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Battle for Dream Island

Insectophobe's Nightmare

Order RC Recommender Type Status
1 Bomby jaysillyboy Original BFDI LOL; BFDIA; IDFB Contestant; BFB Contestant

A Leg Up in the Race

Order RC Recommender Type Status
Basketball BlockyCuzco Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Candle AlphaZaver Original
Dollar simondomino Original
Domino simondomino Original
Gumball simondomino Original
Lightbulb liamt44 Original
Marshmallow simondomino Original
Orange Marker AlphaZaver Original
Paper mycarzypets Original
Purple Marker alexlion05 Original
Quarter BlockyCuzco Recolored Coiny
Seashell AlphaZaver Original
Sheet of Paper Qynze Original
Triangle simondomino Original

Don't Lose Your Marbles

Order RC Recommender Type Status
1 Remote simondomino Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
3 American Flag alexlion05 Original
Ball Jaysillyboy Original
Balloon simondomino


Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
2 Batteries jacknjellify Original
3 Bottle VRTBV Original IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Candy PunkPrincessMusic Original
Cloudy VRTBV Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Crayon alexlion05 Original
Dice simondomino Recolored Blocky
Fork simondomino Original
Football spongron Original
Knife Allie2489 Original
Nutcracker yummysimon4 Original
Peanut yummysimon4 Original
Peanut Butter simondomino Original
Pencil Grip Brom316 Original
Phone simondomino Original
Rose firemoss1 Original
3 Scissors Ben1178 Original
Snowflake alexlion05 Original
TNT simondomino Original
Treeyee frezblade Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Wandy geriolah7 Original

Half a Loaf Is Better Than None

Order RC Recommender Type Status
Bally Spongebobvideopants Part of Announcer's Marble Collection
Marble simondomino Part of Announcer's Marble Collection
Lava Lamp simondomino Original
Jelly simondomino Original
Spoon simondomino Original
Sticker hasbro33 Original
Penguiny frezblade Original
Grassy spakwee Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Rubiny TheStormMage Original
Bracelet hasbro33 Original
Clippy VRTBV Original
Tombstone TGOTY900 Original
Soda simondomino Original
Tin Flame904Animations Original
Bell amphiprionic Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Cardboard VRTBV Original
Sharpener liamt44 Original
Frosting simondomino Original
Crane desmundhume Original
Brick TDIFAN99 Original
Cuppy worldsubways13 Original
Disc worldsubways13 Original
Game Controller worldsubways13 Original
Pillow desmundhume Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Masky RedPansClubPenguin Original
TV RedPansClubPenguin Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Speaky RedPansClubPenguin Recolored Announcer
Radio RedPansClubPenguin Original
Wiimote PestramiShowALT Original
Cup jaysillyboy Purple Cuppy
DVD GoofTheCar61 Original
Gummy DeWayneWalker Original
Paintbrush simondomino Original
Flashlight simondomino Original
Computer bigbookid92 Original
Comby simondomino Original
Slipper georgiaabigail2000 Original
Marker georgiaabigail2000 Blue Marker
TV georgiaabigail Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Book MrGeorge2220 "How To Be Dumb" Book
Candycane Carraid73 Original
Receipt randomness114 Original
Card leonid123ism Original
Bushy TeamToothless1 Original
Poop EnchantiCam Original
Teddy Bear PunkPrincessMusic Original
3D Glasses PunkPrincessMusic Original
Starfish simondomino Original
Yoyo PunkPrincessMusic Original
Clock Xxangelwins1234xX Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Clock losmmorpg Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Cereal TheBombDigityShis Original
Baggy yummysimon4 Barf Bag without Barf
Watch losmmorpg Original
Glue Stick simondomino Original
Pack Of Crayons Brom316 Original
Drum Stick simondomino Original
Celly maliksandford Original
Pie Man FlykydFly Pie with Strawberries
Robot Clone4848 Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Trombone glridgel7 Original
Colored Pencil glridgel7 Original
Marshmally TheBombDigityShis Original
Banana englishcreamcakes Original
Gumball englishcreamcakes Original
Hole In The Wall alexlion05 Original
Puddle englishcreamcakes Original
Splashy englishcreamcakes Original
Hanger alexlion05 Original
Basketball alexlion05 Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Dynamite englishcreamcakes Original
Suitcase alexlion05 Original
Car alexlion05 Original
Sword alexlion05 Original
Taco Guy MyMarioMan101 Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Frisbee alexlion05 Original
Firey JR. alexlion05 Firey with "Junior" Text above IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
777 JACKIEMON1 Original
Mechanical Pencil AwesomeMudkipKing Original
Snowman simondomino Original
Lighter CPFAN2000 Original
Eggy kiks2506 Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Boxy Jaysillyboy Original
Lily AxleEgo Original
Tele 1191Bman TV
Wolf Puppet spongron Original
Mechanical Flower tomatid1 Original
Computer Megacooltommydee Original
Chocolate Bar MrGeorge2220 Original
Nickel DuncanEpic Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Soccer Ball simondomino Original
Midget Apple flamer9111 Original
Branchy MegaFeRex Original
DS flamer9111 Original


Order RC Recommender Type Status
Moon jaysillyboy Original
Sun jaysillyboy Original
Doom dorthelthree Original
Lollipop jmarston123 Original IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Bombey jmarston123 Bomby from BFDI 9 BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Snappy justincasekazoo Original
Mango hasbro33 Original
Basketball kookyguy55 Basketball from BFDI 14 BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Computer Chip VRTBV Original
Pinball Explosion772 Original
Foot TDIfan9991 Original
Hand TDIfan9991 Original
Pickle TDIfan9991 Original
Dragon poppeild Original
Shoe TDIfan9991 Original
Blueberry BlockyCuzco Original
8-Ball TheBombDigityShis Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Gold Fish TheBombDigityShis Original
Lollipop pinkbelossom Original IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Pillow hasbro33 Pillow from BFDI 14 BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Eggy SHARNNICE Eggy from BFDI 14 BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Cheesy totaldrama23 Original
Envelope BlockyCuzco Original
Blanket tyboy618 Original
Pillow tyboy618 Pillow from BFDI 14 BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Swifty Veer716 Original
Picture glridgel7 Original
Calcy Theunknown9977 Original
Daisy imhere13231 Flower Recolor
Popcorn TDAWorld Original
Dora JACKIEMON1 Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
David TDICaitlincookegroup Original BFDI Contestant; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Rick Roll JACKIEMON1 Original
Ash JACKIEMON1 Original
Brock JACKIEMON1 Original
Tent jmarston123 Original
Pyramid paulstelian97 Original
DVD hasbro33 DVD from BFDI 14
VCR hasbro33 Original
Peanut Butter Cup DuncanEpic Original
George the Marshmallow bettinamusic8 Marshmally from BFDI 14
Vanilla Strawberry pinkbelossom Original
Cupcake pinkbelossom Cupcake from BFDI 6 Elimination
Rubik's Cube TheBombDigityShis Original
Piey frezblade Pie Man from BFDI 14
Crunch Pebble TheBombDigityShis Original
Knife ZiggyFan325 Knife from BFDI 13
Waffle frezblade Original
Waffle tdifan11111 Original
Blueberry Pie Spongebobvideopants Pie Man with Blueberries
Bottle jaysillyboy Original IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Lamp BrawlRocks1290 Original
Pancake pinkbelossom Original
Maple Syrup Pancake pinkbelossom Pancake with Maple Syrup
Cereal TheBombDigityShis Cereal from BFDI 14
Pie nheonhoc Pie Man from BFDI 14
China englishcreamcakes Original
Locker englishcreamcakes Original
Wine Glass Zakary42 Original
Yellow Teddy pinkbelossom Teddy Bear from BFDI 14, but Yellow
Box BrawlRocks1290 Boxy from BFDI 14
Aspargy Nesla13luv Original
Lego Man TheBombDigityShis Original
Panda JACKIEMON1 Teddy Bear from BFDI 14, but instead is a Panda
Hammer englishcreamcakes Original
Cherry englishcreamcakes Original
Coral Spongebobvideopants Original
Clones Clone4848 Clones of Robot from BFDI 14
Screwdriver Carraid73 Original
Ice Cream simondomino Original
Earth Globe englishcreamcakes Original
Apple englishcreamcakes Original
Tomato englishcreamcakes Original
Lego Brick lavaboyoh Original
Croissant alexrox0005 Original
Dart Ziggyfan325 Original
Deoderant ZackTheEpic Original
Rice Cake TheBombDigityShis Tennis Ball's Rice Cake
Red Pen simondomino Pen with Cap turned Red
Lappy MrOrange890 Original
Kick Ball englishcreamcakes Original
Boom njjoe9797 Original
Radio glridgel7 Radio from BFDI 14
Snow Globe englishcreamcakes Original
Book simondomino Book from BFDI 14
Ice Cream Sandwich simondomino Original
Smencil yummysimon4 Pencil colored Purple
Traffic Cone Vivapinata0407 Original
Marker alexlion05 Marker from BFDI 14 and BFDI 12 BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Mario Cap PestramiShowALT Original
Hourglass simondomino Original
Delo The Chocolate Bar EpicMason Original
Nickel BlockyCuzco Nickel from BFDI 14 BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Barf Bag desmundhume Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Taco TDIfan9991 Taco Guy from BFDI 14 BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant

Bowling, Now with Explosions!

