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This is a list of items that first appeared in Battle for BFB. Appearances from later seasons are also covered here.

For items first appeared in earlier seasons, see List of minor items in Battle for Dream Island, List of minor items in Battle for Dream Island Again, and List of minor items in Battle for BFDI.

A block around all of the Earth

I put a block around all of the earth, and now we're all inside and-

A block around all of the Earth is a giant red block with Blocky's face on it, built by Blocky covering the Earth and its moon in an attempt to win the challenge in "A Taste of Space". It did not help the Have Nots win the challenge and resulted in them losing 8422 points.


Cardboard Box

Woody, it's a cardboard shelter! If you ever see something you're scared of, you could use it to um- uh- you could go inside of it! To hide, and um, calm yourself, so you're uh, less scared of whatever you were scared of?

The Cardboard Box was the present that the Have Nots gave to Woody in "Let's Raid The Warehouse". It was supposed to be used to help him conquer his fears, but instead he thought that he was being insulted, so he scrunched the box, making the Satisfactory Detector give it a 0/10.

Friendship Bracelet

It's a friendship bracelet! Try it on!
— Taco to Spongy, "Take the Tower"

A Friendship bracelet is an item in Battle for BFB. It was given to Spongy by Taco as a "welcome back gift".


The friendship bracelet has a salmon color with a maroon outline.


In "Take the Tower", Taco gives the friendship bracelet to Spongy and asks him to put it on. When Spongy does this, water splashes on Woody. This causes more water to flow over to Firey, which burns him. Blocky says that he needs to write down this "New material."

Later, in the challenge, Loser says that he has an idea. He then takes off the friendship bracelet, leaving Spongy sad since it was removed from him. Loser than starts folding it, much to the contestants' fascination, and eventually throws it over to the other team's castle. Then the contestants have to balance on it to fight the other team.

In "How Loe Can You Grow?", Taco asks where Spongy's friendship bracelet is. Later she says that in the bottom two, she would support him, but since he didn't have the bracelet, she would not.


  • This bracelet, currently, is the only bracelet object in BFDI to be inanimate.
  • This bracelet seems to be very elastic since it stretched all the way to the other team's tower in "Take the Tower".


Gelatin's Space Walk

Gelatin's Space Walk is an ASCII art comic made by Teardrop that appears in "The Game Has Changed". The contents of the comic are unknown. The back of it appears to be completely blank.


Grape costume

Are you a grape? Who is this?

In "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", Blocky disguised as a grape and wore this costume.


Grass Tuft

Grass Tuft is a tuft of the strange grass that covers most of the ground in Elsewhere on Earth. In X Marks the Spot, Gelatin is seen caressing the tuft of grass.

Ice buckets

I think you guys should! And I've got just the antidote to help him!

In "How Loe Can You Grow?", X got set ablaze thanks to the Have Nots using the Superspeed Laser on Spongy's private jet to increase the size of the sun to make the Aloe Vera plants grow faster. To fix this, Four gave both the Have Nots and Have Cots an ice bucket each. The teams went to space, having the idea to use the ice bucket they received on the sun to shrink it.

Later, the Have Cots team poured the ice on X, resulting in the Have Nots team being up for elimination.



The Laptop is used to control the budget of the show, first seen in "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning" when the Announcer was spending the budget in order to get rid of the show via making it not have enough budget to continue, to the point the animation was beginning to downgrade overtime. However, Flower was able to save the show by depositing the $50,000 given to her by the Announcer, restoring the animation back to normal.

List of tools needed to break prison bars

This first appears in Fashion For Your Face. This is one of the things Teardrop wrote/drew using ASCII via the typewriter. The list of tools consist of a twelve-inch titanium lock cutter, a butane blowtorch, and eight-inch garden shears.



A Silver and Gold Medal in the Grand Cake

Medals appear as both cake at stake items and in-episode characters. In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning" they were the reward for being safe, and in "SOS (Save Our Show)" a Gold Medal appeared in the low budget remake of "The Escape from Four", along with PMP, Steamy, Puzzley, and Compass. There are seven known variants, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Platinum, Diamond, and Wooden. A Silver and Gold Medal can be seen in the Grand Cake.

More Air

Leafy! Download "More Air"!!!

More Air is a product and also a prize given in Cake at Stake in "A Taste of Space" by Four when the Have Cots are in space and cannot breathe in the Cardboard Spaceship whilst all air has been drained inside.

More Air is a product on the App Market, claimed to be Yellow Face's product, priced $0.99, and rated 2 stars. It takes some time to load, just a bit slower than Four's hacking. Four also used More Air as a prize, who calls it "Air to Breathe".

Paint Bucket

A paint bucket is a tool used to color items and contestants.


Its only appearance was in X Marks the Spot, where Lollipop tried to use it because Four put her on the same team as Leafy. She is then seen carrying the paint bucket while in the FreeSmart Supervan for an unknown reason. She then replaces Coiny's glue for his plan to fail, resulting in X being painted orange.


