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The Grotato Farm is a location that first appeared in "Welcome Back". It is a fenced off farm where Fries grows his Grotatoes. The Grotato farm appears to have some cracked dirt in the corners, and some better soil around the center. Grotatoes on the farm are grown in order to replace the fries that Fries has lost.


In "Welcome Back" Fries is seen working on the Grotato farm, with visible newly-grown plants around him. The Grotatoes being planted were newly-grown as of "Welcome Back". Fries can be seen with a shovel, loosening the soil around the Grotatoes. It was revealed that the Grotatoes being grown were being used to re-create the fries that he had lost by them being eaten, rotted, or burnt, when Pin and Coiny asked if they could have some.

In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Fries' missing Fries had appeared, meaning it is likely that in the time between IDFB, and BFB, Fries has grown Grotatoes to replace his missing fries.


  • "I'd better get to work on growing potatoes!" - Fries (In explanation of his farm)
  • "Ooh, so you're gardening! How cute!" - Pin (In reaction to Fries' farm)
  • "Ooh Grotatoes? Sounds delicious!" - Pin (In reaction to Grotatoes)
  • "They're not for eating, they're for me." - Fries (In reaction to Pin saying Grotatoes sound delicious)


  • The Grotato farm is in a part of Yoyle City with not enough sunlight to grow regular potatoes.


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