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"Sorry, JingJing. You may be alive, but it's-you're not-you're not in BFDI." - Puffball Speaker Box
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"I hardly remember meeting JingJing." — Eggy
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"Yeah, real pro everybody! JingJing is doing just FINE over here!" — Balloony
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"This is shooting JingJing off like, a cliff, with my Not Cannon!" — Match
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JingJing was one of the characters to appear in "The JingJing Squisher (10 year anniversary)", a video uploaded on the jacknjellify channel on February 6, 2018. JingJing was one of the 5 Beijing Olympic Mascots in 2008, also known as the Fuwa.


JingJing is a panda who has lotus flowers on his head, made in inspiration from porcelain paintings from the Song dynasty (960-1279 AD).[1]


In "The JingJing Squisher (10 year anniversary)", he is mentioned by BeiBei, who tells X that JingJing needs to be squished instead of herself, and gets squished by Cary and Michael's contraption.


  • He is the second Beijing Olympics mascot character to get squished, after BeiBei.
  • He was squished by Cary and Michael with the help of BFDI 1a.
  • His friends cheered when he got squished.
  • He is a representation of the forest.
  • All members of the Fuwa have a color and a wish. He is black and his wish is happiness.
  • If YouTube still exists in 2028, and if Cary and Michael Huang are still active, HuanHuan might be next to be squished.
  • JingJing's name is derived from the second half of the name of the capital city of China: Beijing.
  • The names of the Beijing Olympic mascots are based on the phrase "Beijing Huan Yin Ni" (Beijing Welcomes You).
  • Jingjing was a contestant in "Total Fuwa Island", an old elimination show that possibly predates Total Firey Island.


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