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The list below provides the sequential order of the episodes of the Battle for Dream Island series. Numbers in parentheses in the "No. in series" column indicate the episode's placement in order of release date if different from season order.

Series overview[]

Seasons Episodes Status First upload Last upload
BFDI 25 Completed January 1, 2010 January 1, 2012
BFDIA 12 Ongoing June 29, 2012 May 16, 2024
IDFB 1 Indefinite hiatus September 1, 2016
BFB 30 Completed November 3, 2017 April 9, 2021
TPOT 11 Ongoing January 10, 2021 June 14, 2024

Season 1 (Battle for Dream Island, 2010-2012)[]

No. in series No. in season Thumbnail Title Eliminated/Rejoined/Lost Votes Air date
1 1a Hqdefault-1 "Take the Plunge: Part 1" N/A Jan 1, 2010
The twenty contestants begin to compete for Dream Island with the Announcer as the host. In the first round, Leafy and Pin stay the longest on a bar above water and get to form the teams.
1b Hqdefault-2 "Take the Plunge: Part 2" N/A Jan 1, 2010
After the Squashy Grapes and Squishy Cherries are formed, the teams build their boats and compete to sail the Goiky Canal. The Squashy Grapes' motor boat crashes and breaks the other boat right before flying above the finish line. The Squashy Grapes lose.
2 Hqdefault-03 "Barriers and Pitfalls" Flower 7 Feb 1, 2010
Since Pin previously reached the finish line first, she gets a Win Token, which discounts half her votes when used. Flower is eliminated. The teams are tasked with crossing an obstacle course and fill each team's water tank at the end. While the Squashy Grapes run right away, Eraser, Pen, Pencil, and Spongy first search for their teammate Blocky, who disappeared in the previous episode. Needle crosses first and gets a Win Token. The Squishy Cherries lose.
3 Hqdefault-04 "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?" Spongy 12 Mar 1, 2010
Spongy is eliminated. The teams are challenged to complete a test; Blocky and Pen cheat off the answer sheet while Golf Ball and Tennis Ball berate Rocky, and Pencil and Match cause a fire before it rains. Golf Ball gets the highest score and receives a Win Token. The Squishy Cherries lose.
4 Hqdefault-05 "Sweet Tooth" Blocky 12 April 2, 2010
Blocky is eliminated. The Announcer gives the competitors various ingredients to bake a cake, but Bubble, Eraser, Woody, Pencil and Match all use pieces of Leafy's giant cake instead. The Squishy Cherries get the most rating points from the Announcer and Flower, and Pin earns another Win Token for getting the most points. Then, the Squashy Grapes eat a hundred chocolate balls faster than the other team. In a tiebreaker (in which the teams must break a tie), the Squishy Cherries lose.
5 Hqdefault-06 "Bridge Crossing" Woody 14 May 2, 2010
Woody is eliminated. In the challenge, where the team with the most contestants who cross one of two bridges wins, Snowball gets angry at Golf Ball and Tennis Ball and destroys both bridges out of frustration. Pen tries to cross by holding in a bridge rope but falls. No one crosses. In a (literal) tiebreaker, the Squishy Cherries lose.
6 Hqdefault-07 "Power of Three" Pin 13 June 1, 2010
Pin doesn't use a Win Token and is eliminated. The teams temporarily split into five teams of three. Each team is tasked to cross a Balance Beam to get to Island 1, find a raft inside the safes on that island to get to Island 2, and make stacks of blocks to search through the keys hanging at the top in order to open the door of a building on Island 3. Pen, Eraser and Firey enter the building first and each gets a Win Token, while Coiny, Ice Cube and Needle lose.
7 Hqdefault-08 "Puzzling Mysteries" Needle 18 July 1, 2010
Despite using her Win Token, Needle is eliminated. After the Announcer traps the contestants in a room, they are forced to solve a jigsaw puzzle of each team's logo. While the Squishy Cherries struggle without realizing their pieces are upside down, the Squashy Grapes quickly solve it and get to choose a contestant from the other team to join them. They pick Firey after voting.
8 Hqdefault-09 "Cycle of Life" N/A Aug 1, 2010
The challenge is to compete in a relay race to get to a tree and go back. Instead of carrying a bar or a bag or type of food, the contestants are required to carry each other. Only five randomly selected contestants of the Squashy Grapes compete in order to match the number of Squishy Cherries. The Squashy Grapes win and the Announcer offers to make a previously eliminated contestant join them.
9 Hqdefault-10 "Insectophobe's Nightmare" Blocky (rejoins) 28 Sep 1, 2010