Pencil's Box

Right before her unforgivable elimination, our mystic alliance leader Pencil gifted me her most prized possession, urging me not to open it until the stars align. I have safely guarded this treasure for many moons until-

Pencil's Box is a box given to Ruby at some point during Pencil's elimination during "Lick Your Way to Freedom". The box contained the FreeSmart Supervan, which was used to drive all the way to get X from the lavatories. It returned in "Chapter Complete" to chase Four.

Satisfaction Detector

And I'll measure how much they like their gifts with my handy-dandy Satisfaction Detector!

The Satisfaction Detector is a device used by X to measure the satisfaction score. It was used on Leafy, Flower, Lollipop, and Woody to see how satisfied they were with their gifts in "Let's Raid The Warehouse". It is multicolored and has a yellow floating smiley face on the top antenna, and a second smaller smiley face near the trigger. When it is shot at someone, it will tell the user the person's satisfaction rating, as well as the item the person is holding to determine whether they are satisfied with their item or not. A text-to-speech voice coming from the detector also calls out what the score is, from 0, being very unsatisfied, to 10, being super satisfied.


Not to be confused with the character variant, Scissors.

Why? Do you want to be on the same team!?
— Blocky, X Marks the Spot

Scissors are an item that Blocky used to scare Ruby in X Marks the Spot. The scissors are rather large, as it is much bigger than any other contestant. Blocky possibly used the scissors to deter Ruby from joining the Have Nots.

Spongy's Private Jet

I brought my private jet!

Spongy's Private Jet is a jet owned by Spongy. He uses it to escape the magma in "Don't Dig Straight Down". He refuses to let his teammates join him in it, due to there only being one seat, despite Naily pointing out that the other four could probably also fit in a Spongy-sized seat. He spends the remainder of the episode in his jet, eventually flying into space to avoid the lava. The Private Jet is seen again in "The Four is Lava" after a recommended character showcase, along with Puffball, who is looking at the Earth in response to Four yelling the challenge info. It is seen later in the episode when Puffball enters Goiky, who gets shot at by Spongy using a Cannon built into his jet. This ultimately backfires on Spongy when Puffball reflects a cannonball back at Spongy using Bell, which damages the ship causing a crash landing. Spongy survives this, however, using a parachute.

This was also used in BFB 19.



Here's a stick. This stick can be Blocky for elimination.

The Stick is used by Purple Face to replace Blocky during the elimination.

Sun Facts! Book

According to my sun facts book, cardboard boxes remain permanently on sun-like surfaces. So it'll likely still be there.

The Sun Facts! Book is an item that appeared in "A Taste of Space". Gelatin uses the book to explain that pouring ice on the sun would destroy the outermost layer causing the Have Cots to sink into it. However, nothing happens after Teardrop dumps ice on the sun. The book appears again in "The Hidden Contestant" where Gelatin reveals that he wrote the book himself, but he claims it's full of lies. Despite this, it was right about the cardboard ship staying intact on the sun.


Oh my gordita you guys, Blocky just released 58 pages of Donut's diary online!

The tablet was an item used in "A Taste of Space". It was used by Lollipop to prove that Leafy was lying that she didn't get obliterated by a laser. She did this by playing a clip of "Gardening Hero" when Leafy was shot by Spongy, instantly killing her. Leafy states that being obliterated isn't that bad. Lollipop proceeds to express her doubt in Leafy's statement, proving her point by pressing the letter X on her screen after the screen said: Press X To Doubt. It was later used by Leafy to buy more air and was hacked by Four to communicate with the Have Cots in space during Cake at Stake.

It appeared in "Who Stole Donut's Diary?" in the stinger when Taco tells everyone in the BRB that Blocky released 58 pages of Donut's diary online. Then Balloony says "Oh yeah! Time to read up!" when he is using a tablet as well.

It appeared in "The Game Has Changed" in the stinger when Blocky tells everyone in the BRB that Woody released a new episode of Woody's Funny Doings International. Blocky then remarks the episode at the end of it, saying that it was "pretty legit."

It's last appearance was in "The Tweested Temple" in the stinger when Ruby received an ad from Purple Face advertising a tour of the Archaic Temple. Ruby, disgusted by this ad, activated an ad-blocker, stating herself that she did.

It appeared non-canonically in Recommend a Character - Become a Jacknjellify Member.


Teardrop's Pirate Adventure

Wha- you made a comic? How is this even possible? "Teardrop's Pirate Adventure". Have you been doing this instead of writing about the case?

Teardrop's Pirate Adventure, is a comic that appeared briefly in "Who Stole Donut's Diary?". The only parts of it that are known are the front cover, back cover, and that at some point, Teardrop gets radioactive powers and kills Gelatin with them.

