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The information in the article below contains spoilers for the BFDI series. Please watch the episode(s) in question if you haven't seen them already.

Well, if you take "the all" out of "alliance", you get-

Iance (stylized as iance, pronounced as "eye-ance" or "ʌɪ.əns", as said by Lightning in "Getting Teardrop to Talk") is one of the eleven teams in Battle for BFB. The team was named when Fanny suggested removing "the all" from "the alliance".

Official Character Guide description

Pronounced "eye ance," iance is one of eight teams competing in Season 4. The team members are mostly uncooperative, and iance succeeds because other teams fail.

iance behaves like two teams in one. It formed when Pencil wanted to re-create the team FreeSmart from BFDIA. Pencil, Match, Bubble and Ruby eventually joined forces with Snowball, Flower, Fanny and Lightning. Pencil wanted to name the team "The Alliance", However, since not all team members were part of the alliance, Fanny suggested the "The All" be removed and the team be called "iance."

Go Team!:

  • Snowball joined because he was looking for tough people to be on his side.
  • Snowball and Lightning are the only males on the team.
  • Match and Ruby dressed up as Pencil and Flower and drew an off-model picture of four.
  • Pencil asks Lightning to zap her team members, such as Fanny and Flower, who Pencil thinks are enemies.
  • Ruby is the only one on the team who says Flower is beautiful. This makes Flower happy, of course, because she obsesses over her appearance.


Bubble TeamIcon.png Fanny TeamIcon.png Flower TeamIcon.png Lightning TeamIcon.png Match TeamIcon.png Pencil TeamIcon.png Ruby TeamIcon.png Snowball TeamIcon.png


Name Contestant Gender Episode Show Rank Team Rank Status Votes
Pencil Pencil TeamIcon.png Female 1st Voted Out
in Lick Your Way to Freedom
65th Place 8th Place Pre-Split 4,595
(to eliminate)
Match Match TeamIcon.png Female 2nd Voted Out
in What Do You Think of Roleplay?
58th Place 7th Place 12,758
(to eliminate)
Fanny Fanny TeamIcon.png Female 3rd- 5th Quit
in The Escape from Four
55th-16th Place 6th-4th Place 4,499
Lightning Lightning TeamIcon.png Male 1,336
Snowball Snowball TeamIcon.png Male 7,443
Ruby Ruby TeamIcon.png Female 6th Voted Out
in A Taste of Space
13th Place 3rd Place Non-Merged 7,573
(to save)
Bubble Bubble TeamIcon.png Female 7th Voted Out
in Fashion For Your Face!
10th Place 2nd Place 6,374
(to save)
Flower Flower TeamIcon.png Female Winner in Chapter Complete Merge 48,891
(to win)



iance was made from two teams in "Getting Teardrop to Talk". One half was made from Pencil's alliance, and the other was made from Flower, Snowball, Fanny, and Lightning. When Flower wanted both Ruby and Snowball to be on her team, she decided to merge both together. Pencil's alliance suggested that the team name be "the alliance", but since there were other people that weren’t a part of it, Fanny recommended removing "the all" from "the alliance" - making the name iance.

During the challenge, Match decided that they should jump to reach the basket. When Fanny said she hated the idea, Pencil wanted Lightning to zap her, but was stopped by Bubble. Bubble decided to let Lightning zap her after Pencil insulted the former by reminding her she's a "bember". Afterwards, Match was trying to find flaws with the team. Near the end, they thought they were almost there, but they failed and their team was up for the first elimination.

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", Pencil was eliminated during Cake at Stake. During the challenge, the team was seen licking a jawbreaker. They were told to stop licking by Bubble when she saw that Ice Cube was inside of it. Their team ranked second in that episode, only behind Bleh.

In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", the team put Fanny to use so they could swing around 50 times. They got 1st place.

In "Today's Very Special Episode", Match and Ruby did a roleplay with a "Y"-looking 4 remake. They got 5th place that episode, beating A Better Name Than That, The Losers!, and Death P.A.C.T..

In "Fortunate Ben", the team was seen in a pink paper plane. Lightning says that he will get them to soar above the others, and Snowball agrees with that. However, Four obliterated Lightning and Black Hole, and disabled Puffball and Cloudy, as flying was considered cheating.

In "Four Goes Too Far", the team played a minor role in the challenge, as they made no active attempt to avoid the Twinkle of Contagion. When Bubble caught the Twinkle, she engaged in a staring competition with Match, passing the Twinkle between Match and Bubble repetitively. They then passed the Twinkle onto Pen.

In "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", the team was mostly absent during the challenge. Bubble worriedly commented on the murderous attitude of the competitors, and Lightning zapped the Liar Ball, sending Pie into the sky.

