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The information in the article below contains spoilers for the BFDI series. Please watch the episode(s) in question if you haven't seen them already.

X will measure how satisfied the receivers are with their gifts, and whichever team achieves highest satisfaction wins!

"Let's Raid The Warehouse" is the 21st episode of BFB, the 5th episode of Battle for BFB, and the 52nd episode of the overall series. It was released on July 3, 2020.


Cold open

Bubble greets Gelatin with "Hois", to which he greets her back. Bubble then offers Gelatin some jello which she cooked herself. Gelatin starts to shudder with a blank look on his face but then proceeds to eat the jello with Bubble anyway. During the eating, Gelatin spits out the jello and has the sudden realization that there were ulterior motives behind Bubble coming up to him with a plate of jello. Bubble admits that since Ruby was eliminated, she had felt alone on the team and wanted some new friends. Gelatin assures her that "as long as you're on this team, you'll never be alone", and hugs Bubble. He then states that this is because she can have Teardrop as a friend. Bubble says that she had wanted Gelatin to be her friend. Gelatin infers that Bubble meant that Teardrop was less worthy of Bubble's friendship, and for her to give Bubble a dose of what she thinks about that. Teardrop angrily stomps over to Bubble and pops her.

Opening after Intro

Four dances and sings "It's time for Cake at Stake" which then Firey says "Only if you stopped dancing like that" which made Four surprised, and he falls. Then Taco puts him back up and pretends Firey didn't mean it and Firey accepts.

Cake at Stake

After Loser boasts that he thinks he is safe due to all his fame and support, Four hastily reveals the voting results through a quick song and tells Loser that despite his popularity, he is eliminated. He is sent to the BRB saying "Buh Buh Buh Buh" constantly, clearly in shock.

The challenge

The contestants need to go to Yellow Face's Warehouse, which is 2,763 miles away, where more than 1 million products are. Each team had to select 3 team members to be the "shoppers" who would get one product for 2 people on each team called the "receivers". Then, X will measure the receiver's satisfaction rate on the product. The team with the most satisfaction overall wins.

Since the warehouse is so far away, the contestants take a high-speed express train to get to the warehouse. After they arrive, the two teams split apart to go look for gifts, with Gelatin saying goodbye. Taco asks the Have Nots what Woody would like, with Blocky sarcastically stating he would like the "super spiky glove", causing Taco to say that the glove is a terrible product. Cutting to the Have Cots now, Gelatin asks Bubble if Lollipop would like some forks, but Bubble disagrees due to her Fork Repellent, so she instead suggests spoons.

Cutting to the receivers now, Leafy tries to make conversation with the others, but with no response. Flower then states how she does not like being in the pot that she is in. X then tests out his satisfaction detector on Flower, resulting in a 2/10.

Back to the shoppers again, the Have Nots try to find what to get Flower with Firey suggesting to get bugs, frustrating Taco. Blocky then suggests glitter, which Taco is pleased to. Bubble and Gelatin decide that they have enough spoons, and Teardrop comes back with a niceness meter, and Gelatin agrees to get Leafy it.

To the receivers, Leafy finally strikes a conversation with Woody, with a speech about things getting better, to which Lollipop is not pleased but accepts her speech. Flower then notices Lollipop's Fork Repellent, but then Lollipop explains that it is from her brand, and not Yellow Face's, claiming that it is "gooder".

The Have Nots are still deciding what to get for Woody and decide on a cardboard box, due to his many fears. While the teams exit the warehouse, Gelatin notices a box that says "Don't Open, Purple Inside" and wants to open it, but takes it back after he notices the box moves. The teams ride the high-speed express train back to the Pillary Ruins and give the receivers their gifts. Leafy likes her niceness detector after toggling between nice and evil ratings, and X gives her an 8/10. Flower then receives her glitter and loves it enough to receive a 10/10. Lollipop receives her spoons and is pleased at first, but after finding out that they are made by Yellow Face, she grows disgusted and gets a measly 3/10. Woody then receives his gift, but when he finds what it was, he feels insulted, grows angry, and crushes it, earning a 0/10. Blocky initially was disappointed in him for not liking the gift and threatens to attack him, but changes due to Bubble and Lollipop's reasoning. He and Taco then realize what they've done to Woody was wrong, much to Flower's disapproval, but he did not listen to Flower's "terrible" advice. With the Have Nots having 10 points in total, and the Have Cots having 11, Four deems the Have Cots safe and the Have Nots up for elimination.


