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Immunity is a contest function introduced in "Bowling, Now with Explosions!, replacing points in "Rescission". Battle for BFB would be the second season to use this function, starting in "The Game Has Changed".


The concept of immunity is basic: The contestant(s) to finish the challenge first win the immunity. The contestant can give their immunity to another contestant or keep it. With the immunity, the contestants can avoid being voted to be eliminated.



"Bowling, Now with Explosions!" Firey N/A
"Rescission" Bubble, Rocky, Firey Given to Leafy by Bubble
"Gardening Hero" Ice Cube, Firey, Rocky, Leafy, Bubble, Spongy Everyone except Bubble loses their immunity

Bubble gives Leafy immunity (again)

"The Glistening" Leafy Given to Spongy by Leafy
"Don't Pierce My Flesh" Flower and Firey N/A
"Hurtful!" Bubble N/A


"The Game Has Changed" Lollipop, Flower Given to Gelatin by Lollipop
"The Tweested Temple" Teardrop, Flower N/A
"The Hidden Contestant" Leafy N/A
"Uprooting Everything" Teardrop N/A
"B.F.B. = Back From Beginning" Flower N/A


  • Flower has gotten immunity the most times throughout both BFDI and BFB, at 4.
  • Both Bubble and Flower are tied for the most amount of won gained in one season, 3. (Bubble in BFDI, and Flower in BFB)
  • Leafy and Flower are the only contestants who won immunity in multiple seasons.
  • Gelatin and Spongy are the only contestants who have never won individual immunity, but were only given immunity by another contestant (Lollipop and Leafy, respectively).
    • Gelatin is also the only finalist to never win his own immunity.
  • "Bowling, Now with Explosions!" is the only instance in BFDI where a contestant wins solo immunity during the point system.
  • "The Glistening" is the only instance where a contestant gives immunity to another contestant, without them both being safe from elimination.
  • There wasn't a single male contestant who won individual immunity in BFB.
    • Gelatin got immunity once but it was handed to him from Lollipop.


Season prizes: Dream IslandW.O.A.H. Bunch's islandA BFDIA BFBThe Power of Two (prize)

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