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The information in the article below contains spoilers for the BFDI series. Please watch the episode(s) in question if you haven't seen them already.

You two teams shall improve the sun, so X's crops can grow better!

"How Loe Can You Grow?" is the nineteenth episode of Battle for BFB, and the 50th episode of the overall series. It came out on May 22nd, 2020, two weeks and four days after the previous episode.


Before Cake at Stake

The episode continues from the last episode's stinger with Ruby and Leafy singing to Woody and Lollipop in the FreeSmart SuperVan. Suddenly, the radio starts working, to Lollipop's relief, saying that she can now "listen to real music". The vehicle is suddenly halted by Four, stating that they have driven over X's aloe plants 73 times. Ruby reveals to Lollipop that they got home hours ago and then drove in circles to merely spend more bonding time with Leafy. Lollipop becomes extremely distressed at this revelation; in the process, she starts off the intro.

X announces that the cast needs to start respecting his aloe vera garden. Firey interrupts and notices that it's time for Cake at Stake, angering Four, stating "the show must go on".

Cake at Stake

The prizes for this episode are salt lamps. Contestants who were declared safe walk over X's garden to retrieve their prize, scaring X, but no plant is harmed in the ceremony. It is down to the "original rejoiners" Blocky and Spongy. Flower roots for Blocky while Taco tells Spongy that she would root for him, but he didn’t have his Friendship Bracelet (even though she saw what Loser did with it last episode). Spongy is eliminated from the competition. He is comforted by Loser that he will take care of his spaceship used during the "lava apocalypse". Spongy attempts to tell Loser about a flaw of his spaceship, but he is sent flying to the BRB before he could tell him.


Bubble tells X that his Aloe Vera plants are not growing due to the low sunlight reaching The Pillary Ruins. Four laments over this conflict and come up with this episode's challenge: to "improve" the sun and make X's aloe vera grow better. To Gelatin's confusion, Four clarifies that a team will win points if they do anything to the sun to help X's crops, and they will lose points otherwise. The team with the most points wins the challenge.

Firey realizes from the first season that Spongy's spaceship might have a super-speed laser to strengthen the sun. Loser and Flower follow. Blocky suggests Woody to go into the spaceship, but Taco tells him that he is still in the air and should receive gentler treatment. Taco then leads Blocky to the spaceship to investigate as well.

Meanwhile, Gelatin asks the team to figure out how to get to the sun. Lollipop proposes to bring the sun to them, but Bubble points out the strategy's impossibility. Ruby proposes to alter the sun's rays to X's garden, turning herself into a lens to refract the Sun's rays. An aloe vera plant successfully grows. Gelatin tells Teardrop to tell Four about the new revelation, earning them one point. Immediately after, the ray refracted by Ruby burns the plant, losing two points from the team, bringing their total to -1 points. Leafy is angered by this but is distracted by a falling Woody, who falls into the plant's flames, runs a short distance, falls down, and burns to ashes.

Firey, Loser, and Flower continue to struggle to find the super-speed laser button inside the ship. Outside, Taco finds out that Blocky doesn't want to go inside, letting the trio handle the situation. Taco asks why, and Blocky goes into detail about his own show. Taco realizes this and states that he is a "funny doer" rather than thinking about his funny doings. Inside the ship again, Firey finds the super-speed mode laser button but prepares it into a drumroll before pressing the button. Loser follows him, but Flower's impatience to push the button grows.

X asks Bubble about her vast knowledge of aloe vera. Bubble reveals and demonstrates that she uses it to keep her hydrated so that she doesn't pop from dryness. Lollipop comes into the conversation, asking X this time why he grows aloe vera. X has difficulty wording his answer and proceeds to whisper to Lollipop about someone burning him in a previous episode.

Flower, Loser, and Firey finish their drumroll, pushing the button and releasing a super-speed beam into the sun. This causes the sun to grow in size and X's plants to grow faster, earning the Have Nots five points. Four discovers X burning from the Sun's extreme temperature. Leafy and Four suggest that the cast should help him, bringing a bucket of ice to each team. Instead, both teams go into their spaceship (with the Have Cots taking a fake cardboard one), carrying their bucket of ice to supposedly put out the sun.

Ruby asks where her team's spaceship came from and finds out it's made of cardboard. Gelatin answers that a friend donated to him but doesn't remember as it is not of importance. The video then cuts to one of Blocky's ads, showcasing the cardboard spaceship which is vulnerable to the sun's hotness. Ironically, the Have Nots' spaceship burns from flying too close to the sun, which was the flaw Spongy inferred earlier in the episode. Four concludes the challenge as he sees the aloe vera plants growing taller than him. He deems the Have Nots safe for this episode, leaving the Have Cots up for elimination.

Cary and Michael tell the viewers to go comment on who to save in the Have Cots team.


X is still burning from the sun. Four realizes this and makes X's situation the next episode's challenge, much to X's dismay.

