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"This is shooting How to Fold your Foldy off like, a cliff, with my Not Cannon!" — Match
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"Where did How to Fold your Foldy go? The one I gave you?" -Taco
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"How to Fold your Foldy" is an instructional video uploaded on June 18th, 2019. It shows how to fold your Foldy that comes with the Firey plush, with Foldy's commentary. Twelve such Foldy's form a dodecahedron, which you are also given a tutorial on how to make.

The video is currently unlisted.



Hi everyone!

I know folding a Foldy is kind of tricky, so I'm gonna show you how to do it! Repeat after me! Make sure to start on THIS side; the side without my face.

Step 1. Fold in half! Like this. Then unfold. Now there's a crease in the middle.

Step 2. Fold this corner into the center, so it lines up with the markings, like this.

Step 3. Fold this corner to the center too.

Step 4 is over here. Now, fold this corner to the center.

Step 5. Fold this last corner to the center.

Step 6. Now, interlock the flaps! Fries couldn't do this part, so it's okay if it takes you a few tries. You'll get it!

Step 7. Hold me open like a book, with your two hands! Like this!

Step 8. Make the two big dots touch.

Step 9. Push me together! You're almost done!

Step 10. Last step! Fold the two wings inward to the center. One at a time! Then you're done!

Now you have a finished Foldy! If you only have one, that means you're done. But if you have TWELVE Foldys... you can make a dodecahedron ball! Here's how!

Take two Foldys, and turn one of them almost all the way upside down, like this. Stick this wing into the other Foldy. Yikes! Bring in a third Foldy pointing this way. Stick the new Foldy's wing into the first Foldy, like this. This one's sort of tricky, but you can do it! Stick this extra wing into the open slot, to make a Foldy tripod. Make 3 more of those, with your other 9 Foldys!

Take two Foldy tripods, and match two faces with each other, so their bottoms are touching. Like this! Link them together by putting the wings into the slots where they look like they should go. Make sure to do both!

Take a third Foldy tripod, and match the face again. Anywhere's fine if the face has room to match with another face. Put the wings in the nearby slots like last time!

Now the opening should look like this. Match the faces again, with your fourth and final Foldy tripod. There are six wings to put in six slots, so make sure to do all six! Be careful when you do this part, because it might fall apart if you aren't careful. If that happens, just... take it all apart, and start over!

And now you have a Foldy dodecahedron! A three-dimensional shape with twelve sides.

And each side is a pentagon!
[pentagon noise]


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