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You've still got 73 more levels to go before you reach my level of niceness.

In "Gardening Hero", Leafy claims there are 77 (logarithmic) levels of "niceness". The levels are as follows, from lowest to highest:

  1. 19 other BFDI contestant's levels of niceness
  2. Mean
  3. Somewhat nice
  4. Quite Nice (Bubble's level of niceness)
  5. Still nice
  6. Nice
  7. Actually nice
  8. Legitimately nice
  9. Really nice
  10. Good Guy Greg nice
  11. So nice
  12. Very nice
  13. So so nice
  14. So so so nice
  15. So so so so nice
  16. Okay enough with the so's nice
  17. Very very nice
  18. Very very very nice
  19. Uh-oh here we go again nice
  20. Extremely nice
  21. 99th percentile of nice
  22. Super-duper nice [Gelatin's level of niceness]
  23. Like OMG nice
  24. Like ZOMG nice
  25. Like OMFG nice
  26. Like ZOMFG nice
  27. Like would you stop it already nice
  28. 99.9th percentile of nice
  29. So nice it rhymes with rice
  30. The most nice ever
  31. Not nice (OK, JK)
  32. Astronomically nice
  33. So nice you would give up Dream Island (Not really. Of course you wouldn't)
  34. So nice you can't be human
  35. So nice you must have lice
  36. 99.99th percentile of nice
  37. Jaw-droppingly nice
  38. Jaw-repairingly nice
  39. Shockingly nice (which under the circumstances GLaDOS has been)
  40. Nice-nice
  41. Around the halfway in the scale of niceness (actually not really b/c it's logarithmic)
  42. 99.999th percentile of niceness
  43. Nice, as in the fifth most populous city in France
  44. Amazingly nice
  45. Niiiiiiiice!
  46. Fantastically nice
  47. Knee ice (Say it fast enough and it sounds like nice)
  48. Goodly nice
  49. Exhilaratingly nice
  50. So nice it's scary
  51. Dice
  52. Barely believably nice
  53. Unbelievably nice
  54. Excruciatingly nice
  55. Mind-numbingly nice
  56. Mind-bogglingly nice
  57. Anger-inducing nice
  58. Fury-inducing nice
  59. Insanity-inducing nice
  60. Riot-causing nice
  61. Killing-causing from nice
  62. Mass-murder resulting from nice
  63. War-causing nice
  64. World War III-causingly-nice
  65. Apocalypsely nice
  66. World-self-destructionly-nice
  67. Galactic-implosion-inducingly nice
  68. Universe-explodingly nice
  69. Reality-ending nice
  70. Lowest non-descriptive level
  71. Highest lower-68 level (of nice)
  72. Lowest upper-six level
  73. Highest non-sub-Leafy level
  74. Sub-sub Leafy level
  75. Sub-Leafy level
  76. Super-sub-Leafy level
  77. Leafy's Level of Niceness

The list makes another appearance in "Uprooting Everything", where according to Leafy, Gelatin ranks 56th. Given that she described herself as being in 1st place, this would indicate that Gelatin is at the 56th level ordered from most to least nice, which is equivalent to the 22nd level ordered from least to most nice, as shown above. This means that Gelatin is "Super-duper nice".

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