Blue skidoo, we can too!

Leafy's map shows some of the locations that appear in Goiky. It first appeared in "The Glistening", when Leafy uses it to teleport to Yoyleland. It appeared again in "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know", when it flew into Leafy's face, and she used to teleport to Yoyleland again. It was then torn apart into small pieces by Pin.

The map shows the Goiky Canal, Dream Island, Yoyleland, and Goiky, the place where BFDI/BFDIA is hosted.


  • The line said to use the map, "Blue skidoo, we can too!", is a reference to the children's TV series, Blue's Clues. It's the same line that Steve says before he jumps into a painting.
  • Leafy's map doesn't automatically update, as Dream Island is still on the map in BFDIA 1 after it was purchased by Leafy.
  • On the map, Dream Island appears to be larger than it is in reality, as it is one square mile in size, but Yoyleland is 2,763 miles away.
  • Yoyleland is shown as being landlocked. However, in BFDIA 5e, the FreeSmarters enter Yoyleland from the sea.


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