In "Questions Answered", the team had Bubble give the answers. Match and Snowball pressured Bubble into getting the questions correct. However, after Bubble got every question wrong, the team fell into the bottom two. Bubble knew the answer to the final question, "What's my favorite season?", but the team's podium was replaced by a fake cardboard podium made by Stapy. Bubble repeatedly shouted the answer, which was 'Summer', though Donut did not listen due to the podium being fake. Stapy overheard Bubble and answered instead. The team was seemingly up for elimination, but because Match showed Donut the video footage of Stapy's trickery, the team was safe, placing 7th.

In "This Episode Is About Basketball", Snowball threw a ball at the team’s basket, which hit the propeller holding the basket up. The propeller malfunctioned and broke, and the basket fell onto the buzzer. They got 3rd place in the challenge.

In "Enter the Exit", the team appears sitting together when Bubble is recovered by Four. They do not attempt to recover Four with the other teams, but Match is used by Blocky to make a model of Four.

In "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", the team sends Flower up the staircase. She pushes Tennis Ball, Bomby, and Foldy off and blows Pie up, but is then knocked off herself by Dora. All the other teams except for Death P.A.C.T. press the button, and are therefore safe. Black Hole then launches a recovered Pie onto the buzzer, leaving Flower, who had noticed that Pie had been doing nothing, stunned. iance is then up for elimination.

In "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", Match was eliminated before Bubble got another chance to talk to her. This causes Bubble to feel guilty and forgive everyone on her team in fear of getting them eliminated. She ends up making some people on her team upset.

During the challenge, Bubble tries to apologize to Snowball again, and gets popped. This lets Ruby and Flower know that they aren’t fake. Later, Fanny figures out that Lightning was actually Spongy, due to the fact that Lightning usually forgets to fly and Spongy was enjoying his newfound abilities.

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", Bubble was upset that Ice Cube was on a different team, but quickly lightens up when she claims to have joined iance. Flower remarks that Ice Cube cannot switch teams, but Bubble tells her that they should allow her to join. Ruby bites into the ground in an attempt to dig, though Bubble informs her that digging with shovels is faster than with teeth. Ruby grabs shovels from Bleh's crate and orders everyone to dig, Fanny shouts that she hates that X's emeralds are down the hole. Because of that, Team Ice Cube and BEEP follow them down. While iance is falling down the hole, they hear the other two teams screaming. They dig to the side to be safe, but Bubble is trapped under Team Ice Cube. iance then notice BEEP and decides to dig up to a place so they can blow BEEP to another hole so it doesn't kill Bubble. But Flower falls and accidentally pops Bubble, surprising all the members of iance. With that, they continue to dig.

In "Don't Dig Straight Down", Ruby is mad that Flower killed Bubble, and tells her that Bubble's life was special and that she instantly loses Flower Power for doing so. Lightning asks if the team is digging towards a random direction and if they should dig towards the coordinate they heard from Grassy. Flower hears the coordinate and tells the team to dig in another direction, which makes Lightning compliments her for knowing her way around here.

Later, Ruby exclaims that she's feeling nauseous, and the scene flashbacks to It's a Monster when Pencil kicks Golf Ball out of the van. She then says that Golf Ball is right up there, so Fanny tells the team to turn around. Lightning gets confused about the team's hatred for Golf Ball and her nicknames, but Snowball tells him not to ask. Even later, the team finds another emerald, however lava is also chasing them, making them dig in fear. They tries to break out of the surface, but Golf Ball constantly blocks their way. Eventually they manage to break out, and Flower brings the emerald to Four, making iance safe. The rest of iance dies when the lava comes out of the hole.

In "The Four is Lava", Flower agrees with Gelatin that there wasn't enough room up there, before pushing him off and proceeds to put on a pair of sunglasses and cross her arms.

In the challenge, Flower says if she was gonna sit there for the rest of her days, she might as well get comfy, and grabs a remote from the collection. She asks Tennis Ball if there's a TV that goes with the remote. He excitedly tells her to press the button, which she does. Due to her pressing the button, all the surrounding lava is drained away. Later, Flower spots contestants from The Losers and runs towards Four. Not wanting to lose, Flower says she couldn't let other contestants beat her. When she and Naily are still running, Flower stabs Naily to the ground and runs to Four, making iance the last team safe.


Episode Win/Lose Strategy
"Getting Teardrop to Talk" Lose Jumping to try and reach the baskets.
"Lick Your Way to Freedom" Win (2nd) Licking a jawbreaker all at once, freeing Ice Cube.
"Why Would You Do This on a Swingset" Win (1st) Using Fanny's blades to spin the swingset around.
"Today's Very Special Episode" Win (5th) Roleplaying.
"Fortunate Ben" Win Staying airborne throughout the challenge.
"Four Goes Too Far" Win (3rd) Match and Bubble look towards Pen while they have the Twinkle of Contagion, and the team manages to avoid getting it again for the rest of the challenge.
"The Liar Ball You Don't Want" Win Defending their goal.
"Questions Answered" Win (7th) Originally deemed last as a false alarm but managed to gather evidence of Free Food's sabotage with Camera's footage.
"This Episode Is About Basketball" Win (3rd) Snowball throwing a ball and hitting the propeller of the basket, breaking it and making the basket fall on their buzzer.
"Get to the Top in 500 Steps" Lose Flower nearly reaches the buzzer, but Black Hole launches Pie onto the buzzer at the top of the stairs before Flower can touch it.
"What Do You Think of Roleplay?" Win (7th) Guessed the impostor (Lightning) correctly before Team Ice Cube.
"Don't Dig Straight Down" Win (6th) Found an emerald and escaped from the oncoming magma. While most of the team was rendered unconscious, Flower was able to present the emerald to Four, who remarks that the team was slow.
"The Four is Lava" Win (7th) Flower jammed Naily into the ground, preventing her from finishing last.

