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So to clarify, we have to save someone from one of the jawbreakers for our team to be safe?

"Lick Your Way to Freedom" is the second episode of Battle for BFDI and the 33rd episode overall of the Battle for Dream Island series. It was released on November 17, 2017.


Cold open

Grassy tells Blocky that he thinks Golf Ball doesn't respect him. When trying to find her, 8-Ball tells him that he killed her and Tennis Ball in the last episode, and he looks for the recovery centers. Robot Flower informs him that they were destroyed. When Blocky walks into Four, he announces that Cake at Stake is about to begin. A Cake at Stake alternate remix plays instead of the normal song. Clock tells Four to recover the dead contestants, but he responds by screeching at him.

Cake at Stake

The members of iance take their seats. Four states that 9,983 votes were cast, and before he can say any more, Donut interrupts him by scolding the viewers over invalid votes and is subsequently launched away for being "on the other team", above the recommended characters. Four grabs a platter, seven slices of cake fall on it, and he sets it on X's head. Then he grabs out a box of crayons and draws lines on a whiteboard to graph the votes. Pencil is eliminated with 4,595 votes, a new record. In a panic, she alerts Match to activate the Elimination Prevention Plan but before any action is taken, Pencil got sucked into Four.

Initially, Pencil's fate after being engulfed was left for speculation, but it was revealed in the next episode by Balloony (and reinforced by Four) that the eliminated contestants are sent to EXIT.

After Cake at Stake

Pencil's alliance can't do without Pencil, so Bubble reminds Match that Book and Ice Cube are alternates, but they're on a different team and also dead. Saw complains that everyone on her team (except Dora) is dead, and Stapy complains that Foldy is dead too. Everyone starts to complain that Four is the only way to recover dead contestants. Four decides to only recover Tennis Ball after Grassy chooses him, but people still argue. Annoyed, Four states that the eight other contestants are trapped inside jawbreakers that he spawned, with most of them being empty, and that freeing them is the challenge; each team must find a recovered contestant inside a jawbreaker, and the last team to do so would be up for elimination. The intro then plays.

The Challenge

Saw had complained to Dora that since there are only 2 of them, they can't easily finish the challenge. However, Dora knocks a jawbreaker off of the top of the jar and cracks it open, freeing Book, and Bleh is safe first. Leafy interrupts Cloudy while he's collecting a jawbreaker, telling him his actual job is to bring jawbreakers to the team. Cloudy responds by declaring, "It's not the same." Balloony commands David to start licking the jawbreakers, but he refuses. Balloony then, tries to use Rocky's "acid" to speed up the process.

It then cuts to iance licking a jawbreaker and freeing Ice Cube to win immunity. Match wants Icy to return to their alliance, but she decides to go back to Bleh with Book. X points out that Beep is missing Roboty. Leafy says that he's occupied with doing something else, but X says that Four wouldn't approve of this. Woody then calls out for Roboty, who's at the waterfall. He hears him and starts making his way back, but trips and nearly falls over. Balloony then makes Rocky vomit on the jawbreaker, which causes it to quickly decay, although it reveals that nothing is inside.

Stapy then cracks open a jawbreaker and finds Lollipop inside, giving Free Food immunity.

Stapy and Marker then start to lick Lollipop as punishment for not being Foldy. Team Ice Cube! then finds Teardrop inside a jawbreaker, and Bracelety is upset it isn't Ice Cube. Firey Jr. says that she will get over it soon. Going back to Beep, Cloudy accidentally crushes Roboty by dropping a jawbreaker on him. Woody starts screaming and Leafy grabs his tongue. Leafy thanks Nickel for doing that, but he says it wasn't him. Leafy says that if his tongue is wide enough every time, that would be great. Woody pulls back his tongue and Nickel tries to make him do the thing again. After trying, he just says "One can only dream."

It then cuts to Death P.A.C.T. using Black Hole to suck off the top of the jawbreakers, and Foldy is found in the last one. When Foldy goes back to her team as Liy insisted, it is revealed that Lollipop has been licked to death. Stapy asks why Foldy is steamed, and she says that she saw Liy (who is her enemy) which Stapy reacts to this in disgust. 8-Ball bites open a jawbreaker, freeing Golf Ball, making A Better Name Than That safe.

