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This list shows all known errors in the BFDI series.

Battle for Dream Island

Take the Plunge

Part 1

  • There was a shadow under Blocky, then got smaller when he turned around.
  • When Pin was getting up, her arm wasn't attached to her body.
  • When Pin is pushing herself off of blocky, She disappears suddenly before landing.
  • When Bubble says "Yoikes! what was that for?" A black bit is breifly seen above her eyebrow.
  • When Flower held on to Pin, her arm wasn't attached to her body.
  • When the scene changed to SpongyFirey and Coiny were armless and faceless. However, when it moved up to them, their arms (except Spongy's) and face appeared.
  • At 3:45, Eraser is armless.
  • At 4:28, the characters' sizes were incorrect.
  • While Pin & Leafy are flying, you will see Eraser floating at the sky.
    Screenshot 20190917-160735

    See that?

Part 2

  • At points, Spongy is legless, and Firey's top has no animation.
  • Blocky's mouth was upside-down at times.
  • When the Squishy Cherries's boat crashed Pencil is gone.
  • Pencil seems to stick with a boat when the boat is cracking. When the boat cracked down, Firey's top has no animation.
  • When Coiny says that Golf Ball and Tennis Ball are in love, Teardrop's arm was attached to Leafy's arm.
  • When Tennis Ball attempts to jump into the boat, Ice Cube and Coiny disappears for a split second before the scene changes.
  • When the screen shows some of the members of the Squishy Cherries nearly at the finish line, before the screen pans into Pin and Bubble, Pin is limbless.
  • When the Squashy Grapes say they want Golf Ball on their team, Ice Cube has no face or legs.
  • After Leafy wanted Tennis Ball the Announcer says "Back to Pen's team".

Barriers and Pitfalls

  • Before Cake at Stake, Announcer says he first needs to get "Match & Tennis Ball & Golf Ball & Teardrop & Needle & Spongy & Rocky & Firey & Woody & Flower", referring to the contestants floating on Spongy in the Goiky Canal. This is an error, as Snowball was floating on Spongy, not Flower.
  • When the Announcer Crusher was destroyed, there was no Announcer.
    Woody's fixed!
  • When Pin hit Woody, you can see Woody fixed.
  • There are multiple things wrong in the scene where Flower threatens to crush the Announcer:
    • Flower's mouth isn't moving.
    • The cake on Tennis Ball's face disappears, as well as the Announcer and the button that Flower is holding.
  • Right when Golf Ball destroys the Announcer Crusher, the whole cake is still there though all of it was passed out.
  • In the flashback when the Sea Monster missed to eat Blocky after it closed its mouth, its shadow doesn't move.
  • Even though Bubble was popped by one of the peices of Flower's Announcer Crusher, she was standing next to Match and Pencil when Match said, "we have to stick together!"
    • However, it is possible that she was recovered off-screen.
  • After Firey stopped to get onto one of the chairlifts, his legs are still moving.
  • Firey gets on the blue seat of the chairlift even though it already passes through him for a split second.
  • Even though Pencil was dulled, she was then seen riding the seats with her end sharpened.
  • When Pin was shaking, her mouth didn't shake.
  • When Flower was flying above all of those things, you can hear Ice Cube saying "I'm scared" backward.
  • Teardrop has no mouth in 2 scenes at Cake at Stake

Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?

  • When Match asks Pencil how is she doing in the test, Match says "teh", incorrectly pronouncing the word "test".
  • Another error that occurred is that Pencil was oversized and much larger than Match in the same scene.
  • At the Cake at Stake for the results of Episode 2, when Pin and others talk of hating Key Lime Pie they are on the left side of the "arena". However, once Win Token usage is talked about, Pin and everyone on the left side appear on the right. This occurs again but with only Pen moving to the left after he receives his second Key Lime Pie (his first one from another contestant).
  • In the calling of all players at Failer's Waiting Room from Episode 2, Speaker verbally calls for Pin, but in the sentences shown, it says Pen, this was fixed with an annotation.
  • Woody's number of votes is never revealed (as in every other episode that it was declared last safe), even though it is truly 3 votes.
  • Just before Bubble gets slapped and popped by Match, both of her legs are moving at the same time, making her walk like she has a broken leg.
  • When Tennis Ball explains that no arms is no excuse, his test and pencil, along with Rocky's are in front of them. But in the next scene, after Rocky gets mad, all that left is only Tennis Ball's pencil.
  • When Match says "Let's play Spongy Cake", if you listen closely, you can hear Pencil mimicking her.
    • This also occurs after Match says "I got a mini-Match too!", you can hear someone says "Place!" twice in the background at a very small volume.
      • However, this could be an accident/mistake either by Michael or Cary Huang when recording the lines.
  • Ice Cube has no face or legs when Blocky holds the ICRC up to the fire.
    • The door of the ICRC is also facing at the wrong direction.
      Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 3.36.02 PM

      Ice Cube has no face or legs!

  • When Bubble is recovered, the door is knocked out.
  • When Golf Ball gets mad at Rocky for not knowing how to write, Rocky's pencil is gone.
  • When Tennis Ball rolls down after Rocky kicked him, Tennis Ball's right leg was not attached to him.
  • When it's raining, the ICRC's door is gone. Possibly due to an animation error.
  • After the TV screen displays all the contestants' scores, Rocky's test is still on him even though it has already been collected.
  • At the end of the episode, Tennis Ball's line is cut off.
  • Tennis Ball and Rocky's tests are missing.

Sweet Tooth


The flipped money on Pen's hand

  • Bubble appears when Pencil returns, without acknowledgment of the Bubble Recovery Center. However, this may or may not have been off-screen.
  • After turning into Bubble, Pencil is slapped by Match. However, she was Bubble at the time and was not shown turning back to Pencil form.
  • In the parody of the intro at 3:15, the music is louder than the traditional level.
  • When Tennis Ball shows Golf Ball his Rice Cake, the distance from Golf Ball is too short for a screen cut to be legitimate in distance.
  • Only one Oven-O-Tron is shown, while multiple cakes are shown - at different, but close times.
  • Match could not have known about Leafy's cakes up for purchase, seeing as no one involved with the purchases prior to her idea informed her.
  • Firey is seen in episode 2 saying that he can't handle Snowball, Teardrop, or Ice Cube (As they are water based, which is Firey's poison) But a piece of the ice cake is thrown directly at him and he does not burn.
    • Instead, the ice cake just melts.
  • When Coiny is eating the last chocolate ball, he has no arms.
  • When Pin ate the chunk of ice, she didn't have arms.
  • When Pen turned around, the money in his hand flipped too.
  • The Radio broadcast mentions the Earth becoming a triple-planet system, mistakeingly labeling the Moon as a planet.
  • Pencil returns offscreen.
  • When it was Bubble's turn to turn in a cake, she has Woody's eyes.

Bridge Crossing

  • During the tiebreaker, Pencil, Match, Golf Ball, Leafy, Needle, and Rocky are seen, even though they fell through the gorge.
  • After Pencil gets hit by an ice cream cake and she turns around, the ice cream cake on her back suddenly disappears.
  • From that same scene, Teardrop is on the Cherries, between Pencil and Match.
  • Pencil is not on the Cake at Stake after Needle slaps her.
  • When Pin says "OMPF" (Oh my pin factory), she doesn't have arms.

