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What about YOU guys, do you wanna be friends? I bet you do 'cause you're awesome!

Leafy is a female contestant on Battle for Dream Island and BFB. She was seen as a moderator and one of the normal characters of the group. She was most likely the team leader for the Squashy Grapes before A Leg Up in the Race, when the teams disbanded. She was also the main person who keeps on saying Needy and keeps getting slapped by Needle. Coiny and Ice Cube also got slapped by Needle quite a bit for calling her Needy. She would've joined Season Two, with 606 votes, but due to the other contestants hatred against her, she was excluded, along with Bubble and Flower, who also made it into the Top 20, but did not join since they were dead. Woody and Nonexisty's votes did not count as well.


Leafy appears to be a lemon leaf. Her main body is lime, and her midrib is a lighter color. She has a darker shade of green on her right side, however, the shade is sometimes seen on the left. Her metal form is composed of shades of gray with an off-white highlight in the upper left side of her body.



  • Leafy's midrib has rounded ends due to usage of the line-tool.


  • Leafy's midrib has sharp ends due to usage of the circle-tool.


  • Leafy's shade gets a bit closer to a bluish-green kind of coloring.
  • Leafy's body is sharper.


Leafy is kind-hearted, helping people such as Ice Cube and Woody. She tends to be very friendly and helpful, liking almost everyone and being one of the calmest players. However, Leafy becomes mean and cynical throughout the series, having on and off arguments with Bubble, jumping to conclusions, and becoming upset when someone doesn't accept her kindness or even her gifts. She also acts egoistical, claiming that she is the nicest out of all people and even telling Bubble that there are 77 levels of niceness, with her being at the top.

After "Return of the Hang Glider", she became hated by all the other veteran contestants except Firey, who forgot her (though later this was revealed to be a ruse to save his reputation). The reason she was hated was for buying Dream Island after Firey won Dream Island. She had bought it because she was the only one not allowed on the island. She may have been scarred by this, as she has impulsive tendencies to stab someone. She would have joined Battle for Dream Island Again with 606 votes, but she couldn't participate due to being in Yoyleland. Yet, she makes occasional appearances.

In IDFB, she is still acting the same way, as evidenced by her attempt to kill either Fries, Coiny, or both with a knife.

In BFB, the veteran contestants appear to have forgiven Leafy, and she is friends with all of them. Leafy returns to her behavior in season one. She is a very friendly and even more ecstatic person, usually very joyful, and wants to make friends. However, when being disagreed with, Leafy will become very cynical and defensive (possibly due to the events of the earlier seasons) and will usually see her point of view as the superior side.

She will quickly jump to irrational conclusions, not considering others' viewpoints and concluding even the smallest of situations on her behalf. Her findings are often negative towards someone and cause her to overreact, as seen in "What Do You Think of Roleplay?" where Eggy wins a Tic-Tac-Toe game with Leafy after 72 rounds. This results in Leafy thinking that she is the impostor and immediately (yet incorrectly) accuses her of being the fake.

Leafy, at times, despite claiming to want to help people, is also shown to be quite inconsistent has a slight dictatorial outlook as a leader, often assigning jobs to teammates and using them rather than helping them. She also has a loyalty chart that displays how loyal everyone is to her. Her overall two-faced nature is most likely what caused her to become hated by her teammates. However, after rejoining, Leafy often has moments of kindness and is shown to get along with her friends. She would bond with them and be helpful with others during stressful situations. She also acknowledged her mistakes and actions; she could fix her relationships with the friends she cares about, even if things don't go well for them at the end of the challenge.

While being an overall nice person, she can change her outlook and tone in the blink of an eye and can get angry at even the slightest protest against her will.

In "The Hidden Contestant" and "Uprooting Everything", a selfish side is shown during the challenges. In the former, Leafy forces Teardrop to give her immunity only because she hasn't won immunity yet and acts hypocritically by calling Teardrop selfish. She is acting just as selfish by forcing her to give her immunity. The latter episode shows that Leafy doesn't like it when people question how legitimate her niceness is, which causes her to behave irrationally.

Official Character Guide biography

On the surface, Leafy seems awfully nice. If there is something that needs to be done, Leafy will do it with a smile. Sometimes, others will be unhappy with her unrelenting enthusiasm, though. Once she wanted to show Ice Cube a cool bowling ball trick. Leafy ended up shattering her--oops!

Due to years of training, Leafy is extremely agile: she practiced in both the art of acid-spitball-avoidance and map teleportation.

Did You Know?: Leafy will always lose on her 73rd game of tic-tac-toe. She doesn't know this.


  • Agility: Leafy has been shown on multiple occasions to be able to dodge multiple objects without getting hit once, even when she's metal. However, the objects were mostly shown going in the same order.
  • Loftiness: As shown in "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know", Leafy can use her light weight to glide short distances.
  • Flat Body: Also shown in "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know", Leafy's two-dimensional structure allows her to enter through narrow spaces such as gates effortlessly. However, it seems to have its limits as she can be easily crushed by devices such as the Announcer Crusher or Gelatin's hammer.
  • Teleportation: In "Get Digging", Leafy is shown to be able to appear from seemingly nowhere like Evil Leafy. Whether or not this ability is exclusively tied to her Yoyle metal form is unknown.
  • Strength: Also in "Get Digging", Leafy was shown to be able to throw knives 2,763 miles. She is also powerful enough to slap Needle into space, indirectly destroying Needle's Cake. She can even pick up and move objects that are heavier than her, such as a bowling ball, a hammer, and giant food created by her own person. Also, she, along with Bubble, Gelatin, Lollipop, and Teardrop were able to move the sun by jumping on it, shown in "A Taste of Space". However, she does have her limits when using it, as she is barely able to lift and move Golf Ball in "Cycle of Life".
  • Teleportation (Maps): In multiple episodes, Leafy can teleport to locations such as Yoyleland or X’s Aloe Vera garden on maps via looking directly at it and saying, "Blue Skidoo, we can too!". It was revealed in "The Hidden Contestant" that Leafy can do this with any map because of a book Gelatin had.


  • Strong Forces: Due to her light weight, Leafy can be easily blown off course by strong forces such as winds and has to often rely on heavier objects by staying near or holding onto them.



