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Aw, no nickname for me?

Leek is a character who formerly was eligible to compete in TPOT.


Leek is calm and enthusiastic, as seen in their audition doing a cartwheel. They also like to be included in things, as seen by them caring more about getting a nickname from Two than actually debuting into TPOT.


Leek is a pale green leek. They have three big green leaves.


BFB 15

  • Leek has loose outlines.
  • Leek's leaves are lighter.

BFB 16

  • Leek no longer has loose outlines.
  • Leek's leaves are darker.


Leek's audition is them doing a cartwheel happily.


  • Leek is the first vegetable character.
  • Their audition is most likely a reference to Leekspin, an internet meme.


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