Power of Three

  • In a flashback of Take the Plunge: Part 1, Firey appears to be happy, but in the actual episode, he looked worried.
  • In the before and after pictures, Pencil and Match's mouths are connected.
  • When the losing team's contestants make a weird noise at the end, Ice Cube's mouth got darker.
  • When Pencil crossed the beam, her leg wasn't attached to her body.
  • When Firey was recovered, his flame wasn't back animated.
  • At 8:20, Golf Ball's voice speak distantly before showing Snowball.
  • At 6:12, when Pencil holds one of a piece of the jigsaw puzzle, it inclined to the right. However, when Pencil flipped it, it stayed the same.
  • At 2:32, Needle has no arms or legs.
  • At 4:28, Pen has no mouth.
  • At 3:10, Leafy and Teardrop only have 1 leg each.
  • Ice Cube's slice of cake has all the cream on top instead of half, like it should.

Cycle of Life

  • When Match squeezes Bubble hard, her arms are long. When Bubble pops, her arms appear short.
  • Firey does not have hands at 4:28 when laughing at Coiny that he didn't make the team.
  • Firey is not flaming at 1:54 and 3:37.
  • Bubble is armless at 1:16.

Insectophobe's Nightmare

  • Throughout the episode, Match has three arms.
  • When Coiny gets barfed on by Rocky, neither of them are moving, but the background is.
  • When Tennis Ball sees the tight rope, Coiny's mouth is gone and Firey has no arms.
  • When Rocky barfs on grass where his team slips, their team is not attached.
  • When the teams are first being picked, Another Name's order is Coiny, Golf Ball, Tennis Ball, and Rocky. Then Firey joins and appears in front of Coiny. But then, Rocky is in front, and then Tennis Ball, Golf Ball, and Firey is behind Coiny at the end. But when they are choosing their team name, Golf Ball is in front of Firey instead of Coiny.
  • When the Announcer is asking Rocky to pick (after Leafy picks Ice Cube), Ice Cube is behind the speaker next to Teardrop even though she should be with Leafy.
  • When Coiny says "I wonder when he starts to comment on the Bottomless Pit, he is on the left side.


  • Blocky didn't talk in the very first bits of the episode. But in the next shot, he did.
  • Since Spongy was eliminated, he couldn't have been at the bottom under the spikes. The only way he could've done that is if he escaped, which wasn't possible for other people.
  • When Blocky receives the cake or the modeling clay since the cake was too expensive, he high-fives Snowball but when it goes to the next frame, he isn't there anymore.
  • At exactly 3:45, Eraser is not in the tub.
  • Even though Match was further from the vomit than Pencil, she worried before the vomit got to her.
  • When Blocky grabs Firey he is not being burned even though Blocky is made of wood.
    • Also in that part Firey is not affected by the water.
    • This is the only episode with Pencil who disagreed with her alliance to keep Teardrop.
  • At 2:18, Ice Cube's green bar disappears.
  • In the ropes contest, when Rocky falls to the ground, his eyes are smaller.
  • Firey should've died when rolling into a snowball, mentioning in Barriers and Pitfalls, Firey mentioned that water was too dangerous for him; Snowball was one of them.


  • While everyone is climbing up the stairs, Rocky is nowhere to be seen. He then reappears when everyone is donnly Snowball, Pencil, Blocky, Firey, and Ice Cube; Eraser's screaming voice can be heard, though it could be Blocky screaming.
  • When Match kicks her maroon ball in anger, Match is above Bubble in the scoreboard, even though Match's points were deducted and went below Bubble. The error is still visible when Ice Cube returned her maroon ball.
  •  When Blocky appears before the intro, there is nothing behind him, but when he falls backward, Firey, Ice Cube, three recommended characters, and water appear.
  • At 0:22, it shows that Remote was recommended by punx192, but it's actually recommended by simondomino.
  • At 1:38, when Announcer threw a fish to Bubble, she didn't pop.
  • At 2:58, Announcer glitches a little bit to the right.
  • Blocky is floating for 2 seconds.
  • During the contest, the scoreboard displays incorrect rankings and numbers multiple times, so much so that annotations are in the episode itself acknowledging the errors. For example, you could see that Rocky has 31 points and Ice Cube has 30. Rocky's score is supposed to be over Ice Cube's score but instead it's the other way around.
    • Also, at 4:24, Ice Cube was put into the Danger Zone, but subsequent displays of the scoreboard don't include Ice Cube in the Danger Zone.
  • At 5:07, when a red ball hits Firey, it didn't catch on fire.
  • At 6:52, Match isn't in the Danger Zone.
  • At 1:57, how did Announcer not fall?

Half a Loaf is Better Than None

  • At the scene where the Announcer throws a slice of cake to Tennis Ball (1:43), there are three slices of cake there. Though there were supposed to be 2 slices left since there were 3 contestants left (Tennis Ball, Rocky and Match).
  • At 3:22, Firey was not burning.
  • The time sand can't fall down without anything to block it.
  • Technically, hydrochloric acid is supposed to be clear, not green.
  • When Match dump her first 3 loaves to her basket, Snowball's basket is empty.
  • After Tennis Ball said "Yeah! go Golf Ball!", Firey's arms cannot be seen.
    • It is likely that his arms is hidden behind.
  • At 4:41, the tv is on front of loafs of bread.


  • Firey has been seen not burning multiple times.
  • An error on the jars when zooming the ingredients for the taco.

Bowling, Now with Explosions!

  • Leafy was still lip-syncing April Fools! after everyone else stopped saying it.
  • When Bubble's bowling ball fell, it goes though the wall.
  • Firey isn't burning again.
  • When Announcer said "these are your current scores", he isn't vibrating.
  • At the end of the video, the Episode 17 date says "May 1, 2010" instead of 2011. This was fixed using an annotation. As of 2017, jacknjellify removed all of the annotations in all of their videos, so the mistake was reverted back.

The Reveal

  • On 8-Ball's joining audition, the username recommended him "TheBombDigityShis" was misspelled as "TheBombDigiyShis".
    • Jacknjellify fixed this error by adding an annotation.
    • This also happens when one of the recommenders who recommended Clock, the numbers "1234" are missing on "Xxangelwings1234xX".
  • When Eggy cracks, her legs get outside of her body.
  • Flag's animation cycle resets when the recommended characters for this episode were being zoomed in on.
  • When Barf Bag is spilling all her barf, she isn't losing her barf.
  • When the flashback is about Blocky being eliminated on Episode 4, Blocky, Pen & Eraser has BFDI Eyes & Limbs from 2011-2016. But at Episode 4, they have BFDI Eyes & Limbs from 2009 (Arms & Legs)-2010 (Eyes).