Order RC Recommender Type Status
Blue Spongy simondomino Recolored Spongy
Blueberry Pie Spongebobvideopants, frezblade & nheonhoc Blueberry Pie from BFDI 15 BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Pencil Case pngos Original
Paper Bag worldsubways13 Baggy from BFDI 14
Cardy pngos Original
Female Announcer Thing jmarston123 Announcer with pink headtie
Torso alexlion05 Original
Hattie tyboy618 Original
Spammy BFDIFAN9001 Original
Icy-cle totaldrama23 Original
Baby Coiny jmarston123 Coiny with diaper and pacifier
Nurse Lilly pinkbelossom Original
Ms. Speaker Thing MyMarioman101 Announcer with pink headtie
Laddy lickilicky64 Original
Water Glass xXandytraicyXx Original
Camery Zakary2425 Original
Disco TheEpicThomas Original
Rubber Duckie kookyguy55 Original
Lawn Mower Explosion772 Original
Nickel DuncanEpic Nickel from BFDI 15 and BFDI 14
Dictionary thecartconremix4 Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Iron TotalPokeDramaFan Original
Summer pinkbelossom Original
TDI Duncan flamer9111 Original
Awesome Face Ziggyfan325 Original
Zombie JACKIEMON1 Original
Yoshi flamer9111 Original
Bowling Ball and Bowling Pin TheBombDigityShis Original
Human frezblade Original
Female Version frezblade Original
Epic Smiley pwndyourfaceoff Original
Socky fishhooksmilo100 Original
Ropey TheLegobatman3609 Original
Kino KINOFARR65 Original
Game Boy MrZachgreat Original
Cellphone maxbigtoe Original
Lolly Pop xXandytraicyXx Original
Saxophone MRNATE989 Original
French Fries misha1966 Original
Cake jmarston123 and xXangelwins1234Xx Strawberry Cake from BFDI
Dumbbell pudster12345 Original
PestramiShowALT PestramiShowALT Original
Colby gmixer11 Original
Alex alexlion05 Original
Salesman PestramiShowALT Original
TV DragonBallNC TV from BFDI 14 BFDI LOL;IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Hilly PestramiShowALT Original
Mayonnaise kookyguy55 Original
Bottley KINOFARR65 Original
Heater Flame904Animations Original
Chilly ILVGwebmaster Original
Song JACKIEMON1 Original
Dance JACKIEMON1 Original
Drink BrawlRocks1290 Original
Cheeseburger kookyguy55 Original
Fridge Flame904Animations Original
Ball Card Flame904Animations Original
Stapler epicblane Original
Blue Water Bottle KittyAndSammi Original
Car Engine worldsubways13 Original
Nailey worldsubways13 Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Naily 9nintendo9 Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Tack Bassdum01 Original
Water Tap worldsubways13 Original
Window MrOrange890 Original
Egg cheese7373 Egg from BFDI 14 BFDI LOL;IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
O, M and G englishcreamcakes Original
Door DeeandEd Original
Backpack maadog14ify Original
Stapler Original
Robot Rocky and Robot Flower PestramiShowALT Original Robot Flower: BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Deep Fryer worldsubways13 Original
Bowling Ball englishcreamcakes Original
Bowling Ball Pacothediscoking Original
Wii Game Case worldsubways13 Original
Pink Tennis Ball pinkbelossom Recolored Tennis Ball
Magnet Man Pichuxcastform123 Original
Bubble Blower englishcreamcakes Original
Mario,Luigi, Princess Peach and Weegee PestramiShowALT Original
Mr. Imagination Lohuydahutt Original
Boulder EnchantiCAM Original
Army UMvideos10 Original
Treasure Map MrOrange890 Original
Bob-omb luigifan00001 Original
Key jimimon100 Original
Magic Carpet yummysimon4 Original
Snow Globe PokemonDude19 Snow Globe from BFDI 15
Cheese cheese7373 Original
Bacon theviperman77 Original
Tamago JACKIEMON1 Original
YouTube Logo PestramiShowALT Original
Sushi Original
Bomby englishcreamcakes Bomby from BFDI 9
Pencil Clone PestramiShowALT Clone of Pencil
Sharpie simondomino Original
Book nheonhoc Book from BFDI 14
Blue Match bobbo44445 Match with a blue top instead of Red
Orange tdifan11111 Original
Tornado PestramiShowALT Original
Zip Ben1178 Original
Saturn englishcreamcakes Original
Wine Glass Zakary42 Wine Glass from BFDI 15
Fanny billybillybobjim Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Shirt Ben1178 Original
Football wiixxxproducers Original
Peacy Nelsa13luv Original
iPad BridgetheMADNESS Original
Keyboard Duncan9876543210 Original
Cuppy kciiz Cuppy from BFDI 14

The Reveal

Order RC Recommender Type Status
Acid Rain Drop PestramiShowALT Original
Appley PestramiShowALT Original
Autontune JACKIEMON1 Original
Baby Announcer Thing jmarston123 Original
Baby Coiny simondomino Original
Baby Firey simondomino Original
Baby Ice Cube simondomino Original
Baby Leafy DragonBallNC Original
Baby Pen simondomino Original
Baby Pencil simondomino Original
Baby Spongy DragonBallNC Original
Backpack maadog14ify Backpack from BFDI 15
Balloony totaldrama61 Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Banana PestramiShowALT Original
Basketball flamer9111 Basketball from BFDI 14 BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Basketball brom316 Basketball from BFDI 14 BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Basketball Pacothediscoking Basketball from BFDI 14 BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Bell pinkbelossom Bell from BFDI 14 BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Bill Cosby ZackTheEpic Original
Blue Ball worldsubways13 Original
Blue Poker Chip tyboy618 Original
Bolty totaldrama23 Original BFDIA LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Boo THEawesomebrandon15 Original
Book jmarston123, Inlumino Book from BFDI 16 BFDI LOL; BFDIA Contestant; IDFB Contestant, BFB Contestant
Broom lpsgirl32 Original
Brown Fudge Ball maxbigtoe Original
Burger cheese7373 Original
Camera rememberREACH417 Camera from BFDI 16
Carpet desmundhume Original
Cat Witch PestramiShowALT Original
Catty JACKIEMON1 Original
Charmander XXtheofficialcartoon Original
Cheese flamer9111 Cheese from BFDI 16
Chicken TheDomster9000 Original
Chocolate Strawberry Milk ThurstySkunk910 Original
Chris McClean tyboy618 Original
Clean Ball worldsubways13 Original
Cloudy JoshuaJoyCleyn Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Cola Ice Cube paviaedwin Recolored Ice Cube
Colored Ball worldsubways13 Original
Contestant Monster alexlion05 Jumble of contestants
Cookie Monster nuttyme96 Original
Credit Card JACKIEMON1 Original
Cricket Bat PestramiShowALT Original
Crystal vicentetdh Original
Daffodil JACKIEMON1 Original
Daft Punk punkisnotdead41 Original
Dan Pro billybillybobjim Original
Deoderant ZackTheEpic Original
Diamond SHARNNICE Original
Dictionary thecartoonremix4 Dictionary from BFDI 16 BFDI LOL; BFDIA Contestant; IDFB Contestant, BFB Contestant
Dime englishcreamcakes Original
Diving Board Explosion772 Original
Donut tdifan133 Original BFDIA LOL; IDFB LOL; BFB Contestant/Host
Dragonman tyboy618 Original
Drumstick rememberREACH417 Original
Dust Bunny englishcreamcakes Original
Ear Plugs Jordanixmaster Original
Eggy PestramiShowALT Eggy from BFDI 15 BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Enola Boy Voxezi Original
Eyeball alexlion05 Original
Fanny billybillybobjim Fanny from BFDI 16 BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Fast Cube worldsubways13 Original
Feather ZackTheEpic Original
Fire-ette DeeandEd Original
Fire Ball worldsubways13 Original
Firella alexlion05 Original
Flag desmundhume Original
Flaky theHEARTGOLD10 Original
Floating Eyeball Carraid73 Original
Fortune Cookie ThristSkunk910 Original
Fossil englishcreamcakes Original
French Fry TotalDramaYumYum2001 Original
Fridge supercodyfan Fridge from BFDI 16
Fries cheese7373, UMVideos10 Original BFDI LOL, BFDIA Contestant, IDFB Contestant, BFB Contestant
Frisbee Bunny5665, Khan3000ify Original
Gatling Pea MegaCoolTommyDee Original
Giant Firey alexlion05 Resized Firey
Giant Godzilla RedPansClubPenguin Original
Giant House MrOrange890 Original
Giant Rocky englishcreamcakes Resized Rocky
Gigantic Flower PestramiShowALT Resized Flower
Gir frezblade Original
Girl Pen billybillybobjim Original
Glasses alexlion05, desmundhume Original
Glue Bottle MrOrange890 Original
Gold Cube worldsubways13 Recolored Blocky
Golden Key JACKIEMON1 Original
Golden Ring JACKIEMON1 Original
Goldy SummerSun7272 Original
Grandfather Clock JACKIEMON1 Original
Grapes nheonhoc Original
Grass JACKIEMON1 Original
Green Cube worldsubways13 Recolored Blocky
Green Eraser englishcreamcakes Eraser Recolor
Green Pen englishcreamcakes, paviaedwin's cousin Pen with Recolored Cap
Hammer cheese7373 Original
Hand Sanitizer MrOrange890 Original
Hat XxofficialduncanxX Original
Heart JACKIEMON1 Original
Heat Ball worldsubways13 Original
Hot Dog huntsgum Original
House JACKIEMON1 Original
Ice Ball worldsubways13 Original
Ice Cream THEDKA3 Original
iPod elmojake1359 Original
iPhone SummerSun7272 Original
Jasmine KINOFARR65 Original
Jetpack malcolmthegamer Original
Juice Box TopModelUniverse1 Original
Jujubes luigifan00001 Original
Justin Beiber PestramiShowALT Original
Ke$ha Sim23839 Original
Kirby PestramiShowALT Original
Lady GaGa tyboy618 Original
Laptop BlockyCuzco, PestramiShowALT,


