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Houses are "items", due to being given as a prize, generally seen in BFDI. Houses typically have yellow walls, a brown roof, red chimney, with a visible carpet, table, and fireplace inside. The door, is also brown, however, it has a different shade of brown.

Houses are most notable for their appearance as a Cake At Stake prize in "Don't Pierce My Flesh" however they appear in many other occasions, canonical, and non-canonical.

Most houses have yellows walls, but they tend to come in different colors, such as red, white, and pink. Their assets (Or at least a similar one) has been reused throughout the first season of BFDI


Houses made their first ever debut non-canonically in "First BFDI Drawing EVER!", where Match lives in it. This particular house also has a kitchen, similarly to the houses shown in BFDI's first season.

Houses made their first canonical debut in "Bridge Crossing", when Announcer was asked to give Firey a slice of cake, for being safe, however, he (likely joking) instead aims towards a fireplace shown in one of the homes, since the fire's asset is the same as Firey's body.

In "Rescission", when Leafy and Ice Cube fall off the large cliff, a house is visible at the bottom of the cliff, at the last visible moment of that scene, at 3:30.

Houses were a prize during Cake At Stake for getting into the Final 5 in "Don't Pierce My Flesh", after Firey requests the Speaker Box's give them a reward. Firey, Leafy, Spongy, and Flower, are all shown with houses. Spongy sits on and sinks his house into the ground, making him sad, however, the Firey Speaker Box shows hundreds of backups, which improves his mood. Bubble is not shown with a house, and only appears in the next scene.

Their last appearance was in "Get Digging" when Puffball was carrying select members of Team No-Name to get Yoyleberries. They were shown on a floating metal platform. The same house on the cliff from "Rescission" also appeared.


  • "Wow! Does that mean we all get houses?" - Leafy (In reaction to the reveal of their prizes)
  • "Yay" - Spongy (In reaction to Firey Speaker Box stating they will all get houses)
  • "Mine's too small, I want a bigger one!" - Flower (In reaction to the size of her house)
  • "Well, mine's just the right size!" - Leafy (In reaction to the size of her house)


  • It's unknown if the objects live in the houses.
  • Match lived in a house in "First BFDI Drawing EVER!", and her house was again seen in Thanks for 600,000 subscribers!, but neither of these productions were canon to the main season of BFDI.
  • It isn't confirmed nor denied that Match does live in this house canonically, or if the house in "Thanks for 600,000 subscribers!" was the same house.
  • Since the first appearance of a house was right by the cake at stake place, it is likely that house(s) are by the cake at stake place.
  • Hundreds of identical houses are shown in "Don't Pierce My Flesh" implying that somebody must live in them, or be interested in them.


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