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The subject of this article or section is non-canon. The events described did not happen in the official BFDI universe.

β€œ GUYS!! If two of us are naughty, that probably means those two people are so greedy, they'd kill the rest of us for more of Xanta's presents! We gotta figure out who they are to save ourselves. ”

If X-MAS in Among Us was a BFDI Challenge is a short animated video on the jacknjellify channel based around the game Among Us. The video is 9 minutes and 41 seconds long and was released on December 22, 2020.



Some of the BFB/TPOT contestants (including Profily) find Xanta's ship while looking out the window of The Skeld. Taco doesn't know who Xanta is, so Tree tells her. Xanta tells them that it is time to go to bed. The objects, all understanding if they go to sleep, they will get presents. The ten of them all simultaneously go to sleep. After their long slumber, Saw wakes up wondering why she's sleeping in the cafeteria. After questioning herself, she notices all of the gifts in the cafΓ©; she yells in excitement after noticing all the gifts. Afterwards, Saw notices a little note on the floor wondering what it was about. Out of nowhere Profily impatiently snatches the note out of Saw's hand. Profily reads the note; the note says that they gave them a "yearly dose of X-mas gifts." Xanta describes the gifts extremely "cool" and hopes that they enjoy the presents. Xanta makes a postscriptum (P.S.) saying that 2 out of the 10 were naughty this year. Xanta wrote the word "shame" 400 times after the postscriptum. Profily described it "odd" that Xanta wrote the word "shame" 400 times. Later then, Saw asks Profily what they think that means; Profily has no idea what it means. Saw then tells Profily that they are not a "real contestant" and doesn't know how they got on their ship. (With Profily obviously finding that offensive.) Donut announces that the 2 naughty people might be so greedy that they will kill the rest of the ship just to get more of Xanta's presents. He wants the team to figure out who the 2 naughty people to save them. Pen later tells Donut that sounds "far-fetched"; right when Tree got murdered.

Tree's body is reported

Taco shouts in fear that Tree died. Taco later then asks the rest of the group who did it. (Nobody replied or answered the question) Taco then sighs and tells them that they were all standing too close to the body. Ruby says that they made a "stack kill". Taco then tells Ruby that their friend was just murdered and tells her to hold off on the jokes. Ruby, nervously tells them just in case another one them us chokes. Everyone, except Ruby votes out Ruby. The screen tells that she was not the naughty one. Eggy tells Taco that they shouldn't have listened to her. Taco then defends herself and says that she was acting "pretty sus".

O2 gets sabotaged

Eggy tells the gang that she was having trouble breathing and they got to fix the oxygen canisters. Saw, Balloony, Taco, Eggy, Pen & Rocky go to O2 to fix the broken canisters. When the six arrive, Eggy tells Rocky and Saw to grab the tape dispenser. Then she tells Taco and Pen to cover the hole with the tape. When Balloony arrived, Eggy was about to tell Balloony to do a task but she got distracted by Balloony's bigger and rounder head. Balloony tells Eggy that it's because of the lower air pressure. Saw grabs the tape and lands on Rocky and puts the dispenser in Rocky's mouth. Rocky then spits out the tape dispenser. Pen grabs the tape and starts patching up the broken canister.

Donut & Profily in the cafeteria

Donut asks Profily why they are not going to fix O2. Profily tells Donut that was an "easy riddle". They tell him that they need to guard the presents just in case the naughty ones steal them. They also tell Donut that anonymous avatars like them don't need oxygen to survive; they need electricity to survive. Donut interrupts Profily and tells them that he has to do "my thing". Donut's eyes are glowing red while holding a knife, symbolizing he is the naughty one. Profily, for some reason makes a joke about him being a naughty one. Profily then tells themself that they are going to die now. Profily gets killed by Donut offscreen as the screen turns black. Profily can be heard screaming.

O2 canisters are fixed

As Pen and Taco are taping up the canisters, Balloony tells the duo to hurry up or he might pop any second. Taco tells Balloony to not worry because they are almost done. Sadly, Balloony's head bursts due to the severe low air pressure. Right when the two are finished, Pen saw Balloony's dead body standing next to Eggy. Pen, obviously in shock, notices the body and thinks that Eggy did it because she was standing near the body. Eggy defends herself by saying that the air pressure got too low. Taco agrees that Balloony's death was not from Eggy popping Balloony. Pen tells the group that they should do tasks because the oxygen canisters are fixed.

Donut in the cafeteria

Donut is shown singing, dancing and hopping around while taking presents. Donut grabs a heavy present and thinks it's a good present. He takes a smaller present and notices he has get away from the body before the others return. Donut vents to admin so he can get away faster.

Pen and Saw doing tasks together

Saw tells Pen to watch her do a MedBay scan, take out the trash (accidentally ejecting Rocky into space), watch Taco do a dance in a room she thinks does not have cameras but actually does, and stumble upon Profily's dead body. Saw obviously reports Profily's corpse. Eggy, doing the Chart Course task, is a bit upset that it is already meeting time.