Lawn Mower metroidshroom Original
Leafy's Dad gmixer11 Original
Luxury Car JACKIEMON1 Original
Magazine desmundhume Original
Magnifying Glass jaysillyboy Original
Male Leafy JACKIEMON1 Original
Male Pencil paviaedwin Original
Mario eguiletafamily Original
Markers alexlion05 Bunch of Markers
Maroon Ball englishcreamcakes Original
Meat Cube worldsubways13 Original
Metal Ball worldsubways13 Original
Metal Man geriolah7 Original
Microphone desmundhume Original
Microphone Veer716 Original
Milkshake cheese7373 Original
Moldy Banana englishcreamcakes Original
Mouse totaldramasurvivor1 Original
Mousey PestramiShowALT Original
Mrs. Blocky BlockyCuzco Original
Nail blahbamouth1997 original
Neldson JACKIEMON1 Original
Mrs. Rocky simondomino Original
Nerf Bullet loopsifly Original
Nice Ball worldsubways13 Original
Nickel AnimationEpic Nickel from BFDI 14 BFDI LOL; BFDIA Contestant; IDFB Contestant, BFB Contestant
Oil Cube worldsubways13 Original
Orange Blocky DragonBallNC Blocky Recolor
Pachirisu BlockyCuzco Original
Paper Cube worldsubways13 Original
Patrick Star XXtheofficialcartoon Original
PB (Peanut Butter) tinafragale Peanut Butter from BFDI 13
Pengy lickilicky64 Original
Picture Frame Brom316 Original
Pikachu PestramiShowALT Original
Pillow kciiz Pillow from BFDI 15 BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Plastic Ball worldsubways13 Original
Pluto worldsubways13 Original
Pokeball kiks2506 Original
Poptart blahbamouth1997 Original
Power Lines JACKIEMON1 Original
Pursey icarlyluver1 Original
Puzzle JACKIEMON1 Original
Rainbow briidgetteandcody2 Original
Rainbow Spongy alexlion05 Recolored Spongy
Rebecca Black tyboy618 Original
Red JACKIEMON1 Original
Poker Chip tyboy618 Original
Reimu ZackTheEpic Original
Reshiram KINOFARR65 Original
Robot PestramiShowALT Robot from BFDI 14 BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Roboty tyboy618 Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Rocky's Dad eguiletafamily Original
Rocky's Girlfriend PestramiShowALT Original
Ruby vicentetdh Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Sadness tobiakaco Original
Salt BlueLucario98 Original
Sand Cube worldsubways13 Original
Saw PokemonDude19 Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Shirt JACKIEMON1 Original
Shrink Ray yummysimon4 Original
Skateboard JACKIEMON1 Original
Sky krazyjordan7 Original
Snakey theviperman77 Original
Soap Cube worldsubways13 Original
Soil JACKIEMON1 Original
Sorry mjpj189 Original
Speed Ball worldsubways13 Original
Stapler LuckyLucario11 Stapler from BFDI 16
Stick Figure totaldramacommunity Original
Stoney monkeymonful Original
Strudel blahbamouth1997 Original
Subscribe Button onearmedmario Original
Teacup Bunny5665 Original
Tears JACKIEMON1 Original
Techno Pie PestramiShowALT Original
Teh Boom Lohuydahutt Original
Tennis Racket alexlion05 Original
The Simpsons pngos Original
The Sims Diamond pngos Original
The Tiny Loser Chamber ThirstySkunk910 Original
Thunderstorm maximan360 Original
Toad ILVGwebmaster Original
Tooth theviperman77 Original
Toothbrush MarkMaymoon Original
Towel JACKIEMON1 Original
Tree mouinecraft Original BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Troll Face Ziggyfan325 Original
Tulip simondomino Original
TV TDpets1 TV from BFDI 14 BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
TV UMVideos10 TV from BFDI 14 BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Vacuum BlockyCuzco Original
Venus BlockyCuzco Original
Violet blahbamouth1997 Original
Vomit PestramiShowALT Original
Waddle Dee PestramiShowALT Original
Walking Toilet (Unknown, not shown in episode.) Original
Knife Allie2489, ZiggyFan325, billybillybobjim Knife from BFDI 13
Treeyee frezblade Original Nickname for Tree
Bushy TeamToothless1 Original

Reveal Novum

Order RC Recommender Type Status
Snowman TheEpicThomas Original
TNT eguiletafamily Original
Sky krazyjordan Sky from BFDI 17
Wandy kciiz Original
Chocolate Ice Cream Cone simondomino Original
Orange Eraser metroidshroom Eraser Recolor
Henrique MrDoubleGAngster Original
Companion Cube Nelsa13luv Original
Couch jmarston123 Original
Blue Pencil lpsgirl32 Pencil Recolor
Lopez TimeCartoon Roboty with text that says "Lopez" on him
WALL-E BlockyCuzco Roboty with text that says "WALL-E" on him
Youdrop laylabrito Teardrop with writing on her
Cacsteel Lohuydahutt Original
Bread onearmedmario Original
Elimination Contestants bobbo44445 Contestant Monster with a different name
Bracelety dapoppy42 Original BFDIA LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant (Eliminated
Disky BlueLucario98 Original
Cookie 1234DRG1 Original
Wii cj2mommy79 Original
Giant D Letter TheDig15 Original
Battery PestramiShowALT Battery from BFDI 13
Painty lickilicky64 Original
Ball englishcreamcakes Original
Popcorn cheese7373 Popcorn from BFDI 15
PSP arturs2323 Original
Spiderman Ben1178 Original
Poop luigiluigi2020 Original
Izzy Meramon27 Original
Jessalyn calicofan998 Original
DS Game drfizwuz997 Original
PennMap EtienneLuu Original
Juice Box Kalasi97 Original
Boo THEawesonmebrandon15 Boo from BFDI 17
Baseball alexlion05 Original
Burger King King ECNFilms Original
Question Mark robotalienboy Original
Swordy comedykingism Original
Flamed Stove coolmatt1019 Original
Diamond kiki3510 Diamond from BFDI 17
Balloony AnimationEpic Balloony from BFDI 17 BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Scissors Ben1178 Scissors from BFDI 13
Laddy lickilicy64 Laddy from BFDI 15


Order RC Recommender Type Status
Emergency Button yummysimon4 Original
Lego pivotstick111 Original
Laptoppy TheJKLM4427 Original
Laptop billybillybobjim Laptop from BFDI 17
Laptop hamizannaruto Laptop from BFDI 17
Companium Cube mario4ever1000 Companion Cube from BFDI 18
Hot Dog huntsgum1 Hot Dog from BFDI 17
Glasses Sonicpokelover123 Glasses from BFDI 17
Sunglassy Explosion772 Original
Laptop (Unknown, not able to be seen in video.) Laptop from BFDI 17
Typewriter comedykingism Original
Tornado MWM3682 Original
Crayon jaysillyboy Crayon from BFDI 13
Pink Snowball MrDoubleGAngster Snowball Recolor
Speaker Clone eguiletafamily Clone of Speaker Box
Sprite jmarston123 Original
Ring razeblox Original
Discy captainjking Discy from BFDI 18
Cheez-It TheFieryCyndaquil Original
Water Cup vicentetdh Original
Dorito Tdafanclub Original
Mr. Penguin awesomekids1 Mr. Penguin from BFDI 14
Penguin justineroxful Original
Plate chewyourfood1 Original
Broken Pencili Carraid73 Pencil with Top broken off
Chip Spongebobvideopants Original
Blocky-Of-Cheesy yoshiboy19 Original
Bottle Kalais97 Bottle from BFDI 15
Cell Phone totaldramasurvivor1 Cell Phone from BFDI 16
Tonguey ILVGwebmaster Original
Blu-Ray Player thedarkachu Original
Pina Colada mrtdiawesomeperson Original
Water Bottle 234DRG Water Bottle from BFDI 15
Air Horn Pacothediscoking Original
Microphone desmundhume Microphone from BFDI 17
Bunk Bed DeeandEd Original
Celly maliksanford Celly from BFDI 15
Yellow Leafy simondomino Leafy recolor
Memo TheChristianContreras Original
Pinball Machine justincasekazoo Original
Calendar creperoo43 Original
Microwave Ben1178 Original
Wave HaltItsZack Original
Musicy PachirisuTV Original
Butter onearmedmario Original
Star TheLegobatman3609 Original
Songy Lohuydahutt Original
Bad Songy Lohuydahitmoniee Original
Nyan Cat frezblade Original
Football 1234DRG1 Football from BFDI 12
Bracelety dapoppy42 Bracelety from BFDI 18 BFDIA LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant (Eliminated
Pansage pokefan123135 Original
Rainbow robotalienboy Rainbow from BFDI 17
Rainbow Karan3840 Rainbow from BFDI 17
Gumball BlockyCuzco Original
Magnet Anthonym9499 Original
Spider Firey arturs2323 Fire with 8 legs
Cans of Goods yummysimon4 TLC with "Cans Of Goods" Text
TDC totaldramacommunity Original
Clow Card Fly JACKIEMON1 Original
The Boulder Meramon27 Original
Vileplume luigifan00001 Original
Skarlet pinkbelossom Original
Squarepants regulardude45 Original
Cody TheEpicThomas Original
Wonder Woman calicofan998 Original
Chocolate chrisw756 Original
Ghost lennonluiz0907 Original
TNT ShadowBenizakura TNT from BFDI 18
Coiny and Firey alexlion05 A Win Token and a Frozen Firey
Entire Inanimate Insanity Cast AnimationEpic The cast of II
Toon Link totaldramaawesomeness Original
Fishy bakcii Fishy from BFDI 16
Lava Lamp DragonBallNC Original
Nicole the Cowgirl Cowgirl27733 Original
Cookie 1234DRG1 Cookie from BFDI 18
Sandy englishcreamcakes Original
Ball mike101420 Ball from BFDI 14
Smoke Detector firealarmfreak5 Original
Bouncy Ball Ahabsmom Original
Sphere nheonhoc Original
Robot Rocky legotd61 Idle Rocky
Rocky Clone luigiluigi2020 Idle Rocky
Chalk ThirstySkunk910 Original
Evil Rocky Rhinobuddroblox Red rocky with evil eyes
Evil Chiclet thegeruza Chiclet with evil eyes
Universey TheZappingManectric Original
Giant I Letter TheDig15 Original
Evil Bubble KaraidsLair Bubble with Evil Eyes
Apple TDImaster12 Original
Pear flamer9111 Original
Socky Khan3000ify Original
Hammer TheAndyBob5 Hammer from BFDI 17
Annoying Orange amylynn3737 Original
Acid Bubble bobbo44445 Bubble Recolor
Teddy Bear PunkPrincessMusic Original
Yellow Teddy pinkbelossom Original