Reveal Novum

  • When Ice Cube is declared safe, The announcer throws a cracker piece and Ice Cube suddenly appears next to Bubble and Pencil.
    • In the next scene, Ice Cube is shown back next to Leafy and Tennis Ball at Cake at Stake.
  • When Fries is shown eating, the same fry reappears and keeps being eaten.
    • Also, when Fries is shown eating, he grabbed nothing and fries continuously and alternately appear on his hand.
  • Pencil technically blinks when her eyebrow is seen flipping from up to down. She does this again right before David blinks.
  • At 1:45, while Bubble is screaming, there is an error on her arms and a blue piece of springy shoes appeared on Firey.
  • At 9:58, the water level on Coiny is lower than on Eraser.
  • Eraser didn't have arms at 10:11.
  • The water that leaked out of the TLC when the sun took hold of it must of had to put the sun out, but it didn't.
  • There are no holes in the bottom of the TLC, so there is no way the water could've drained.
  • Golf Ball didn't die when the water leaked, because since golf balls sink, she would've drowned.
  • In round 1 (Firey vs. David), Bubble and Leafy was behind them, when Firey blinks his eyes, Bubble and Leafy disappear.
  • When David, Dora, Fanny and Ruby complain about the yellow tomato that they will receive if they win, one of David and Dora's legs is in the air.
  • Every time the camera zooms in and out from the joining ceremony, Fanny's propeller and Clock's needle doesn't move.
  • Book's definition of Eggy says "Cracks to easily". It should say "Cracks too easily".
  • The recommended characters were standing in alphabetical order during Cake at Stake. However, when the contestants were getting eliminated, they were standing near others who got the same amount of votes as theirs.


  • For a very brief moment as Pencil says that she is tired of the recommended characters too, her mouth and hands are not attached to her body.
  • When Rocky barfs on Pencil his shading changes from right to left.
  • After Spongy hits Firey off the ledge from behind, he appears falling in front. This could not have occurred unless Firey has hit Spongy from behind.
  • When Bubble comments on the cakes, she is at the front but when the immune characters get the cakes, she is near the back.
  • When Pencil is slamming the Announcer on the floor, the remaining shovel falls off the stand but it still floats in the air.
  • When Ice Cube gets slapped by Needle, her arm couldn't have extended that far. Even if she could, Flower had said that when the lid is closed, it's sealed. Needle couldn't possibly have slapped her way through the lid.
  • It shows that there is nothing when it shows that there's a big drop but later it appears to have a finish and that is unlikely.
  • After Speaker asks Firey if he wants to see a magic trick, Firey's unicycle disappears.
  • When Firey almost fell, his flames didn't move.
  • When Firey bounced on Spongy, his flames didn't move.

Gardening Hero

  • Jacknjellify made an error, and forgot to add "substantial" important information to the episode, which includes recommended characters, voting details, etc.
  • When Leafy says that they already played the intro, her voice became Bubble's voice.
  • For a frame, the TLC's background is different (space).
  • At 6:22, Golf Ball has 3 legs.

The Glistening

  • When Leafy remarks that she hopes Teardrop joins, Bubble and Leafy appear in the spaceship, instead of being with the Announcer. 
  • When Needle slaps Firey, Needle's body is larger.
  • At 1:14, when the Announcer informs that eliminated contestants will choose who will be eliminated, Blocky had no mouth.
  • Pen's height was never too long like what happened when voting for Ice Cube.
  • When Leafy gets to Yoyleland, her voice sounds like Bubble.
  • For a split second, the QLTD's laser appeared in the previous frame.
  • At 4:40 and 6:34, Teardrop's arm was missing.
  • At 0:46, Match's hair is red, later, it's blue, and in the previous episode, it was blue.

Don't Pierce My Flesh

  • The fuel sticks to the Master Recovery Center as it flies to the sky and lands.


  • The message that falls goes behind Spongy's mouth and eyes, but in front of his body.
    Error Under Cheak
  • At 6:26, there is a blue line in the grass.
  • Flower didn't burn when Firey sat on her.
  • At 1:31, the melting metal overlapped the danger line.
  • As Bubble and Leafy put their clumps of dirt on the "Place Cakes Here" sign, they disappear when Leafy and Bubble do the next challenge.
  • When Firey and Flower died, there is lava in place of the "Delete Pole" button.
  • Firey's right arm is clipped through the TLC when he says hi to Coiny.

Insectophobe's Nightmare 2

  • When the eliminated contestants celebrate that the TLC had disappeared, Rocky, who usually communicates by barfing, and Teardrop, who can't talk, both spoke regularly.
  • Leafy's seat of the Ferris wheel switched, followed by Firey.
  • The David Cloner's screen is the Ice Cube Recovery Center 2.0 screen.

Return of the Hang Glider

  • Woody, SB, TB, and Match got captured by the UFO, but when Flower returns, Woody, SB, and TB are standing with the others.
    7;49'Ep 25

    7:49 Woody, Tennis Ball and Snowball are actually in the Announcer Transportation Device.

  • When Leafy and Firey are in the hang glider, the clouds are moving forwards, which means the hang glider was moving backwards.
  • Leafy actually got 236 votes to win. Jacknjellify fixed this with an annotation.
  • When the eliminated contestants shout "CAKE AT STAKE", Teardrop appears to speak, although she doesn't speak. However, she could just be lip-syncing.
  • After Announcer announces that he sold Dream Island, everybody panics, while David is heard saying "Aw, Seriously?" but his mouth never moved.
  • Jacknjellify did not added the 2 year anniversary animation at the beginning.
    • This is the first time this happened. The next ones are in 5-year, 6-year, 7-year and 9-year anniversaries, mostly because of hiatus.
  • During the time they were showing all the Recommended Characters, Candy Corn's name is morphed in with Gaty's name.
  • Announcer's hole is viewed from the same side, even when he is facing sideways.
  • The Announcer pronounces the 'k" sound when he says, "We had to sell [Dream Island] because of budget slicings."
    • He also pronounces the 'k' sound when he says "OK, let's go," and "Dream Island is expensive."
  • Teardrop screams, despite the fact she is silent.
  • It's interesting to note that Woody died due to his fear of the color gray, yet he has been in the TLC for 20 months, which is also gray. But it's possible the Master Recovery Center could have kept on reviving him. Also, Woody has stared at the Announcer multiple times and hasn't even jumped.
    • This may be incorrect because when the TLC closes, Woody sees just black.
  • After Blocky goes to Leafy with some of the other contestants, when Flower is destroying the recovery centers, and Firey and Coiny tell her to stop, Blocky notes that it was the first time they ever agreed without arguing, but he should be with the others questioning Leafy.

Battle for Dream Island Again

Nickel always has it's old body sometimes while he has flashback.

Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know

  • After Tennis Ball asks if the Leafy chase went too far, Golf Ball says if they stopped she would steal Dream Island even though she already did, albeit Football was in a Leafy costume and stole Dream Island.
  • At 2:30, when non-present contestants are being erased from the voting results, Golf Ball's name is completely missing from the scoreboard. It has since been fixed by an annotation.
  • Eraser is seen in front of Pen when he tells Eraser, Blocky, and Snowball to look at the TV displaying season 2 contestants. Eraser is then seen among the crowd around TV, less than one second later.
  • At 2:36 when Book, Yellow Face, and Puffball are being dropped, screaming can be heard, despite the fact that none of their mouths moved.
  • At 3:49, Firey's flame isn't moving.
  • At 5:42, Coiny's mouth appears darker.
  • When everyone is yelling "Switch", Bomby's arm goes on his face.
  • After Firey suggests to show their favorite screens, There is an arm floating near Needle.
  • When Gelatin wants to know who the host is, Coiny and Golf Ball aren't near him, yet seconds later the two are seen near him.
  • When Donut slaps Pencil, his other arm disappears.
  • Tennis Ball constantly buzzes every time he talks.
  • In BFDIA 5a, Nickel said that if Coiny and he get too close, bad things happen. However, in this episode, at 2:29 Nickel is standing right beside Coiny pretty close and nothing bad happened between them.
  • When Puffball says "Sometimes maybe if one player switches teams, they'll be equal!", the text is brown at the beginning when she said it.
  • When Fries eats a page from Book, Match's eyes are gone.
  • The Sender Scoop Thrower somehow flings Cloudy, Nonexisty, Bell, Lightning, and Black Hole to the TLC, although they are flying contestants.
  • When the "newbies" switch to their team, Donut has his original asset, when he notices the other team having more members than his, his asset changes to the current one.
  • When the contestants who failed to get in BFDIA are killed, various characters (Bottle, Firey Jr., Bracelety, Taco, etc.) are still smiling. Although they could easily be edited to be frowning (Firey Jr., Taco).
    • This also happens when they were sent to the TLC.

Get Digging

  • The Ice Cube Recovery Center Creator disappears when Puffball, Needle, and Gelatin are returning to the base area.
  • There are 4 mistakes in the laughing scene.
    • When the contestants are laughing at W.O.A.H. Bunch, normal Leafy can be seen multiple times with the crowd, although she is in Yoyleland.
      • In that scene, Leafy is not metal, but in Yoyleland, she has turned into metal.
    • Teardrop, despite being ‘unable to speak', is seen laughing.
    • While Coiny lets Teardrop decide, he had no arms.
    • Rocky is absent in the laughing scene.
    • You can hear Eraser laughing even though he is absent.
  • When Leafy is dodging the acid spitballs, she can be barely seen getting hit a few times.
    Team No-Name's stew behind TV
    Coiny with no arms!
    Recort-e sg
  • When the flashback gets to the Squashy Grapes falling down the gorge from Crybaby!, a tiny slice of light blue sky is seen, despite it being nighttime when the Squashy Grapes fell down the gorge.
  • At 5:12, Pin had no arm.
  • When Puffball says, "I think we have enough yoyleberries, let's go!" she flies up above the knives, then is instantly seen right in front of the knives and chasing away from them.
  • When Donut said: "Just forget it!" Coiny said "Dono" instead of Donut.
  • Before Team No-Name's stew is turned in, Firey's flaming idle is back to his old one.
  • When the stews are turned in, Team No-Name's stew is layered behind the TV.
  • Nickel's legs are connected on the arms.
  • When Puffball, Gelatin and Needle are escaping from the knives, the yoyleberries they just picked weren't seen on their way back to Goiky.

Insctophobe's Nightmare 3

  • When the recommended characters were shown, it said that Cheez-it was made by AzelfStar, but in reality, he was made by SuperMightyMichael.
  • At 0:52, when Puffball was mad at Pencil for calling her, "Puffy", the next frame didn't show Puffball going back to her normal size.
  • When Puffball said, "Whatever", she isn't shifting her body colors and sparkles disappear.
  • When Golf Ball and Yellow Face were declared safe during Cake At Stake, Book was to the right of Fries instead of the left.
  • Although Spongy was not present at Cake at Stake because of being dead, he was seen walking towards Cake at Stake with the other contestants.
  • When Puffball tells Pencil not to call her "Puffy" they were suddenly seen on the grass instead of the Cake at Stake area.
  • When half of the contestants were safe and the spotlight shine at Dora, her face became blank.
    • This is probably because the lighting was so bright her face couldn't be shown.
  • W.O.A.H Bunch's box for the contest was on the left and Team No-Name's was on the right, but on the next scene, their positions switched, as Ruby, Match, and Pencil were next to Team No-Name's box instead.
    W.O.A.H Bunch's missing box
  • When the bugs were in, their legs moved, but not their bodies.
  • At 1:24, the contestants on the left side are supposed to be on the right, and the ones on the right are supposed to be on the left.
    • This happens throughout Cake at Stake.
  • When Bubble kicks Ruby, Bomby and Gelatin are in the glass box of Team No-Name's Box when their box should be at the right.

Zeeky Boogy Doog

  • Oddly enough, Firey has acrophobia (the phobia of heights), but is on the Eiffel Tower, which is shown to be very high when the camera zooms out. The Huangs could've possibly forgotten Firey was scared of heights at the time.
  • After Book takes the freezing syringe from Gelatin, his eyes cross.
  • When Match enters Bubble's name in the HPRC again, she is shown to have three arms. However, this may be showing that she is typing fast, or part of the gag.
    Match's Three Arms
  • As GB falls into the lava, the ice syringe suddenly disappears.
    Gelatin inserting syringe at Golfball
     Then the next scene had the syringe missing.
    Gelatin inserting syringe at Golfball 2
  • At one point in the underground factory, Golf Ball's voice cracks.
  • When Fries is complaining about the high pitched noise, Golf Ball still has her eyes closed, as if she was still dead, although this may have been because Golf Ball hated the noise too.
  • In the picture of Firey and Gelatin were saved, after Pencil and Match saving them, Firey and Gelatin's poses switched while frozen (from happy to sad).
    Firey and Gelatin saved
    Firey and Gelatin frozen
  • When the Eiffel Tower is shown, Tennis Ball and Firey are seen thawed and not frozen.
  • One of the contests is "Slaughter Snowball", which is spelled incorrectly.
Y u no spel rite
  • Firey doesn't burn for a lot of time in this episode.
  • In the intro Battle for Nothing, Pin appears to be angry, unlike the regular intro for BFDIA, where she has a neutral expression.
  • When Firey defrosts and dies, Yellow Face is not on the bleachers. When Nickel asks Gelatin if he has more Anti-poison, Yellow Face is on the bleachers.
  • When Team No-Name is walking into the factory, the factory stops moving (Example: gear and 2 fans stop spinning and light won't flash).
  • Right after Bomby kills everyone, Gelatin says "Wow", and Bomby yells "NO!" he drops his banana and cake. When he turns around, the banana and cake are back in his hands.
  • Fries doesn't catch on fire when Golf Ball kicks him into the incinerator.
  • At 7:14, Golf Ball kicks Fries at the edge of the stairs to the right, making Fries fall into the incinerator. Gelatin freezes her and makes her fall off the stairs to the right. Then Gelatin walks to the incinerator from the right (that means Gelatin is actually walking to the left) and dies in the incinerator, leaving the green liquid around the incinerator. Then Golf Ball tells Tennis Ball to send Pencil to the incinerator, and Tennis Ball walks to the left and throws her into the incinerator, but if Fries and Golf Ball fell to the incinerator on the right, Gelatin and Tennis Ball were going in the wrong direction.
  • At 10:10, after Gelatin freezes Flower, the stars in the top right-hand corner disappear for a split-second.
  • Yellow Face sinks in the grass a bit but does not fall.
  • The saddle for Dream Island isn't really a saddle because it curves in one direction.
  • When Dream Island is seen, there is a green fan behind it, but when Bomby destroys it, the fan disappears.
  • At the end of the episode, Gelatin and Yellow Face are shown alive, despite having died before and only being recovered next episode.
  • Woody can be seen in the updated thumbnail. It‘s possible that he is there because some people thought that he wasn't getting that much respect.
    • Another possibility on why Woody was in the thumbnail is because one of the possible challenges for this episode was to "Bring Woody back to life".
    • Or that this may be a simple cameo.
  • The Hand-Powered Recovery Center's sound for Book saying that she is alive is the Power Macintosh death sound effect.
  • The fan has 4 blades, but later when the speaker says that Golf Ball is falling into the lava it gets 2 blades.