Blocky joins the Squashy Grapes. For having double the contestants of the Squishy Cherries, the Squashy Grapes split into two teams chosen by Leafy and Rocky: the Squashy Grapes and Another Name. The characters compete in a six-legged race. While the other teams tie their legs right away, the Squashy Grapes struggle to start and Snowball ties their teammates into a large ball and drags it out of frustration. The Squishy Cherries win and the Squashy Grapes lose.
10 Hqdefault-11 "Crybaby!" Teardrop 29 Oct 1, 2010
Teardrop is eliminated, and Snowball joins the Squishy Cherries. The teams are placed in tanks and compete in a crying contest. Each team gets some water inside each tank, so the teams take part in a skiing contest as a tiebreaker. The Squashy Grapes place second, but the Announcer can't find out the other teams' placements due to a snow accident. In another tiebreaker, the two teams' contestants are tasked to do a handstand the longest. The Squishy Cherries win, Another Name loses and Eraser earns a Win Token for the longest handstand.
11 Hqdefault-11-0 "Lofty" Golf Ball 37 Nov 1, 2010
Golf Ball is eliminated despite using her Win Token, and Rocky joins the Squishy Cherries. The challenge is an aerial contest in which the characters float in the air with balloons tied to them and have to make the other teams fall. The Announcer provides contestants a bowl of nails for them to pop the other balloons, though other popping methods, like hugging the balloons, are used. The Squashy Grapes win and Another Name loses.
12 BFDIHQ12 "A Leg Up in the Race" Coiny 61 Dec 1, 2010
Coiny is eliminated. Everyone now competes individually. Contestants participate in a challenge to climb ladders. After it ends, the Announcer provides everyone 30 points. He then gives additional points depending on how many Win Tokens each has and their performance on the climbing challenge, before removing points based on how many times they have ever been voted to be eliminated. Snowball, Bubble, Rocky and Tennis Ball have the fewest points and are up for elimination.
13 BFDIHQ13 "Don't Lose Your Marbles" Snowball 80 Jan 1, 2011
Snowball is eliminated. In the contest, each participant brings a red ball at a random location to the Announcer. Match, Ice Cube and Eraser all bring the same maroon ball, which discounts them 10 points. Night arrives, and Eraser is the last to bring a red ball. Match, Ice Cube, Rocky and Tennis Ball have the fewest points and are up for elimination.
14 BFDIHQ14 "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None" Match (is eliminated) 158 Feb 1, 2011
Spongy (rejoins)
Match is eliminated. In a contest between the eliminated contestants, Spongy gets the most loafs of bread, 38, in his basket, rejoins, and receives that number of points. Tennis Ball gets 15 points for retrieving marbles from a vat of hydrochloric acid, and armless contestants get 10 sympathy points. In the challenge, participants run on a conveyor and jump increasingly high hurdles, winning five points per hurdle jump. Firey, Leafy, Eraser and Ice Cube have the fewest points and are up for elimination.
15 BFDIHQ15 "Vomitaco" Eraser 220 Mar 1, 2011
Eraser is eliminated. The remaining contestants can chose between a Taco making or a Barf Bag contest, the Barf Bag contest consists of surviving on top of floating platforms above Rocky's vomit, Rocky is knocked out first, then Blocky, then Bubble, the Ice Cube and finally Pencil. The Taco contest consists of making tacos, Tennis ball gets a 5/10, Spongy gets an 8/10, Leafy get a 6/10, Pen gets a 3/10 and Firey get a 7/10. Bubble, Pen and Rocky have the fewest votes and are up for elimination
16 BFDIHQ16 "Bowling, Now with Explosions!" Pen 259 Apr 1, 2011
Pen is eliminated. The challenge is a bowling contest, only people with arms can partake in it, Blocky knocks out 8 pin, Bubble doesn't knock out any pins, Leafy knocks out 3 pins, Pencil knocks out 5 pins and Firey knocks out all pins. Announcer then asks everyone to subtract 30 point for every pin they've knocked out, but it ends up being meaningless, because everyone is up for elimination except Firey since he knocked out all the pins.
17 BFDIHQ17 "The Reveal" Blocky 288 May 1, 2011
Blocky is eliminated. The challenge is a frisbee contest in pairs, Bubble and Pencil pair up and place first, Spongy and Rocky pair up and place second, Firey and Tennis Ball pair up and place third, Leafy and Ice Cube pair up but don't finish and receive a penalty. Ice Cube receives a reward for getting the fewest votes, Ice Cube and Leafy receive a penalty of -1000 each. Tennis Ball, Ice Cube and Leafy have the least points and are up for elimination, but the contestants vote who gets eliminated the next episode. The viewers will instead vote a recommended character in.
18 BFDIHQ18 "Reveal Novum" Tennis Ball 450 June 1, 2011
David (debuts)