Learning about Golf Ball's disrespect for Grassy, Basketball appoints 8-Ball as team leader to replace Golf Ball. Loser licks open a jawbreaker and frees Gaty, making The Losers! safe. Four says that the voters are the ones up for elimination, and after finding out that he wasn't in last place, Nickel tells Woody to dab, which he did. Four then reveals it was a joke, and that Beep is up for elimination.

After that, Leafy decides to inflate Balloony, but inflates him too much, popping him.


In the after-credits scene, it is shown that Taco was forgotten inside the jawbreaker, and she tries to break out from it for numerous days and also eats her fish.


9,973 votes were cast, but it was shown as 9,983 votes by mistake.

Contestant Votes Percentage of votes
Bubble TeamIcon Bubble 147 1.47%
Ruby TeamIcon Ruby 152 1.52%
Lightning TeamIcon Lightning 532 5.33%
Snowball TeamIcon Snowball 616 6.18%
Flower TeamIcon Flower 838 8.4%
Match TeamIcon Match 1,362 13.66%
Fanny TeamIcon Fanny 1,731 17.36%
Pencil TeamIcon Pencil 4,595 46.07%

Contest details

Team Name Contestant Saved Strategy Place
Bleh Book TeamIcon Dora bashed the Jawbreaker with her head. 1st
Iance Ice Cube TeamIcon They all simply licked the jawbreaker. 2nd
FreeFood Lollipop TeamIcon Stapy cracked the jawbreaker. 3rd
TeamIceCube Teardrop TeamIcon The team licked and used Naily as a jackhammer. 4th
DeathPACT Foldy TeamIcon Black Hole ripped the tops of the Jawbreakers off, Pen founds Foldy inside. 5th
BetterName Golf Ball TeamIcon 8-Ball bit the top off. 6th
Losers Gaty TeamIcon Loser licked the Jawbreaker 7th
BEEP Taco TeamIcon(unsuccessful) The team failed to complete the challenge, as they

could not decide on a tactic.

8th (Lost)



Voice actor Roles
Cindy Jiang Foldy
Sam Lee Stapy/Pie
Katherine Sun Eggy
Sabrina Barba Lightning/Liy
Kenzie Bryant Cake/Barf Bag/Taco
SCPhillips Morse Code Renderer Noise Roboty
Thomas Chick Tree
Adam Katz Nickel
Satomi Hinatsu Saw/Bottle/Ice Cube/Balloony/Firey Jr./Basketball/Clock
Cary Huang X/Tennis Ball/8-Ball/Ruby/Pin/Match/Grassy/Bracelety/Marker
Michael Huang Four/David/Woody/Donut/Snowball/Cloudy/Robot Flower/Eraser/Blocky/Bubble/Pencil/Pen/Book/Yellow Face/Flower/Golf Ball/Leafy

Puffball, Naily, Pillow, Bell, Firey, Gaty, Lollipop, Fries, Dora, Black Hole, Loser, Needle, Rocky, Spongy, Fanny, TV, and Gelatin appear, however, they do not speak.


