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Laser Powered Teleportation Device
Laser Powered Teleportation Device.png
The appearance of the machine.



Used on:

All season 1 eliminated contestants except for Needle

First appearance:

"Half a Loaf Is Better Than None"

Last appearance:

"Insectophobe's Nightmare 2"


Transports eliminated contestants to the TLC

You murdered her!

The Laser Powered Teleportation Device is a machine used to transfer eliminated contestants to the inside of the TLC, replacing the Sender Scoop Thrower.

The first Laser Powered Teleportation Device was introduced in "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None". Match was the first ever to be teleported using a laser.

The only contestant to be eliminated without the device when it was introduced is Tennis Ball.

Flower is the last person in BFDI to get teleported to the TLC by the Laser Powered Teleportation Device.

In BFDIA, it was replaced by the reintroduction of the Sender Scoop Thrower.


The single version was introduced in Episode 14. It starts at the foot of the contestant, then goes upward to teleport them into the chamber. It was first used on Match and last used on Pencil.
The "Double Laser Powered Teleportation Device" was introduced and only used in "Gardening Hero". David was the first and only contestant to be teleported by it, as it was never used again. There are 2 lasers: one that goes up, and one that goes down. They eventually meet in the center, causing the character to be fully teleported.
The "Quadruple Laser Powered Teleportation Device" was introduced in "The Glistening" when it was used on Ice Cube. It was later used again in "Don't Pierce My Flesh". It functions similar to the Double Laser Powered Teleportation Device, but it has two more lasers moving horizontally. The last contestant it was used on successfully was Spongy. Flower was able to deflect three of the beams, but got hit by the last one that was reflected around the earth and back to her.


  • It is unknown where the Laser Powered Teleportation Device came from, or where the machine shooting it is.
  • It has also eliminated a bush, the sun, and even the Tiny Loser Chamber, but due to the TLC eliminating itself, it went right back to where it was.
  • Both Pencil and Match have been eliminated via Single Laser Powered Teleportation Device, and they were the last and first contestants to do so respectively.
  • In BFDI, Needle is the only eliminated contestant who never got teleported since she left before the method was introduced and caused herself to fly into the TLC in "The Glistening".