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Kenzie Bryant, also known as Pokey, is a voice actress, writer, and animator for Battle for BFDI and a main writer for Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two.

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  • She and Satomi are dating.[2]
  • Her favorite character is Coiny.
  • Her favorite team is The Losers!
  • She has two cats, Callie and Muffin.
  • She is a fan of Tamagotchi.
  • She has stated that she prefers to be referred to as Pokey rather than Kenzie.
  • She had a Twitter and Instagram account, but they were deleted.
  • Cake is the hardest character for her to voice, with Bell being a close second.
  • She has stated on her Carrd page that she is autistic.
  • She likes making YTPs out of clips from BFDI episodes.
  • She and Wolfy are the only people who voice act for both the contestants and the failed debuters.
  • She is a lesbian.


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