  • Just like in BFDI, Flower and Snowball are up for voting at the first elimination of the season. In this case, they were both declared safe.
  • This is the first time there has been a second episode of a BFDI season since "Get Digging".
  • Characters not speaking are Puffball, Naily, Pillow, Bell, Firey, Gaty, Lollipop, Fries, Dora, Black Hole, Loser, Needle, Rocky, Spongy, Fanny, TV, and Gelatin.
    • Fries was originally going to speak in a deleted scene.
  • This episode marks the first time Pencil has been eliminated before Match.
  • A remix of the original Cake at Stake intro is used. When the voice says "Cake", the screen glitches out and into different Cake at Stake intros, before returning to normal.
  • Woody speaks in this episode.
  • Foldy and Stapy showing disgust towards Liy is probably a reference to the joke video titled "BFDI APPISIOTE 225555555!!!!!" that was released just before the real episode 25 of BFDI, where the finalists are Liy, Foldy, and Stapy. The audience cheered for Foldy and Stapy but booed for Liy.
  • The exact timestamp where 8-Ball bites open the jawbreaker happens to be 8:00. Whether this is deliberate or coincidental is unknown.
  • At the end of the video, when the voting panel is shown, Cloudy's background seems to be a junkyard of sorts. This place is Cloudy's collection, where Cloudy's first shot in BFB was taken when Snowball accidentally breaks his window.
  • Team Ice Cube!, A Better Name Than That, and Free Food were accidentally said to be safe on an audio-making stream on the fernozzle YouTube channel before the episode's release.
  • This episode marks Flower's 2nd time being safe from elimination, the first being in "Don't Pierce My Flesh" (Flower mentions this in the episode).
  • This episode marks the third time a competing contestant didn't appear at all other than the intro, those being Coiny and Bomby.
  • The two teams that finished in the top two were the same teams that finished in the bottom two last episode.
    • They are also the only two teams this episode to improve from their previous ranking last episode as the six other teams got the same or worse ranking than the last episode.
      • Both teams also moved up the same numbers in the ranking, moving up six notches respectively, as Bleh went from 7th to 1st and iance went from 8th to 2nd.
  • Free Food, Team Ice Cube!, and A Better Name Than That all got the same ranking as they did in the previous episode, getting 3rd, 4th, and 6th respectively.
  • This is the only episode with Reddit Recommended Characters.
  • The invalid votes shown by Donut are as follows:
    1. H (No square brackets at all)
    2. [EF] (Two letters inside square brackets)
    3. [A ] (A space inside the square brackets, between the "A" and the closing square bracket.)
    4. {G} (Using an incorrect version of brackets)
    5. [Ruby] (Using a contestant's name, instead of their letter)
    6. [B (Not closing the brackets)
  • Pencil had fewer votes than every other member of iance combined. Pencil had 4,595 votes, whereas the others had 5,388 votes combined.
  • Every single character that was in a jawbreaker is a female.
    • However, this would not have been if Four recovered someone other than Tennis Ball before the challenge.
    • Out of them, six are in Bleh, one in A Better Name Than That, and one in Free Food.
  • Leafy is the first BFDI Character to kill a newbie.
  • Pencil is the first original contestant to be voted off.
  • The episode's thumbnail is the second that contains over one word.
  • While Leafy was eliminated after being up for elimination this episode, the team she would join in episode 11, The Losers!, was second from last place in this episode's challenge.
    • Similarly, when she rejoined in episode 11, Loser (who would be eliminated in episode 7) had the second-highest amount of rejoin votes.
  • jacknjellify themselves appear as recommended characters in this episode.
  • When Donut flies over the recommended characters you can vaguely hear 3000 Subbies being played.
  • This episode's Cake at Stake is the only one in BFB to get under 10,000 votes, so it also had the least votes of the season.

Continuity references

Random bfb 2

Contestants running


  • Lollipop was licked to death by members of Free Food.
  • Balloony was popped when Leafy inflated him with too much air.


  • When Lightning was licking the jawbreaker, he didn't have arms.
  • When Fanny was licking the jawbreaker, she was seen with her front sprite, but as shown from the back.
  • When Leafy refers to Balloony as a hindrance, her arm is detached and appears to be floating as it continues pumping.
  • When Balloony uses Rocky to barf acid on a jawbreaker, Balloony's left hand is missing.
  • While the contestants were arguing on who to recover, Puffball didn't change colors or sparkle.
  • When Iance frees Ice Cube from her jawbreaker, Flower's body is incomplete; the body stops before it is hidden by Ruby.
  • When Woody screams after seeing Roboty get crushed by a jawbreaker, his body asset is upside-down.
  • When Nickel tries to get Woody to stick his tongue out, the audio is out of sync with the visuals.
  • At the end of the episode, Lollipop is shown running, even though she was killed by Free Food after being freed from the jawbreaker.
    • This may mean she was recovered, then killed again between then and the next episode.


Timestamp Soundtrack Name
0:00 - 0:25 Park
0:43 - 1:00, 1:20 - 2:41 - CONSY -
1:03 - 1:15 Lighto (faster)
3:21 - 3:40 Unknown
3:42 - 4:01 - MUSIC OF FOUR'S 3D HAND -
4:11 - 4:45 Coins
4:58 - 5:22 Unknown
5:24 - 5:41, 9:43 - end Night Mote
5:47 - 7:02 Flop
7:20 - 8:21 Hit It
8:22 - 8:34 Cullen House
9:18 - 9:42 Lade
9:42 - 10:03 Night Mote

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