Battle for Dream Island

In "Take the Plunge: Part 1", Leafy makes her debut when she encourages Woody to enjoy life after pulling him out of the ground. During the balance beam contest, Pin and Leafy form an alliance to stay above water until the end of the challenge. When it comes down to the final 6, the 2 of them attempt to push Flower off the platform, however, Flower kicks them off the beam last minute, making their plan fail. Fortunately for them, Blocky is there to help them back up. After working together to knock Flower off, everyone climbs to safety, except Blocky, who Leafy accidentally knocks off by stepping on his feet. When it comes down to just Pin and Leafy, they decide who would win Dream Island with a game of rock paper scissors. Pin wins and is about to push Leafy off the balance beam. Not fully aware of the outcome of the winner, Leafy complains that it wasn't very fair. Then the Announcer pops up and tells them that they both won the challenge, and got the right to become team captains, creating a much longer battle to win Dream Island. This annoys Pin, but Leafy says it isn't that bad.

In "Take the Plunge: Part 2", Leafy chooses Ice Cube first, cheering her up about her previous rejection from Pencil's alliance. Once Pin chooses Pencil, Leafy confers with Ice Cube about who to choose, though eventually, she settles upon Teardrop, calling her the silent type, which prompts a remark from Flower. Leafy proceeds to choose Needle next, which Ice Cube agrees with. At Announcer's insistence that they "pick a boy", Needle chooses Snowball to join their team, though she mentions that she likes Coiny better. Leafy stops Snowball from injuring Needle and questions who they should pick next, to which Snowball replies they should pick Coiny, because of Needle liking him better. Leafy then chooses Tennis Ball, due to his intellect. Leafy, Tennis Ball, and Needle all choose Golf Ball. Flower is picked onto the team thanks to some words from Tennis Ball. Leafy lastly chooses Rocky over Woody. Leafy is seen suggesting team names for her team, though they are inaudible. They are instead given the name "Squashy Grapes". Leafy is then seen suggesting ideas to her team, though they can't be heard over everyone else's. Leafy also runs away from Snowball after he shoves Golf Ball into the water, much like everyone else.

Leafy later looks on happily as she watches her team put boat pieces together. Leafy puts the last piece together, completing the boat. Leafy also puts on the motor, and it floats away, but she, Coiny, and Ice Cube all jump into it. Just before Coiny starts the motor, Leafy reveals she feels bad about leaving her team behind. Leafy's boat almost crashes into the other team's boat, though luckily, they get flung up in the air, passing many things. Still, they end up also flying over the finish line. When the climate becomes windier, Leafy flies away, and as Pin's team wins the challenge, Leafy is shown to be up for voting.

In "Barriers and Pitfalls", Leafy, along with her team, is at the Cake at Stake area. Most of her team is quickly declared safe at 0 votes, herself included. Leafy compliments Golf Ball on how she's able to figure out her chances of winning, though mistakenly thinks that Golf Ball used a calculator.

During the challenge, Ice Cube compliments Needle's running ability, to which Leafy says it's good that she's fast. Leafy gets over the first obstacle, although, due to its only recent activation, it started out very small and wasn't that noticeable. Leafy helps Ice Cube up another obstacle later. Ice Cube thanks her for this, only for both to be quickly sucker-punched off. They soon conquer the obstacle and follow the sign's advice by sitting on what was in front of them. Leafy holds a bowling ball over Ice Cube, let's go, and tells Ice Cube the bowling ball and her are falling at the same rate, but ends up unintentionally murdering her soon after once the ride comes to a steady end. Leafy is at first shocked but continues on with the force. Next, it shows what Leafy wants to happen at the next obstacle; she is shown jumping to the other end, calling it easy, yet in reality, she ends up falling mid-way through the jump and landing in the failers' waiting room. Needle and Teardrop end up winning the challenge, meaning that Leafy is safe.


In "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?", Leafy asks "Needy" if she thinks non-existent Ice Cube is mad at her and is slapped. Leafy's test is set on fire and she is unable to turn it in.

In "Sweet Tooth", Leafy attempts to dismantle the Announcer with a hammer, wanting to know what the "speaker thing" is. In the contest, Leafy makes a giant cake so that she can lend some to anyone who's having trouble making one themselves. She ends up selling some to Pen, Eraser, Woody, and the alliance. Her cake ends up getting a 19/26. She also helps win the second contest by eating chocolate balls with Coiny and Rocky.

In "Bridge Crossing", Leafy tries to cross the bridge with Ice Cube and Needle, but they are all knocked off by Golf Ball, who was thrown by Snowball.

In "Power of Three", Leafy is teamed up with Tennis Ball and Teardrop in the race. They end up ranking third and are safe from elimination.

In "Puzzling Mysteries", Leafy's team wins the contest by finishing their puzzle first. Leafy then votes Firey to join her team.

In "Cycle of Life", Leafy is one of the five contestants who are chosen to race for the Squashy Grapes. Ice Cube runs before Leafy so Leafy sits on her since she has no arms to carry with. When it's Leafy's turn to run, she slowly drags Golf Ball, commenting on how heavy she is twice. Leafy's team ends up winning the contest and is told that an eliminated player will rejoin on their team.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare", Leafy and Rocky are picked by the Announcer to choose the new teams. Leafy chooses Ice Cube, Teardrop, Snowball, and Blocky (requested by Snowball). She also decides to continue being the Squashy Grapes. During the contest, Leafy is tied up with her team by Snowball. Her team ends up losing the contest as a result.

In "Crybaby!", Leafy is safe with just 3 votes. In the crying contest, Leafy comments that it was mean of Blocky to melt Ice Cube to win. Later in the skiing contest, she and Blocky place second and are safe from elimination.

In "Lofty", Leafy and Blocky manage to place first in the contest for their team and are safe from elimination. They are both still stuck in the sky for the rest of the episode.

In "A Leg Up in the Race", Leafy chooses Tennis Ball to join her team over Coiny. In the contest, Leafy carries Ice Cube up the ladders, and they place 5th and 4th respectively. With points being added, Leafy manages to avoid the danger zone with 37 points.

In "Don't Lose Your Marbles", Leafy accidentally causes Ice Cube to face a 10 point penalty due to giving her a maroon ball to turn in. Leafy is the seventh to turn in a ball and receives 7 points.

During the contest in "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None", Leafy is knocked off by the third obstacle and receives 10 points. Her score is too low however, so she is up for elimination.

In "Vomitaco", Leafy is safe with 20 votes. In the taco making contest, Leafy makes a large taco so that she can lend some to anyone who needs help making one. Leafy angrily, due to being called a servant, sells Pen half of her taco. Her taco is liked by 6 of the eliminated contestants, so she receives 60 points, and leaves the danger zone.

In "Bowling, Now with Explosions!", in the bowling contest, she only manages to knock over 3 pins. This allows her to take 90 points from the other contestants. Since there are 9 contestants, she takes 10 off of everyone. She ends up being up for elimination since only Firey managed to make a strike.