Gardening Hero

Order RC Recommender Type Status
Pencil & Pen's Baby PencilDitz Original
Orange Pencil mike101420 Slightly recolored pencil
Immunity Token yummysimon4 Immunity Ticket from BFDI 19
Super Firey regulardude45 Firey with super-firey cape
Purple Firey MrDoubleGAngster Recolored Firey
Exploding David Lohuydahutt David with a bomb as a head
David's Best Friend tdifan11111 Original
Good David TheLegoBatman3609 David with a smile
Blue Rocky simondomino Recolored Rocky
Pebble MVboys3 Rocky's Asset with limbs
Pinerific HelenBlarg Recolored Pin
Evil David Ahabsmom Red david with evil eyes
Acid Ice Cube marioluigi3128 Recolored ice cube
White Eraser razeblox Recolored Eraser
Mini Dream Island BikkeBane Original
Electric Teardrop NeedleClub Recolored Teardrop
Weird Speaker Box Khan3000ify The Announcer
Announcer Box KINOFARR65 Also the Announcer
BFDI Contestant usacakeslol Part of "Entire BFDI Cast"
Entire BFDI Cast Ben1178 BFDI'S Cast
Evil BFDI Cast Rhinobuddroblox Original
Screamers alexlion05 Original
Rainbow Pin HelenBlarg Recolored Pin
Giant Pin JigglySpongy Resized Pin
Angel Pin SerenaPool Pin with angel wings and halo
Plasma Pin NinniePen Recolored glowing pin
Octo Pin EewBlocky Pin with octopus legs
Winged Pin Crystiwing Pin with Wings
Blue Coiny jamalioHabbo14 Recolored Coiny
Penny TDIReloaded Original
Evil Spongy ILVGwebmaster,MechaXenoxine55, coolmatt1019 Red spongy with evil eyes
Giant Flower EELEKTR0SS Resized Flower
Female Speaker Box jedimaster2041 Speaker Box with Hair
Speaker's Wife hamizannaruto Speaker box with pink headtie
Cake MVBoys Original IDFB TLC, BFB Contestant
Pizza Sonicpokelover123,TDAOwen100,Flamer9111 Original
Ring MrArdiazboyz Ring from BFDI 19
Phoney edtrin175 Original
Lightbulb jaysillyboy Lightbulb from BFDI 12
Flagy cecsix Flaggy from BFDI 17
Blimpy KriketuneSong Original
Poop SexyAjppy Original
Pee-ey tyboy618 Original
Bracelety dapoppy42 Bracelety from BFDI 18 BFDIA LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant (Eliminated)
Popsicle baxterispro Original
Doggie BakuraSpoong Original
Cannon nheonhoc Original
Marble vicentetdh Original
Gaty jumphi100 Original BFDIA LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Flash Drive Sonicpokelover123 Original
Baseball Kalais97 Baseball from BFDI 18
Soccer Ball KyleBen23 Original
Trash Can beagieboyful Original
Portal JoshuaJoyCleyn Original
Whirlpool nickcarter24 Original
Straw Gravitymaster221 Original
Bomb MrPokemonHamster Original
Nuke TheColebot Original
Explosiony Explosion772 Original
Emo Feather skyaipom67 Original
Surfboard TheEpicThomas Original
Jet Packy kciiz Jet Packy from BFDI 17
Dot MrMephie Original
Bottle Cap bennethartog Original
CD happyinshillsdale CD from BFDI 14
Slippy Nelsa13luv Original
Doughnut CokeEpic Original
Cable 7411starfox Original
Red Dollar Bill Pacothediscoking Original
Dollar Bill mamaweegee64,thewizardingwands Original
Trousers waluigifrak789 Original
Saturn ThirstySkunk910,Unknown1337s Original
Bottle 4613theo Bottle from BFDI 15 BFDIA LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Root Beer bebgsurg Original
Bath Tub Tdafanclub Original
Toxic Waste Can theForgotten989 Original
Fat TV SBproductions12 Original
DNA MurielEpic Original
Potato Chip totaldramasurvivor1 Original
Snakey theviperman77,lennonluiz0907 Snakey from BFDI 17
Hedgie Totaldramafanclub58 Original
ChuChu YARDI0VICH Original
Super Creepy Face robotalienboy Original
Happy Face JACKIEMON1 Original
Diamond Sword joestdi Original
Creeper TheMisteryvampire Original
Minecraft Guy TheBombDigityShis Original
Luigi thedarkachu Original
Vincent Lecavalier HOCKEYDOGS64 Original
Charlie Sheen TheLazySora Original
Keyboard Cat onearmedmario Original
Metroid Fussipede Original
Nintendo 64 Controller THEDKA3 Original
Diamond Spongebobvideopants Diamond from BFDI 17
Sonic the Hedgehog totaldramacommunity Original
Tails Doll sonic1233456789 Original
Meloetta meloettagirl1999 Original
Spam MatiBandicoot Original
Wii Remote MariosonicBFDI Original
Febreeze GreyCloudHD Original
Porygon luigifan00001 Original
Chuck Norris davew8572 Original
Cosmo FlowerKong Original
Paul Revere BlueLucario98 Original
Noah KasumiNoahBox Original
Bill mrcolegreat Original
Danny Mrlegowaffle911 Original
Butterfinger KaraidsLair Original
Spooky englishcreamcakes Original
Sepper TDImaster12 Original
Justin Bieber aristagirlz Justin Beiber from BFDI 17
Tootsie Roll coreyrock66 Original
Fluffy Purple Cupcake TheZappingManectric Original
Army Bunny DaKillahBunnyz Original
Bullet Bill eguiletafamily Original
Minnesota cherryhill420 Original
Maltese Islands bobbo44445 Original
Indonesia Map EtienneLuu Original
Harry Potter captainjking Original
David's Girlfriend legotd61 Original
Orihime calicofan998 Original
Fat Princess XKookyguy55X Original
Zombie lavaboyoh Original
Zombie David DragonBallNC Original

The Glistening

Order RC Recommender Type Status
Great Orion Nebula MrArdiazboyz Original
Steven baxterisepic Original
Giant Fireafy firealarmfreak5 Original
Donut MariosonicBFDI,CokeEpic Donut from BFDI 17 BFDIA LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant/Host
Donut Hole jmarston123 Original
Orangey kciiz Original
Blue Golf Ball superdarkepic Recolored Golf Ball
Soilger hdude01 Original
Twigy joestdi Original
Sppeaker Box V2 arturs2323 Speaker Box with limbs
Evil Announcer kouarasteh Original
Big Rainbow Crow maxbigtoe Original
Trash Can beagleboyful Trash Can from BFDI 20
Evil Match MrDoubleGAngster Original
Leafball PichuxCastform123 Original
Mexican Food drfizwuz997 Original
Tictacky CycloneBlader33 Original
RegularDude regulardude45 Original
Goomba/Dead Goomba ILVGwebmaster, NashingEllie Original
Caked TheForgotten989 Original
White Rocky addruak Recolored Rocky
Shiny Lucario WiiSportsResort2010 Original
Your Mom mamaweegee64 Original
Xbox DanTheStripe Original
Dicey bebsurg Original
Shadow TheAntisonic12345678 Original
Cilantro totaldramaactonnext Original
Hotdog huntsgum1, Catizone100 Hotdog from BFDI 17
USA cherryhill420 Original
Accounty Explosion772 Original
Cheese thewizardingwands Cheese from BFDI 16
Lara Croft NoahLikesApples Original
Empire State Mradw929 Original
Spaghetti MrLegoWaffle911 Original
Meat Ball ice1200000 Original
Basketball murphygundo Basketball from BFDI 14 BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Evil Firey Anthony9499 Original
David Killer flamer9111 Original
West Virginia Stuioiericty Original
Frieza KaraidsLair Original
Nyan Cat TheEpicThomas Nyan Cat from BFDI 19
Sonic The Hedgehog ChocoBlue23 Sonic The Hedgehog from BFDI 20
Huge Firey/Giant Firey Puppylover41925, PorscheBB13 Giant Firey from BFDI 17
Jumbo Swimming Pool SBProductions12 Original
Shelly QUIPPLEZ Original
Gamecube TheRyanExperiment Original
Marker TheRyanExperiment Marker from BFDI 12 BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Block of Rock Topareinc Original
Back Hoe englishcreamcakes Original
Acid Tear coolmatt1019 Original
Ulcer Pin EELEKTR0SS Original
Eliminated Sign MatrVincent Original
Notch (Creator Of Minecraft) malcolmthegamer Original
Count Bleck JACKIEMON1 Original
Duct Tape BlockyCuzco Original
Pink Tennis Ball calicofan998 Original
Glow Stick Gravitymaster221 Original
Moby The Puppy Ahabsmom Original
Weird David/ Carl Edwards Sallypaige100, MVboys2 Original
Weird Rocky MVboys3 Original
BFDI Trophy onearmedmario Original
Kid Speaker Box jedimaster2041 Original
Disappearing Ink Skittoh Original
Dispenser lavaboyoh Original
Evil Teardrop Rhinobuddroblox Original
Lemon bebgsurg Original
Plasma Spongy alexlion05 Original
Bubble's Older Brother totaldramasurvivor1 Original
Blue Firey nheonhoc Firey Recolor
Australia Ben1178 Original
Skinny SPongy TheRanterGuy Original
Evil Spongy cecsix Evil Spongy from BFDI 20
Budget Cuts FlykydFly Original
Rock Pin YARDI0VICH Original
Paige Michalchuk egiaPkuhclahcim Original
Emma Nelson DRAC0EMMA Original
Lindsay baseballfan111100 Original
Firey and Leafy's Baby Fussipede Original
Poley edtrin175 Original
Red Golf Ball MagnePop Golf Ball Recolor
Wind Archer yummysimon4 Original
Lit Match TDImaster12 Original
DuncanEpic PencilDitz Original
Robot Bubble co1669 Original
Ice Woody SAMUSLAZ0R Original
Coiny and Firey as BFFS jamalioHabbo14 Original
Fat Giant Yoshi GoombaPurby Original
Froslass FR0SLASS Original
Kalia Booker VollyMonique Original
Coco CocoJalus Original
Broken South America EtienneLuu Original
Rockette ytdnlt1999 Original
Evil Ice Cube DeeandEd Original
Lollipop theviperman77 Original
Evil Woody marioluigi3128 Original
Space Core dcatone Original
Treasure Chest Pacothediscoking Original
Good Speaker Box miles1baseball Original
TB and GB's Children RelicanthJazz Original
Giant Snowball VileSnowball Original
Pokeball jimimon100 Original
Boots the Monkey bridgetteandcody2 Original
Sun razeblox, Ice1200000 Original
Giant 7 Unknown1337s Original
Bracelety Dapoppy42 Bracelety from BFDI 18
Cat Flower PestramiShowALT Original
Dion Phaneuf HOCKEYDOGS64 Original
BFDI Couples DaKillahBunnyz Original
Negative Side Of The Contestants MWM3682 Original
Comet DarcyDarceDarcy Original
Blackberry's Gemini Phone aristagirlz Original
Crayon benoah7 Crayon from BFDI 13
Peanut Butter NYGiantsSniper Original
Spoon MephilezShadow Spoon from BFDI 14
Green Match lobonator98 Original
Blueberry shyguywarrior Original
Corn Cob hark131 Original
Limoy jumphi100 Original
Green Pin SassyPin Pin Recolor
Giant Icicle Crystiwing Original
Giant Mirror Yeautiful Original
Lava Pool PiantaVillage Original
Lipstick NinniePin Original
Fatch VollyTiffany Original
Blue Tennis Ball With Arms MadameEraser Recolor of Tennis Ball
Cyan Submarine SerenaPool Original
Volcano WoodyMamoswine Original
Dump Truck VivaPinata0407 Original
Blue Coiny Peaflock Coiny Recolor
Robot Spider SarahRage Original
Halb RochelleClawz Original
Pink Match OmniCece Original
Giant Watermelon JordanCuddly Original
Moustache That's Longer On One Side Than On The Other Side ItsSoooooFluffly Original
Evily BikkeBane Original
Fire Monster Monkeymonful Original
Wonder Woman captainjking Wonder Woman from BFDI 20
Demi Lovato maadog14ify Original
Headband MrMephie Original
Balloony Sunslicer2 Balloony from BFDI 17 BFDI LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Purple Match simondomino Match Recolor
Solar System bobbo44445 Original
Ice Ball Jill1o1 Original
Knuckles cheetah465 Original
Alternate Phineas spongron Original
Phantom Firey vader97100 Original
Mixy Nelsa13luv Original
Two Junsumoto Original
Yellow Snowball souleaternom Snowball Recolor
Paintbrush MrAlmond71 Paintbrush from BFDI 14
Evil Rocky shockwaveELEKTRIK Original
Clay Blob n64boys Original
Feather vicentetdh Original
Top bubbaboy1204 Original
Watery flynngundo Original
Joe jojolw234 Original
Rock My BFDI LpsVilleFilms Original
Green Kool-Aid Khan3000ify Original
Pokemon Card chimcharman123 Original
Chris McClain ThirstySkunk910 Chris McClain from BFDI 17
Cheez-It Sonicpokelover123 Cheez-It From BFDI 18
Pizza matijasajko1 Original, Serves as Cake

