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Griffin Weber (known as WebzForevz) is an animator, audio engineer, voice actor, and singer-songwriter for jacknjellify.

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  • Griffin is most known within the object show community for making seasons 1 and 2 of Excellent Entities, which is currently awaiting its 3rd season, THREEEE.
  • Griffin competed as Skin Cube in TROC.
    • He also competed in Camp Live as Soda in season 4 (Fans V. Favorites) as the winner.
    • He also competed in CTC 8 as Soda and placed in 6th place.
  • He also works on Object Lockout and Paper Puppets Take 2 as an animator and voice actor.
  • Griffin is best known for having the most voice acting roles which includes but not limited to:
    • Football from Object Mayhem Season II and Object Mayhem Global
    • Cherry and Penny from Object Madness
    • Lettuce and Aspirin from Last Object Standing
    • Lock from Object Lockdown
    • Grassy from Object Lockout
    • Magnet and Candle from Next Top Thingy
    • Tulip from Strive for the Million
    • Stamp from Object Insanity
    • Pudding from Object Illusion
    • Slipper from Paper Puppets Take 2
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