Tennis Ball is eliminated after losing the tie-breaker, and David joins the competition. The challenge is a starring contest, the Losers on the TLC try to escape, and Pencil wins the challenge but because of budget cuts, announcer only counts her last two digits of her points, so she gets the fewest points and is up for elimination along with Firey and Spongy.

19 Hqdefault (19) "Rescission" Pencil 464 July 1, 2011
Pencil is eliminated. Points are removed and now contestants compete to win immunity. The challenge is a unicycle race, Ice Cube and Leafy fall of an unnamed structure because according to Leafy, Bubble is a backstabber, Bubble finishes first by bouncing off Spongy, Rocky places second and Firey finishes third. Since Bubble finished first, she can give someone who didn't finish immunity, she asks Ice Cube if they're still in an alliance but she tells her no, which means that the alliance is disbanded. Then Bubble gives immunity to Leafy to show to her nice she is, which puts Ice Cube, Spongy and David up for elimination.
20 BFDIHQ20 "Gardening Hero" David 545 Aug 1, 2011
David is eliminated. The episode takes place in space due to budget cuts, then Announcer gives immunity to everyone, but states that if you die or disappear you lose immunity, Firey and Leafy form a friendship and contestants have to get on spaceships. Leafy gets shot by Spongy, Spongy gets sucked up by Black Hole and Firey's spaceship disappears because of budget cuts and gets shot by Bubble, who wins immunity. Bubble five Leafy immunity again and Ice Cube, Rocky, Firey and Spongy are up for elimination, but this time, the eliminated characters vote one of them out, and one of them gets to rejoin for the last time.
21 BFDIHQ21 "The Glistening" Ice Cube 856 Sep 1, 2011
Flower (rejoins)
The remaining contestants return to earth by using Spongy as a fuel, then Ice Cube is eliminated and Flower rejoins. The challenge is to jump the furthest out of everyone, Flower and Spongy do the worst, Bubble turns metal and does worse because Leafy gave her some Yoylecake, Firey and Rocky do better and Leafy jumps the furthest by teleporting herself to Yoyleland by using a map. Leafy wins but then she gives immunity to Spongy because she feels bad for using him as fuel, meaning Firey, Leafy, Bubble, Flower and Rocky are up for elimination.
22 BFDIHQ22 "Don't Pierce My Flesh" Rocky 844 Oct 1, 2011
After a very long pre-intro segment, Spongy crushes the Announcer and they need a new host, Firey proposed Firey Speaker Box while Flower insists on using Flower Speaker Box, Leafy convinces them to use both, then Rocky is eliminated. The challenge is to escape a volcano but the volcano ends up erupting and they all die, so they do a definitely unbiased beauty contest that the host's owners (Flower and Firey) win. Spongy, Leafy and Bubble are up for elimination.
23 BFDIHQ23 "Hurtful!" Spongy 816 Nov 1, 2011
Flower accidentally kills her speaker box and FSB kills the final 5 to rebuild the TLC, Announcer returns and replaces his replacement, then Spongy is eliminated again. The challenge is all the previous contests, Leafy and Firey help each other because they're friends and Flower forces Bubble to help her using threats. After a long challenge, Bubble reaches the volcano, the others quickly catch up and climb the pole to escape, but one of Flower's petals fall making Leafy hit a Pole removing button which kills Firey and Flower, Leafy and Bubble discuss about how Leafy always lets Bubble win, which makes Leafy throw a fit that gets worse after Flower tells Leafy, Bubble helped her. Bubble kills Flower and wins immunity into the final 3. Firey, Flower and Leafy are up for elimination.
24 BFDIHQ24 "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2" Flower 735 Dec 1, 2011
Flower calls Bubble out for not giving her immunity, Leafy apologizes for her and says that a little argument shouldn't end their friendship, Bubble then tells her that their friendship is very unstable which angers Leafy, who goes to ride Firey's Ferris Wheel with Firey but it kills her. At Cake at Stake, Announcer tells everyone that he sold the recovery centers because of budget cuts and cancels BFDI temporally, Flower then throws bug eggs at him which ends up setting the events of the entire episode. Announcer then hosts Cake at Stake using the David Cloner to replace the dead contestants, and Flower is eliminated again. Which makes her suddenly appear, it seems that they all faked their deaths and Announcer bought recovery centers for the finalists. Bubble, Leafy and Firey are the finalists and the viewers decide who will win Dream Island.
25 BFDIHQ25 "Return of the Hang Glider" Bubble (3rd place) 870 Jan 1, 2012
Leafy (2nd place)
The final Cake at Stake of the season is hosted in front of all the recommended characters. The eliminated contestants chose who they want to win, everyone but Needle and Match choses Leafy, but their opinions are meaningless so the winner is decided by the viewers. Bubble gets 3rd place with 228 votes and Announcer gives her a Cashew, Leafy gets 2nd place with 236 votes and gets nothing, Firey wins the season with 406 votes and gets Dream Island and the Grand Cake, much to Coiny's dismay. Firey lets everyone but Leafy into Dream Island which makes her steal it, after everyone finds out Bubble tells Flower off for her selfishness, Flower then destroys all the recovery centers and kills Bubble, then before Flower can kill everyone else, she's crushed by a UFO which kills her and Woody in the process. Then everyone finds out that Leafy stole Dream Island and almost execute her, but Firey uses Snowball's handglider and saves Leafy.

