"This is shooting Last BFDI off like, a cliff, with my Not Cannon!" - Match
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"Last BFDI, List of BFDI YTPMVs, same thing!"- Ruby
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"Last BFDI" is a video created as a celebration for 20,000 subscribers. It shows a vertically scrolling animation of a Rube Goldberg machine containing all 31 contestants of BFDI and BFDIA combined (but no hosts), creating and destroying them over and over. The song in the video is based on "Last Step" by Dubmood who was a member of Razor1911.

Map of birthtree

The start and end of every contestant (in alphabetical order):
Contestant name Commencement (start) Termination (end)
Blocky Pin's point is removed, resulting in Blocky Blocky is cut into three pieces; one for Match, one for Fries and one turns into Eraser
Bomby Results in Match's ashes covering up Tennis Ball Ignited with firebox, then explodes, resulting in Rocky
Book The paper that Pen writes on is closed into a book, which Pen's cap covers in blue and green Dora hops out of Book and eats her
Bubble* Excess water from Teardrop falls onto a platform, then being blown by a blow-dryer, which Bubble then comes out of David's crushed body is splattered onto her, giving her dimples and turning her into Golf Ball
Coiny Fries' fries fall on Nickel turning him into Coiny Coiny notices Nickel and falls down a funnel to make Needle
David Dora's hair falls off and makes Gelatin, turning Dora into David His head is cut off of his body, and turns into Snowball, while his body covers Bubble in dimples
Donut A hole is punched in Yellow Face Falls down cutter to make Fries' fries
Dora* Book opens and Dora comes out of her article illustration Dora's hair falls off and makes Gelatin, turning Dora into David
Eraser Comes from taking part of Blocky and pushing the top part back Collides with a piece of wood from Woody to make Pencil
Firey Match is burned by a lighter to make Firey. Bubble-blower makes water flow down to extinguish him
Flower She's the first plant to come out of the flower pot when it's watered Her petals fall off, turning Gelatin into Puffball, and the middle of her face turns into Yellow Face
Fries Fries come from Donut; container comes from one of Blocky's parts

Fries turn Nickel into Coiny; container is crushed into nothing

Note: Fries and container are separate in both the commencement and the termination. They're temporarily put together in between.

Gelatin* The second plant to come out of the flower pot when it's watered is a green bush, which collides with Dora's hair to make Gelatin Flower's petals turn Gelatin into Puffball
Golf Ball* Results from dimples being splashed on Bubble

She, Leafy and Puffball together are zapped into Tennis Ball

Ice Cube Teardrop falls into a freezer and comes out as Ice Cube Ice Cube walks on a grate and melts, watering the flower pot
Leafy* The second plant to come out of the flower pot when it's watered is a green bush.  One of its leaves is cut out making Leafy She, Golf Ball and Puffball together are zapped into Tennis Ball
Match Results from part of Blocky on top of Woody being crushed thinner Is badly set on fire by a lighter, then burns to ashes.
Needle Result when Coiny falls down the funnel Needle is turned upside down and stuck into Ruby to make Pin
Nickel* Rocky's little gray stones are pushed upon the bottom of the platform, resulting in Nickel Fries' fries turn him into Coiny
Pen A cap generator makes a cap, which falls on Pencil to make Pen He disappears when Book is being closed
Pencil Eraser and a piece of wood from Woody collide to make Pencil She terminates when a blue cap falls on her to make Pen
Pin Results from Needle being turned upside down and poked into Ruby Loses her sharp part and becomes Blocky
Puffball Collision of Gelatin and Flower's petals She, Golf Ball and Leafy together are zapped into Tennis Ball
Rocky Comes out of Bomby's explosion Is pickaxed to make little gray stones around Ruby, then the gray stones become Nickel
Ruby* Comes out of Rocky after being pickaxed Needle is turned upside down and stuck into her to make Pin
Snowball From David's head Melted into Teardrop
Spongy* None, just sits there doing nothing None, just sits there doing nothing
Teardrop Results in Bubble melting Snowball Falls into freezer to make Ice Cube
Tennis Ball Golf Ball, Leafy and Puffball are zapped to make Tennis Ball

(Get it? Golf Ball is a sphere, Puffball is fuzzy, Leafy is green, and Tennis Ball has all three of these properties!)

Match's ashes cover Tennis Ball up, making Bomby
Woody The second plant to come out of the flower pot when it's watered is a green bush. Its branch is cut to make Woody A piece falls off of Woody, making Pencil, and the rest of Woody forms Match
Yellow Face Results from Flower's face without the petals Hole punched in him to make Donut
*These contestants are visible for longer than cycle length before being terminated, thus you see two copies of them at certain times.


Machine map2


     Semi-plausible transformations such as abrasion.

     Transformations that involve combining two or more characters.

     Fluid transformations that are completely implausible.

     Heat based transformations.

     Cold based transformations.

     Nature/Growth based transformations.


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