In "The Reveal", Leafy gives some springy shoes to Bubble, Pencil, and Ice Cube. Leafy is safe from elimination at 10 votes. Leafy and Ice Cube team up in the frisbee contest, though she just ends up spending the entire challenge trying to recover Ice Cube after shattering her with a frisbee. Leafy answers several questions about Ice Cube until she is alive and immediately kills her with a frisbee again. Leafy loses 1,000 points as a penalty, along with Ice Cube because they didn't finish the challenge before the sunset.

In "Reveal Novum", Leafy and Tennis Ball are tied with two votes each from the other contestants. Leafy ends up winning the tiebreaker after Tennis Ball fails to jump over a small ledge. Her friendship with Bubble may have ended because the springy shoes are thrown away in order to help focus on the staring contest. This angers Leafy, along with causing her to blink. Later, during the final round, Leafy tells Bubble that she's one of the meanest people she has ever met.

In "Rescission", during the unicycle race, Leafy tries to keep Ice Cube away from Bubble because of how "mean" she is. This only ends up costing them both the contest as they end up riding off a cliff. Despite failing the contest, Leafy wins immunity since Bubble decides to give it to her to prove that she's nice, though Leafy isn't too impressed.

In "Gardening Hero", Leafy plays tic-tac-toe with Firey when she suddenly hears Rocky throw-up and runs to see if he is sick. She is then caught by a net and pulled into space, followed by the other contestants. Firey and Leafy decide to become friends and work together to shoot Spongy in the contest. Leafy herself is shot by Spongy and she loses her immunity. Bubble tries to patch things up with Leafy by giving her immunity for the second time. Leafy gives a better reaction then last time, but still isn't very impressed since she holds a very high standard for niceness. A niceness chart is shown, showing that Leafy considers her own level of niceness to be astronomical.

In "The Glistening", Leafy and the others push Spongy into a rocket's gas tank so that they can return to earth. Bubble and Leafy are on the sidelines for most of the episodes since they both have immunity. When the contest begins, Leafy uses her map to teleport to Yoyleland and wins immunity. However, she decides to give her immunity to Spongy because she feels bad for burning him, much to his joy. As a result, she is up for elimination.

In "Don't Pierce My Flesh", Leafy is safe with 69 votes. She has now reached the final 5 and receives a house as a reward. No one is able to win the contest since the volcano erupts before anyone could finish. Leafy ends up being up for elimination since the Speaker Boxes felt bias to their owners in the beauty contest.

In "Hurtful!", Leafy tries to win immunity to give her a place in the final 4. During the challenge of the combination of the previous challenges, she occasionally helps Firey and Bubble along the way. When they reach the volcano, Leafy wants Bubble to win immunity, but Bubble tells Leafy the truth of her getting tired of her being so nice all the time. Leafy is shocked and feels she misjudged her for being nice which makes her say to Bubble "I was right about you, you are the meanest person on Earth!". Getting Leafy to end the friendship between her and Bubble is when Flower tells her that Bubble helped her over a rock wall. Even with Bubble losing Leafy as a friend, Bubble wins immunity, and Leafy is up for elimination due to Flower pulling Leafy in the lava.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2", Leafy attempts to be friends with Bubble again but changes her mind when Bubble points out how they keep switching between being friends and not being friends. Leafy rides a Ferris wheel with Firey. She sees the lavafall and attempts to get out but gets burnt to death. She doesn't appear during Cake at Stake. After the Announcer announces that Flower is eliminated, she and the others come back to life. Leafy states that they had faked their deaths. In the end, Leafy, along with Bubble and Firey, become the finalists.

In "Return of the Hang Glider", during Cake at Stake, Leafy loses to Firey with 170 fewer votes and places second. Firey invites everyone onto Dream Island except her, because she didn't appreciate Firey's lava Ferris wheel. Leafy then loses her temper and buys Dream Island from the Announcer, which causes the island to disappear. When Leafy accidentally gives away the fact that she already knew Dream Island was missing, Golf Ball deduces that it's her fault. Leafy loses her temper again and starts turning into Evil Leafy. Ice Cube, now aware of her true colors along with everyone, states that she's evil. Eraser and Pin rip Leafy apart and discover Leafy is, in fact, Football. Pin states she deserves the death penalty and the rest agree. Pencil finds Flower's announcer crusher and thinks it will do the job. Before Leafy gets crushed, Firey swoops in with Snowball's hang glider and saves her. Firey apologizes for what he did, saying what he really wanted was Leafy's friendship. Then they glide away, ending the episode with them heading into the sunset.

Battle for Dream Island Again

In "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know", Leafy is in hot pursuit by several of the contestants into a dark forest for stealing Dream Island during the last season. She manages to evade them for a bit, but after Pencil uses her Leafy Detector, the other contestants catch up. She starts crossing a narrow path over a gorge, but she almost gets knocked off by a map hitting her. Using the map, she teleports to Yoyleland. However, Pin tears up the map, trapping Leafy there forever. When the votes for joining BFDIA are being shown, it's revealed that Leafy would join with 606 votes, but she is not allowed to due to her being stuck in Yoyleland. At the end of the episode, Leafy is seen in Yoyleland with a recommended character, Boombox, who's broadcasting an ad for the Leafy Detector used earlier in the episode before Leafy turns Boombox off.

Screenshot 2020-01-14 at 10.10.57 PM.png

Leafy appears again in "Get Digging", being seen when Needle, Gelatin, and travel to Yoyleland in search of yoyleberries. She suddenly appears in a metal state (yoyleberry consumption side-effect) as Needle is collecting berries, and remarks how she's glad that she's not too needy. Needle is angered and slaps Leafy, about to finish her well-known phrase, but is interrupted when Leafy begins throwing a bunch of knives at Needle and Gelatin, forcing them to fire acid spitballs. Leafy dodges them in a pattern similar to her nail dodging in Lofty, Spongy's pattern in "Gardening Hero", and Puffball's pattern in "The Four is Lava". She then throws more knives, at a faster pace, that chase Needle, Gelatin, and Puffball all the way back to the Island, which hit Team No-Name's bowl, causing some yoylestew to leak out.

In "Get in the Van", Leafy comes back from Yoyleland after Pin and Bubble discuss how they hate her. They become scared and start making faces. After the intro, they try to freeze Leafy, but it fails because Leafy is now metal. Leafy is hungry and asks Bubble to give her a suggestion, so Bubble suggests Gelatin's Steakhouse, then remarks that Gelatin's dead. Leafy is unsure of what other food she wants, then replies that she wants an onion. Bubble gives Leafy an onion, which while eating causes Leafy to drool. She then asks where Firey is and recovers Firey by using the HPRC to bring him back to life. Leafy greets Firey, but he acts confused and asks who she was, also saying he doesn't remember her even when she tells him her name. Leafy frowns and is then smashed by Gelatin's mallet and dies.