Season 2a/b (Battle for Dream Island Again, 2012-2013, 2023-present)[]

No. in series No. in season Thumbnail Title Eliminated/disqualified/Won the prize Likes/Dislikes Air date
26 1 BFDIHQ26 "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know" N/A Jun 29, 2012
Leafy is persecuted by some of the season 1 contestants for stealing Dream island, after she falls in the Evil Canyon, she teleports herself to Yoyleland with her map, at first Book, Puffball and Yellow Face didn't join, but since Bubble, Flower and Leafy weren't present, they joined, everyone else was locked inside the TLC, which is inside the LOL. At first the teams are separated into Newbies vs Oldies, but there are more veterans which means that one veteran has to go into the other team, Donut choses Match to anger Pencil, but it backfires since contestants can switch teams, and everyone but Donut switches. Coiny and Pin then switch to Donut's team and the spin the wheel to chose the contest. The challenge is tug of war, and Donut's team loses.
27 2 BFDIHQ27 "Get Digging" Donut Coiny 1,986 Aug 1, 2012
Coiny's team is renamed to W.O.A.H. Bunch, then Donut is eliminated and Coiny wins Yoyleberry seeds. The next challenge is to make yoylestew. Teardrop is forced into W.O.A.H. Bunch to increase their members, Ruby joins the alliance and Needle, Gelatin and Puffball go to Yoyleland to get Yoyleberries, Spongy, Book and Ice Cube fall into the Evil Forest and get chased by Evil Leafy, Spongy gets captured. While both teams managed to finish the challenge, W.O.A.H. Bunch is awarded for their simplicity, putting the other team, renamed to Team No-Name, up for elimination.
28 3 BFDIHQ28 "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3" Dora Puffball 6,248 Aug 15, 2012
Dora is eliminated and Puffball gets the prize, which is Puffball Speaker Box, who becomes the host from now on. The remaining contestants are put in glass boxes and must destroy bugs, The alliance skips the challenge and revive Bubble, who kicks Ruby because she thought that if they had more than three members their alliance would split, but Pencil talks her out of it and accepts Ruby, Lots of characters die because they're poisoned by bugs, Match tells Tennis Ball to build a recovery center. W.O.A.H. Bunch loses and is up for elimination.
29 4 BFDIHQ29 "Zeeky Boogy Doog" Teardrop 2,872 Nov 1, 2012
Book, Gelatin, Firey and Tennis Ball hang out on the top of the Eiffel Tower, Book freezes everyone with Freeze Juice for calling her "well read", she is the shook off by Pin, which makes her fall into a vat of Dream Sauce. Teardrop gets the prize and gets eliminated too, her prize was a HPRC. After Coiny and Pin persuade Bomby and Yellow Face to join W.O.A.H. Bunch, the remaining contestants are ready to do the contest: making Dream Island. Golf Ball tells her team to go to her underground factory which Bubble joins too but is stopped by Puffball Speaker Box because she isn't an official contestant, W.O.A.H. Bunch decides to make a farm themed island, Golf Ball uses the Dream Sauce to create Dream Island, Coiny sees it glowing and uses Bomby to destroy it, killing all of Team No-Name and Yellow Face in the process. PSB hates W.O.A.H. Bunch's island but Team No-Name's got destroyed so they lose and are up for elimination.
30 5a BFDIHQ30 "Get in the Van" Match Puffball 7,104 Jan 2, 2013
Pin tries to make an alliance/friendship with Bubble, which at first she refuses, but both of them hating Leafy makes them closer, then Leafy appears, which makes the other two want to kills her. It doesn't work, and Leafy starts talking to Bubble, who informs her that Firey is dead, and goes to recover them and everyone else, then PSB is stabbed by Pin accidentally, so Firey makes his speaker box host again. Puffball wins the prize again, which is remarked by Firey Speaker Box, Match is eliminated, but Pencil uses the Elimination Prevention Plan to make her stay out of the TLC. Spongy and Nickel join W.O.A.H. Bunch which makes Golf Ball make everyone remaining on her team to promise not to switch, which makes Pencil, Ruby, Book and Ice Cube form FreeSmart. The challenge is to reach the summit of Yoyle Mountain, Freesmart use the FreeSmart Van and Team No-name uses Puffball to get there, when they reach the Evil Forest, all of FreeSmart and Golf Ball, Tennis Ball and Rocky get eaten by Evil Leafy.
5b Again5b "BFDIA 5b" N/A Feb 11, 2013
Book wakes up inside Evil Leafy, and has to search all her teammates, meeting Lego Brick, Waffle and Tune along the way.
5c BFDIHQ31 "No More Snow!" N/A Apr 14, 2013
FreeSmart escapes Evil Leafy, but Bubble and Pencil die because of Ruby, Book and Ruby escape and crush Evil Leafy along with Puffball, Fries and the HPRC. W.O.A.H. Bunch falls into the evil canyon and uses Spongy to save themselves, killing him and Needle in the process. FSB makes them create a new HPRC using an HPHPRCC, Match and Ice Cube survived but Match kills Ice Cube to extinguish the flame on her head.
5d BFDIHQ32 "It's a Monster" N/A Jul 2, 2013
The alive characters keep cranking the HPHPRCC until it creates an HPRC, then they recover all of FreeSmart and all of W.O.A.H. Bunch, Pencil presents to her team their new FreeSmart SuperVan, W.O.A.H. Bunch decide to revive Puffball to use her to get to Yoyleland faster, but it backfires and gets the entire team frozen. Puffball then recovers all of Team No-Name, and continue to go to Yoyleland. FreeSmart goes across the Goiky Canal, and recover each other with the HPRC they stole. Yellow Face gets stuck on the glue the snowball mixed with the gasoline of the FreeSmart SuperVan produced.
5e BFDIHQ33 "The Long-lost Yoyle City" Bubble[1] N/A Aug 1, 2013
Pin and Needle wake up first and put Nickel and Coiny together to see what happens, it ends up spawning an infinite amount of money. FreeSmart arrives to Yoyleland, Bubble and Ruby eat Yoyleberries and they turn metal. Team No-Name is seen soaring through the sky above Davidland, Gelatin and Firey almost fall and end up hanging onto Puffball. FreeSmart arrives at Yoyle City and we get a view of the landscape, after a while we get all three teams on the bottom of Yoyle Mountain, FSB tells them the summit is way higher than they originally thought and FreeSmart sabotages Team No-Name and finish first, Match is then sent to the TLC. Puffball makes her team lose so she could win the prize again, and with W.O.A.H. Bunch placing second, Team No-Name loses and is up for elimination.
6 F4 cqk1asAAx8XW "Well Rested" Puffball Firey 9,810 Sep 1, 2023
In the first BFDIA episode in over ten years, Puffball is eliminated, and Firey gets the prize. With the HPRC stuck, the contestants get used to their new home, Yoyleland. The challenge is to find a comfortable bedroom to sleep overnight. After barely escaping from Evil Leafy, Team No-Name and FreeSmart emerge the victors, with W.O.A.H. Bunch up for elimination.
7 Intruder Alert "Intruder Alert" Rocky Bomby 269,548 Oct 1, 2023
Rocky is eliminated, and Bomby gets the prize. After TV steals the key for the Locker of Losers' padlock, permanently locking the eliminated contestants inside, the Firey Speaker Box instructs everyone to build a suitable elimination chamber. Due to Firey and Gelatin's sabotage of FreeSmart, they're up for elimination, and Tennis Ball's loser chamber, the Weak Trembling Fortress (WTF), becomes the new home for eliminated contestants.
8 BFDIA 8 THUMB "Meaty" Firey Ruby 230,904 Nov 13, 2023
Firey is eliminated, and Ruby gets the prize; due to Firey's elimination, the Firey Speaker Box is reduced to an emotional wreck, so the Puffball Speaker Box returns to active service. The contestants return to the plains, and the challenge is to paint the Eiffel Tower in each respective teams' colors. FreeSmart and Team No-Name are the victors with W.O.A.H. Bunch losing.


