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Grotatoes are a genetically modified stain of normal potatoes created by Tennis Ball. They only appeared in "Welcome Back" so far. They were invented in order to allow potatoes (or potato-like vegetables) to grow in areas with low sunlight levels. They are known mostly for being used by Fries as a replacement for regular fries, in order to replace his missing fries.

Not much is known about Grotatoes. It is assumed that they can grow in extremely harsh environments, and they are known to contain unknown side-effects when consumed or used, however, no specific side effects have been stated. Grotatoes are said to be delicious, by it's creator, Tennis Ball, implying they still have a good taste, or better taste than regular potatoes.


Grotatoes appear very similar to normal potatoes, a similar color, shape, and size, however, Grotatoes have purple spots (likely yoyle/yoyleberry related), that may be of a result, or a cause of the change needed to allow them to grow in lower-light conditions than regular potatoes.


  • "TB told me those things are gonna taste DELICIOUS!!" - Coiny (in reaction to the grotatoes)
  • "These Grotatoes need to end up perfect" - Fries (about the Grotatoes he is growing)


  • The appearance of a Grotato was revealed by Cary on the HTwins Central.
  • The Grotatoes appear to have worked, since Fries is shown to have all of his fries back in BFB.
    • However, it's possible he simply died and regained his fries.
  • A grotato plant is briefly seen in the intro of Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two.