"Yeah, real pro everybody! Immunity's doing just fine over here!” - Balloony
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Tree don't think it's worth it

"Immunity, can you draw?"
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Immunity is a contest function introduced in "Rescission", and evidently replaced points for the rest of Battle for Dream Island. They are usually in the form of tokens, or tickets in the rest of the object show fandom.


The concept of the immunity is basic: The first contestants (first 3 at "Rescission", only one at "Gardening Hero" and "The Glistening") to finish the challenge wins the immunity. The contestant can give his or her immunity to another contestant or keep it. With the immunity, any votes that the contestant receives at elimination will not count against them.


Owner Episode Remarks
Bubble "Rescission" Given to Leafy by Bubble
Rocky "Rescission" N/A
Firey "Rescission" N/A
Every contestant in game as of "Gardening Hero"* "Gardening Hero" Ice Cube, Firey, Spongy and Rocky loses their immunities
Bubble gets 2 immunities, one of them being given to Leafy (again)
Leafy "The Glistening" Given to Spongy by Leafy
Firey "Don't Pierce My Flesh" Won by a tiebreaker
Bubble "Hurtful!" N/A
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