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Choo Choo!
— Four, Balloony, and Ruby, "Chapter Complete"

The High-Speed Express Train is a train that appears in "Let's Raid The Warehouse". It is used to bring the contestants to Yellow Face's Warehouse.

It traveled 2,763 miles between the Pillary Ruins and Yellow Face's Warehouse. It appears to be like a bullet train and can go up mountains.

In "Fashion For Your Face!", the train is destroyed because Firey accidentally set it on fire. In "Chapter Complete", however, the train got fixed up, and Four used it to get to the Pillary Ruins.


  • According to Cary, it is the most high tech thing in the BFDI universe.[citation needed]
  • The train is based on a 2010 London Underground's "S Stock".
  • The train is not fireproof as shown in "Fashion For Your Face!".
  • There is an alternate version of the train called the "steam train".