Later, in "The Four is Lava", it is revealed that Leafy was recovered by Firey off-camera between "Get in the Van" and "Welcome Back".


Leafy briefly appears in "Welcome Back", in the stinger, in her metal form. She hides behind a yoylebush, holding a knife, planning to throw it at either Fries or Coiny, but once she sees Coiny doing "deep-fried breaths", she retreats back into the bush, shocked.

Battle for BFDI

In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Leafy appears in her normal state and is seen being friendly again. When Four announces to form 8 teams, Leafy wants to help everyone who she feels like needs help and forms her team, called Beep. During the contest, she's seen cheering for Cloudy while he's trying to get the basket to X. Leafy then cheers after Balloony wins the contest for them.

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", Leafy is seen assigning jobs to her teammates while holding a clipboard that labels how loyal her teammates are to her. She tells Cloudy to bring jawbreakers to her team, so Cloudy collects a jawbreaker and flies off. Leafy, enraged, downgrades Cloudy's loyalty score to a 4 afterward. She attempts to use Woody's tongue to lick a jawbreaker but loses her grip. Leafy reassigns Nickel's job to have him try to get Woody to open his mouth. When Woody screams over Roboty being crushed, Leafy grabs his tongue again and uses it on a jawbreaker before it's pulled back into his mouth. After her team has lost, Cloudy refers to Balloony as a dead body. Leafy disagrees and pulls out a balloon pump and starts to inflate Balloony, but she inflates him too much, causing him to pop.

In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", Leafy is up for elimination with the rest of her team. Before Four starts the vote count, Leafy wishes her team good luck and says that she has their best interests at heart. Cloudy then flies over to Leafy and angrily asks her why she killed Balloony "so many times", to which she claims she "only wanted what was best for him" and "wasn't aware of his condition". Leafy also apologizes to Roboty for hurting him when he interrupts her with a loud beep. When the votes are down to David and Leafy, Leafy starts to shake and panic as Four reveals the votes, with the end result being Leafy with the most votes, at 6926. Everybody on Beep is relieved that Leafy is eliminated. Before being sucked into Four, Leafy says that she will miss her team and that they were fantastic.

Leafy with Four in EXIT.

In "Enter the Exit", she, Pencil, Liy, and Bracelety are all in EXIT. While Pencil is complaining about having to do the tests, Leafy tells her that it isn't that bad. She also reminds Pencil that Four would screech her if she didn't do them. When the contestants who were eliminated while Four was gone enter the class, Leafy runs to them saying how glad she is to see them all, as she was beginning to think BFB was canceled. When Four pops into the class, Leafy greets Four but Pencil starts ranting about how the class was just for girls. Four asks Leafy what Pencil is talking about and she explains to him that she likes excluding people who weren't part of her "clique". Four asks what this is and Leafy says that this could be her alliance (to which she makes an angered face), or in this case, gender. It is revealed that the voters can vote an eliminated contestant to rejoin the game. In her rejoining audition, Leafy apologizes for slipping up before and promises she'll be more trusting of her team members.

In "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", Leafy rejoins BFB with 13,835 votes. She walks back to Beep and all of her team members back away from her (except Rocky, as he is pulled away from her by Balloony). She tells Four that none of her team members want her anymore. Four then tells her that she will be joining The Losers! in exchange for Pin's Gratitude Token, where she does various things for them including:

  • Reminding Pin that they were in an alliance.
  • Hugging Eggy and Cake.
  • Gifting Needle a Photo Cake, scaring Cake
  • Trying to talk to Firey, but failing.

She also cheers for Needle after she wins the challenge for them first.

In "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", Leafy is seen playing tic-tac-toe with Eggy. During the challenge, Eggy wins a match of tic-tac-toe with Leafy, making Leafy guess that Eggy is a fake, which is incorrect. Coiny asks Leafy if she knew that the Photo Cake would turn Needle into CGI, to which she responds she had no idea.

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", Leafy interrupts Eggy when she is trying to get Clock recovered, saying that it's time to start the challenge. Leafy then drags Eggy along.

In "Don't Dig Straight Down", Leafy and Eggy can be seen playing tic-tac-toe when the screen pans to show iance's message to Golf Ball.

In "The Four is Lava", Leafy is saved by Firey when Needle slaps her into the lava. They proceed to argue after Firey pretends he still doesn't know her. She then reveals that Firey was the one who recovered her back in the past season. Firey tells her nobody likes her anymore, and that if people know he's still friends with her, then they'll hate him too for associating with the very person who stole Dream Island. During the challenge, Leafy refuses to participate, thinking that Firey would get eliminated for being cruel to her. She is forced into competing, however, when Needle pushes her off the bathroom roof and into Firey's hands. Firey and Leafy continue to argue about whether she has any friends or not. After they reach Four, Leafy asks him to recover her "friend" Eggy. She then goes to Firey to prove she does have at least one friend, to which he states "Huh? People can just be, friends with Leafy? Even though she STOLE Dream Island?" In the after-credits scene, Leafy is seen sulking while some of her teammates are talking bad about her. Coiny approaches her and asks her if she wants to go recover their dead teammates with him. To which she replies happily, "You'd really let me do that?" Since she never knew Clock, she smiles blankly at him when he is recovered and reveals to him that it is currently episode 15, much to his irritation.

In "The Escape from Four", Leafy is one of the fourteen contestants to continue competing on BFB, rather than switching to TPOT. She, along with Four and her thirteen opponents, is transported by Two to an unknown area to compete.

Battle for BFB

In "X Marks the Spot", Leafy asks Gelatin how he liked their new home but leaves after Gelatin starts squishing the grass. She asks Lollipop the same thing, but Lollipop doesn't want to talk to her. This offends Leafy so she tries to tell the voters to vote her off. When Four splits the contestants into two teams, Lollipop is unenthusiastic about being in the same team as Leafy, which angers her. During the challenge, Leafy is approached by Gelatin for suggestions on getting X so she replies that they could use their imagination. Gelatin runs away from her almost immediately. Her team uses the FreeSmart SuperVan to get X, but they end up losing the contest when the lasso holding X snaps. At the end of the episode, Leafy tells Balloony to look at the silver lining, as it means more bonding time for new friends, although Balloony still reminds her of killing him back then.

