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This article lists the episodes released for BFDI Mini Again, a spin-off season of Battle for Dream Island and the sequel to BFDI Mini.

Throw the Farthest

The episode starts with geometric shapes appearing behind the contestants to indicate who they are teamed up with. Rose then hurls Purple Girl with Wind Hair and Angry Eyes and stays up in the air for a while. Meanwhile, Deadly spins Diamond on their knife and lets them spin on the ground, landing on a mediocre 40. Tent then punches Juice Box, who lands on 83, and Purple Girl with Wind Hair finally lands on 84, pushing Juice Box out of the way. Strudel slams Electric Guitar on the ground and building up momentum. They throw Strudel to an almost perfect 98. Vacuum and Kabab weren't as lucky, with Vacuum landing on Kabab at a measly 1, putting them up for elimination.

Swim to the Other Side

The episode begins with the elimination, where Kabab is shaking with fear while Vacuum frowns upon it. When an arrow shows that Kabob is eliminated, it lifts and carries Kabab up offscreen. The second challenge is to swim to the other side of this long pool. Strudel rushes forward immediately, while Tent jumps across the pool. OJ uses their juice to elevate and move across, with Rose holding on. Diamond attempts to flip on the pool's side, but Vacuum knocks them away and propels themselves off the pool's side with an evil grin. Electric Guitar swims at a moderate pace until Deadly sneaks up on and chases them out of the pool. Meanwhile, Purple Girl with Wind Hair zips on by. Rose, Tent, and OJ arrive and stop at the finish line, unlike Deadly, who is still chasing Electric Guitar. Strudel nearly finishes, but Vacuum strikes again and knocks them back, leaving Strudel and Diamond up for elimination.

Egg Toss

Diamond is eliminated, and the spring launches them into space. The third contest is to throw an egg at the contestant's own picture. Purple Girl with Wind Hair quickly tosses her egg at her designated picture and is the first safe. Rose, Strudel, and Tent throw their eggs almost simultaneously, but OJ is only able to kick the egg a little bit forward, which breaks. With Rose, Strudel, and Tent safe, it's down to Vacuum, Deadly, OJ, and Electric Guitar, who gets knocked out by Deadly's knife. Deadly tosses Guitar's egg, Vacuum rams into theirs, and Rose throws OJ's egg. After all three shakes in anticipation, only Vacuum's egg misses, leaving them up for elimination along with Electric Guitar.

Drawing Contest

An arrow, that shows who is being eliminated, switches between the nervous Electric Guitar and the grumpy Vacuum. The arrow lands on Vacuum, and they are disintegrated into the ground, while Electric Guitar is left looking confused. The fourth contest is about drawing, which begins with Deadly slicing their paper into many tiny pieces. Rose draws her pose, and Strudel poorly draws them and Electric Guitar together. The latter scoring 6/10, and the former scoring 8/10. OJ pours their juice onto their paper, getting a score of 3/10, and Purple Girl with Wind Hair receives a score of 5/10 with a drawing of her and Dora. Electric Guitar does not get a score with their drawing of a duck, BFDI mini contestant, which is zoomed in on. The two up for elimination are Deadly and Tent, who only punches their paper.

Jump The Highest

Deadly ends up getting eliminated, as an eraser shows up out of nowhere, simply erasing them and removing them from the competition. The fifth challenge is to jump the highest distance into the air. Tent uses their boxing gloves to punch themselves off the ground and send themselves flying. The camera cuts to Rose and Juice Box, where Juice Box tries to shoot upwards with the liquid inside of them. However, they weren't making much progress. Rose sees this and takes this to their advantage by grabbing Juice Box and drinking all of the juice inside them before leaving them on the ground and shooting themselves upwards by spitting the juice out. Strudel and Electric Guitar both struggling to do the challenge, while Purple Girl with Wind Hair and Angry Eyes appears in the background, and uses her hair to propel up. Suddenly, Electric Guitar gets an idea and plays several chords on themselves to make a wave of loud music to get high up. But it ends up sending Strudel flying to the left, and making them land next to Juice Box, leaving them both up for elimination.

Build the Tallest Tower

Strudel is eliminated and is pulled up by a giant fork. The challenge begins. Rose grabs a brick and startles Juice Box, who was also trying to grab a brick, showing that they're afraid of them. Electric Guitar puts a brick on his tower, but it drops to the floor. Electric Guitar is not happy. Tent jumps on his tower, which is underground, making him safe. Juice Box is struggling to build their tower, while Purple Girl is flourishing, so she puts a brick from her tower on his, making his tower two bricks tall and making him safe. Rose puts a brick on her head and jumps, bumping into Purple Girl's tower and knocking it over. Time runs out and the towers are reviewed, and since Electric Guitar and Purple Girl don't have any tower they're up for elimination.

Bake A Pizza

An arrow spins around both contestants who were up for elimination last time and ends up pointing at Purple Girl with Wind Hair and Angry Eyes. Then, it spins again around her to make her disappear, and now the next contest, making and baking a pizza, begins. Tent punches pepperoni onto their dough, and Guitar quickly assembles their pizza. However, Juice Box is too weak from lack of juice and falls over. Rose puts their pizza into the oven, but Electric Guitar throws Rose's pizza out of the oven to make room for theirs. The two up for elimination are the weak Juice Box and the sabotaged Rose, who at the end stares at their folded pizza.

Fighting Contest

The next eliminated contestant is Juice Box, who is lifted upward, spun around, and finally forced to explode, covering the screen with their leftover juice. Fleeing from this explosion, Rose trips over Tent, who then sends them flying away with their two boxing gloves. One boxing glove carries and slams Rose into Electric Guitar, causing them to be unconscious. Rose uses Electric Guitar as a bat to knock back Tent's other boxing glove. Tent's own boxing glove knocks them out, leaving Tent and Electric Guitar up for elimination.

Tic Tac Toe

"Tic Tac Toe" redirects here. For the activity itself, see Tic-Tac-Toe.

Electric Guitar is 3rd this season, a star throws a beam at him that disintegrates him. The challenge is a Tic-Tac-Toe, Tent is the "X" And Rose the "O". Tent starts by putting an X to the top-right. Rose thinks it's easy, so she puts a circle in the middle to make Tent's game harder. Tent puts an X down-left, and Rose puts an O bottom-right. Tent puts an X up on the left. Rose is surprised and puts a poorly drawn circle above the most. Tent is trying to put an X when a knife puts the pencil away. Deadly is taking revenge on Tent for being in the bottom 2 at BFDI Mini Again 5... Rose cheats and gets an X from the Tic Tac Toe and throws to deadly making deadly fell. The sun rises, and the sky turns red. It's Rose's turn. She puts the circle where the X was, and Rose wins BFDI Mini Again! All the Contestants are there again! Everyone is happy, and the season ends.