Vote history

Contestant BFB 2 BFB 11 BFB 12 BFB 18 BFB 19 BFB 20 BFB 21 BFB 22 BFB 23 BFB 24 BFB 27 BFB 28 BFB 30 Overall
Flower TeamIcon.png 838 - 5,893 - 8,009 - 8,024 10,566 - 11,547 11,112 14,462 48,891 119,342
Bubble TeamIcon.png 147 - 511 8,114 - 10,498 - - 6,374 - - - - 25,644
Ruby TeamIcon.png 152 - 1,124 4,644 - 7,573 - - - - - - - 13,493
Lightning TeamIcon.png 532 - 804 - - - - - - - - - - 1,336
Fanny TeamIcon.png 1,731 - 2,768 - - - - - - - - - - 4,499
Snowball TeamIcon.png 616 - 6,827 - - - - - - - - - - 7,443
Match TeamIcon.png 1,362 - 12,758 - - - - - - - - - - 14,120
Pencil TeamIcon.png 4,595 3,712 - - - - - - - - - - - 8,307


  • Coincidentally, the lowest and highest ranking contestants in BFB are both members of this team.
  • Fanny is the only contestant on the team that doesn't have arms, and Lightning is the only contestant on the team that doesn't have legs.
    • They are also the only newbies on the team.
    • They are also the only team members with female voice actors.
      • They are also the only members to be voiced by people outside the Huang twins.
  • Snowball and Lightning are the only male contestants on this team.
  • Snowball is the only ball on this team.
  • Ruby and Fanny were both recommended characters that viewers could've voted to join BFDI.
  • iance, along with The Losers!, are the teams with the most original contestants, with five in total.
  • Match is the only original contestant on this team voiced by Cary Huang.
    • Similarly, Ruby is the only recommended character that Cary voices on this team.
  • iance is the first team that was put up for elimination in BFB.
    • The first contestant eliminated on this team was Pencil. She was also the first contestant to be eliminated in the season.
    • Her elimination breaks the streak of a Squashy Grape being the first original contestant to leave a season.
  • Just like in BFDI, Snowball and Flower are on the team that loses the first contest.
  • This team's name is intentionally written in all lowercase, and is the only team to do so.
  • This team has three contestants that towards the start of a season were, in that season, the lowest-ranked contestant of all contestants that participated in the first season (excluding her rejoin, Flower was the first contestant eliminated in season one, Snowball received the lowest amount of votes out of all the classic contestants in "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know", and Pencil was the first contestant voted off this season).
  • iance is the second team to be up for voting twice.
    • They are also the only team in BFB who were up for voting twice. All the other teams were up for elimination once, with the exception of Beep and Team Ice Cube, who were up for elimination 3 times.
    • They also continue the streak of the first losing team losing only two times.
  • This is the first and only team that was falsely UFE.
    • When they were falsely UFE, the normal voting screen was used.
  • On iance's voting screens in "Getting Teardrop to Talk", "Questions Answered", and "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", the respective voting options for each team member are:
    • Lightning — [A], [N], and [F]
    • Fanny — [B], [L], and [D]
    • Flower — [C], [I], and [A]
    • Ruby — [D], [M], and [E]
    • Match — [E], [O] and [G]
    • Pencil — [F] and [A] (in "Enter the Exit")
    • Snowball — [G], [J], and [B]
    • Bubble — [H], [K], and [C]
  • When iance was UFE both times, the normal voting screen wasn't used.
  • iance is one of the four teams in BFB that was intentionally given that name by its players; the other three teams were The Losers!, Death P.A.C.T., and Team Ice Cube!.
  • iance is the only team to have letters in square brackets above [H] (from BFB 8's false voting screen).
  • This is the first team that Match competes on without Spongy, Rocky, and Firey.
  • Half of the members (Pencil, Lightning, Snowball, Bubble) appear in the first part of the BFB intro. The other half (Fanny, Ruby, Match, Flower) are in the second part.
  • The members of iance competing in TPOT, Snowball, Fanny, and Lightning, are the same three characters who were originally their own team before being grouped with the alliance by Flower.
  • iance was originally going to be called 'The alliance and others', according to the storyboard for "Getting Teardrop to Talk".
  • Fanny is the only female from this team to join TPOT. The other two were male.
  • Snowball is the only character from this team with all limbs to switch to TPOT.



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