Don't Pierce My Flesh

Order RC Recommender Type Status
One Recommended Character Per Recommender Sign rct3proyo Original
Evil Flower Rhinobuddroblox, TheRanterGuy Flower with evil eyes
Choo-Choo Train englishcreamcakes Original
Banana / Peanut Butter Jelly Time Banana TotalDramaIsland5543, buckmulletx Banana from BFDI 17
Plasma hexagon431 Original
Hockey Puck vader97100 Original
Acid Drop Ice1200000 Acid Drop from BFDI 21
Tennis Racket Lohuydahutt Tennis Racket from BFDI 17
Zombie Bubble jedimaster2041 Original
Zombie Pen razeblox Original
Zombie Blocky superdarkepic Original
Button JigglySpongy Original
Yoyle Grapes MrArdiazboyz Original
Giant Purple Beads of Death FR0SLASS Original
Sun Firey alexlion05 Firey Recolor
Blue Needle Kalasi97 Needle Recolor
Goldfish Pacothediscoking Original
Lollipop theJKLM4427 Lollipop from BFDI 21 BFDIA LOL; IDFB TLC; BFB Contestant
Mike jojolw234 Original
Air Conditioner bobbo44445 Original
Deoderant wave3436 Deoderant from BFDI 16
Evil Monkey JhonnyFinster Original
Red Firey nheonhoc Firey Recolor
Moon legotd61 Original
PencilDitz DaKillahBunnyz Original
Giant Cookie SBProductions12 Original
Finn lavaboyoh Original
Soccer Ball Anthonym9499 Original
Voters yummysimon4 Crowd of Davids
Lego Person Ben1178 Original
JackNJellify marioluigi3128, TotalSimIsland Original
Green Yoshi girlslovapicachu95 Original
Spearmint statichan Original
Watery ryryrock9 Firey Recolor
Ariana Grande Meramon27 Original
Michelle Obama PakoWhiteWaffles Original
Pink Spongy Ashleylover66 Spongy Recolor
Good Flower MVboys2, MrDoubleGAngster Flower with Smiley Face
Soldier Coiny Unknown1337s Original
Robot Spongy coolmatt1019 Original
Bubblette Tdafanclub Original
Mordacai cheetah465 Original
Blue Eraser jamalioHabbo14, L0VRINA Eraser Recolor
Star LiMsShawty2010 Star from BFDI 21
Fishy Benbeldum123 Fishy from BFDI 16
Country Battle EtienneLuu Crowd of Davids
Sushi sunslicer2 Original
Tampa Bay Lightning Team HOCKEYDOGS64 Crowd of Davids
Big Giant Hole JoshuaJoyCleyn Original
Youtube Logo beanme100 Youtube Logo from BFDI 16
Meteor Shower JACKIEMON1 Original
Yo Grandma Totaldramafanclub58 Original
Thomas SageCaleb David Recolor
Cheese Cake legoimovie Original
No Cake Sign monkeymonhil Original
Bright Radiant Plasma Needle JordanCuddly Needle Recolor
Prinly aristagirlz Pen Recolor
Pencil Sharpener VivaPinata0407 Pencil Sharpener from BFDI 14
Flip Camera logmeister4 Original
Total Drama Lego Complete Cast captainjking Original
Spikey Mervert waluigifreak789 Original
Silver yoshiman4321 Original
Boulder edtrin175 Original
Eelektross EELLEKTR0SS Original
Oreo Gravitymaster221 Original
Seasonal Leafy MatrVincent Leafy Recolor
Apple WoodyMamoswine Apple from BFDI 21
Umbrella BikkeBane Original
Hal the Cat supermegadudeify Original
Ace of Spades bebgsurg Original
Highlighter 475thunder Original
Beddy amazingracetopfan Original
Toilet Paper Anotherc00lguy Original
Evil Bubble icedude231 Original
Playstation3 TDIReloaded Original
Happy Gilmore Cowgirl27733 Original
Fuzzy Crystiwing Original
Green Cloud XenonCosmo Original
Trent MrTristan62 Original
Pocket Mirror OmniCece Original
Fat Pin DarcyDarceDarcy Original
Orange Bubble mrchip1016 Bubble Recolor
Mrs. Piggy theviperman77 Original
Chandelier/Chandelure ChandeProsche, SassyPin Original
Neon Light GoombaStampede Original
Male Leafy AnaisWuv, Superdinorun Male Leafy from BFDI 17
Tord, Anakin, Emo and Jett ScienceBoyJett3192 Original
Yoylecake jumphi100 Original
Michael Jackson Junsumoto Original
Katy Perry MrAlmond71 Original
ufus360 ufus360 Original
Bubble Rocky MVboys3 Original
Popsicle NYGiantsSniper Popsicle from BFDI 20
Firey and Match Kissing TheMagnificentTrio Original
Joe from Blue's Clues shyguywarrior Original
Blackberry doblepawer Original
Yogurt holliezhyt Original
Milk ineedmorection Original
Large Spiky Blue Firey TDICaitlincookegroup Recolored Firey
Boots the Monkey bridgetteandcody2 Original
Fire Monster monkeymonful, FlykydFly, RochelleClawz Original


Order RC Recommender Type Status
Invisible Coiny homosapienssapiens19 Invisible Coiny
Master Recovery Center Benbeldum123 The MRC used in episodes
Psycho Pie clubpenguintvization Original
Springy MetalBladeMan Original
One Recommended Character Per Recomender rct3proyo One Recommended Character Per Recommender Sign from BFDI 22
Rainbow angrypigawesome Rainbow from BFDI 17
Hungary MysticRnger Original
Kingda Ka bebgsurg, DeeandEd Original
Slime Ball SarahRage Bubble Recolor
Phoney cougarflacon Phoney from BFDI 20
T-Rex Mradw929 Original
Headphones joestdi Original
Evil Tennis Ball Ahabsmom Red Tennis Ball with Evil Eyes
Black Pencil TDMShadowCP Original
Tarey arturs2323 Original
Yoylecake KaraidsLair Original
Giant Cyan Spongy UtopianJenna Recolored Spongy
Samosa Khan3000ify Original
High Heeled Shoe BenandMarcusInc Original
Hearing Aids xebia256 Original
Large Pink Pin DRAC0EMMA Resized, recolored pin
Birthday Cake imindabath Original
Earthquake PorscheBB13 Original
Night Sky VollyTiffany Original
1,000,000 Check Fyfy231 Original
Eyeball ZoinkMsPetunia Eyeball from BFDI 17
Fish Bowl keyblademaster210 Original
Click Karan3840 Original
Peanut Butter Jelly Time Banana xbuckmulletx Peanut Butter Jelly Time Banana from BFDI 19
Chocolate Woody TDImaster12 Woody Recolor
Fire Ring Ruler Kalia Original
Round Purple Pillow Clarizza Original
Booger Axer34 Original
Red Hot Chili Pepper koldmayl Original
Giant Purple Cake energeticmilo Recolored Strawberry Cake
Floor FreakyGiggy Original
Magic Hat imnotfatt Original
Glue str0wberrie Original
Dollar Fullyreloaded1001 Original
Key Rptsppg Original
Rocky's Vomit TheMarkbuba55 Original
Dead Flower totaldramalover303 Flower laying over with X's as eyes
Cookie totaldramacommunity Original
Popsicle Drago99nite Original
Bowling Ball aleksander1100 Bowling Ball from BFDI 16
Candle duckihonie Original
Ruler urm0mshot Original
Glassy imabeaplaya Original
Chocolate Bar AndersonYetz Original
Radio ShinyGenesectAron2 Original
Muffin IzzyFan2001 Original
Lilly pinkbelossom Original
Acorn TheJoeandsam123 Original
Ticket partiegoy Original
Domino darkknigh11 Domino from BFDI 13
Jingle neoneogood Original
Birthday Cake n64boys Original
Tissue Box oskymoo Original
Hurricane supercodyfan Original
Cotton venderman128 Original
Lampy 429Lightning, 8BitPorygonGamer Original
Bronze Ice Cube Knowe386 Original
Marry-Gold smilewithureyes Original
Flatscreen TV destroyer334545, marioluigi3128 Original
Evil Shadow ShadowAbsol1000 Original
Waffle MatrVincent, legotd1 Original
Match And Firey As A Couple bobbo44445, paviaedvw Original
Cherry ihabnopants, Lalitospeak Original
Leafy and Firey as a couple MrDoubleGAngster Original
iPod/iPhone robotalienboy, xXOfficialpodXx, glaceonlover11 Original
Red Pen firealarmfreak Recolored Pen
JacknJellify Logo Khan3000ify Original
David 2 THEawesonmebrandon15 Copy of David
Lemon Lime regulardude45 Original
Coke Bottle 4613theo, goldnoodlelala Original
MariosonicBFDI Speaker MariosonicBFDI Copy of Announcer
Lollipop Gravitymaster221 Original BFDIA LOL, IDFB TLC, BFB Contestant
Apple Jario943 Original
Brave Woody englishcreamcakes, MWM3682 Smiling Woody
Creepy Stick Man 1dra7 Copy of David
Indian Leafy MatrVincent Native-American Leafy
Stickman supahawesomeguyz David with a Cape
Blue Firey comedykingism Recolored Firey
Pine Leafy hdude01sbro Original
Printer cecsix Original
Golf ball's Sister amer37365 Recolored Golf Ball
Weed mamaweegee64 Original
Evil Happy Face destroyer334545 Original
Flower's Brother Junsumoto Recolored Flower
Sloppy aristagirlz Original
Soccer Ball jaysillyboy Original
Acoustic Guitar logmeister4, DonkeyKong381 Original
Cat Dog Waffle Cloud PestramiShowALT Original
Outlaw David ufus630 David with a Cowboy Hat
Giant Tennis Ball Anthonym9499 Enlarged Tennis Ball
White Waffles PakoWhiteWaffles Original
WWE Championship Belt 1234DRG1 Original
Bubble Troll Face MrArdiazboyz, MrMegafreeky Bubble with a Troll Face
Cyan Golf Club beanme100 Original
Globe 01ambrosed Original
Spoon flynngundo Original
Evil Spongy flynngundo Recolored and Evil Spongy
Scribbles Fireeballl Original
Snowball Jr. Blocky Cuzco Small Snowball
Flirey choochoohead1 Original
Bracelety dapoppy42 Bracelety from Reveal Novum
Microscopic Green Firey chamsonexmo REALLY small and recolored Firey
Needle and Coiny in Love icedude321 Needle and Coiny
One Billion Dollar Case theJKLM4427 Original
Jack-o-lantern/Exploding Pumpkin TGOTYZero, nheonhoc Original
Rainbow Rocky coolmatt1019 Recolored Rocky
Sungy MVboys2 Original
Kitty-Cat MusicIsWithinUs Original
Acid Tennis Ball Rhinobuddroblox Recolored and Resized Tennis Ball
Dead Leafy razeblox Dead Leafy
Commercial JACKIEMON1 Original
Evil Speaker Box cougarflacon Evil Announcer
Teardrop Announcer BlueLucario98 Recolored Announcer
Multiplicator robotHD565 Original
Card LilJamesNguyen10 Original
Green Snowball MrTristan626 Resized and Recolored Snowball
Green Diamond choochoohead1 Original
Leafy's Sister chipmunk8787 Recolored Leafy
Spongy Speaker Box Thing maxbigtoe Recolored Announcer
Evil Youtube Like and Dislike Button JhonnyFinster Original
Blue Leafy with Yellow Stripe ChuChuJeplin Recolored Leafy