Get in the Van

  • At 12:49, there are 2 Gelatins; one Gelatin was on Bubble's head to fool the Firey Speaker Box, and the other was with Team No-Name.
  • Throughout the episode, the FreeSmart Van's wheels don't move while the background is shown to be moving.
    • This is most noticeable at 14:18, 14:33, and 14:52.

No More Snow!

  • When FreeSmart was on top of Evil Leafy, random buttons keep appearing. First, it was the yellow button, then the purple button. Also, the red and green button swapped places when the yellow button appeared between them.
  • When Pencil apologizes to Ruby for yelling at her, the screen zooms out when she says "and we're so close" and it shows Bubble there even though she got popped by Ruby.
  • Even though this may not be a goof, Yellow Face can be seen climbing up a tree at 2:35.
  • The glue Pin got stuck in and the tree changed places after the tree that Lightning struck starts falling.
  • The tree that Ruby and Book climbed on to get away from Evil Leafy carried a 9,024 kg metal object but didn't break.
    • The heaviest trees are around 500 tons or 500,000 kg, so a 9,042 kg weight wouldn't matter, but the tree was shown to be very small so it was possibly nowhere near that heavy.
  • When Ruby and Book were in the tree, messages saying "Ruby died of sadness shortly after." and "Her best friend Book was unfazed and went on to make billions selling Ruby's remains." showed up. However, Ruby was seen alive again shortly after. On the next episode, Ruby told Book that no one actually dies of sadness.
  • When the W.O.A.H. Bunch team members are walking in the Evil Forest and Coiny looks at the Distance Tracker 2000, they all change places in the next scene (after Coiny revealed how much further there actually was to Yoyle Mountain).
  • On the scene before Nickel says "Oh great, how fun! I've been reduced to a cranking slave!", the Firey Speaker Box is on top of his floating jet platform, but on the next scene he is off it but it appears again on the next scene.
  • Even after Match put out her flame with Ice Cube, there still seems to be a glow.
  • When W.O.A.H. Bunch's remaining team members hopped on to Spongy, Nickel and Coiny are seen next to each other, and the "bad things" are not happening.

It's a Monster

  • At 06:28, The background didn't move, and Pencil was driving at between 1st row and 2nd row of chairs, also, Match was sitting on the 2nd row (which Bubble and Ruby sitting) instead of the 1st row with Pencil.
  • Book cranked the Leg-powered Recovery Center with her hands, and when she said she was sorry, she was armless.
  • When the FreeSmart Supervan goes into the Goiky Canal, there's a part where Ice Cube has no legs.
  • After Yellow Face says "I know, let's call her Puffy." Nickel turns into Coiny.
  • When Golf Ball says it's 42 degrees Celsius, Tennis Ball converts that to 107 degrees Fahrenheit, even though 108 degrees Fahrenheit is closer to 42 degrees Celsius.

The Long-Lost Yoyle City

  • When Team No-Name approached the summit of Yoyle Mountain, Ruby and Bubble were not metal.
  • While going back to recover Rocky the 3rd time, Puffball turns around without Fries turning around too.
  • In a close one-frame time in 05:02, Firey and Gelatin suddenly disappear.
  • Sometimes there are faint buzzing noises whenever anyone starts talking. The effect is most noticeable when Gelatin says, "Yeah!" and when Pin says, "I think the FreeSmarters have it, though." at 6:11. It can also be heard at 2:19 - 2:26 but barely or sometimes noticeable depending on your hearing or your speakers.
  • When Gelatin points out that they are in Davidland, a few seconds later, Gelatin is shown in the back.
    • When Puffball tells the team to stop complaining, Gelatin is now in front again.
  • At 1:19, When Puffball says, "How do you know this isn't the shortcut?", she is not changing colors but she still sparkles, but the sparkles are behind her.
    • This occurs once again at 4:51, When Puffball says, "We're almost out of Davidland!", she does not change colors again.
  • At 4:31, an extra pair of legs appear behind Pencil.
    • This also happens at 12:31 behind Book.
  • When Ruby notices Team No-Name catching up, Firey and Gelatin are missing.
  • When Puffball was flying over Davidland, Team No-name kept on switching places depending on who is talking.

    Pin's outline extends too far off her body

  • Beginning at 10:15, until the end of the episode, Pin's outline extends too far off her body.
  • Several times in this episode, the contestants clearly step on the glue from the supervan but do not get stuck.
  • Ruby left the saw on the Yoyle Summit at 6:41, but then on top of Yoyle Mountain (at 12:31), Ruby still has the saw with her.
    Ruby left saw on the bottom of the summit.
    Ruby still has saw with her on top of Yoyle Mountain.
  • Back in Zeeky Boogy Doog, Firey died in the water when he thawed, but in this episode, Firey did not die from the water when Team No-Name thawed from Pencil's freeze syringes.
  • In addition to this, there was no puddle from them unfreezing unlike in Zeeky Boggy Doog.
  • At 11:45, for a fraction of a second when Yellow Face is facing behind he suddenly flips back to showing his face for another fraction of a second then back to normal.
  • When the second stick hits the button, the steering wheel is still moving somehow.
  • The second stick also gets inside the van even though the back doors were closed.
  • A magnet that was powerful enough to nab Needle from 2,760 miles should have also pulled her in It's a Monster, as the two objects would be separated by a mile.
    • It's possible that the freeze juice covered Needle's magnetic surface.
  • When Bubble is flung, Book has an extra pair of legs behind her.
  • When Puffball stops herself from reaching the summit, Rocky disappears.
    • It's possible that Rocky was behind Tennis Ball, Firey, or Fries.
  • If you look closely in 12:54, you will see that Ruby's legs are missing.
  • At the beginning, the freeze juice on Pin suddenly disappears when she is unfrozen.
  • Although the winning teams are falling in space at the end, you can still see clouds.
  • After FreeSmart froze Team No-Name, when they celebrated you can see that one Pencil is high-fiving Match and another Pencil is behind Book.
    Pencil error

    Two Pencils are visible in the screenshot.

