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Hello Woody! (Now available to order) (formerly Hello Woody! (Orders open on Monday)) is a promotional video by jacknjellify about the new Woody plush.


The episode begins with Firey and Leafy hiking. They are trying to get to the Tree of Bulbosity which makes Firey take out his Map of Goiky to find out where to go but he drools on the map. Soon they arrive at the Tree of Bulbosity, and Firey tries to climb it for a long time, 46 minutes and 3 seconds (or 2,763 seconds) to be exact. Finally, Firey makes it to the top of the tree, and Woody comes crashing down from the sky. Firey and Leafy realize it's the Woody plush, and they conduct experiments to see what Woody is capable of, the first one using the Woody Test Chamber, which is actually a laundry bin. Firey, Leafy, and Pen test Woody to see how many g-forces he can handle in the first experiment. In the second experiment, Pen goes to Gelatin's Bake House, and he asks Firey to make him a "leaf sandwich", using two Woody plushes and a Leafy plush. Pen then changes his mind and asks for a lettuce wrap, using two Leafy plushes and one Woody plush. Firey proceeds to add mayo, but Pen doesn't want mayo. Firey replies, "But I'm already doing it", and then Pen leaves, saying, "That's it, I'm outta here." That experiment failed. Firey and Leafy then talk to each other about how they all can't be good at everything. Then, Woody flies towards them and somehow speaks, saying, "Ready? Hop on." Pen, Firey, Leafy, and Woody fly to the top of the Tree of Bulbosity. Then the Woody Plush is advertised by Michael Huang, and the story of the video ends.


  • Gelatin's Bakehouse is a reference to Gelatin's Steakhouse.
  • Pen ordering a sandwich at Gelatin's Bakehouse might be a reference to viewers mistaking Woody for a slice of bread.
  • The footage of Michael advertising the Woody plush is reused footage from the "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning" credits, albeit without the coming soon image and redactions.
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