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Oh, darn. Looks like I've been judged by the color of my food coloring, once again.

The Have Cots Team (previously known as the Four-Colored Team) is one of the two active teams (out of the ten total) in Battle for BFB. It consists of Balloony, Bubble, Gelatin, Leafy, Lollipop, Ruby, and Teardrop. Its members were chosen by Four from those who were colored closer to "Four color" (blue).

The name originates from how they have a tall tower.


Name Gender Icon Ranking Episode voted off the game Total votes
Teardrop Female Teardrop TeamIcon TBA TBA 27,963
Leafy Female Leafy TeamIcon TBA TBA (originally eliminated in BFB 3 before rejoining in BFB 11) 27,794
Lollipop Female Lollipop TeamIcon TBA TBA 24,802
Gelatin Male Gelatin TeamIcon TBA TBA 22,582
Bubble Female Bubble TeamIcon TBA TBA 19,270
Ruby Female Ruby TeamIcon 12th

"A Taste of Space"

Balloony Male Balloony TeamIcon 14th "Take the Tower" 9,540



The Have Cots

In "X Marks the Spot", they use the FreeSmart SuperVan that was in Ruby's possession to locate X. They capture X using a lasso, but when they turn around to get Teardrop, the lasso snaps, resulting in X landing near the X Colored Team, which puts the Four Colored Team up for elimination. In the stinger, the team gets Teardrop. Lollipop then informs the team that they're up for elimination.

In "Take the Tower", the team does Cake at Stake, in which its revealed that the person with the fewest votes is to be eliminated instead of the person with the most. Lollipop asks why this was the case, but Four responds by screeching and licking her. Balloony urges Four to pat Lollipop in an attempt to wake her up, but Four ends up shattering her in the process.

Balloony is later the one revealed to be eliminated. Four tells him that there are no more empty spots left in the EXIT, and X responds to his confusion by sending him to the BRB. Bubble, upon being recovered and finding out that Balloony was the one to be eliminated, starts stacking bricks in an attempt to get him back. Right before Blocky is able to stop her, however, Four intervenes, and initiates the next challenge.

The team's initial strategy is to impersonate someone from the Have Nots and infiltrate their base. Lollipop and Bubble's attempts at disguising as Flower were easily seen through and called out, but Gelatin managed to fool Firey and was easily let into their base. After the tightrope bridge was formed, Flower was knocked off her team's tower and caused it to crumble to pieces, securing the Have Cots team victory.

In "How Loe Can You Grow?", Gelatin asks his team what they should do as a strategy. Lollipop suggest that they bring the sun to them, but Bubble objects to this. Ruby then tells her team that she can alter the sun's rays, and turns herself into a lens to do so. Gelatin tells Teardrop to tell Four about their strategy, to which she does, earning them one point. However, due to the intensity of the sun rays, one of the aloe vera plants ended up burning up, subtracting two points from their total score.

Later, when the two teams are travelling towards the sun, Ruby asks where her team's spaceship even came from. Gelatin says that a friend donated it to him, but can't remember which and decides that it's not important. Because the Have Nots had more points by the end of the challenge, the Have Cots team was up for elimination.

In "A Taste of Space", the team is still in space from last episode. Gelatin punctures a hole in a plastic window in order to stick his tongue out, releasing the air in the process. As a result, the prize for being safe in Cake at Stake is air to breathe. Ruby is eliminated, so she was sent to the BRB. The rest of the team land on the sun and get out to dump ice on it. However, nothing happens. They then proceed to go through numerous challenge strategies until times up, and they are teleported back to earth. Leafy ends up getting the win for her team when she dumps ice on X, keeping him cooled down for good.

In "Let's Raid the Warehouse", during the challenge, Bubble immediately volunteers to be a shopper for her team and asks Teardrop if she wants to be one, to which she accepts. Bubble also gets Gelatin to come along with them to Yellow Face's Warehouse after noting how weird Leafy and Lollipop act around her. Once the shoppers for the two teams arrive at the Warehouse, they split up to go their own separate ways.

Upon spotting some forks in the Warehouse, Gelatin immediately throws some out of the entrance and, after realizing what he had done, asks if Lollipop would like them. Bubble tells him no, and the team instead opts to buy her spoons. Later, while Bubble and Gelatin are gathering Lollipop's gift up, Teardrop runs over with a niceness detector, meant as a gift for Leafy. Satisfied with their gifts, the Have Cots prepare to head back.

During the judging, X's satisfaction detector scores Leafy an 8/10, and Lollipop with a 3/10, totalling them up to 11 points. The Have Cots end up winning for the second time in a row.

In "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", the team is tasked with gathering evidence to properly accuse the theft culprit. Bubble questions Four and gets popped. Gelatin questions Blocky, and Leafy questions Firey. After an agreement in a private conversation, Leafy (incorrectly) confesses to her "theft" of the book, making the team wrongfully accuse her, and due to the accusation being incorrect, the team is up for elimination.

Wins and losses

Episode Win/Lose Strategy
"X Marks the Spot" Lose Using the FreeSmart SuperVan to grab X and leave. Lassoing him when the TPOT contestants refuse to let X leave, only to have the lasso snap when they have to turn around to get Teardrop after leaving her behind. X lands on Loser's saliva spot, rendering X Colored Team safe.
"Take the Tower" Win Impersonate a member of the other team and infiltrate their tower. They have their tower significantly shortened but win when the other team's tower breaks apart.
"How Loe Can You Grow?" Lose Ruby attempts to refract sunlight onto the plants, but fails as she burns one of them. The team failed to retrieve sunlight before the opposing team did.
"A Taste of Space" Win Leafy cooled X down using the ice bucket and they managed to get more points than the Have Nots.
"Let's Raid the Warehouse" Win Their team managed to have a higher satisfaction rating, This was however due to Woody's reaction to his gift to the other team.
"Who Stole Donut's Diary?" Lose Leafy lied that she stole the diary to preserve her and Firey's friendship, making the others guess her, costing them the win.

Vote history

Contestant BFB 18 BFB 20 Overall
Bubble TeamIcon 8,114 10,498 18,612
Teardrop TeamIcon 9,473 9,343 18,816
Leafy TeamIcon 11,741 9,127 20,868
Lollipop TeamIcon 8,550 8,208 16,758
Gelatin TeamIcon 5,272 7,669 12,941
Ruby TeamIcon 4,644 7,573 12,217
Balloony TeamIcon 3,516 - 3,516


  • Even though Ruby‘s color is actually closer to X's than Four's, she was still selected for this team to balance both teams.
  • Every member on this team has arms.
  • Gelatin is currently the only male on this team after Balloony's elimination.
  • Balloony and Lollipop are the only characters on this team that have not competed in BFDI, BFDIA, or IDFB (both being in the Locker of Losers/Tiny Loser Chamber during the time of IDFB).
  • The FreeSmart SuperVan may be their main form of transportation but since "How Loe Can You Grow?" it is currently unknown if the SuperVan is even in working condition as Four smashed it up badly when stopping them from driving over X's aloe vera garden over 73 times.
  • Bubble is the only ex-member of the Squishy Cherries to be on this team.
Have Cots

Current: BubbleGelatinLeafyLollipopTeardrop

Eliminated: BalloonyRuby

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