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Journal of Goiky is a conjectural name.

The subject of this article or section has never been given an official name stated either via in the Battle for Dream Island series, or by jacknjellify; the current one is unofficial.

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Creatures of Goiky was a book featured in BFDI Is Back. It revealed the release date of "Welcome Back".

A book with a similar appearance, Donut's Diary, was first shown in "The Liar Ball You Don't Want".

Known creatures


It is depicted in the book as a regular and realistic slug. According to Firey, The Slug will come out of its hole on September 1st, 2016, which was the release date of IDFB.

Evil insects

They first appeared in "Hurtful!". Whilst they were not revealed to be documented in the book, there is a high probability of them being there, as they seem to be common in Goiky and are seen on the front cover of the book. They are black insects with purple/pink spots that eat everything in sight.


135 Creatures of G O I K Y.
6. Tʜᴇ THE SLUG, or Jacknjellify's
Object Show, is around the Size of the
Burrow in which it lives. It is in Shape
ſomewhat formleſs, yet it never fails to
catch one's Eye with the ſtriking Colour
viſible along the Broad of its Back,
deſcribed by ſome as a ſordid Blue and
others as a vibrant Black. The Head meets
the Body at a Junction that embodies a
pleaſant degree of Smoothneſs ; even at
half the Diameter of the Body, this admi-
rable level of Smoothitude leaves one in a
level of awe that would preclude his
[unknown]gneſs to ſtep. It has one very ſtrong,
[unknown]dable Arm, but this Appendage is not
[unknown]om any Point of View.
[unknown] its untidy Appearance, its
[unknown]ſs, and unusual Badneſs, this
[unknown]ages to maintain an inexpli-
[unknown]ent in flow of Subſcribers,
[unknown]e deſcribed only as particu-
[unknown]e Fellows. The Slugs of
[unknown]for their Aggreſſiveneſs
[unknown]emeanor, which is an
[unknown]to make conſider-

Of Insects, or Hairleſs Beaſts. 136
ing that only one is known to be in Exiſtence.
This Slug follows an unpredictable
Schedule in its behavioural Patterns,
but one can be certain in one Truth: this Beaſt
may very well riſe from the Ground on the
Firſt of September (highlighted); determining the
particular Year of this majeſtic Event is
left as an exerciſse to the Reader.
The Writer has never encountered this
Slug, as its laſt Sighting had occurred long
before his own Birth, but below is a
remarkable Image of some other Slug for
the Reader's own Enjoyment.

[image of a slug with the text "A SLUG" near its bottom right corner]

Did the Reader enjoy the abo[unknown]
The Writer certainly did.