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Houses are "items" generally seen in BFDI. The first known house was seen in "Bridge Crossing" during Cake at Stake.

From what is shown, the house has a red fireplace with burning wood, a wooden floor, a table, and a rug. It has a brown door on the left side.

Although the houses are mostly yellow, they can come in other colors, such as white, red, and pink.


Houses made their debut non-canonically in "First BFDI Drawing EVER!", where Match lives in it. This particular house also has a kitchen.

Houses made their canonical debut in "Bridge Crossing", when Announcer was going to give Firey a slice of Ice Cream Cake, and he aims to a houses' fireplace.

In "Rescission", when Leafy and Ice Cube fall off a cliff, a house sitting on a slab of concrete appeared at the bottom of the cliff.

Houses were a prize for getting into the Final 5 in "Don't Pierce My Flesh", and Spongy crushed his house and cried. Firey Speaker Box said that there are backup houses, which improved Spongy's mood.

Their last appearance was in "Get Digging" when Puffball was carrying select members of Team No-Name to get Yoyleberries. They were shown on a floating metal platform. The same house on the cliff from "Rescission" also appeared.


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