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New comrades, we need not fear. Our team is X-colored so we're sure to win!

The Have Nots Team (also known as the X-Colored Team) is one of two active teams (out of the total ten) in Battle for BFB. It consists of Blocky, Firey, Flower, Loser, Spongy, Taco, and Woody. The Have Nots' members were chosen by Four from those who were colored closer to "X color" (yellow).

The name is based on when the team lost all of their bricks on their team tower, losing the challenge, and having nowhere to sleep.


Name Gender Team Icon Rank Episode voted off Total votes
Woody Male Woody TeamIcon TBA TBA 42,458
Firey Male Firey TeamIcon TBA TBA 35,258
Flower Female Flower TeamIcon TBA TBA 33,330
Blocky Male Blocky TeamIcon TBA TBA 24,230
Taco Female Taco TeamIcon 10th "Who Stole Donut's Diary?" 27,647
Loser Male Loser TeamIcon 11th "Let's Raid The Warehouse" (originally eliminated in "The Liar Ball You Don't Want" before rejoining in "The Escape from Four") 22,400
Spongy Male Spongy TeamIcon 13th "How Loe Can You Grow?" (failed to get fully eliminated in "The Escape From Four") 25,920



Have Nots

In "X Marks the Spot", Loser spits on the ground, claiming that X has to mark it. Eventually, X ends up near the team, (as a result of Have Cots's lasso snapping) resulting in them being immune.

In "Take the Tower", Firey takes Gelatin's disguise as the "real" Flower during the challenge, escorting out Flower as someone else, namely Dora. Meanwhile, Loser proposes a new plan, taking Spongy's friendship bracelet and Firey's slapping glove, utilizing both as a tight rope attaching to the Have Cots' tower. After being pushed by Taco, Flower falls onto her tower's roof, collapsing the tower completely and putting her team up for elimination.

In "How Loe Can You Grow?", Spongy is eliminated. During the challenge, Firey, Loser, and Flower go into Spongy's spaceship to fire a super-speed beam at the sun. The trio struggle, but they successfully manage to fire a beam (after an extensive drum-roll). Later, as the team flies to the sun to weaken its power, Blocky finally runs an ad about the Cardboard Spaceship he sent to the opposing team. Much to the team's surprise, they fly too close to the sun and burn to death, with the exception of Firey. The Have Nots gets immunity for the episode.

In "A Taste of Space", Blocky comes up with the idea to reflect the sun's heat back with a mirror, which ends up making the sun too hot. In an attempt to cool the sun, they then run on the ground in the same place so the earth turns, making it night. To try to make the sun warm again, Firey, who was on the sun, makes the Have Cots push his body into the sun to make the sun warmer, but it becomes too hot, now also burning Flower. To cool down the sun, Blocky insults it, which makes it too cold. The team then goes though ideas which consist of putting a bunch of clouds in the sky and putting a large block (resembling Blocky) around the earth to block out the sun. Firey also says "Rockets", but is interrupted by X. The Have Nots then automatically lose and are up for elimination due to the Have Cots being declared winner.

In "Let's Raid The Warehouse", Loser is eliminated. Woody and Flower are chosen as gift receivers, which makes Blocky, Taco, and Firey shoppers. The shoppers, upon entering the warehouse, get a container of glitter for Flower, and a cardboard box for Woody. They give Flower the glitter first, and she likes it, giving off a 10/10 on the satisfaction detector. Next, the shoppers give Woody the cardboard box, which he hates and the satisfaction detector reads 0/10. The Have Nots end up with a total of 10, which is 1 less than the Have Cots' total of 11 points, putting them up for elimination.

In "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", Taco is eliminated by 1 vote in a near four-way tie. The Have Nots are accused of stealing Donut's diary, which initiates the contest for the episode. Each member tells their story about what happened Firey privately admits to stealing the diary to Leafy. Due to Leafy's incorrect confession making her team accuse wrongly, the Have Nots win immunity.

Wins and losses

Episode Win/Lose Strategy
"X Marks the Spot" Win Loser makes a spot on the ground with his spit for X to mark.
"Take the Tower" Lose Throw/push rocks toward the other team. Loser creates a bridge so that they could cross over and destroy the other tower. They failed to keep their tower from collapsing due to Flower hitting the bottom part of the tower, causing it to collapse.
"How Loe Can You Grow?" Win Using Spongy's spaceship, they fire a super-speed laser beam at the sun, causing the sun to grow and successfully send sunlight to X's aloe vera.
"A Taste of Space" Lose The team found out that the other team had a huge advantage over them because they were already at the Sun, In the end, they had more negative points than the Have Cots.
"Let's Raid The Warehouse" Lose

Blocky, Taco and Firey were at the warehouse to find a gift. At first, they got a 10 rating by Flower for glitter they chose and were close to winning but due to Woody's reaction to his gift, an empty cardboard box, the Have Nots fell short of one point.

"Who Stole Donut's Diary?" Win

Firey admitted to Leafy, who's on the Have Cots, that he stole the diary. But Leafy decided to take one for the team and claim that she took the diary, in order to protect Firey and their friendship.

Vote history

Contestant BFB 19 BFB 21 BFB 22 Overall
Woody TeamIcon 10,812 10,646 14,450 35,908
Blocky TeamIcon 4,054 8,021 10,735 22,810
Firey TeamIcon 11,888 11,621 10,674 34,183
Flower TeamIcon 8,009 8,024 10,566 26,599
Taco TeamIcon 7,693 8,002 10,565 26,260
Loser TeamIcon 4,738 5,600 - 10,338
Spongy TeamIcon 3,283 - - 3,283


  • Flower is the only original Squashy Grapes contestant on the team.
  • The nickname "Have Nots" originates from them not having a place to live.
  • Michael Huang voices everyone on this team, with the exceptions of Taco and (occasionally) Spongy.
  • Spongy is the only armless contestant on the team.
    • There are no armless contestants left on the team now after his elimination.
  • The eye animation on the Have Nots and Have Cots are reused from "Thanks for 600,000 subscribers!".
  • All season 1 rejoiners (Flower, Spongy, and Blocky) are in this team.
  • Taco is the only character on the team that wasn’t originally created by the Huang brothers.
  • As of "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", Flower is the only remaining female on this team, the team is comprised of only Season 1 contestants, and the remaining team is entirely voiced by Michael Huang.
Have Nots

Current: BlockyFireyFlowerWoody

Eliminated: SpongyLoserTaco

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