In "Take the Tower", Leafy receives the most votes at 11,741 and starts to give a speech thanking everyone, before being stopped by Four as duct tape is placed on her mouth. During the challenge, Leafy declares that if they want to win they have to put their heads together. She helps Teardrop and Ruby throw rocks off the cliff, and when Lollipop and Bubble return, is ecstatic that Gelatin is still undercover. When Leafy is on the bridge and has to fight Firey, she comes up with ways to get out of it, such as doing jumping jacks and punching the air. When Firey starts "retreating" and burns the bracelet in two, Leafy, Gelatin, and Bubble are flung back and knock part of the tower over. Leafy's team is safe since the other team's tower breaks apart completely. During the stinger, she is picked up in the Freesmart Supervan and sings with Ruby about driving with friends.

In "How Loe Can You Grow?", Leafy continues singing like in the last episode's stinger until the radio got fixed. In the challenge, Leafy calls Ruby a genius for her idea of using her body to reflect sunlight to grow X's aloe vera. Ruby then burns one of the plants, making Leafy angry. Her team loses the contest when the other team manages to make all of the aloe vera grow.

In "A Taste of Space", when Leafy calls space as tranquil as she remembers, Lollipop steps in presuming not very tranquil. Lollipop reminds Leafy that she was obliterated by a laser when she was last in space. Leafy claims that isn't true, so Lollipop shows the exact moment from "Gardening Hero". Leafy then claims being obliterated by a laser isn't as bad as it sounds and fires one at Lollipop to prove it. Leafy is the third safe with 9,127 votes. During the contest, Leafy has the entire team stick together in case the ice actually does cause them to sink right into the sun. Fortunately, nothing happens. Leafy then has her team jump on the sun to reposition it, melts the sun after it's been frozen, and ultimately gets the win for her team by dumping ice on X.

In "Let's Raid The Warehouse", Leafy is selected as one of the two receivers for her team. While waiting for her gift, she more or less makes up with Woody by discussing how things will get better even if the things they use to like don't seem as enjoyable anymore. Her gift is a number generator that the shoppers pass off as a niceness detector. Leafy repeatedly gets positive and negative responses from the ball before settling on liking the gift, giving it 8/10. With Lollipop's additional 3 points, Leafy's team is safe from elimination again.

In "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", Leafy is first shown advertising the new Leafy plushie. In the actual episode, she's seen sitting comfortably on her team's couch. After Lollipop sarcastically says that she feels bad for the Have Nots having to sleep outdoors, Leafy suggests that they invite them in. Lollipop suggests that Leafy should go outside, to which she complies. Her teammates then party the second she leaves. Taco and Flower get into an argument, and Leafy breaks it up by telling Flower they should be nicer to Taco. During the challenge, Leafy gives Teardrop a typewriter to document the case. In Woody's story, he states that Leafy was present when the diary was stolen. When it's her turn to ask questions, she calls up Firey, who exclaims that she was the one who stole Donut’s diary. Angered, Leafy asks Four if she and Firey can have a chat outside. Four agrees, and the two, along with X, head outside. Leafy tells him that she knew that he was lying and asks him why he did it, eventually realizing that he stole the diary. The two talk about BFDI and how Leafy stealing Dream Island affected Firey. They eventually work things out and Leafy says that she'll tell everyone she stole the diary if he returns it, to keep everyone from being mad at him. The two reform their friendship and hug, which kills Leafy. As soon as she’s revived, she tells everyone that she was the one who stole his diary. Because of this, her team is put up for elimination. In the stinger, Leafy agrees to help Firey clean up the railway, and they hug once again. Doing so results in Leafy’s death again.

Screenshot 2020-09-07 at 8.16.34 PM.png

In "Fashion For Your Face!", she is to be revealed to be the one who asked Four to recover Bubble. Gelatin tells Leafy to look at his sweater. She asks why, because she heard him say that the sweater gives him nightmares even when awake, to which Gelatin replies to look at Blocky. Knowing that Flower might kick her, she has one on in the next scene and tells Firey to look at the sweater. At Cake at Stake, Leafy gets 28,401 votes out of the 59,779 votes cast, which is the most ever. "Yoylecake!", she replies. She asks X where is Four, to which Four is revealed in a jail cell. Leafy does a high-five with Teardrop when she [Teardrop] is announced safe. Along with Lollipop and Gelatin, they tell X, "The fashion queen has arrived to right this wrong. She will spread the glittery truth of her sweater empire, and rid this planet of haters-". X says he still doesn't understand before getting kicked by Flower.

During the contest, while Teardrop is typing on the typewriter, Leafy tells Lollipop not to be so harsh on Teardrop, and that she is an aspiring comic book artist. When she finds out Firey burned the express train to Yellow Face's Warehouse, she tells him that mistakes happen. Leafy tells the Have Cots to get in the steam train and invites Firey to come along. Firey says that he has to stay loyal to the team, and hence can't come, but will next time. While on the journey, Leafy warns them that there are loop-de-loops coming up. Gelatin and Lollipop tell her it's fine. They all end up falling out of the train and landing back in. She adds a roof on to make sure it doesn't happen again, along with Clip (recommended by CheesyMayo102) to keep the roof in place. The roof and Clip proved to be effective. Gelatin tells Leafy that she's a lifesaver. Later on, Leafy removes the sweater and tells Teardrop that they don't have to wear the "hideous uniform."

When they made it, Leafy says that she is excited to go inside, before getting warned by Gelatin and kicked by Flower. Once inside, the team hits the box. She tells Gelatin to not be overwhelmed, and that Teardrop is getting what they need. When Purple Face gets out of the box, the Have Cots run around the warehouse. She exclaims that Purple Face is going too fast, that they can't escape him, and they're about to get eaten. The gang then ball-up inside their sweaters. Leafy tells the gang that she is protected from the acid. They cheer, but then Leafy asks what they're supposed to do next. Later on, she says that it smells weird inside Purple Face. She tells her team later that they have been trapped for seven hours and that the other team will win "any moment now". She is the second to be threatened to see how loud she would scream. Leafy's team wins the contest when Teardrop kills Gelatin, so that he could be recovered by Four to free him.

In "The Game Has Changed", Leafy is spit out of Purple Face's stomach as Flower's cake. When Leafy greets Firey, Lollipop tells her that they were talking. Feeling rejected, Leafy leaves them alone. Flower then invites Leafy to hang out with her while she gets party supplies from her shop, to which she agrees happily. When Firey showed up, Leafy calls him out for not defending her against Lollipop and for how he has never apologized to her for ignoring her. She leaves saying they'll talk later. After sinking into quicksand, dropping 1000 feet, and walking a 50-mile tightrope, Flower and Leafy finally arrive at the shop, which Leafy expected to be a megastore and not a stand. They later run away after Rusty Coin tries to give them more party supplies.