9 BFDIA 9 THUMBNAIL "Catch These Hands" Yellow Face Bomby 197,750 Jan 31, 2024
Yellow Face is eliminated, despite halving his votes with a Win Token, and Bomby gets the prize. The challenge is to play charades in trash compactors outfitted with a spike that gradually lowers for each wrong answer. Following a tense showdown between themselves, FreeSmart and W.O.A.H. Bunch for having the last member to die, Team No-Name walk away the losers.


10 BFDIA 10 Thumbnail "Taste the Sweetness" Gelatin Tennis Ball 151,907 Mar 1, 2024
Gelatin is eliminated, and Tennis Ball gets the prize. Because of Ice Cube's "beautiful" face, two new teams are formed, "The Beautiful Face Devotion Institute" and "Fries". The challenge is to sell ice cream to a group of recommended characters. The BFDI markets at Gelatin's Steakhouse, while Fries kidnaps contestants from the other team. Meanwhile, Barbecue Sauce and Pineapple deal with unwanted intruders. The Beautiful Face Devotion Institute is up for elimination, and Fries walks away the victor after resorting to selling Gelatin's old two-year-old expired ice cream.


11 LOTS "Lots of Mud" Spongy Ice Cube 362,326 Apr 1, 2024
Spongy is eliminated, and Ice Cube gets the prize. The three teams are reformed, and Flower becomes the new host after Spongy crushes Puffball Speaker Box. The challenge is to rip off Flower's petals. FreeSmart is declared the losers after a close fight for the final petal against W.O.A.H. Bunch.


12 BFDIA 12 THUMB "Insectophobe's Nightmare 4" Ice Cube Ruby 136,635 May 16, 2024
Ice Cube is eliminated, and Ruby gets the prize. Not long after Flower takes over as host, poisonous bugs take over as host after Spongy crushes the host a second time. Needle is forcibly switched to another team, and Fries reforms as a single-member team. The challenge is a game of bug-filled dodgeball insanity. Meanwhile, a renowned musician's performance is thwarted by the competition. FreeSmart ultimately survives and is immune from elimination, leaving the other three teams up for elimination together.


