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"This is shooting Jordan off like, a cliff, with my Not Cannon!"Match, "HELP US get to VIDCON 2019" (altered)
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"Who would've guessed?" - Fries, "Today's Very Special Episode"
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Jordan is a contestant in BFDI Mini Delicious, one of 10 contestants that were picked for the season, originating as a recommended character from "What Do You Think of Roleplay?".


Jordan is an uncooked cut of a T-bone steak with their meat being a vibrant red, while their fat is a light pink.


BFB 12

  • Jordan is a well drawn and rounded uncooked cut of T-bone steak with vibrant red meat and light pink fat.

BFB 13

  • Jordan is a poorly drawn and flat uncooked cut of T-bone steak with dull red meat and white fat.

BFDI Mini Delicious

  • Jordan's design is reverted back to their BFB 12 appearance.


Jordan is very confident and competitive, actively targeting people to make enemies with and beat in the competition. They are also very athletic, being able to run at incredibly fast speeds and being able to do a kickflip using Popsicle as a skateboard while rapidly approaching an obstacle. They also have a very quick reaction time and isn't that easily scared. They could be considered anti-social, as the only person Jordan has positive interactions with is Popsicle, Jordan's best friend according to X, and almost every other contestant Jordan has tried attacking.


  • Extreme speed: Jordan is seen being so fast that they leave dust clouds behind and has fast enough reaction times to be able to grab the end of the balance beam while also grabbing Popsicle from under them to save both of them from being up for elimination.



Battle for Dream Island Again[]

In "Taste the Sweetness", Jordan can be seen inside of Gelatin's Steakhouse seemingly either having been knocked unconscious or laying deceased resting on the shelves in the steakhouse cold ingredient storage room. Jordan remains there for the entire episode and it is never commented on by any of the other characters.

Battle for BFDI[]

In "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", they appear during the recommended characters crowd scene for that episode being recommended by Justin W. They appear during the scene of Fanny walking to Four to ask him to recover Bubble. Unlike the other recommended characters who are stationary and don't do anything, Jordan is stolen by Gelatin who is walking behind the characters and his facial expression changes to a scared look.

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", they appear during the first batch of recommended characters for that episode being recommended by Justin W again. They appear in a panning shot leading to the Cake at Stake place for that episode. Like all other characters in this shot Jordan is affected by the recommended character Check-it Eyebrows recommended by That B D which causes Jordan to have two right facing eyebrows as their facial expression. Four uses these characters to advertise the Jacknjellify Patreon to recommend future characters as well as teasing a potential future debut.

BFDI Mini Delicious[]

In "Balloon Toss", Jordan is seen with Popsicle as a part of "Pair #4" where they are both seen posing confidently while leaning on each other. In the challenge Jordan casually chucks the balloon upwards and doesn't even look at Popsicle as Popsicle catches it with their foot with no issue all while both of them continue to pose.

In "Survive The Desert", Jordan and Popsicle are still posing like they were in the previous episode but Jordan continues posing after Popsicle runs through the desert. Jordan is then seen happily sitting in an ice box with enough room for one more person, which Popsicle joins him in.

In "Stay On The Balance Beam", Jordan is seen being bored while standing on the balance beam until they decide to start charging at Cereal Box but when Cereal Box jumps out of the way Jordan accidentally crashes into Popsicle but they manage to salvage the situation as Jordan stands on top of Popsicle and starts riding them like a skateboard across the balance beam. Next on the balance beam is Popcorn, who Jordan manages to avoid crashing into by performing a kickflip using Popsicle to jump over Popcorn as they sit on the balance beam. Then Jordan runs into Cake's Dad and the other contestants at which point Jordan can't do anything but crash into them all. However Jordan is able to grab on to the end of the balance beam while also holding onto Popsicle causing everyone else to fall off the balance beam while Jordan and Popsicle remain safe.

In "Screaming Contest", Popsicle attempts to sneak up on and scare Jordan but Jordan is unimpressed and takes the ghost costume off of Popsicle, this however reveals that underneath the white sheet Popsicle is nothing but a stick which does cause Jordan to scream and therefor be safe from elimination.

In "Hide and Seek", Jordan immediately runs away from Chips when it's revealed that they are the seeker along with everyone else. Jordan then runs into the benches located next to Gelatin's Steakhouse which Jordan decides to hide underneath but when Jordan gets under the table Popcorn is revealed to have also picked this spot as a hiding place, this causes the two of them to begin fighting ending in Popcorn physically pushing Jordan out from under the benches and directly into the path of Chips who then immediately spots them and puts them up for elimination along with the earlier spotted Popsicle.

In "Red Light, Green Light", the votes between Jordan and Popsicle are revealed and Jordan is eliminated. During the reveal Jordan is looking at Popsicle with a look of concern and once his elimination status is revealed Jordan looks disappointed. Gelatin then appears and grabs Jordan as he is walking by dragging them towards his steakhouse, along the way Gelatin also grabs Chips who Jordan proceeds to glare angrily at.

In "Last to Leave the Circle", all of the previously eliminated contestants were brought back for a rejoin challenge. In the challenge Jordan immediately charges at Milkshake to push him out of the circle but Jordan accidentally moves too far before stopping making them also step outside of the circle and therefor making Jordan fail the opportunity to rejoin.

In "Don't Die", Jordan is seen sitting at the steakhouse benches along with all the other previously eliminated contestants as they watch the final challenge, during which Jordan is seen leaning back and smiling. Once Cereal Box is revealed to be the winner after they ate Popsicle Jordan is seen with the other contestants and Jordan seems rather shocked.


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Season 5
Episode Number of votes Percentage of votes
6 Unknown 66%


  1. Sometime before "Taste the Sweetness" (possibly): Was possibly killed by Gelatin to be served as food in Gelatin's Steakhouse.


  • Jordan's asset appears briefly in BFDIA 8 as a depiction of steak during BBQ Sauce's song.
    • This could be a reference to Gelatin grabbing Jordan and walking off with them when they were recommended in BFB 12 as BBQ Sauce's song was sung in their rebranded steakhouse and was about steak.
  • Jordan once again appears inside Gelatin's Steakhouse in BFDIA 10, appearing seemingly either passed out or deceased on the shelves of the cold storage room along with various ingredients.
    • Technically this could make Jordan the second BFDI Mini Delicious contestant to be eaten like food.
      • The first contestant being Popsicle when they were eaten by Cereal Box in the finale, who coincidentally happens to be Jordan's best friend.
  • Jordan's scream in "Screaming Contest" is reused from Firey's scream.
    • This technically gives Jordan a voice actor, that being Michael Huang who is the voice actor of Firey.


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