Insectophobe's Nightmare 2

Order Name Recommender Type Status
Sky jordansollie Original
One Person Per Recommender Sign ShinyGenesectAron2 One Person Per Recommender Sign from BFDI 23
Pen Speaker firealarmfreak5 Recolored Announcer
Evil Flower Speaker ChocoBlue23 Evil Flower Speaker Box
Bubble's Parents ntbhsg Original
Evil Match TotalDramaIsland5543 Evil Match
Purple Round Speaker PichuxCastform123 Original
Red and Blue Firey chimcharman123 Recolored Firey
Rocky with Glasses MickTheBoss1 Rocky with Glasses
Dream Island edtrin175 Dream Island
Leafy Troll Face ThirstySkunk910 Leafy with a Troll Face
David Army mamaewegee64 Multiple Davids
Blue Violin BlockyCuzco Original
Fall Leafy flamer9111 Recolored Leafy
Enderman DragonGirl8100 Minecraft Enderman
Banana Peel thewizardingwands Original
Creeper theskullblock Minecraft Creeper
Orange SB SBProductions12 Original
Fire Pie (cherry) bebgsurg Original
Gold PSP jamalfioHabbo14 Original
Robot Ice Cube jaggerbug Robotic Ice Cube
Jelly Bean beagleboyful Original
3DS Khan3000ify Original
Toothpaste Ig0ttapee Original
Gray DeeandEd Original
Previous BFDI Episodes legotd1 Original
Bubble Speaker Box shyguywarrior Recolored Announcer
Skinny Spongy Junsumoto Resized Spongy
Christmas Lover mrcolegreat David and a Tree
Rainbow Bubble bridgetteandcody2 Recolored Bubble
Voted Out Contestants coolmatt1019 Eliminated Contestants
Evil Ice Cube TheHEARTGOLD10 Evil, recolored Ice Cube
Bucket MickTheBoss1 Original
Stapler Anthonym9499 Original
Lightbulb captainjking Lightbulb from BFDI 12
Match and Pencil as Enemies MrDoubleGAngster Match and Pencil as enemies
Foamy the Squirrel NoahLikesApples Original
Shiny Firey NewDivide2000 Shiny Firey
Freaked Out Bally DaKillahBunnyz Original
Weird Spongy cheetah465 Edited Spongy
Metal Blocky 1234DRG1 Metal Blocky
Paper MrMephie Original
Grand Cake PestramiShowALT Appears in BFDI 25
SB and GB as BFFs MrTristan626 SB and GB as Best Friends
Blue Marker Gravitymaster221 Original
Every Recommended Character marioluigi3128 Appears in BFDI 25
Fortune Cookie theviperman77 Original
Crazy Needle alexlion0511 Rainbow Needle
Flower Recovery Center MariosonicBFDI FRC
Square Coiny with Rounded Edges beanme100 Square Coiny
Maple Leafy vader97100 Original
Spowenaseball logmeister4 A few contestants combined
Robot Firey DonkeyKong381 Robotic Firey
Lava Teardrop Rhinobuddroblox Recolored Teardrop
Robot Teardrop dcatone Robotic Teardrop
Purple Girl with Wind Hair and Angry Eyes TheOther44dav44 Modified David
Watermelon wifishark8 Original
Like Bar PakoWhiteWaffles Original
Crying Tears JACKIEMON1 Original
Talking Teardrop yummysimon4 Talking Teardrop
Invisible Pen ufus630 Nothing
Flying Binoculars JhonnyFinster Original
Rocky Speaker Box BracEFacEDinO Clone of Announcer
Crystal Rose crystalzoura1 Original
Slushy supahawesomeguyz Original
Boxing Glove cecsix Original
Evil Contestants darkepicultimate Evil Contestants
Owly 2 Lohuydahutt Original
Rose the Flower yoshiman4321 Original
Heatcube iCakeJake Original
Teardrop's Friends MVboys2 Teardrop Clones
Orange Leafy Thefundude48 Recolored Leafy
Smiley Trophy jod807 Original
Flower's Biggest Fan 8BitPorygonFamer Modified David
Candy Corn jmo1954am1949 Original
Strawberry with Green Dots platinumchimchar Original
Flower Hater TDChick96 Modified David
Listerine Bottle thedarkachu Original
Another Namey SonicSpongebob Another Name Logo
Giant Pink Evil Leafy totaldramalover3032 Modified Leafy
Troll Face Rocky xbuckmulletx Rocky with a Troll Face
Bracelety dapoppy2 Bracelety from Reveal Novum
Hot Pink Tennis Ball Nmason78 Recolored Tennis Ball
Blue Motion DylanMultiProductions Original
Final 3 arturs2323 Original
Announcer's Brother oobadarkrai Announcer Clone
Scissors kammiejr Original
Nice Flower desmundhume Flower Clone
Steeley Jario943 Original
Cheese Orb shadowmario899 Original
Reggie englishcreamcakes Original
Lunchbox mojoguy109 Original
Cheese Orb Recovery Center Kalasi97 Recovery Center
Leafy's Brother bobbo44445 Leafy Clone
Giant Bubble nathanliu8 Resized Bubble
Waterhand Coiny MetalBladeMan Coiny Clone
3D Leafy DragonBallNC 3D Leafy
Computer pokebrothers1 Original
Red Velvet Cake TotalDramaIsland5543 Cake used in Elimi

Battle For Dream Island Again

Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know

Order RC Recommender Type Status
1 Boombox Anko6 Original

Get Digging

Order RC Recommender Type Status
1 Lego Brick Bkshawgogo Original BFDIA 5b Character
2 Nacho powerpower2011 Original
3 Chocolate Bar THEDKA3 Chocolate Bar from BFDI 23
4 Emerald Whateves2349 Recolored Ruby
5 Cookie TDJessiFan Original
6 Toast Joey B. Original
7 Hammer cheeta465 Leafy's Hammer in BFDI 4
8 Bagel AzelStar Recolored Donut
9 Pearl AzelStar Original
10 Domino cheeta465 Domino from BFDI 12
11 Button ThirstySkunk910 Original
12 Bubble Gum Whatevs2349 Original
13 Dicey Joey B. Dice from BFDI 13
14 Ice Cream SuperMightyMichael Original
15 CD TDJessiFan Original
16 Muffin Waluigifreak789 Original
17 Master Recovery Center Creator aoii Original
18 Piggy Bank MatTheFox3 Original
19 Tape OfficialMatrVincent Original
20 Deadly AzlefStar Original
21 Pizza cheeta465 Pizza from BFDI 21
22 Laptop Joey B. Original
23 Peppermint sonamy1268 Original
24 Orangey TheFanguy123 Original
25 Crayon TDJessiFan Crayon from BFDI 13

Insectophobe's Nightmare 3

Order RC Recommender Type Status
1 Tune BFDIdubita23 Original BFDIA 5b Character
2 Acorn LordSparkIV Original
3 Coconut Sunslicer2 Original
4 Revived Bubble Sirninjamokey Bubble
5 Map from OU TeenChampion Original
6 Lamp Original
7 Mic tim Microphone from BFDI 19
8 Lime Joey B. Original
9 Chocolate Milk PixieStickDriver101 Original
10 Plug goldenzoomi Original
11 Gifty catimis8 Leafy's gift to Bubble in BFDI 17
12 Evil Book redking632 Recolored Book
13 Torch cheetah645 Original
14 Immunity Token Joey B. Original
15 Salad redking632 Original
16 Globe THEEDKA3 Original
17 Disco Ball Beckham918 Original
18 Announcer Recovery Center Creator Epiczac Original
19 Chip Shinymew05 Original
20 9 Ball Joey B. Recolored 8-Ball
21 Cannon Ball AzlefStar Original
22 A duck redking632 Original
23 Cheez-it AzlefStar Cheez-it from BFDI 21
24 Doughball jacknjellify Recolored Snowball
25 Poster AzlefStar Map from OU