13 Tba "BFDIA 13" N/A TBA


14 Tba "BFDIA 14" Pin Bomby 182,266 TBA[2]

Season 3 (dnalsI maerD roF elttaB, 2016-present)[]

On September 1, 2016, BFDI was renewed for a third season after a record-long hiatus.

No. in series No. in season Thumbnail Title Freed from the TLC Total votes Air date


1 Idfb1 "Welcome Back" N/A Sep 1, 2016
Looking into the new life of the objects living in Yoyle City, we see the alliance hanging out on top of the Yoyle Needy, Fries gardening while Pin, Coiny and Nickel are watching and Golf Ball and Tennis Ball going inside a science museum. The viewers can vote someone out of the TLC with the Wall Teleporter Tennis Ball borrowed.
41 2 Tba "IDFB 2" Match 17,075 TBA

Season 4 (Battle for BFDI/Battle for BFB, 2017-2021)[]

On November 3, 2017, BFDI was renewed for a fourth season after a year and 2 months of hiatus.

No. in series No. in season Thumbnail Title Eliminated Votes Air date


1 BFB1 "Getting Teardrop to Talk" N/A Nov 3, 2017
64 contestants, old and new, battle for a BFDI after two hosts come in out of nowhere. They form teams. The contest is to grab one of X's (a host's) baskets. iance loses.


2 Bfb2 "Lick Your Way to Freedom" Pencil 9,973 Nov 17, 2017
Pencil is eliminated. As a response to the teams' pleas to revive the dead contestants, Four traps the revived characters in jawbreakers, which the teams must break open to be safe. Beep loses, and all revived contestants are freed except Taco.


3 Maxresdefault-3 "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset" Leafy 19,843 Dec 8, 2017
Leafy is eliminated. The contest is to swing around 50 times on a swing set. Bleh forgets that Taco is still trapped inside a jawbreaker, and Book accuses her of abandoning the team. Team Ice Cube! loses.


4 Hqdefault bfb "Today's Very Special Episode" Bracelety 20,255 Dec 22, 2017
Bracelety is eliminated. To commemorate it being the fourth episode, the challenge is to replicate Four in art. Death P.A.C.T. is forced to protect Four from flying forks, which causes them to lose.


5 Bfb 5 thumbnail "Fortunate Ben" Liy 20,389 Jan 12, 2018
Liy is eliminated. The challenge is to avoid touching the ground while piloting paper airplanes. Beep loses.


6 Bfb 6 thumbnail-0 "Four Goes Too Far" Roboty 21,916 Feb 2, 2018
Roboty is eliminated. The contestants become fed up with Four and multiply him by zero, causing him and X to disappear. Donut becomes the new host. The contestants have 3 hours to avoid the Twinkle of Contagion. The Losers! lose, and A Better Name Than That and Bleh are stuck on the moon.


7 BFB 7 OFFICIAL "The Liar Ball You Don't Want" Loser 23,119 Feb 16, 2018
Loser is eliminated. A shocking lie changes the way some contestants look at Loser. The challenge is to place the Liar Ball (which is just Loser trapped inside a jawbreaker) into one of the other teams' holes. A Better Name Than That loses due to a sacrifice made by Robot Flower.


8 BFB 8 HQ "Questions Answered" 8-Ball 22,238 March 10, 2018
8-Ball is eliminated and crushed by the Moon, and Saw accidentally inhales his fumes. A Better Name Than That and Bleh get off the moon. The challenge is to answer correctly in Donut's quiz show. Free Food loses due to Stapy cheating.


9 BFB 9 HQ "This Episode Is About Basketball" Stapy 22,340 April 6, 2018
Stapy is eliminated due to his cheating in the last episode. Gelatin discovers that X is still alive and has been hiding since episode 6, and he is reinstated as host. The challenge is to weigh down baskets using balls. Beep loses.


10 BFB 10 HQ "Enter the EXIT" David 23,516 April 28, 2018
David is eliminated. Pin successfully recovers Four, and Four gives her a Gratitude Token in return. The eliminated contestants are revealed to stay inside EXIT. One eliminated contestant will rejoin.


11 BFB 11 HQ "Get to the Top in 500 Steps" Leafy (rejoins) 32,543 May 27, 2018
Leafy rejoins and is placed on The Losers! The contestants must choose a teammate to climb a large flight of stairs and press a button. Bubble confronts Match about her harsh behavior after Pencil was eliminated. iance loses.


12 BFB OWO "What Do You Think of Roleplay?" Match 30,685 July 10, 2018
Match is eliminated. For the challenge, each team is placed in isolated rooms, and they must figure out which of their team members is actually an impostor. Team Ice Cube! loses.


13 BFB13 "Return of the Rocket Ship" Firey Jr. 24,187 July 11, 2019
Firey Jr. is eliminated. The contestants must find X's treasured emeralds underground before he can. The episode ends with Team Ice Cube! emerging into an unknown location.