  • At 9:29, when the Firey Speaker Box says "Whoa, hold on!" the next 2 lines in the subtitle script are shown, possibly because of a timing glitch.
    Messed up lines

    Messed up lines in the subtitles. These are shown while the FSB is talking

  • At 7:10, Team No-Name contestants are on Puffball, but when they scream, they are no longer on Puffball.
  • When Puffball shakes the other contestants on team No-Name off, Firey has no arms until he gets eaten by the Fish Monster.
  • The Firey Speaker Box on the summit of Yoyle Mountain near W.O.A.H. Bunch and FreeSmart, before they were pushed off, is gray, just like the Announcer.
    • However, as can be heard in deleted scenes, it is possible that the Firey Speaker Box consumed Yoyleberries.


  • When Pencil took the lens cap off the camera, she was holding it. However, when the scene changed, it was in Ice Cube's mouth.
  • When Pencil or Bubble put down the lens cap on the table in the next scene the cap is gone.
  • The HPRC did not have any glue that stuck it to the ground when Bubble, Ice Cube, and Ruby were being recovered.
  • When Pin was apologizing to Fries, she is at normal height. Seconds later, Pin appears shorter than Fries. In the scene after that, Pin is shown at the same height as Fries again.
  • When Pencil takes the camera lens off, part of the lens is missing at the leftmost and bottom screen.
  • When the 2nd scene with FreeSmart on the Yoyle Needy is shown, the camera and the table with the gumdrops on it disappear, although they were present in the first scene.
    Freesmart Table Camera Error

    The top picture is the part shown around the 0:58 mark, and the second is around the 2-minute mark. Note the table and Camera vanish.

  • As Golf Ball and Tennis Ball were entering the Science Museum, they were opening the right door, but when they're inside, the left door was seen opened and the right door isn't.
  • Some sprinkles on the gumdrops extend out of the gumdrops, and appear to be floating.
  • In one frame at 3:09, the door is miscolored.
  • At 4:20, Pin's and Nickel's shadows are off.
  • During the zoom-in to the Yoyle Needy, the background moves toward the left, near the sea, rather than toward the center.
  • When Book and Pencil recover Bubble, Ruby and Ice Cube from the HPRC, the glue goes missing, but after they recovered, the glue returns.
  • During the intro, Bubble's hands and feet are missing in one frame, and most of her right arm is missing in another.
  • Firey actually had 1024 likes, not 1023.
  • In one of the Fries and Pin scenes, Fries' dirt seems to be going behind a single plant.

Battle for B.F.D.I.


"List of errors, can you draw?"
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The limbs always keep getting disconnected/non-attached to their bodies, due to that they we're drawn.

Getting Teardrop to Talk

  • When Bell knocked down the fork stack, the two forks that Gelatin added to the stack of forks stay in place.
    • The stack of forks starts to fall down before Bell hits it.
    • None of the forks are facing left and they just fall. But in the next scene, they just do that.
    • While the stack was knocked down, it appeared that Gelatin was in front of the forks, when he was behind them.
  • When Golf Ball says, "If we want to win, then our team must have A Better Name Than That", her voice is not pitched up.
  • The intro contains some errors:
    • Robot Flower's limbs are missing.
    • Tree is missing and later being shown.
    • Four's 2nd and 3rd finger were colored out.
    • Bell's string is missing.
  • At 12:18, there is a second David and Dora standing behind their bodies after Four announces the prize.
  • When Death P.A.C.T. gave the basket to X, he didn't move his mouth.
    • This is probably because he was too far away that his mouth couldn't be animated.
  • When Loser lifts the basket off under his team, it would be facing upside down when it landed on Eggy, likely crushing her. However, this doesn't happen and it quickly switches to cover Eggy.
  • When Eggy talks to Loser wanting to join his team, two clips of her saying her line can be heard.
  • At 7:57, Barf Bag's limbs, eyes, and mouth are transparent.
  • Yellow Face almost called Puffball as Golf Ball.
  • At 0:52, Leafy appears to be armless.
    • It's probably off-screen because the way she pose.
  • When Golf Ball invites TV and Robot Flower onto her team, TV shows the placement of the other two mechanical minds. However, Remote hadn't joined a team yet.
  • When Death P.A.C.T is having their team name chosen, Pie doesn't move her mouth whilst talking.
  • Loser somehow went to Eggy, Cake, and Clock separately, saying they were going to be on the same team and got found by Firey (also separately) when the teams were only starting to form during the short dialogue with the balls.
  • During the challenge, X's baskets were as big as he was, but when X put the baskets on, they noticeably shrunk to fit on the corners of his body. He also spun even though X's corners pointed directly outwards.
    • However, those could be other baskets that is smaller than the baskets used for the challenge, as shown in the ending.
  • Nickel's mouth moved when it showed the eight teams in the main area.
    • This may have been from when the theme for Beep played.
  • When Blocky was joining A Better Name Than That, Golf Ball knew Grassy was there and what his name was. But when she assigned the jobs, she thought Grassy wasn't alive.
  • At 11:52, after Four blinked, his left arm disappeared.
  • When Ruby says that Bubble is the best at counting, she has BFDI Limbs.

Lick Your Way to Freedom

  • When counting the votes, Four said that they received 9983 votes. In reality, he was off by 10 votes, with the actual amount being 9973 votes.
  • When Lightning was licking the jawbreaker, he didn't have arms.
  • When Fanny was licking the jawbreaker, she was seen with her front sprite, but as shown from the back.
  • At 5:06, Bubble's arm is detached from her.
  • At 9:11, Balloony's arms are detached from his body.
  • When Leafy refers to Balloony as a hindrance, her arm is detached and appears to be floating as it continues pumping.
  • At 6:06, Balloony's left hand is missing.
  • While the contestants were arguing on who to recover, Puffball didn't change colors or sparkle.
  • When Black Hole opened the jawbreakers, there were 5 of them. However, only 4 jawbreakers were searched in the scene afterwards. However, that may have been because the jawbreaker with Foldy inside was searched fourth.
  • Remote's arms seems to be missing when she looks inside the jawbreaker.
  • Just before Balloony pops after being inflated with too much air, his feet weren't colored.
  • At the end of the episode, Lollipop is shown running, even though she was killed by Free Food after being freed from the jawbreaker.
  • After X said "Four won't like this”, Leafy's arm was not colored in.

Why Would You Do This on a Swingset

  • When Four is seen preparing for the intro, he doesn't have the forks that hit him. But in the scene after the intro, the forks reappear on him.
  • The forks should've hit Four, one by one, but instead, all three appear at the same time.
  • Due to a lack of space, Tree needs to be resized in the intro and looks quite smaller than Tennis Ball.
  • When iance was trying to put Fanny on the top of the swingset, Lightning was armless.
  • The Cake at Stake intro did not play this episode (partially due to Four calling it "Brake at Flake" (But he called it Brake At Flake in Today's Very Special Episode and the intro played so, maybe they just forgot to play it this episode)).
    • This possible error is later addressed in the next episode, and the intro is then played twice.
  • For one second when Four is about to use the zappies from his hand, he has 5 fingers instead of four.
  • After Four announces Nickel and Cloudy are safe, their mouths turn grey.
  • When Four get hit by the forks and says "WHO DID THIS", his finger is sprouting a line straight up.
  • When The Losers! are swinging, Cake's legs disappear.
  • When Balloony was recovered his tongue wasn't completely colored.
  • Saw can't be seen in her spot when Lollipop begins to write the eulogies about Taco.
  • When Book and Ice Cube starts crying about Taco's "abandonment", Gaty disappears from her seat.
  • After Saw says "Just push through", Taco can be seen floating in her jawbreaker.