After they arrive back, Four announces that time is nearly up. For that reason, Leafy decides to help Flower out on her party instead of making hers and is impressed with the results. Flower promises to give Leafy the immunity if she wins. Firey presents his party, which is a Ferris Wheel, given as a gift to Leafy. Firey also apologizes for being cold and distant towards Leafy for years. Leafy accepts his apology and invites him to go for a ride. Afterwards, Four immediately asks Leafy for her party. As she did not have one, she gets a 0/10 and is up for elimination.

In the stinger, Firey and Leafy are seen riding the Ferris Wheel together, only to be pranked by Woody as he detaches the Ferris wheel from it's stand.

In "The Tweested Temple", Leafy is still stuck on the runaway Ferris wheel with Firey, continuing last episode. Leafy and Firey are soon crushed by Flower's Announcer crusher. During Cake at Stake, Leafy had the most votes and was safe. When Firey is eliminated with the least and begins to rise to the BRB, Leafy extends her arm to grab him. She explains that she feels bad for causing Firey to lose the prize he wanted for a second time. Firey says the prizes are no big deal as long as he's on good terms with her. Leafy's arm starts to get tired so she lets go of Firey. They say bye to each other as he continues to rise away. During the challenge she follows Purple Face's tour. When the tour is over, Leafy points out that they were only shown 1% of the entire temple. This enrages Purple Face, so he gives Leafy and Woody Purple Face totems, and kicks them out of the temple. Four catches Leafy with Purple Face's totem and puts her up for elimination.

In "The Hidden Contestant", Leafy is the second safe with 12,747 votes. When Four tries to eliminate Profily, Leafy grabs them since they weren't fairly eliminated. Leafy feels bad that they failed to notice Profily for so long and suggests throwing them party. This however, sets Four off on a rant towards the contestants and initiates the challenge to eliminate Profily. Leafy tries to take Profily to the BRB but Teardrop snatches them. Leafy follows Teardrop to the base of the BRB, demanding that she hand over Profily since she was the only one left who never won immunity. Teardrop refuses and walks up the BRB with Profily. Later, Gelatin asks Leafy what she's gonna do for the challenge. Leafy says they need to find a way to get Profily away from Teardrop. Leafy then asks Gelatin if he has his sun and earth facts book and uses the latter to teleport to the top of aloe vera garden next to the BRB. After the Carrot Cakes wipe out the rest of the competition, Leafy is the only one still nearby. She pulls Profily to the aloe vera garden before they rise up too high and wins immunity. Although Leafy isn't seen, she gets on a bus to move to a new location.

In "Uprooting Everything", Leafy won immunity last time so she receives a bug, she then says how she really doesn't want it. Leafy later thanks X for looking out for the contestants because of X's magic to stop them from burning in the oven, as well as thanking him for looking out for random people when X gives the same magic to CRT, and she says X really is a good host. After the challenge starts, Leafy is brought into Teardrop and Gelatin's alliance. Leafy then brings Flower into the same alliance, making every last contestant apart of it, much to the annoyance of Teardrop and Gelatin. Leafy sees a mysterious door and brings Gelatin in with her. After Purple Face closes the door, Leafy asks if they checked to make sure the door wasn’t locked, Purple Face didn’t and now there all stuck inside. When everyone is looking for a key, she notices a box. Purple Face tells her he already checked the box and there’s nothing under it. Gelatin tells Leafy it’s her fault for bringing them in the room, Leafy says it could’ve been an elevator to the top of the oven. Gelatin is sad Lollipop isn’t in the game anymore but Leafy tells him sometimes different is good.

Leafy tells everyone that one of her favorite stories was today, when she added Flower to their alliance. When Gelatin says it wasn’t that nice of her to do and just came off as pointless, Leafy gets angry and tells him that she’s number one on the niceness chart. Gelatin tells her that she made the chart. Gelatin then asks Leafy about her trying to force TD into giving her immunity. Leafy says it’s true but it wasn’t like that. Leafy continues to argue with Gelatin until Purple Face breaks them up. After leaving the room, Leafy grabs CRT and asks Gelatin if a mean person would do this, and she throws CRT to the wall where she dies. Leafy says she was trying to throw them out the top so they could escape, because that’s what a nice person would do. After Leafy notices CRT chipped the wall, she throws Gelatin and Purple Face at it, trying to break it, but they didn’t break it so Leafy goes to the Mega Mall to get more stuff she can throw. Leafy throws all the junk she found until it breaks the glass, but right before Leafy can get out, Flower comes from above and crushes her. Leafy failed to get out first and is up for elimination. At the end, Leafy watches Four while they do stand-up. Leafy and Flower then notice a weird noise, unsure of what it is.

In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", Leafy encourages X when they're attempting to recover Purple Face, saying nothing can go wrong, only to take this comment back after seeing how he turned out. Leafy thinks that Flower has point when she brings up that too many hosts is a sign of the competition falling apart. Leafy is excited to see the Announcer when he returns and asks where he has been, but the Announcer says they can discuss that later. Four gets angry when the Announcer starts to takeover and throws him, making Leafy tell them to cut it out. The Announcer makes the final four form as a team so Leafy becomes a member of Newbie Alliance. During Cake at Stake, Leafy high-fives Teardrop when she is safe. Leafy ends up getting eliminated with 12,113 votes. She dreads the thought of going into the BRB, but luckily for her, she won't have to since the Announcer needs the eliminated contestants for the challenge. During the final contest, Leafy was placed inside a jawbreaker and is freed by Teardrop.

In "SOS (Save Our Show)", Leafy is first seen greeting Taco from far away from the bush she's hiding in. She's shocked when the Announcer just casually leaves after cancelling the show and admits to missing Four. After Purple Face drives everyone to the Abandoned TV Station, Leafy asks what his idea is. Purple Face elects her as his new assistant and explains that they're making a show to gain money. Excited, she decides to start the intro. The screen slowly pans away from her, to her confusion, before the intro starts playing. She first updates Purple Face that they've made only $12, disappointing Purple Face. To gain more money, Gelatin goes on camera to say his name in different ways and the crowd seems to love it. Flower tries the same thing but the crowd hates it and they throw stuff at her. Leafy asks if they can help her, but Purple Face is too amused and says no. Leafy reports back that Flower's performance made them $4. Firey goes onstage to beg for all season's prizes, and Leafy cheers him on. However, this gets them negative amounts of money.

Later, the show's budget is dropped to paper cutouts. Leafy says that she has her box of paper slips, but the budget is too small for a pen to write with. Gelatin then remembers that Flower has 50,000 dollars, but she initially doesn't want to use it for the show because she wants to put it to her dream of opening a store. Leafy asks if it's also a dream of hers to make it to the end of a season of BFDI and begs her to give up her money. Flower eventually gives in and Leafy thanks her and Gelatin for saving the show.