14 BFB 14 "Don't Dig Straight Down" Black Hole
(Most voted)
34,636 Aug 24, 2019
The contestants continue to find X's treasured emeralds. Team Ice Cube! emerges into an inverted planet. Spongy accidentally causes lava to flood the area, killing a large portion of the contestants. Bleh loses.


15 BFB 15 "The Four is Lava" Dora 29,988 Dec 14, 2019
Dora is eliminated. Leafy and Firey finally talk after years of ignoring each other. The challenge is to get to Four without falling into the lava. Team Ice Cube! loses.


16 The Escape from Four "The Escape from Four" Spongy 39,850 March 24, 2020
Spongy is eliminated, but he is too heavy for Four to eliminate him fully. The eliminated contestants attempt to escape, but only Spongy and Loser are able to escape. Two arrives onto Earth to host their own show TPOT, which gains attention from forty of the current BFB contestants, who switch over. The rest of the contestants are transported to a different location to continue BFB. Twenty-six recommended characters are up for debut to join TPOT.


17 BFB 17 "X Marks the Spot" N/A N/A April 17, 2020
Taco asks Four whether the show is going to be able to continue, but Four is depressed due to losing X. The contestants form teams, and the challenge is to bring X back to Four. The Have Cots lose.


18 BFB 18 "Take the Tower" Balloony 51,310 May 4, 2020
Balloony is eliminated. The teams must destroy the other teams' towers in order to win. The Have Nots lose.


19 BFB 19 Thumbinail "How Loe Can You Grow?" Spongy 50,477 May 22, 2020
Spongy is eliminated. The challenge is to help X's aloe vera garden by increasing the temperature of the Sun. The Have Cots lose, and X is set on fire due to Firey shooting a laser into the Sun from Spongy's private jet.


20 BFB 20 "A Taste of Space" Ruby 52,418 June 10, 2020
Ruby is eliminated. X is still on fire, and the contestants must help him cool down. The Have Nots lose.


21 BFB 21 Thumbinail "Let's Raid The Warehouse" Loser 51,914 July 3, 2020
Loser is eliminated. The challenge is to break into Yellow Face's Warehouse and get presents for the other team members. The Have Nots lose.


22 BFB 22 Thumbnail "Who Stole Donut's Diary?" Taco 56,990 July 24, 2020
Taco is eliminated by only one vote, and the BRB is revealed to be a large, spinning building. Donut's Diary mysteriously disappears, and the Have Cots must question the Have Nots in court to discover which of them stole the diary. Have Cots loses.


23 Fashionforyourface "Fashion For Your Face!" Bubble 59,779 Aug 21, 2020
Bubble is eliminated. The teams must free Four from a cage. The Have Cots accidentally free Purple Face from his box, causing him to eat the entire team. The Have Nots lose regardless.


24 BFB24THUMBNAIL "The Game Has Changed" Blocky 57,729 Sep 18, 2020
Blocky is eliminated, and Woody is appointed as the new host of Blocky's Funny Doings International. The teams merge, and the contestants must throw a party for Four. Leafy, Firey, Woody and Teardrop are up for elimination


25 BFB25Thumbnail "The Tweested Temple" Firey 51,983 Oct 13, 2020
Firey is eliminated. The remaining contestants must search for totems in the Archaic Temple. Purple Face continues to annoy the contestants. Lollipop, Gelatin, Leafy and Woody are up for elimination.


26 BFB 26 THUMBNAIL "The Hidden Contestant" Woody 46,108 Nov 6, 2020
Woody is eliminated. Profily appears out of nowhere and insists that they are a true contestant. Four is annoyed by this, so the challenge is to eliminate them. Flower, Gelatin, Teardrop and Lollipop are up for elimination. After the challenge, the contestants move to a different location, since there are too many recommended characters trying to join the game.


27 E96E78B5-6803-4A49-810A-273024125F04 "Uprooting Everything" Lollipop 42,595 Dec 11, 2020
Lollipop is eliminated. The contestants arrive at the World's Largest Oven, and the challenge is to escape. Teardrop betrays Flower and wins immunity. Flower, Gelatin and Leafy are up for elimination.


28 B.F.B. = Back From Beginning "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning" Leafy 45,868 Jan 15, 2021
Leafy is eliminated. The Announcer returns and reclaims his title as the host of BFB, and in a fit of rage Four dissolves into the ground and disappears. The contestants must do every previous challenge from BFB to win immunity. Flower wins immunity, and Gelatin and Teardrop are up for elimination.


29 BFB 29 Thumbnail "SOS (Save Our Show)" Teardrop 71,828 Feb 12, 2021
Teardrop is eliminated, leaving Flower and Gelatin as the final two. However, the Announcer reveals that BFB is cancelled, due to him using up the entire budget of the show. Purple Face takes the other contestants to a TV studio in a last-ditch effort to make enough money to save the show. Meanwhile, Taco stays behind and interrogates the Announcer, finding out that he purposefully used up the budget so he could keep the A BFDI. At the last minute, the show is saved when Flower makes a huge sacrifice.