Zeeky Boogy Doog

Order RC Recommender Type Status
1 Get Well Card for Jacknjellify SuperMightyMichael Original
2 Boulder awsomedude17859 Legless Rocky
3 Cherries Georgia Original
4 Fortunate Cookie smileeme34 Original
5 Evil Flower ParanoidDeath321 Recolored Flower
6 Yoyle Candy pinkiemidu Recolored candy bar from Firey's Candy Bar Adventure
7 Cracker lepnonis Original
8 Bow wifishark Original
9 Dr. Pepper Can awsomedude18759 Recolored Bubbly Pop from BFDIA 3
10 Smore Marshmellowz Original
11 Lava Lamp MR. Penut Original
12 Cheesy TuffTogekiss Original
13 Mechanical Pencil TotalCustomSeries Original
14 Chicken Nugget HotrauWaffle101 Original
15 Volley Ball awesomedude18759 Original
16 Broken Pen redking632 Pen
17 Ink Minecraftlover99 Original
18 Pencil Sharpener wifishark Original
19 Ninja Woody JDOCJO5814 Woody
20 Pyramid guy Original
21 Good Flower flowergift Flower
22 Cinnamon Roll Scruffy1203 Original
23 Electric Ice Cube SuperMightyMichael Recolored Ice Cube
24 Marble SuperMightyMichael Original
25 Dome flutterchu Original

Get in the Van

Order RC Recommender Type Status
1 Waffle CobaltGameMixer676 Original BFDIA 5b Character
2 Carpenter's Pencil wbnk Original
3 Christmas Tree Ghostgirl7000 Original
4 Candy Cane Spongy318 Original
5 Cheeseburger CobaltGameMixer676 Original
6 Electric Guitar Stupid Original
7 Flashlight CobaltGameMixer676 Original
8 Cereal Box wifishark Original
9 Glue SuperMightyMichael Original
10 Onion Ring CobaltGameMixer676 Original
11 Kabab wifishark Original
12 Soapy luvpuppy201 Original
13 Christmas Firey DaKillahBunnyz Recolored Firey
14 Stocking Marshmellowz Original
15 Ornament Scruffy1203 Original
16 3DS wifishark Original
17 Bacon wifishark Original
18 Passion Fruit Ilikebugs Original
19 Shield Ilikebugs Original
20 Starfruit wifishark Recolored Passion Fruit
21 Bamboo wifishark Original
22 Watermelon wifishark Recolored Passion Fruit
23 Candy Dispenser wifishark Original
24 Durian wifishark Recolored Passion Fruit
25 Eggplant wifishark Recolored Passion Fruit

Battle for BFDI

Lick Your Way To Freedom

Order RC Recommender Type Status
Root Beer thetgrodz Original
Churro RGuy98 Original
1 Synthesizer stufff Original
2 downvote Croc2274 Original
3 Arrow TD5406 Original
4 Pistachio kitkatyj Original
5 Euro Hugheseyboy 103 Recolored Coiny
6 Hand Gel TardistheTardis Original
7 Beehive Cormac Oliver Original
8 Pearl/Oyster xXBombs_AwayXx Original
9 Triangle ShiningTopaz Original
10 (Smirk) ThePirhana12 Original
11 Mechanical Pencil Numberscrub   Recolored Pencil
12 Briefcase PatronedAtomOfGlaDOS Original
13 Krystal CyanValkyrie Original
14 Fishbowl alexlion0511 Original
15 Shrimp Tempura invincibleWitzi Original
16 Wishlist mrbox1 Original
17 Surf Board TheRedBreloom Original
18 Font Sardobomb Original
19 Lose Token pokpower8 Original
20 Mr. Invisible TheBestMaybe Original
21 RJ Kumar RjGunner111 Original
22 Cartridgey RayInDaHaus9462 Original
23 Fish AwesomePet Original
24 Ping Pong TrueHell Original
25 BLUE NEEDLE realcodyjnutt Recolored Needle
26 Toffee decenthumanbeing2 Original
27 Teabag DynamicHiccup Original
28 Chicken Bucket Aidsiepoop Original
29 Melody meranda856 Original
30 Pretzel Fight Of The Objects2 Original
31 Bunk Bed IntelligenceisKey729 Original
32 Windmill HBF Original
33 Gravestone Melikepie50 Original
34 Snow Gear Gameplushes Original
35 Slimy avLugia Original
36 Charcoal Korcelain Original
37 Frozen Yogurt PlanetBucket22 Original
38 Pencil Pouch DaBupThing Original
39 Headphones MrMapleSyrupYT Original
40 Brain TrollerPilotXIV Original
41 Yoyle Spoon minnimda Lollipop as "Yoyle Spoon"
42 Tube defenderebel Original
43 Lily Red1225 Lily from BFDI 23
44 Loaf Croc2274 Original
45 Shrub A_Doctor_Who, Leohochey123 Shrub from BFDI 17
46 Cereal Bowl ObjcrafToons3 Original
47 HEARING AID xebla256 Original
48 Kiwi LOS-Official Original
49 Ice Cube Speaker Box BFDIfan Ice Cube as a speaker box
50 Duffel Bag TehCanadianSpartan Original
51 Lilypad Taor_Desu Original
52 9-Ball AwesomecatmanYT Original
53 Pawny RATFIREBALL Original
54 Stump Gamingx24 Original
55 Clover ILoveLeafyBFDI Original
56 Fork TsJaGab Original
57 Emerald Book gooddogtyson Emerald colored Book
58 Pizza JetChannel Original
60 Minty therealmatthewiam Original
61 Pitaya Lpcarver Original
62 Chips XanderDoesStuff Original
63 Muffin GizmoMaxington Original
64 Mushroom superhyperguy Original
65 Tetherbally Yellow-Chippy-Kitty Original
66 Chalky Aquarithyst Original
67 Bang Snaps CPGreeno357 Original
68 fweeby dude chinese-mustard-owl Recolored David
69 Fez TheVideoGamers Original
70 Hailairhous WoopDooCrafter Original
71 Computer jrgamer4u Original
72 Laptoppy bloomdiva Original
73 Avocado ThisPerson11111 Original
74 JacknJellify Swiftpenguin78 Original
75 pawprint Pawprint101 Original
76 Cappy RainAdamA Original
77 Calculator lillbro64, Melikepie50, LPSBFDI4EVER, grentilezard, Laptros, Agenco, Galaxy_360 Original
78 Chocolate Chip ChimcharMan08 Original
79 BFDIPhone LopofPlauz_ Original
80 me pad Butterlord3317 Original
81 Phone n8nks77 Original
82 Phoney Terrificten Original
83 Mephone Jetziel Original
84 Plug PixarTitans Original
85 Fire redball800 Original
86 Sunflower Seed tyljus6124 Original
87 Fairy Floss [deleted] Original
88 DVD Novakobx22 DVD from BFDI 14
89 Blocky, Eraser and Pen Pizzalover593 Blocky, Eraser and Pen combined
90 Phone Loveandhate21 Original
91 Lightning Bolt ZSmasherZ Original
92 SOCCERBALL TacoMasterBacon Original
93 Marble Soda stephentehtune Original
94 cat face s_floyd Yellow Face with a cat face
95 Birthday Bubble Dr_V_Playz_MC Bubble with a Party Hat on
96 Vasey BarrytheNPC Original
97 Fossil Melikepie50 Original
98 Toonie ZeroGD Original
99 Shoe Patrick2eTVM Original
100 Peanut Butter kasinda123 Original
101 Anvil LittleNekoWolf Original
102 Green Rocky edencudak Recolored Rocky
103 Blueberry JenningsAYU, AmateurAnimator Original
104 Tomato FuyuhikoFan4Ever Original
105 pocketbook michaelborgese Original
106 Cup CrazyAnimationsCA Original
107 Weavey Max7313 David with hair
108 Handheld ThePlungeTakers Original
109 Woody's Cousin Trees05 Modified Woody
110 SodaBottle CyanHyprPsychic Modified Bottle
111 Asteroid dashy234BFDIFAN Original
112 Western Sahara WorldanGo Original
113 Cheese puff CherryBomb365 Original
114 Yin - Yang MixellsLord98711 Original
115 Evidence Bag RealWorldAnimations Original
116 Tape legotd61 Original
117 Belly Bag Jaredlavette Original
118 Orb xXCAL3BXx Original
119 Coffee Bean JadenCriniti13 Original
120 Strawberry t2dawg_Relentless Original
121 Goldy thiccpicc Original
122 Football GaminAwesome Original
123 Pebble Soniconreddit Original
124 Mrs. Announcer Box khaniage Modified Announcer
125 Sapphire Sapphirexe Recolored Ruby
126 Brocoli RobloxLuis_2005 Original
127 Blob BluherBlier Original
128 TWOWBot meduza3 Modified Book
129 red stickman reddit8907 Recolored David
130 Punching bag MorningIsTrash Original
131 Frame DangerDin0 Original
132 Green Smoothie WeedleSquad Original
133 Bowling Ball nathanlol113 Original
134 Meatball robotsnake200 Original
135 Megaphone RedHairBoy Original
136 coffee SkittySkitty12 Original
137 Banana matrvincent Original
138 Spongy's Mother (Spongette) LifesLikeCoffee Clone of Spongy
139 Apple adamcoolbrat Original
140 Crossy Jay28jay2 Original
141 Videy GmanyOyle24 Original
142 Hammery PK891 Original
143 Furnace Andyman620 Original
144 Traffic Light Nog8 Original
145 Freeze Juice BRuh Trooll Freeze Juice
146 Watermelon wifishark Original
147 shuttlecock thecatsonice Original
148 richard Satyarichard Modified David
149 Sippy SquidneyDaSquid Original
150 Ace of Hearts YouWannaFightMeM8 Original
151 Softball Pufferfishmax Original
152 Spraypaint tehTTGuy Original
153 Boxie ItsBoxDragon Original
154 Syrup TheCrypticBanana Original
155 Trash Can SonicTheHedge_ Original
156 Ice cream onurbfdiafan Original
157 Nail Polish EggPlantYass Original
158 David's Alter Ego llog123 Recolored David
159 sword AidenH6 Original
160 Pillar PillarAndHisCrown Original
161 Napalm WhereisTheNewEpisode Original
162 Perfume Swiftpenguin78 Original
163 Sun BFDIAFan_1103 Original
164 evil marker tardismike Evil Marker
165 Chair Poke_ProXO Original
166 Erlenmeyer 1r5drooodle Original
167 onigiri Piggy_wig Original
168 Gifty Poke_ProXO Original
169 Mirror Swiftpenguin78 Original
170 Jalapeno WaltenP Original
171 Pea PoopydoopyPerson Original
172 Epic Face Swiftpenguin78 Original
173 Evil Gelatin TLGaming Evil Gelatin
174 Watery JESUSROCKS61 Recolored Teardrop
175 Action Bubble CapeCreations Modified Bubble
176 Battery TNTMaster370 Original
177 Bacon superbacon508 Original
178 Green bottle-cap Tham_Kanu Original
179 Sharp SharpFanIDFB Original
180 Flamethrower DaSnowballCartman Original
181 Scarfy Ficlles Original
182 Lime Donut donutbro Recolored Donut
183 purfball 8cartman Puffball Clone
184 Red Pen GrassyDude Recolored Pen