In "Chapter Complete", Leafy votes for Flower to win, because they're both plants and because Flower voted for her in BFDI. Leafy is one of the characters that chase after Purple Face to get the BFDI initially for Flower, but they all (except Woody) start fighting over it for their own personal reasons, which in Leafy's case is to not let Firey lose another prize. After the bus almost falls, everyone except Flower, the Announcer and Purple Face jump out. Leafy is horrified because she realizes that they stayed on the bus. After resolving the BFDI conflict and bringing back Four, Leafy can be seen at Four's party making amends with Bubble. As Leafy and Firey watch the winners of BFB and their friends enjoy their prizes, Leafy brings up the situation of Dream Island with Firey. After brief discussion, they both agree to leave and find a new island to make their "dream island". At night, when they are still out in the ocean, they talk about how they should make the first and last words of BFB the same, but they keep messing up. Only getting it right after X steals their propeller.


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Season 1
Episode Votes
2 0
10 3
15 20
17 10
18 2 (from the contestants)
22 69
23 287
24 125
25 236 (to win)
Season 2
Episode Votes
1 606 (to join)
Season 4
Episode Votes
3 6,926 (eliminated)
11 13,835 (rejoined)
18 11,741
20 9,127
23 28,401
25 13,243
26 12,747
28 12,113 (eliminated again)
Total votes
Elimination Save votes Total
7,442 (2 from contestant vote) 87,372 121,604


  1. "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None":
    1. Falls down a cliff (debatable).
    2. Walks into a vat of hydrochloric acid.
  2. "Rescission":
    1. Is disintegrated by a laser shot by Pencil.
    2. Accidentally rides her unicycle off a cliff.
  3. "Gardening Hero": Is killed by a laser shot by Spongy.
  4. "Don't Pierce My Flesh":
    1. Burns in magma 10 times.
    2. Dies when the volcano erupts.
  5. "Hurtful!":
    1. Melts in a furnace.
    2. Is eaten by a Fish Monster.
    3. Burns when she touches Firey.
    4. Is thrown into some lava by Flower.
  6. "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2":
    1. Burns to death in the lava fall on Firey's Ferris wheel.
    2. Is pushed into Firey by the Announcer.
    3. Is killed by the Announcer 12 times at the ending.
  7. "Get in the Van": Is crushed by a hammer used by Gelatin.
  8. "Who Stole Donut's Diary?": Burns after hugging Firey (twice).
  9. "The Tweested Temple": Pulverized by Flower's Announcer Crusher with Firey.
  10. "Uprooting Everything": Gets crushed by Flower's falling body.

Non-canon deaths:

  1. "Last BFDI": Is zapped simultaneously with Puffball and Golf Ball, forming Tennis Ball.
  2. "Pumpkin 2.0": Possibly killed by Four when she is taken by their hand, into a house.
  3. "If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge": Sucked into Black Hole.
  4. "BFDI: Claustrophobe's Nightmare": Dies from the heat death of the universe (offscreen).


Total kills: 49+

Character Number of times killed Episodes
Announcer 26+ "Don't Pierce My Flesh" (along with Spongy, Firey, and Bomby)
"Hurtful!" (13 times)
"Insectophobe's Nightmare 2" (12 times)
Balloony 1 "Lick Your Way to Freedom"
Blocky 1 "Don't Lose Your Marbles" (along with Pencil and Firey)
Bomby 1 "Don't Pierce My Flesh" (along with Firey)
Bubble 3 "Sweet Tooth" (along with Needle)
"A Leg Up in the Race"
"The Reveal"
Firey 2 "Don't Lose Your Marbles"
"A Taste of Space" (along with Teardrop, Gelatin, Bubble, and Lollipop)
Flower 2 "Don't Pierce My Flesh"
Gelatin 1 "Uprooting Everything"
Ice Cube 6 "Barriers and Pitfalls"
"Don't Lose Your Marbles" (along with Pencil, Blocky, and Firey)
"The Reveal" (twice)
Lollipop 1 "A Taste of Space"
Pencil 1 "Don't Lose Your Marbles"
Purple Face 1 "Uprooting Everything"
Remote 1 "Don't Lose Your Marbles" (along with Pencil and Blocky)
Snowball 1 "Don't Lose Your Marbles" (along with Pencil, Remote, and Blocky)
CRT 1 "Uprooting Everything"

Non-canon kills:

  1. "Happy Birthday, Battle for BFDI!": Devours Cake along with many other contestants.
  2. "Who's The Real Firey? (ft. Leafy Plush)": Kills fake Firey (along with Firey).
  3. "Life of an Ice Cube": Accidentally shatters Ice Cube with a golf club.



  • Leafy is one of the two characters who has used a Box of Paper Slips, along with Pen.
  • Leafy weighs less than 1/10th of an ounce, which was revealed in "Return of the Hang Glider" by Golf Ball; the same applies to Firey and Bubble.
  • Leafy, along with Grassy, Flower, and Tree are the only plant contestants in BFB.
  • Leafy is one of the five characters to be seen as a puppet; all of them were shown in "Bowling, Now with Explosions!"
  • Leafy, along with Bubble, Firey, Ice Cube, Cheese Orb, Pie, and the Announcer are the only characters who have their own personal recovery centers.
  • Leafy is the first contestant to perform the dodging pattern; the others were Spongy and Puffball.
    • Leafy is also the only one who does it twice.
  • Leafy is the second character to have a plushie, the first was Firey, followed by Pen, Firey Jr., Woody, Loser, Four, X, and Rocky.
    • She is the first and only female with a plushie.
  • Leafy was one of the only four contestants who never switched to Two's side in "The Escape from Four". The others were Firey, Bubble, and Flower.
    • Coincidentally, they make up the final four of BFDI.
  • Leafy is one of the few characters who have been used as a cake for Cake at Stake, the others are Pie, Cheese Orb, Donut, Firey Speaker Box, Teardrop, Lollipop, and the Carrot Cakes.
    • Leafy, Firey Speaker Box, and Teardrop are the only characters here who aren't actually food.


