • She's also the lowest ranking member of said team.
  • In the three-team stage of BFDI, Golf Ball was the only armless contestant eliminated, as Coiny and Teardrop were also eliminated in that stage, but had arms.
  • Golf Ball is one of the three people to get eliminated without getting the most votes. The others are Teardrop and Tennis Ball.
  • Golf Ball and Needle's eliminations are extremely similar.
    • Both used their Win Tokens but were still eliminated.
    • Both characters had 12 votes which were brought down to 6.
    • Coiny having 5 votes in both Cake at Stake's were what prevented both characters from being safe.
  • She ties with Pin for the least votes in BFDI at only 26.
    • She actually has 13 votes, due to her Win Token, technically having the least votes.
  • Golf Ball is one of four original contestants that never received the most elimination votes, the others being Bubble, Tennis Ball, and Firey.
    • Golf Ball, Flower, Match, Woody, Spongy, Blocky, and David are the only BFDI contestants who have never been safe with the least votes.
    • Golf Ball is the only one who hasn’t done either, making her the only original contestant who has never been the most or least voted to be eliminated.
  • Golf Ball originally didn't have enough votes to join BFDIA, however, InternPony707 chose her to be in the game.
  • Golf Ball is the only original female who didn't get enough votes to join BFDIA.
  • The only time Golf Ball was not in the bottom two was "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3".
  • Golf Ball is one of the few contestants who always has more dislikes than likes more than once, the others are Match and Fries.
  • She states in her book of BFDI Tips and Tricks that she had placed 2nd and 1st, but in smaller print, it says she placed 17th overall, being 2nd in armless females in BFDI, and that she is tied for 1st in BFDIA due to not being eliminated.
    • The only other armless female in BFDI is Ice Cube, meaning she received last place out of armless females.
    • She is also the lowest ranking armless contestant overall.
  • Golf Ball is the only female on Team No-Name who didn't switch or get eliminated before BFDIA ended.
  • Golf Ball is one of the few original contestants who haven't competed during a merge. The others are Needle, Pin, and Coiny.
    • Golf Ball is the only original armless contestant and ball who hasn't merged in any season.
  • Golf Ball is one of the five contestants who technically ranked better in BFB, despite quitting, than in a previous season due to the 40 way tie for 16th place. In Golf Ball’s case, this just barely beats her 17th place in BFDI. The others are Needle, Pin, Donut, and Puffball.


  • Golf Ball is over a billion years old, as speculated in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3". In the book, there are no past generations of her.
  • In BFDI, Golf Ball would announce her percentage of winning the game, usually after eliminations.
  • Revealed in "Reveal Novum", by Dictionary/Book, Golf Ball has 336 dimples, and is stated as an "ugly menace".
  • Golf Ball doesn't like it when someone uses degrees in Fahrenheit, as seen in "It's a Monster".
  • Despite her not having arms, she can spin seven basketballs on her foot, more than Pen and Eraser combined.
  • She has an obsession with square roots.
  • According to the Official Character Guide, Golf Ball is capable of deciphering the ancient lettering known as Yoylese.


Fans assume this "bozo" is Golf Ball.

  • It is possible that Golf Ball wasn't originally a golf ball, as seen in "Welcome Back". She used to be a spherical white ball presumably known as "Bozo" (named by an unknown shadow, possibly a ping-pong ball, but this could be a bully and her name could still be Golf Ball). It may be either that the spiked mace club gave her punctures being her dimples, or the flashback was showing her younger self. However, this may not be the case, as Golf Ball has a core, while a ping-pong ball is hollow.
  • There is a possibility that Golf Ball's votes were rigged in "Questions Answered". During the beginning of the voting period, Golf Ball had the 6th most amount of votes. Over time, her votes skyrocketed at a rapid rate.[1]


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