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Yeah, we're just not!

Just Not is one of the seven teams in The Power of Two. The team consists of Bomby, Book, Cake, Naily, Nickel, Pillow, and Price Tag. The team was accidentally named by Naily when she said they're "just not" going to have a dumb team name.


Name Gender Voting icon Ranking Episode eliminated Number of votes at point of elimination Total votes
Book Female Book TeamIcon.png
Bomby Male Bomby TeamIcon.png
Cake Male Cake TeamIcon.png
Naily Female Naily TeamIcon.png
Nickel Male Nickel TeamIcon.png
Pillow Female Pillow TeamIcon.png
Price Tag Non-binary Price Tag TeamIcon.png


In "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?", the team is first established by Naily and Bomby, who decide they aren't staying with Donut and Barf Bag. After seeing Cake have his feelings hurt by Eggy, Naily invites him to her team. Cake, still upset, accepts her offer. Price Tag approaches the group, saying they seem cool. Naily thinks Price Tag is pretty epic, but just to be sure, she asks them if they can make a specific face (>:3). Price Tag makes said face and they're allowed in. Snowball attempts to join the team since he thought Naily seemed pretty tough, but when he brings up that she's armless, Naily kicks him out. Later, Pillow and Book join the team, with the former making the same >:3 face in order for them to be accepted. Book is happy to be on a team with Bomby, as she claims they go way back since they spent many days cranking the HPHPRCC in BFDIA. Book then pulls Nickel onto the team since he cranked with them too, and the team is complete. After the first five teams are named, Price Tag calls the team names stupid. Book reassures them that they won't have a stupid name, and Naily says "Yeah, we're just not!" in agreement, which causes Just Not to become the team name.

During the challenge, the team simply takes the elevator to get to the roof of the building. However, the elevator gets stuck due to Snowball forcefully prying the elevator doors open out of impatience. They hear Death P.A.C.T. Again going up the stairs and ask for help. Pie asks if they're dying, to which Cake says they aren't so Pie carries on without them. Later, Snowball pulls on one of the elevator pulleys, which causes the elevator to drop. It lands on Basketball, who causes it to get bounced all the way up to the roof and the team is safe.

In "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life", during the challenge, Bomby accidentally hits Book's block while trying to stack. Book apologizes but Bomby yells saying he is stacking and gets angry. Pillow then suddenly leaves without context. Book asks why and Pillow responds with that she usually doesn't know, making Book confused. The team then notices Tree near their blocks, and tries to stop him, but Tree manages to take five of them and run away. They all agree that they should have better defense next time. Price Tag then suddenly leaves without context to meet Pillow. Meanwhile at Death P.A.C.T. Again, they manage to recharge Remote with batteries. Remote then notices the pile of batteries and jumps in. She then realizes Naily, a Just Notter, is in there and the batteries start burning acid, killing Remote and Naily. Back to Just Not, Nickel says that Price Tag, Naily, and Pillow have been gone for a while. Book tries to lighten up the mood by saying they probably have reasons, but struggles to explain how she knows. Eraser then knocks over their tower, making Bomby very mad, causing him to throw his banana and kick him to The S. Meanwhile with Price Tag and Pillow, they find a pile of acid and throw random stuff into it. Pillow then puts Price Tag into it, which makes Death P.A.C.T. Again notice and try to stop Pillow. Black Hole tells Pillow to stop, and Pillow does, responding that they're rude. Remote then follows her incase she kills more people. When Pillow returns, the team notices Remote and thinks she is trying to ruin their stack. Although not her first intention, Remote knocks it over, causing the team to quickly rebuild it together. They manage to stack 6 blocks in total, placing them in third place.

Wins and losses

Episode Win/Lose Strategy
"You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?" Win (4th) Their approach was to take the elevator; however, they stopped midway as Snowball broke the elevator by prying its doors open. Snowball pulls on one of the pulleys, causing the elevator to fall, but it was bounced up by Basketball underneath, sending them up to the top floor.
"The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life" Win (3rd) Bomby stacks blocks, albeit interrupted by Eraser and Remote. The team stacks six blocks in total.


  • Because Price Tag is non-binary, the ratio of female to male characters on Just Not is equal, at 3:3.
    • The same goes for BFDIA contestants to contestants who started participating in BFB (3:3).
  • This team has the most BFDIA newbies at three.
  • They are one of the two teams without any original contestants, along with Death P.A.C.T. Again.
  • This team has the most variety of voice actors out of any team on the show, as every member is voiced by a different person.
  • This is the first team that Book has been on without Ice Cube.
  • Just like in BFB, Book is on the team that gets named last.
  • This team is tied with The S! for having the most members from multiple BFB teams at five.
    • Both have a TPOT debutant and are the last 2 teams to be named.
  • Just Not is the second team with a name that ends with the word "not", after Have Nots.
  • Coiny and Yellow Face are the only contestants who also cranked the HPHPRCC, but didn't join this team.
  • The team's logo may be designed to resemble a road sign.



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Just Not

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