  • Leafy is one of the three contestants who got to choose the members for their team, the others are Pin and Rocky.
    • She is the only one who did so twice.
  • She was the first contestant to receive a cake.
  • Leafy's team in "Power of Three" was the only one that was never in last. Only at one brief point at the start, they were in 4th place.
  • Leafy is the highest-ranking female in Battle for Dream Island.
    • Coincidentally, she placed 2nd in BFDI, but placed second to last in BFB, before she rejoined.
    • Leafy is also the highest-ranking contestant on the original Squashy Grapes.
  • She is the only original Squashy Grape to be in the final 3, Firey and Bubble were both on the Squishy Cherries.
  • Leafy was the first contestant to get negative points in BFDI and had the lowest score ever at -1008 points.
  • Leafy is one of two contestants who have had their votes incorrectly displayed in an episode, along with David. In "Return of the Hang Glider", she’s shown to have 228 votes to win when she actually got 236.
  • Leafy is the only finalist that didn’t win a prize in BFDI 25, as even Bubble got a cashew as a consolation prize for third place.
  • Leafy received the last ever vote in BFDI.
  • Leafy is the only contestant who wasn't present for the voting results for Battle for Dream Island Again but was still alive.
  • Leafy is one of the three contestants who had enough votes to join BFDIA, but were disqualified due to being absent. The others are Flower and Bubble.
  • Leafy is the highest-ranking contestant in BFDI that didn't qualify for BFDIA.
  • In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", Leafy became the first ever contestant to receive more votes in one episode than the entire first season of BFDI did.
  • Leafy is the first and last of the three BFDI finalists to be eliminated in BFB.
  • Leafy is one of the BFDI/BFDIA contestants to never be sent to the TLC or LOL. The others are Firey, Gelatin, Bomby, Bubble, and Yellow Face.
  • She is the first and only female contestant to rejoin in BFB.
  • Leafy is the first contestant to receive 5 digit votes without them being for elimination.
  • As of "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", Leafy is the first and only contestant who has been on four separate teams in the same season. Surpassing Rocky and Firey who have been on three in BFDI.
  • Leafy is the only female member of Beep.
    • She is also the first to leave Beep.
  • Leafy is the only (previously) eliminated contestant in BFB to get more rejoining votes than elimination votes in "Get to the Top in 500 Steps".
  • Leafy is one of the 5 characters to rejoin after being eliminated. The other contestants are Spongy, Loser, Flower, and Blocky.
  • Leafy has lasted the longest after rejoining before getting eliminated again, staying in from "Get to the Top in 500 Steps" to "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", for 18 episodes.
  • Leafy is the first and only contestant to (officially) switch teams in BFB.
  • Leafy is the first contestant on BFB to be on a team with 9 members total (The Losers!), including herself.
  • Leafy is the only contestant who has received the most votes to be eliminated, to rejoin, and to be safe.
  • Coincidentally, Balloony and Leafy receive the lowest and highest votes respectively during their first losses on separate teams.
  • Leafy is the only contestant who has been in multiple alliances as she had one with Pin and joined the Newbie Alliance.
  • Leafy is the highest ranking member of The Losers! and Beep.
    • Leafy is also the lowest ranking member of Newbie Alliance.
    • As a result, she is the first contestant to be the highest-ranking member of a team and the lowest ranking member of another team.
  • Leafy, Firey, and Flower are the only original contestants who have merged in every season they compete in.
  • Leafy is one of the two contestants who have been the highest ranking member of a team they weren't originally on, along with Firey. Coincidentally, each of them was an original member of the team that the other joined.
  • Leafy and Firey are tied for the most times safe with the most votes at three.
  • Leafy is one of the three contestants who have been eliminated first from multiple teams, along with Spongy and Dora.
    • Leafy is the only one who has this happen in one season.
    • She is also the only one who spoke in all episodes she was eliminated.
  • Leafy is one of five contestants who have received over 20,000 votes from a single Cake at Stake. The others are Spongy, Gelatin, Flower, and Teardrop.
  • In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", Leafy and Flower are in the bottom two in the final four, just like in BFDI, only this time it's Leafy who gets eliminated.
  • As Leafy herself said, she took the longest to get immunity out of the contestants who reached the merge, ignoring the contestants who never got immunity before getting eliminated.
  • Leafy is the first contestant to get eliminated in post-split BFB without being sent to the BRB.
  • Leafy is the second contestant who was both the second and second-to-last person eliminated before the finale, the first being Spongy.
  • Coincidentally, Leafy was eliminated in both the third and third-to-last episodes of BFB.


  • Leafy is the highest ranking female in Battle for Dream Island.
  • Leafy is the highest ranking contestant from BFDI to not compete in Battle for Dream Island Again.
  • Leafy is the only Battle for Dream Island Again contestant that wasn't present, but was still alive.
  • Leafy was the only contestants to pick teams twice in BFDI.
  • Leafy was one of the two contestants that appeared in Object Universe so far, the other being Puffball.
  • Leafy was first created on July 26th, 2009.[1]
  • In "Get Digging", she showed that she can teleport like her evil counterpart while in metal form when she appeared out of nowhere when Needle was collecting Yoyleberries.
  • Leafy appears to hold the records for most friends, as she was friends with almost everyone in Battle for Dream Island and Battle for BFDI, but also has the most enemies in Battle for Dream Island Again.
  • In Season 1, Leafy is the only female who has a "y" added to her name.
  • Leafy is the first character to be slapped by Needle after calling her Needy.
    • She has been slapped by Needle the second most times, at 8.
  • In "Get Digging", she made a cameo in the big crowd of Team No-Name laughing at W.O.A.H. Bunch. This was most likely a mistake.
  • Leafy is the only contestant who has an official innately evil incarnation, that being Evil Leafy.
  • Leafy is the first contestant to visit Yoyleland.
  • According to the episode "Gardening Hero", Leafy has never seen Rocky barf before.
    • However, it is possible she only did it to get out of the Tic-Tac-Toe game with Firey.
  • The "Blue Skidoo, we can too!" line she always says when she teleports is a reference to Blue's Clues when Steve jumps into a painting.
  • Leafy's OMG phrase is "Oh my tree". She's also said "OMZ" and Oh my gardenia".
    • Not many people knew what "OMZ" stood for, but it actually stands for "Oh My Zeus".
  • Leafy has had more frenemies than any other character.
  • After drawing Leafy with paper and pencil for so long, Cary found it hard to imagine Leafy as being green (confirmed in don't break the ice big.sim[2]).
  • According to Leafy, there are 77 (logarithmic) levels of "niceness".
  • Leafy is the first contestant created that wasn't in Total Firey Island.
  • Leafy's color is not compatible with most printers, leading to her being a darker shade in the Official Character Guide.
  • Leafy seems to not like squeaky sounds, as seen in "X Marks the Spot".
  • According to the Official Character Guide, Leafy will always lose on her 73rd game of tic-tac-toe. She has yet to know this.
  • Leafy was the only member of the Have Cots to go and get the BFDI from Purple Face instead of trying to get Four back in the finale.


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  1. Screenshot 20190707-163823.jpg
    The bottom right corner says "7-26". The rest of the comic was made in 2009.

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