Known pages

▀█▀ █▀▀ ▄▀█ █▀█ █▀▄ █▀█ █▀█ █▀█ ▀ █▀
░█░ ██▄ █▀█ █▀▄ █▄▀ █▀▄ █▄█ █▀▀ ░ ▄█

█▀█ █ █▀█ ▄▀█ ▀█▀ █▀▀
█▀▀ █ █▀▄ █▀█ ░█░ ██▄

▄▀█ █▀▄ █░█ █▀▀ █▄░█ ▀█▀ █░█ █▀█ █▀▀
█▀█ █▄▀ ▀▄▀ ██▄ █░▀█ ░█░ █▄█ █▀▄ ██▄
Back cover

Old salt, Captain T.D & her hearties set off to the blue briney deep in the quest to find the mysterious Island of Dreams!

Will these swashbucklers succeed in their journey? Or will they have to feed the fish?


This Thing

Wow! I'm so glad I won the prize! This, uh, this thing. It's really good!

This Thing is an imaginary prize that appeared in "Chapter Complete". It is a multicolored prized given to the imaginary Pencil after winning the "43rd hypothetical season".


Ruby, put your times tables away.

Timetables is a filled in piece of paper written in with various different multiples of numbers only including either one, two, three, or four.


Guys, they're never gonna find the other blessed totem, because I already found it? All that's left in there are rocks.

The totems are artifacts that first appear in "The Tweested Temple".


The first seen totem is green and appears to be vomiting. Four later reveals that it is filled with vomit. Purple Face's totems are, as the name would suggest, purple and have huge grins on them. The last two totems are white and black. The white totem has red eyes and the black totem has blue eyes. In the "The Hidden Contestant", Profily has a black totem with red eyes.


  • The black totems appear to be the only ones that aren't cursed.



The typewriter was first shown in "Who Stole Donut's Diary?". This typewriter is able to use the ASCII language seen in Teardrop's Pirate Adventure, Gelatin's Space Walk, and the list of items needed for breaking prison bars in "Fashion For Your Face!". Where the ASCII buttons are on the typewriter is unknown, as only the back of it is shown.


Wire cutters

The wire cutters are an item used by Teardrop in Fashion For Your Face!

Teardrop was looking to get a some wire cutters from Yellow Face's Warehouse to help break Four out of the jail they had been locked in. However, she instead uses them to break Gelatin's sweater pod while inside Purple Face, in order to make him scream really loudly to obtain Four's attention.

Yellow Face's can of beans

Oh no no no no no no. Now is not the time to show us an ad.
Taco when she interrupts Yellow Face's ad, Let's Raid The Warehouse.

The can of beans were used in Yellow Face's ad in "Let's Raid The Warehouse".


Likability list

You see, you're currently the 44th nicest individual around here!
Leafy, describing likability ratings to Pin in You're A Loser, But....

The likability list is a chart used by Leafy in "You're A Loser, But..." to measure and compare people's likability. It is held with an easel similar to the one mentioned above, except its colored parts are recolored. It was used to encourage Pin to be likable enough so that Loser would invite her to his party.


So far, the only ranks on the list shown are those of Leafy and Pin. Leafy made herself to be #1, while Pin starts at #44 before Leafy gradually demotes her rank over time:

  • #45: When Pin criticizes Leafy for making herself #1, causing her to take offense.
  • #46: When Pin takes a boat from Cloudy's collection and accidentally drops it on him.
  • #47: When Pin and Leafy's boat crashes into Flower as she was too far away to hear the former warning her.

After Pin is demoted to #47, Leafy believes she's doing it wrong and abandons the likability list, deciding for Pin to give Loser a simple gift instead.


Not Cannon

This is shooting you off like, a cliff, with my Not Cannon!

The Not Cannon is a weapon that is used to shoot objects over long distances. It appears to be an old-fashioned cannon, with a sign saying "NOT CANNON" attached to it.


In "HELP US get to VIDCON 2019", Match shot Basketball off a cliff with this cannon. This is currently its only appearance, and it is unlikely that it will be shown again.


  • The reason the cannon says "Not Cannon" is because the short it appeared in is not canon.
  • All the assets for the parts of the Not Cannon are brand new.
  • According to the calculations, it was figured out that the Not Cannon's launch speed is 79.4339 m/s, or 284.4 km/h.



Me and Nine have been building the weapon of your demise for the last 27,000 years!

The Stone-To-Boot-O-Tron is a machine that creates a super powerful boot that can kick even the densest of characters when 10,000 tons of stone is put in the chute and the crank is turned. It was made by Tennis Ball and was used to kick Eight in Thanks for 900,000 subscribers!.



The Walkie-Talkies are a communicator that are used to communicate with other people from far away.

Xanta Card

The Xanta Card appeared in "If X-MAS in Among Us was a BFDI Challenge". It was sent by Xanta to tell the crew about their presents and informing them how 2 of the crew members were naughty.