Today's Very Special Episode

  • Tree, Remote, and Pillow don't attract any of the forks, like Liy, despite being sprayed with Fork Repellent in the previous episode.
    • This could be due to them being sprayed with the Fork Repellent later than Liy was, so the fork-attracting effects might not have started yet for Tree, Remote, and Pillow.
    • It might also be due to Liy using too much Fork Repellent.
  • Tree's book disappears from Liy's fork ring.
  • When Four was putting A Better Name Than That's tag on the chart and his hand goes down, it goes behind the ground.
  • When Four was putting A Better Name Than That's tag on the chart, he says "Another" instead of "A Better", similar to Lick Your Way to Freedom.
    • However, in Cary's reaction to the episode, he says that it's probably a reference to the team "Another Name" in the first season.
  • When the most votes were down to Gelatin or Bracelety, there were two slices of cake on the tray, despite the fact that only one of the last two contestants would receive a cake.
  • Remote's left eyeball isn't completely filled in as she exclaims, "Then you will be up for elimination!" next to the 'Worst & Best' chart.
  • When Bottle and Pen are asking Black Hole to suck up the forks, his glow hovers over them.
  • When Bracelety was eliminated, Firey Jr. realized for the first time that her name is not Ringy, even though he calls her Bracelety in Getting Teardrop to Talk.
  • TV's legs are missing in the intro.
  • Death P.A.C.T. was blocking Four from the forks, but when Pen, Bottle, Remote, and Tree went to get Black Hole he was judging iance's play.
  • The timing between the end of the contest was 30 seconds off from the actual end of the contest.

Fortunate Ben

  • The fortune cookie should still be stuck in Bottle like Tree and Pen's drawing but they're removed.
  • The voting screen lists the end of voting as "Jan 14, 2017", despite the episode being released in 2018. This is corrected in the video description.
  • In the scene where Pie is walking to her podium, she stays in place with her walk cycle for a few frames before the Cake at Stake intro plays.
  • The Cake at Stake intro stayed black for almost the whole time.
    • This may or may not be intentional, for that we are not sure for now. It most likely was because of an editing error.
  • When Flower turns her petals, her head isn't attached to her body.
  • When Beep falls down and loses the challenge, the contestants twitch to the left.
  • Near the end of the intro, Pencil's face is upside down.
  • At the end of the video, the contestants aren't seen on their planes.
    • However, it could be the planes being viewed underside.
  • When Lightning gets obliterated, Snowball is missing an arm.
  • When Free Food's plane was wobbling, Stapy's facial expression did not change when the plane was flying in and out of view.
  • When Flower asks that she needs Ruby for a sec, she and Match say '5. 6. 7.' But It's not lip synced.
  • When Stapy was talking, Fries' limbs are missing.
  • When everyone is about to take flight in their planes, Flower is missing her face.
  • In some scenes, Four and X can be seen talking with their mouths not moving.
  • During Liy's flashback, Bomby is missing his arms, legs, and face.
  • In 7:08, Book doesn't have a mouth.
  • When Tree is holding the fortune cookie, it's wobbling in his hand. It could be intentional, because the fortune cookie is very close to Black Hole due to his strong gravitational force.

Four Goes Too Far

  • At 6:34, Bell's string is missing.
  • When the entire cast is arranged into a heart, TV, Remote, Cake, and 8-Ball have black eyes and mouths.
  • David had the same mouth as the other contestants when he got the twinkle in the heart scene.
  • The recommended character Robot Tree is labelled as Winner.
  • When Golf Ball and Tennis Ball were walking off the stairs from the Rocket Ship, their legs weren't on the steps sometimes.
  • When Donut had the Twinkle of Contagion in few parts when talking, the glowing layer had no animation.
  • There were 21,916 votes this episode, but the sum totals 21,876.
    • Cary stated this was a mistake on David's votes, and his actual number of votes is 4995.
  • When Pen was running around Free Food, Stapy's and Foldy's assets did not move.
  • As soon as Bubble is revived her left leg is disconnected when she hits the ground.
  • 8-Ball's mouth slightly clips outside his body when he is talking to Basketball.
  • At the end, Ice Cube's asset is as big as Book's, instead of being smaller.
  • When Pen was turning his body at Free Food, Bell's string is shown, but in the scene afterwards, her string is missing.
  • When Pen looks at the camera after Fries stops Marker from looking at Pen, his right hand is not filled in.
  • When Pen needed to know what that sound was, so he opened his eyes, but in the next scene, it appears that his eyes were still closed.
  • When Pen tries to give Free Food the twinkle, Foldy has no legs.
  • David should not have turned orange as Four was not there to turn him that color.
  • Saw was the first one to grab onto the rocket, but when they were in space, Gaty was holding on.
  • Cake looks at Clock around the end of the episode but doesn't get the twinkle from him.
    • It may have been because the timer already stopped, as the twinkle didn't transfer to Stapy before the timer started.
  • If you listen closely, you can hear a mic bump in one of Eggy's lines just before the episode ends.
  • At 9:16, Blocky and Grassy have grey eyes, mouths, and limbs.
    • However, one of Blocky's eyes are normal black.
    • At 6:43, team Bleh are clinging onto the Rocket Ship in a different order to how they jumped on.

The Liar Ball You Don't Want

  • In the first scene, Blocky can be heard laughing even though he is on the Moon, though it could be anyone.
  • At 1:51, When Cake is disappointed, Eggy somehow vanishes.
    • Likely Eggy is still behind Cake.
  • Despite the constant throwing of the jawbreaker that contains Loser before the challenge, everyone seemed to have tired once the challenge begins.
  • When Bubble was sad about everyone being murderous, her arms were detached from her body.
  • When Remote presses her buttons to disconnect the signal, she is unusually large compared to Pen,
  • At 4:26, Fanny had no blades.
  • At 5:24, you can see Foldy's corpse on the ground, but when Woody walks away and Bell moves it over to that area again, her corpse is gone.
    • Woody also seems to have moved when Naily brings it back.
  • When Lightning zaps the jawbreaker Loser is inside of and Pie is blown away, her mouth is not filled in.
  • Firey is not burning at the beginning of Cake at Stake.
  • When Eggy is declared safe, the popper is thrown at her head. However, when she's shocked to see Loser eliminated one second later, it's gone. Eggy could not have removed it that fast or at all as she has no arms.
  • When Naily says "He had it coming", her mouth is slightly off her body. The same thing happens with Fanny when she says "Deserve what?" when Flower when she says "Hater!" and when Bell says "You just want to take everything we want, and destroy it!"