Flower urges Firey to try her new fashion line, a glittery sweater. Firey accepts, and Flower puts on the sweater. The sweater lights up, and Flower compliments Firey, who smiles.

Meanwhile, at the BRB, the eliminated contestants are still screaming.


51,914 votes were cast.

Icon Contestant Votes Percentage of votes Percentage swing
Firey TeamIcon.png Firey 11,621 22.39% -1.16%
Woody TeamIcon.png Woody 10,646 20.51% -0.91%
Flower TeamIcon.png Flower 8,024 15.46% -0.41%
Blocky TeamIcon.png Blocky 8,021 15.45% +7.42%
Taco TeamIcon.png Taco 8,002 15.41% +0.17%
Loser TeamIcon.png Loser 5,600 10.79% +1.40%


Icon Contestant Gift Satisfaction Result
Leafy TeamIcon.png Leafy Magic 8-Ball 8/10 Despite positive and negative reactions, in the end, Leafy liked the gift.
Flower TeamIcon.png Flower Glitter 10/10 Flower loved the gift since it could help with her fashion line.
Lollipop TeamIcon.png Lollipop Spoons 3/10 At first, Lollipop liked the gift, until she realized that the spoons came from Yellow Face's warehouse after noticing the label, which she didn't approve.
Woody TeamIcon.png Woody Cardboard box 0/10 Woody did not like the gift he was given, as he thought it was insulting to him.


Team Contestant 1 Contestant 2 Total
Four logo.png 8 3 11
X color logo.png 10 0 10


  • Bubble is popped by Teardrop when Gelatin tells her to pop her.
  • Bubble is popped again by Flower when she tells her the current conversation doesn't involve her.

Continuity references

  • When Bubble was eating jello, the same animation from when she was eating gumdrops in IDFB 1 is reused. This animation also appeared in BFDIA 5e when Bubble was eating yoyleberries.
  • Loser still retains his popularity, accepting gifts from Firey and Woody.
  • One of Yellow Face's ads pop up in this episode, referencing previous episodes of BFB and early BFDI when his advertisements randomly appear.
  • Gelatin mentions his birthday to be June 29th, which is the release date of "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know", which is the very first episode that featured Gelatin as a character.
  • When Teardrop accepts Bubble's request to be a shopper, Bubble says "Yoylecake", as she did in early BFDI and BFDIA.
  • Firey's "Coiny-slapping glove" from BFB 18 appears in this episode.
  • Firey and Taco confirm that Flower is still afraid of bugs, referencing to Pencil and Match's conversation in BFDI and Flower’s fear as shown in several BFDI episodes.
  • Leafy's quote "There's a life out there to enjoy, so enjoy it!" from "Take the Plunge/Part 1" resurfaces in this episode.
  • The infinite money generator might have a reference to late BFDI's infinite matter generator.
  • When Bubble says "Leafy and Lolly both act really weird around me", it's a reference to BFB 20 and BFDI 23 when Lollipop says "Care to give me some air, no straw needed" and Leafy and Bubble's "Frenemy Phase".
  • Taco suggested getting Woody a cardboard box because of his many fears, a reference to Battle for Dream Island.
  • Leafy says she has had mixed experiences with the sport bowling upon receiving her gift, a reference to how she only knocked down 3 pins in "Bowling, Now with Explosions!".
  • The music played while everyone was talking about Woody is from Lo-Fi Beats to Yoyle To.
  • The "Don't Purple Open Inside" Box might contain Purple Face in it, Yellow Face's rival.
  • Firey mentions Woody's fear of the color gray, a reference to "Return of the Hang Glider", as well as Blocky mentioning Woody's fear of bubbles, a reference to "Take the Plunge Part 2".
  • Four looked angrily at his hand when he held up two fingers when he said the Have Nots were up for elimination the second time in a row, which is a reference to how he hates Two.
  • When Leafy was happy and angry from the Niceness Detector, one of her faces was when she said Balloony was not dead and needed some air in "Lick Your Way To Freedom".
  • Yellow Face's Warehouse is 2,763 miles away from The Pillary Ruins, which is a number that shows up multiple times throughout the BFDI series.
  • Blocky lifting Woody in the air uses the same animation as when he lifted Golf Ball in "Getting Teardrop to Talk".
  • When Flower says that Ruby sang her a weird song, referencing the Two Trucks MAP by Bumble Juice.

