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In some carykh videos, characters who are in the style of Battle for Dream Island characters appear.


Beggy is a character created by Katherine Sun in a stream of Baldi's Basics. In the livestream she put her face over an egg which he later put on the head of Baldi making Beggy. Cary later uploaded a video of the character parodying the video "Shrek is love, Shrek is life".


Twow Contestants

The TWOW contestants are a group of contestants in the carykh series Ten Words of Wisdom. All of the characters are based on Book from Battle For Dream Island Again. The final contestants are Midnight Light and Meester Tweester.


Laptoppy is a character in the carykh videos. He is used to show what Cary is doing with his computer. If Cary is making his computer scan something the character of his computer will be seen scanning something with a magnifying glass. The character of the computer has no personality although he always seems happy.