In a similar fashion as the previous episode, Spongy and Balloony are screaming in the BRB; they are unseen.


In total, 50,477 votes were cast.

Icon Name Votes Percentage of votes
Firey TeamIcon.png Firey 11,888 23.55%
Woody TeamIcon.png Woody 10,812 21.42%
Flower TeamIcon.png Flower 8,009 15.87%
Taco TeamIcon.png Taco 7,693 15.24%
Loser TeamIcon.png Loser 4,738 9.39%
Blocky TeamIcon.png Blocky 4,054 8.03%
Spongy TeamIcon.png Spongy 3,283 6.5%


  • Woody fell onto the burning aloe plant and burnt to death.
  • Blocky, Taco, Loser, and Flower died when their spaceship caught on fire.

Continuity references

  • Blocky's Funny Doings International is featured in this episode, the first time from December 1, 2011 (BFDI 24's release date) in 9 years.
  • Bubble mentions "too little sun" regarding aloe vera growth in a similar fashion that Pin did with Fries's potatoes in IDFB 1.
  • X refers to when they got sent to the burn center in BFB 3 to explain why they grew aloe vera.
  • Firey creates a drumroll just like he did in BFDI 20.
  • When Leafy and Ruby make a horrified look after Woody burns to death, is a reference to the first BFB episode where Needle, Match and Pencil make the same horrified look when Pillow was trying to stop Four from screeching.
  • Flower says "Oh, for petals' sake!", referencing the merch advertised in the previous episode.
  • 73, the number of times the FreeSmart Supervan has trampled over X's aloe vera plant, is the same number Leafy beats Firey at tic-tac-toe in "Gardening Hero".
    • It may also be a reference to the number 2,763.
  • This episode features a flashback of Blocky's prank from "The Reveal".

Cultural references

  • The title references "How low can you go?", a phrase associated with limbo dancing. The phrase comes from Chubby Checker's "Limbo Rock" song.
  • Four saying "deadly sun laser" might be a reference to the popular scene in the Bill Wurtz video "history of the entire world, i guess".
  • The music played on the radio is identified to be a remix of "Happy Boy Theme" by Kevin MacLeod, the music used in the jacknjellify video "Tribute to Jaysillyboy".
    • Cary mentions this particular reference in the Humany video "CARY REACTS TO BFB 19".
  • After being announced as safe, the sound effects used when Blocky tramples over X's aloe are walking sound effects from Minecraft.



  • This is the first time two contestants got 5-digit numbers of votes in the same episode.
  • All the deaths in this episode are fire-related.
  • Teardrop has been shown making signs in the episode, making it the first time she has been shown to speak using sign language. However, the signs don't add up, and just repeat using cycles.
  • Out of the three episodes where the Have Nots won, this is the only instance of them doing so without direct help from the Have Cots.
  • This is the first time Woody has died since "Return of the Hang Glider".
  • This is also Loser's first death and the first time he has survived an elimination.
  • With Spongy eliminated:
    • He is the first contestant in the BFDI series to be eliminated 4 times, the most out of any contestant.
    • Gelatin is the last remaining original member of Team Ice Cube! in Battle for BFB.
    • There are no more armless contestants left.
    • He is the first rejoiner in BFB to be re-eliminated.
  • When Loser, Flower, and Firey are in the ship you can vaguely hear 3000 Subbies in the background.
  • As stated by Cary Huang in his reaction, and confirmed by Sam Thornbury, this and the following episode were originally gonna be just one episode, but was split into two.[1]
    • The Have Cots would've won the original challenge, like they did in the next episode.[2]
  • This is the only episode in the series that has the contestants walk up to grab their prizes for being safe instead of having them passed out by the host.
  • English subtitles were added to the video on March 27th, 2021.
  • In the recommended character section, White Board has writing on them that references 9-Ball's audition.


  • At 4:20, Woody is seen with his team even though he was kicked into the air earlier at 3:53. He did not come down until 6:00.
    • It's possible he came back down and Blocky kicked him back up into the air offscreen.
  • At 1:25, the Have Nots and the hosts are on the long sides of the garden. However, a few seconds later, they are on the short sides.
  • Taco berates Spongy for not wearing his friendship bracelet, despite already seeing Loser take it from him to create the bridge in the previous episode.
  • When Blocky chases Woody, they have no face or arms, only legs.
  • Loser mentions that Spongy used his spaceship to escape the lava apocalypse, despite Loser having no way of knowing this due to being eliminated for the entire duration that Spongy used his spaceship this way.
    • It's possible that Loser could have been informed of this by someone else off-screen.
  • At 7:35, the aloe vera is no longer burnt.
  • When X is about to snap his fingers, a yellow dot can be seen for a frame.
  • At 10:11, when Blocky says "give it to your enemy team," the captions say, "give it to your rival team."


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