Cultural references

  • Lollipop says "spoon good". It might a reference to the internet saying "[X] good, [Y] bad"
  • Blocky does the Hopak (or Cossack) dance, a Ukrainian folk dance when he gives a present to Woody.
  • The metal box that says "Don't Purple Open Inside" is a reference to the "Don't Dead Open Inside" meme, which originated from the horror TV show The Walking Dead.
  • When Flower says that Ruby sang a really weird song to her, it referenced a joke Ruby singing Flower "Two Trucks" by Lemon Demon started from this fan made video.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Bubble says "Hoy, hoy, hoy, Gelatin!" to Gelatin. It might be a reference to Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.



  • With Loser eliminated, Leafy would be the final rejoiner still in BFB.
  • This episode contains one of the very rare references to a deity, when Blocky says "Oh my god, you crybaby!" to Woody, instead of the usual substitutes for "god", like tree, bubble blower, or pin factory.
  • This is the first episode when Tyler "Polysided" animated a scene.
  • In the end, we see Cary Huang holding a Leafy plush, which will be available to order and ship later in July 2020 according to the video's description.
    • Cary Huang had jokingly drawn 2 lasers (needles apparently) to the Satisfaction Detector in the storyboard and it got debuted by the animator.
    • A clearer picture of the plush was later seen in a jacknjellify meme tweet posted shortly after the episode.
  • This is the first time a TPOT contestant appears since X Marks the Spot. In the case, Yellow Face appears.
  • It marks the second time where Woody gets mad instead of being scared. He was getting angry in various scenes in "Return of the Hang Glider", when Needle, Match, and Pencil decide to vote for either Firey or Bubble instead of Leafy to win the so-desired Dream Island.
  • Because of this episode's release, the whole entire series (without shorts) is longer than 10 hours total.
  • This is the first time since the split where Bubble said "Yoylecake!"
  • This is the first time in BFB where the same team (Have Nots) is up for elimination twice in a row.
  • This is the first time in BFB where there isn't a Cake at Stake prize.


  • At 5:27, Bubble's left arm is missing. It should be visible through Teardrop, as she is transparent.
  • During Four's dance for Cake at Stake, when they say, "Cake at", a spinning sound plays. However, Four doesn't spin.
  • Despite X promising Flower that she will get out in 2.5-3 weeks, she is still in the pot during this episode.
    • However, this might be because X watered his plants during BFB 21.
  • Four talks about how this challenge is the 21st despite being the 19th challenge since BFB 14 is the continuation of BFB 13 and there was no challenge in BFB 16.
  • At 12:05, there is an astray line below Blocky on his bottom right corner while he is holding the cardboard box.
  • At 7:14, Firey stops burning.
  • At 13:12, Woody's eye appears and disappears for a split second while Leafy is opening her gift.
    • This may be due to his blinking.
  • After Flower pops Bubble, she is seen with her team when Four says that the Have Nots have one point less than the Have Cots, even though she was never visibly recovered, and usually Four does not recover contestants offscreen.
  • At 0:33, Gelatin's hand from when he sticks it in the Jell-O can be seen for one frame after said scene.

    Gelatin's hand from the previous frame is visible for one frame

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