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This is a list of BFDI YTPMVs (YouTube Poop music videos) made by Jacknjellify. Some of these YTPMVs have been used as background music in Carykh videos.

Except for Dear Viewers, YTPMVs made by Jacknjellify do not use any background track, rather exclusively deriving every audible sound from pitch-changed clips from episodes of Battle for Dream Island.

Intensive BFDI Unit

Intensive BFDI Unit is a YTPMV of "Intensive Care Unit" by Renard and an announcement video regarding the BFDI Fan Art Contest.

This minor announcement video starts off with them describing this video. It is followed by a major announcement that they have hit 1,000 subscribers, which, the 1,000th subscriber was waliugifreak789.

Following, the BFDI Fan Art Contest is announced. The aim is to produce a piece of fan art using any medium. The deadline was on September 1, 2011.

Rock My BFDI

For the recommended character, see Rock My BFDI (character).

Rock My BFDI is a YTPMV of "Rock My Emotions", a song by Kitsune^2.


BFDI-chapp is a YTPMV of Something-chapp by Jockson. It celebrates Jacknjellify reaching 2,500 subscribers.

3000 Subbies

3000 Subbies is a YTPMV made by Jacknjellify to celebrate their 3000 subscribers on their channel. While it is an original piece, not derived from any existing song, it's structured as a Sparta GSC Remix. The melody was later made into a full song titled Lighto.

Eliminating BFDI

Eliminating BFDI is a tribute video to xXandytraicyXx for his channel being taken down. This song is played in the Clubhouse of Awesomeness in "Get in the Van", as well as in The FreeSmart Supervan in "How Loe Can You Grow?".

Dear Viewers

Dear Viewers is a YTPMV made by Jacknjellify to celebrate 10,000,000 total views on their channel. It features 4 copies of Book's voice pitch-shifted to fit the melody of "Dear Vienna" by Owl City.

This is the only YTPMV to have sounds not made from BFDI scenes, which start about halfway through the video.

6000 Subscribers

6000 Subscribers is a YTPMV made by Jacknjellify to celebrate reaching 6,000 subscribers on their channel. It is based off of "Famous" by Archie. It was remixed on Thanks for 600,000 subscribers!.


Main article: Thanks for 20,000 subscribers! (Last BFDI)

Last BFDI is a celebration video for Jacknjellify reaching 20,000 subscribers. It features a unique animation, unlike most other YTPMVs. Last BFDI is based on "Last Step" by Dubmood.

BFB 13 this Thursday.

Main article: BFB 13 this Thursday.

BFB 13 this Thursday. is a short YTPMV and announcement video that was released on July 7, 2019. It contained flashes of clips to play "Megalovania" from Undertale. A MIDI of Megalovania plays in the background; it can be heard clearly at 0:19 of the video.

"Revenge", except every syllable is from BFDI

Main article: "Revenge", except every syllable is from BFDI

"Revenge", except every syllable is from BFDI (formerly titled Revenge, except every syllable is from BFDI - (VIDCON AUSTRALIA)) is a YTPMV released on September 11th, 2019. It contains BFDI characters saying the words of the Minecraft song parody "Revenge" by the YouTuber CaptainSparklez.



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