Today's Very Special Episode

Order RC Recommender Type Status
1 Golf Ball Speaker Box Angry 315 Recolored Announcer
2 Robot Tree Leo Y. Original
3 Coraly Jasmine C. Original
4 Winner Get W. Original
5 Discy AwesomeX04 Original
6 Charger Xomander Original
7 Boom Mic Abject S. Original
8 tinfoily Noogai23 Original
9 Heart GaomonAndLucario Original
10 exit sign geno1906 Recolored David
11 cardy Hugheseypoop Original
12 Sponeg The Sensei Sponeg t. S. Recolored David
13 censor bar dog kittydog Original
14 Milkshake BranDexterXtreme Original
15 shopping cart Joeart M. Original
16 Hatty KingofDoorknobs Original
17 Science book Arekz Recolored Book
18 Cookie thecatsonice Original
19 Credit Card Azoko L. Original
20 A BFDI Gaabii Original BFB Prize
21 SOTP SIGN alexlion0511 Original
22 Little Boy The D. B. Original
23 Pandora Book MiggsKirby888 Recolored Book
24 Rainbow Trevor Original
25 Soldery Amor B. Original
26 Sun Coin Civyv Recolored Coiny
27 Pebble galactika! Original
28 Lily Lilyisalef Original
29 Orange Taylor G. Original
30 beany paperpaws & lolipope Original
31 Biscuit Helinos B. Original
32 Symbol Nathan P. Original
33 Epic Guy WhoIsTheGuy Original
34 Water Bottle Phant0mInfinity Recolored Bottle
35 First Aid Kit Jagger J. C. Original
36 Dollar Bill/the dollar i donated JumboDS64/DiamondCup67 Original
37 Hot Cheese Puff WakelessLon Original
38 Piece Of String Louise K. Original
39 Candle StarGust Original
40 Wasabi Space W. Original
41 Chestnut Thom J. Original
42 Eviler Spongy Billy S. Recolored Spongy
43 Potato Austin E. Original
44 Cream Cookie Max J. Original
45 Lemi12 Lara K. Recolored David
46 Jordan A. & David A. Jordan L. A. Original
47 blood juice doctorollie Original
48 snake david g. Original
49 PDA lyxon Original
50 X the Arcade Machine Just A. D. M. Original
51 One Way Sign Jimmy T. Original
52 Swappy Augie279 Original

Four Goes Too Far

Order RC Recommender Type Status
1 Swappy Augie279 Swappy from BFB 4
2 PDA lyxon PDA from BFB 4
3 Cream Cookie Max J. Cream Cookie from BFB 4
4 Potato Austin E. Potato from BFB 4
5 Wasabi Space W. Wasabi from BFB 4
6 Lasery Thom J. Original
7 Piece Of String Lousie K. Piece Of String from BFB 4
8 Evil Leafy Diamondcup67 Evil Leafy
9 Water Bottle Phant0mInfinity Water Bottle From BFB 4
10 Symbol Nathan P. Symbol from BFB 4
11 Pebble galactika! Pebble from BFB 4
12 Beany paperpaws & lolipope Beany from BFB 4
13 One Way Sign Jimmy T. One Way Sign from BFB 4
14 Lily Lilyisalef Lily from BFB 4
15 Can of Black Olives Amor B. Original
16 Composite Nicholas M. Original
17 Towely ChrisShwafer Original
18 WILD CARD alexlion0511 Original
19 jawbreaker Gaabii A Jawbreaker from BFB 2
20 Cookie thecatsonice Cookie from BFB 4
21 Green Tea KingofDoorknobs Original
22 censor bar dog kittydog censor bar dog from BFB 4
23 cardy Hugheseypoop cardy from BFB 4
24 Heart GaomonAndLucario Heart from BFB 4
25 Bunsen Burner Abject S. Original
26 Charger Xomander Charger from BFB 4
27 Winner Get W. Winner from BFB 4
28 Winner Get W. Robot Tree by Get W. from BFB 4 (Was mistakenly labeled as Winner)
29 Lampy AwesomeX04 Original
30 tinfoily Noogai223 tinfoily from BFB 4
31 exit sign geno1906 exit sign from BFB 4
32 Jordan A. & David A. Jordan L. A. Jordan A. & David A. from BFB 4
33 Sponeg The Sensei Sponeg t. S. Sponeg The Sensei from BFB 4
34 sideview mirror Joeart M. Original
35 Milkshake BranDexterXtreme Milkshake from BFB 4
36 Dolly Nukri K. Original
37 Gum Bally Nukri K. Original
38 X the Arcade Machine Just A. D. M. X the Arcade Machine from BFB 4
39 paragraph KoolKidz112 Original
40 Dreidel Mordercaisland1010 Original
41 Vinyl Record Gavin W. Original
42 brainy Elijah v. Original
43 Little Man The D. B. Original
44 orange plate Spencer E. Original
45 Piñata OxygenWiblur Original
46 CRT Monitor fweeby Original
47 Oil Pastel Natty23 Original
48 Choo Choo the Train InterstellarLizard Original
49 Beanie Justin W. Original
50 fishy Attentionseeking Recolored Fish from BFB 2
51 Lamp Shade Guylan B. Recolored Lampy (without shade)
52 Phantatstrophy Silverkoopa888 Recolored Snowball
53 Snow Candy Wrapper Snow C. S. Original
54 Blender Papiomike Original
55 Mailbox Rehtro Original
56 Cactus ObjectiveInsight Original
57 lithium lithium Original
58 Lose Token pokpower8 Lose Token from BFB 2
59 Violin Violin Original
60 Circuit Board ÆSTHEIC OBJECTS Original
61 Ulm boppinduk Original
62 snake The O. K. Y. K. D. snake from BFB 4
63 Lemi12 Lara K. Lemi12 from BFB 4
64 clown nose doctorollie Original
65 Dragonman JumboDS64 Dragonman from BFDI 17
66 Eviler Spongy Billy S. Eviler Spongy from BFB 5
67 Candle StarGust Original
68 Melted Ice Cream WakelessLon Original
69 Hoodie Jagger J. C. Original
70 Epic Guy WhoIsTheGuy Epic Guy from BFB 4
71 Biscuit Helinos B. Biscuit from BFB 4
72 Orange Taylor G. Orange from BFB 4
73 Blue Spotty Ball Carlton Original
74 rainbow spinning wheel Trevor Original
75 Credit Card Azoko L. Credit Card from BFB 4
76 Science book Arekz Science book from BFB 4

The Liar Ball You Don't Want

This Episode Is About Basketball

Enter the Exit

What Do You Think of Roleplay?

Order RC Recommender Type Status
1 Popped Bubble WakelessLon The animation of Bubble popping
2 FRIENDY+ Charley "Worm" W. Original
3 Toilet Paper JenningsAsYetUntitled Original
4 Swappy Augie279 Swappy from BFB 6
5 Credit Card AzokoLoko Credit Card from BFB 6
6 Paper Towel Dispenser Cryopearl Original
7 Science book Arekz Science Book from BFB 4
8 Gashapon Capsule Ixyon Capsule containing Loser
9 Air Freshener Sophie B. Original
10 banana apple Attentionseeking Original
11 bowl Austin E. Original
12 Popcorn Smargin G. Original
13 Linguini Phant0mInfinity Original
14 michael as a dinosaur NovaThePerson Original
15 Rainbow Puppy BranDexterXtreme Original
16 shopping cart Joeart M. Original
17 cherryade Thomas p. Original
18 Nat 20 multi p. Original
19 Rosy OneMillionFurries Original
20 Black Square Wertem Original
21 RedBirdBlocks BFDIFan100026cookierainbow Original
22 carys bike weel Connor S. May be referencing Cary's Stolen Bike
23 Computery A.R.P. Original
24 Ink Jagger J. C. Original
25 Happy Birthday Card Billy S. Original
26 Mardi Gras Bead Taylor G. Original
27 Amor Boretto bum Original
28 Popper ShortStone Original
29 Cheese Slice WoopDooCreations Original
30 Magnifying Glass bluelight439 Original
31 conch shell GradedA Original
32 Hazelnut Sweet R. F. Original
33 Plunger Croix K. Original
34 Cough Drop Nicholas M. Original
35 Coolboy mapsaden Recolored Yellow Face
36 King Pen lilly w. Pen with a crown
37 Jordan Justin W. Original
38 RAINBOW Blocky B L. O. C. K. Y. Recolored Blocky
39 Winter Tree ThatOneGuyOnPatreon Recolored Tree
40 Meat Cube doctorollie Original
41 Quartz Graphic Original
42 Fernandez Kaskad Original
43 A-key DeletedPoptarts Original
44 mousepaddy Noogai223 Original
45 Watermelon wifishark Original
46 Fire Child Carter W. Recolored Firey
47 Washing Machine Connor M. Original
48 whY coolsketchablestuff Original
49 Hyper sin Original
50 Doggie Bone Megan W. Original
51 think emote Gaabii Original
52 MPC Top H. Original
53 Shinyleaf Shinyleaf Recolored Leafy
54 GLOBY Long I. B. Original
55 Seven Cody S. Original
56 Fidget Spinner bfcpgun1022 Original
57 Soccor Goal Paula J. Original
58 Rupee House O. L. Original
59 Penny Molly S. Original
60 Juice box nickgaming3711 Original
61 Wine Klemen702 Original
62 Cardboard Stuff N' Things 707 :3 Original
63 milk carton Tealodash9 Original
64 Choo Choo the Train InterstellarLizard Choo Choo the Train from BFB 6
65 Davidy MedioLitro Upside-down David
66 geode serpentiume Original

Return of the Rocket Ship

Order RC Recommender Type Status
1 Ace TREEFAN2 Upside Down Ace Of Spades

Don't Dig Straight Down

The Four is Lava

The Escape from Four

X Marks the Spot

Take the Tower

How Loe Can You Grow?