30 Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 5.31.58 PM "Chapter Complete" Gelatin (2nd place) 77,131 Apr 9, 2021
Flower wins the BFB, then gives it to Gelatin.

Season 5 (Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two, 2021-present)[]

Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two is the 5th season of the series. it was confirmed by Kenzie that 32 episodes of this season is planned to be released.

No. in series No. in season Thumbnail Title Eliminated Votes Air date


1 TPOT 1 thumbnail "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?" Winner and Price Tag (debuts) 59,151 January 10, 2021
The 40 contestants who split from BFB, along with 2 debuters, begin to compete for limitless power. After picking teams, the contestants must reach the top of the building Two is standing on. Death P.A.C.T. Again loses.


2 TPOT2 "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life" Pie 59,817 June 18, 2022
Teardrop (debuts)
Pie is eliminated, and Teardrop joins the competition. The challenge is to make the tallest stack possible in 25 minutes, Pin complains about her team cheating and BFDIA, while Book tries to not come off as too mean, and Robot Flower gets reset. The Strongest Team on Earth. loses.


3 TPOT3 "Getting Puffball To Think About Rollercoasters" Foldy 74,873 January 28, 2023
Foldy is eliminated. The challenge is to build an amusement park. At the end, it is tie between The The S! and Team8s, and both teams are UFE as Two thought a tiebreaker was unfair as both teams lost.


4 Hq720 "Gardening Zero" Saw and Cloudy 67,824 March 23, 2023
Saw and Cloudy are eliminated. The challenge is to protect the Funny Plants that are across the universe. Just Not and Death P.A.C.T. Again are both UFE as they failed to protect Funny Plants.


5 FishesandDishesThumbnail "Fishes and Dishes" Naily and Remote 59,035 May 4, 2023
Naily and Remote are eliminated. The challenge is to return one of Two's five plates that sank to the bottom of the Goiky Canal. Are You Okay and The Strongest Team on Earth. are both UFE as they failed to return one of Two's five plates.


6 TPOT 6 THUMBNAIL "The Great Goikian Bake-Off" Eggy and Fries 59,182 July 9, 2023[3]
Eggy and Fries are eliminated. The challenge is to make Two dinner, due to Four and X not allowing them into their restaurant. The S! and Death P.A.C.T. Again are both UFE for having the lowest rated meals.


7 TPOT 7 THUMBNAIL "The Seven Wonders of Goiky" Clock and Lightning 66,833 September 10, 2023
Clock and Lightning are eliminated, but Clock is sent to Four and X's kitchen so he can resolve his problems with Winner. The challenge is to fix up Lightning's destruction of property. Robot Flower asks Basketball to change her personality to Flower's but because a power outage caused by Grassy she end up with BFDI Flower's personality, Death P.A.C.T. Again changes their strategy to killing which worst and they finish first, later on we see Tree's dead body used to fill the canal. Just Not and The S! failed to fix the monuments and were put up for elimination.


8 TPOT 8 THUMB "Balancing P.A.C.T." Cake and Rocky 70,064 October 25, 2023
Cake and Rocky are now eliminated from TPOT. This episode's challenge is to stay on the balance beam, now refurbished since the previous episode. Yellow Face steals Ice Cube's legs and Donut's arms, Tree is stuck on the floor of the goiky canal and Two announces that if Tear Drop loses Teardrop will be instantly eliminated. Team8s and Are You Okay are UFE as they all fell down on the water.


9 TPOT 9 THUMB "Outbreak At Stake" Puffball, Coiny and Teardrop 69,744 December 18, 2023
Puffball and Coiny are eliminated. Teardrop is also eliminated due to losing the challenge as a single-member team. This episode's challenge is to keep all of your teammates alive from the apocalypse. Tennis Ball, Golf Ball and Gaty are accidentally sent to the elimination area by Zombie Two. Just Not loses as all of its team members died and is up for elimination.


10 TPOT 10 THUMB "Oneirophobe's Nightmare" Nickel 76,682 March 13, 2024
Nickel is eliminated. The challenge is for each team to travel inside one of their teammate's nightmare and waking them up. Winner forgives Clock after explaining that Loser chose fame over them, Fanny makes Black Hole understand the importance of life and how preventing death might affect it negatively and Book befriends Price Tag after living Taco's experience in BFB. Just Not and The Strongest Team on Earth. lose and are up for elimination.


11 TPOT 11 THUMBNAIL "Out Of The Blue" N/A June 14, 2024
The Exitors go through an adventure to escape the Exit.


12 Tba "BFDI:TPOT 12" TBA TBA TBA[4]

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  1. Bubble was not an original BFDIA contestant, but she joined in Insectophobe's Nightmare 3 when Pencil and Match used a Bubble Blower to bring her back to life. In The Long-lost Yoyle City, the Firey Speaker Box realized that Bubble joined and flung her to an unknown location, where later she would die.
  2. Episode will be screened early in theaters from July 20 to August 4, 2024.
  3. Episode was screened early in theaters on June 25 and July 8, 2023.
  4. Episode will be screened early in theaters from June 28 to July 14, 2024.