Questions Answered

  • At 4:55, Woody has no arms.
  • Match from 0:10 switched places from the bottom left screen to the top right screen in 0:26.
    • Pie can also be seen with no limbs, and Basketball has no legs.
      • This could be because Pie was sitting and facing inside the pedestal.
  • Donut's camera didn't return to normal size after transporting the Earth through the moon.
  • When Lollipop appeared on screen to ridicule Donut for referring to himself as "Bagel Brain," a couple of frames showed the stars from the background in the foreground over her eyes
    • This could be possibly be intentional though, as they could just be a glistening effect.
  • When Lollipop realizes that the camera screen is only a one way passage, Basketball is in the background. However, when Lollipop bites Donut's hands, Basketball and TV vanishes.
  • During the beginning of the challenge, Flower looks a bit smaller than usual.
    • This is also the case for Lollipop.
  • During the beginning of the challenge, Firey is not burning.
  • For a brief frame at 5:41, Bubble's mouth is not colored in.
  • At 5:49, Donut loses his arms and Bubble has no mouth. However, this might of been to add drama through their appearance.
  • From 5:48 to 5:56 Bubble has no legs.
  • When Donut is saying the question is supposed to be easy, Barf Bag was talking without moving her lips.
  • When Saw says "Oh, this is easy!", for a brief moment, her mouth is not colored.
  • At 6:35, Puffball's face is larger than normal.
  • At 10:02, Match is bigger than usual.
  • At 9:41, Bubble's mouth is gray.
  • You can hear a thump at the end of one of Match's schedules.

This Episode Is About Basketball

  • X appears to have shrunken to a smaller size compared to previous episodes, even appearing much smaller than Blocky.
    • It is unknown whether this is intentional or not.
  • Book and Puffball's voices seem to be lower-pitched than in previous episodes.
    • However, since Puffball "sings", it could be that her voice is on a lower octave.
  • X turns black and white and compresses himself in a brief frame at 3:26 to 3:27.
    • This could be an exit of screen effect.
    • This could also be intentional, similarly to Four's "glitches" in BFB 1.
  • Clock's hour hand is layered over his eye.
  • At 6:05, an obscure part of one of Pen's eyes isn't colored.
  • At 1:35, Ruby's arms are missing.
  • Around 6:28 to 6:29, X's mouth turns gray.
  • At 2:00, X's eyes flash yellow for one frame.
  • At 3:36, the injured side of Bomby's body is opposite the side with his fuse when he appears in the bottom right corner. However, the bandages and fuse are on the same side of his body at 5:06.
  • Choo Choo the Train wasn't hit with a ball when the recommended characters were shown.

Enter the Exit

  • In the "Battle for Nothing" intro, Barf Bag is significantly larger than she actually is, being taller than the likes of Spongy and Basketball.
  • Again in the "Battle for Nothing" intro, Woody's arm is disconnected due to the fact he is in his dented form.
  • At the end, Taco's legs are not connected to her body.
  • After Four appears in EXIT, his color can be seen outside of his outlines.

Get to the Top in 500 Steps

  • When Leafy goes to give Needle the cake, Leafy's leg disconnects from her body.
  • When Cake sees Needle eat the cake, his leg disconnects from his body too.
  • During the credits, it is written that voting ends May 30th, 2018 (Which is more than 48 hours).
    • However, this date is fixed in the description of the episode.
  • For a brief moment, when Bubble said "then why did you demote me?", the bottom of her mouth wasn't connected to her face.
  • At 7:57, Flower's arm disconnects from her body.

What Do You Think of Roleplay?

  • At 1:51, Lightning's right arm appears to be disconnected.
  • At 2:39, one of Bubble's arms are a bit not on her body.
  • At 4:28, Lollipop has 4 eyebrows.
  • At 4:35, Lollipop has 3 eyebrows.
  • At 6:50, Eraser's right arm appears to be disconnected.
  • At 6:47, Eraser's right leg is disconnected
  • At 6:54, Eraser's leg is not on his body.
  • At 7:50, For a split-second, Blocky has only one eye.
  • At 8:15, Teardrop's arm is a bit disconnected.
  • At 9:26, Naily's legs are missing.
  • At 10:08, when Donut ducks down, Firey Jr. has no mouth.

Return of the Rocket Ship

  • Rocky is orange again after the events of "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", in which his color was transferred to Basketball, who also is dyed orange.
  • At 12:05 to 12:07, Ruby’s limbs weren’t all filled in.
  • At 19:00, Remote is missing an arm. The same can be said for Tree, with also the fact that his legs are detached from his body.
  • In one frame between 18:53 and 18:54, Tree is missing his arms.
  • Between 8:37 and 8:41, when Four opened his mouth, one of his teeth isn’t colored.
  • For a split second at 8:42, you can see Four in front of another Four.
  • At 13:53, when Eggy says "we're losers" and her body slightly tilts forward, one of her legs is disconnected from her body.

Don't Dig Straight Down

  • Fries has all six of his fries back despite Lollipop eating one in "Return of the Rocket Ship".
  • Barf Bag's patch has the grass texture instead of the side of the bag.
  • Barf Bag’s patch disappears after Bomby fills her up.
  • Rocky is still colored orange, despite turning back to gray in What Do You Think of Roleplay?
  • At 8:45 when Donut jumps down to save Spongy there are 4 pairs of arms, even though Donut is no longer pulling.
  • At 9:06 the lava is entering the tunnel, but in the next shot we see it the level is significantly below it. It enters the tunnel a second time when Barf Bag says "The lava just went through this tunnel".
BFB screenshot lavabubbles

The masking error (notice the bubbles are way off).

  • At 15:01, when Golf Ball is averting iance from breaking the surface, one of her feet is not colored in and the other leg is disconnected from her body.
  • Balloony should have popped on contact with lava, but instead turned black.
BFB screenshot nolavaerror

No lava shown.

BFB screenshot nolavaerror2

Naily and Woody should be burning up.

  • When Barf Bag says "The lava just went through this tunnel", she and Bomby look towards the right even though the lava is on the left.
    • This might be just a camera mispositioning. However, Bomby ran to the left, so it might not be.
  • Ice Cube didn't come out the hole when iance escaped from the lava.
  • At exactly 18:49, the bubbles from the lava get misplaced for several frames. This is most likely a masking error.
  • Based on the speed of the lava flowing downwards, Rocky should’ve been burnt after Woody fell on his side.
  • At 20:03, there's no lava shown above Beep when there should be. This is most likely a camera mispositioning error.
  • At 20:16, Naily and Woody are touching the lava for a few frames, but manage to escape it anyway.

The slightly disconnected leg

  • When Balloony is trying to break into the factory using Naily, he is repeatedly holding Naily over his head, and subsequently afterwards gets burnt by the lava. However, Naily is unharmed.
  • A small part of Spongy is clipping out of his spaceship after the camera zooms out of Four's eye and in the stinger.
  • Barf Bag's leg slightly disconnects from her body when she is shaking nervously while saying "Is this concerning? I think this is concerning."
  • When Naily and Cake throw Woody, the yellow fan and the hole that drops acid disappear.
  • When the lava sprouts out of iance's hole, one of the shovels is layered above the lava.
  • When Barf Bag tells iance to get up, the burnt grass spots are missing.
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