Profily's body gets reported

Eggy asks where was the body. Saw tells her that it was on the left side of Cafeteria. Saw says that Pen where task buddies so he is safe. Saw was in shock when Rocky got killed. (oblivious that she killed him) Taco thinks that Rocky doesn't even know how to do tasks and thinks she is better off without him. Everyone else looks at Taco with an angry expression. Taco apologizes and takes back what she says. Donut thinks they should all skip but Eggy thinks the opposite. Eggy explains that there are 2 naughty people left so all they have to do is just kill one more person. Saw and Pen think they should vote off Eggy. Eggy defends herself by saying that it couldn't be her because of that "Balloony B.S" (Blatant Shenanigans) again. Eggy says that it might be Donut because the 4 of them went to O2 to fix the canisters and Donut was with Profily in Cafeteria. Saw reconsiders her vote because she was persuaded by Eggy's proof. Taco, for some reason, is jumping up and down with joy because voting time has started. Everyone, except Donut and Pen (who both voted for Eggy) voted for Donut. Donut was ejected and was announced to be the naughty one.

Lights are sabotaged

After Donut is flung into space, Saw suggests the four finish their tasks. Her last task is to "start this extremely dangerous nuclear reactor by playing the children's game of Simon Says", and she is worried at first, but soon starts randomly pushing buttons, laughing and saying it's fun. The lights go out while she is doing this, so she heads to Electrical, surprisingly nonchalant about it. Meanwhile, Eggy gets lost and runs into a dead end, confused if it was a wall or a closed door. Pen then beats her to death with an egg beater, but we never see her corpse because Saw calls an emergency meeting immediately afterwards.

The final meeting

Saw, Taco and Pen arrive at the cafeteria. Saw notices that Eggy is dead, and Pen immediately says that he and Saw were together the whole time, saying that Taco is suspicious. Pen and Taco get into a huge argument, until Saw apologizes to Taco that she and Pen were task buddies the whole time, and she's going to need to vote Taco out. However, Pen was the naughty one this whole time, and breaks into a song, singing about how all the presents are his. Then he notices a present that is heavy and cool. He unwraps it and notices it's reactor coolant. Xanta says that he stole it from the ship's reactor, and now it's overheating, and that the ship will explode; however, they get cut off at "Which means your ship-" when the ship explodes, killing both people.



  • This is the second Among Us short.
  • Pen and Donut were the naughty ones (the equivalent of an Impostor in this game).
    • Coincidentally, both are voiced by Michael Huang.
      • This can be seen as a parallel to the previous Among Us short, where both impostors (Tennis Ball and X) are voiced by Cary Huang.
      • X also sets up a critical sabotage that ends up blowing up the entire ship, so he could have been a third naughty one.
  • Even though she isn't a naughty one, Saw accidentally killed Rocky while doing trash with Pen.
    • However, Pen, who was with Saw, was a naughty one, so he could have set up Rocky to be ejected. (In a Humany video, a storyboard of the short was shown, and the alternate cut had Donut putting Rocky in the garbage chute. This was never animated.)
  • Pen and Rocky are the only two people on the ship who are from BFDI.
  • When Tree explains who Xanta is to Taco, he recites lyrics from 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'.
  • Innuendo: Eggy says that she couldn't be a naughty one "because of that Balloony B.S. again". However, she didn't actually swear, because text appears on screen clarifying the "B.S." stood for "Blatant Shenanigans".
  • This short marks Profily's first non-canon appearance.
    • This also marks Profily's first known death.
  • Fries was originally going to be on the short, as Cary revealed it a video where he showed the short's storyboards. He was replaced with Saw in the final video.
  • Some of the dialogue was changed to be more appropriate for the public video, such as with one line where Pen was going to say "That's hella sus" when he discovers Balloony's dead body. It was most likely changed due to the word "hella" sounding too profound.

Continuity references

  • When she got ejected, Taco mentioned that this wasn't the first time she drifted from space, referencing "Four Goes Too Far", when she was drifting down into space after jumping off from Bleh's hand chain.


  • Tree is killed off screen by Donut.
  • Profily is stabbed by Donut.
  • Balloony pops due to extremely low air pressure.
  • Eggy is killed with a whisk by Pen.
  • Ruby, Donut, and Taco are all ejected into space during meetings.
  • Rocky is accidentally ejected by Saw while taking out the trash with Pen.
  • Pen and Saw die in a reactor explosion caused by Xanta.


  • When it is revealed that Donut is the impostor, the sound effect for a player leaving can be heard faintly, despite no one leaving and no messages appearing to indicate it.
    • It could've been because it wasn't extracted from the game, but they recorded the sound for the role reveal screen, when the game starts, and someone left the game, while they were recording it, which they did not notice at all.
  • When Donut pulls out the knife when he's revealed to be the imposter, he is holding it in his left hand, but when the shot changes to behind Donut, he's holding it in his right.
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