Better Namers, get to my rocket! We'll go to the Moon! There's no way we'll see the Twinkle from there!
— Golf Ball, Four Goes Too Far

Golf Ball's Rocket is a rocket built by Golf Ball. It appeared in Four Goes Too Far and The Liar Ball You Don't Want.

Golf Ball used the rocket to escape the Twinkle of Contagion because the Earth and the Moon are 400,000 km apart. However, her plan failed, as Bleh took the Twinkle with them, and the Twinkle can also be transferred from 400,000 km away.


The rocket is a 2-story spacecraft that is azure, silver, and blue. It has a communicator dish on its side.

People onboard

Contestants Which story Team
8-Ball 1 ABNTT
Grassy 1 ABNTT
Blocky 1 ABNTT
Golf Ball 2 ABNTT
Robot Flower 1 ABNTT
Basketball 1 ABNTT
Tennis Ball 2 ABNTT
Gaty Thrusters Bleh
Ice Cube Thrusters Bleh
Book Thrusters Bleh
Lollipop Thrusters Bleh
Saw Thrusters Bleh
Taco Thrusters Bleh
Dora Thrusters Bleh
Teardrop Thrusters Bleh

Bold = Twinkled in space/on-board.

Italics = Twinkled when disembarking.

Bold italic = Twinkled during landing.


  • The rocket is divided into 2 stories.
  • It is unknown who built it, but it was most likely Golf Ball.
  • It's unknown how Gaty didn't burn, as she is made of wood and was nearby the thrusters.
  • It seems like it took about an hour to get to the Moon, since there was a timer in Four Goes Too Far.
    • However, in real life, it takes about 3 days.
  • The Rocket might not appear again since it was destroyed.
  • The Rocket has a Communicator Dish (Shortened to Comm. Dish), It appeared on BFB 7.
  • However, the Communicator Dish wasn't visible in BFB 6. It may be retractable, however.
  • The Communicator Dish may be filled with melted cheese due to Book filling it while she was seen eating her nachos.


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