This is a list of items that first appeared in Battle for BFDI. For items first appeared in earlier seasons, see List of minor items in Battle for Dream Island and List of minor items in Battle for Dream Island Again and IDFB.

A block around all of the Earth

How is this better at all?!

A block around all of the Earth is a giant red block with Blocky's face on it, built by Blocky covering the Earth and its moon in an attempt to win the challenge in "A Taste of Space". It did not help the Have Nots win the challenge and resulted in them losing eight thousand and four hundred twenty two points.

A block around all of the Earth photo


Binoculars are a magnifying device used to see things from far away. It has the words "Zoomable 2.0 Edition" on it.


In "Return of the Rocket Ship", Book is seen using the binoculars on two separate occasions to watch Taco. During the second time, Gaty walks in front of the binoculars, obstructing Book's view of Taco.

In "Don't Dig Straight Down", Book uses the binoculars again, and sees that Ice Cube and Taco are about to get burned by a wave of lava. She then goes to save them, leaving the binoculars behind.




Blueberry seeds

Blueberry seeds are seeds Pin had with her in "Getting Teardrop to Talk".


In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Pin was holding these seeds in her hands, but Golf Ball bumped into her, causing her to lose her seeds. Snowball, Firey and Taco try tossing them in Cloudy's pot. After Taco does this and subsequently lands the seeds in the pot, Pin comes by and asks if they saw her seeds. She says that she hopes they aren't in a pot, due to their quick germination and explosive tendencies. She then keeps looking.

In "This Episode Is About Basketball", when Coiny breaks the lower right frame of Cloudy's window, you can see that the seeds have grown into a blueberry tree.


Box of crayons

This article is about the crayons used at Cake at Stake in BFB. For the recommended character, see Crayon.

Crayons are items that appeared in "Lick Your Way to Freedom" during Cake at Stake. Their colors correspond to different members of iance.


In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", the crayons were used during Cake at Stake by Four to represent how many votes each contestant got. The crayons were used on an easel to mark the votes for iance’s elimination.


  • The crayons in the box are arranged in the same order as the colors used on the easel.
  • The easel is currently a part of Cloudy's collection.
  • The colors of the crayons are citrine, iris, lavender pink, orange-red, burnt umber, goldenrod, cool gray, and dodger blue.
  • Basketball uses the grey crayon in "The Liar Ball You Don't Want".





Cardboard Box

The Cardboard Box was the present that the Have Nots gave to Woody in "Let's Raid The Warehouse". It was supposed to be used to help him conquer his fears, but instead he thought that he was being insulted, so he scrunched the box, making the Satisfactory Detector giving it a 0/10.

Cheap Plastic Green Toys

Cheap Plastic Green Toys are one of Yellow Face's products. According to Foldy and Yellow Face, they seem to also be owned by a massive department store that he advertises for. They resemble emeralds and were used to trick Four into making Free Food safe, but technically backfired as Four noticed, but also allows them to be safe because "They committed forgery, for Dream Island" in "Don't Dig Straight Down". This is a pun, in which "forgery" is made to sound like "for Dream".

Donut's Camera

It's a feature of my new camera! In addition to light, it also transmits matter! Like my arms!

Donut's Camera is an item used by Donut in "Questions Answered". It can transmit matter along with light, but it can only go one way.


In "Questions Answered", Donut uses it to communicate with A Better Name Than That, since they are trapped on the moon. Shortly after, Lollipop starts laughing at Donut because he used her nickname (Bagel Brain). Donut grabs her lips and makes her stop. Tennis Ball asks how he's grabbing Lollipop's lips if he's on Earth. Donut explains it's a feature of his new camera. Basketball demands Donut to take them back down to Earth, but Donut tells her it can only go one way. Donut has no other choice than to bring Earth to the moon.

In "A Taste of Space", Four used it to have Cake at Stake and to grab Ruby to send her to BRB.


Donut's Diaries

Donut's Diary I (presumably) and Donut's Diary II are items used by Loser in BFB 7 and BFB 13 for the first diary, and BFB 16 for the second. They are both books written in by Donut and later read by Loser.


In "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", Donut tries to eliminate Loser by trapping him inside a Jawbreaker. Once Donut finally succeeds, he accidentally leaves his diary in there.

In "The Escape from Four", the second diary is briefly shown when Loser grabs it from Donut, stating that he "needed new reading material".

In "Lo-Fi Beats to Yoyle To — BFB 21 on Friday, July 3", Donut was seen writing in his diary and listening to some music.

Duct tape

Duct tape, also called bandages is an item, first seen on "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset".


In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", Team Ice Cube used a roll of duct tape to bandage Bomby's hole after he was somehow partially exploded on the swingset.

Another roll of Masking tape appears later in the episode during the stinger, when Snowball holds duct tape when he asks Taco if she’d like to go back inside the Jawbreaker. However, it is never used.

In "Fortunate Ben", during the challenge, Lightning attempted to pull iance's plane up, but Four told them not to fly, so he disintegrated Lightning and Black Hole. Fries pointed out that he could just take away their ability to fly rather than obliterating them, so Four pressed another button which caused Puffball and Cloudy to be covered in tape, making them unable to fly.

X is seen with it on his leg after returning from the limb reattachment center, since Four ripped his limbs off earlier in "Fortunate Ben".

In "Questions Answered", Stapy used duct tape from Puffball to make the Fake Buzzer.

It was used again on "This Episode Is About Basketball" when X constructs a contraption for the challenge.

When Balloony was revived, he removed the duct tape from Cloudy.

Its most recent usage was as a Cake at Stake prize in "Take the Tower". It was used to cover up the votes, then peeled off and given as prizes for the safe contestants. Leafy got her mouth duct taped shut, only allowing her to make muffled noises.



Uh, you know, those loud noises?

Earmuffs are one of the many products that have been advertised by Yellow Face. This advertisement took place before the intro in the 6th episode of Battle For BFDI, "Four Goes Too Far".


The earmuffs are used to protect the user’s ears from loud noises, possibly including Four's screech. They contain 8 artificial ingredients and are colored blue, white, and gray.

They are oversized on Yellow Face, so they are likely very big.

Commercial transcript

Yellow Face

Hey viewers, want protection from loud noises?


Can you be more specific?

Yellow Face

Uh, you know, THOSE loud noises? eeehh-



Yellow Face

Then buy our revolutionary earmuffs!
*Four appears in the background*




  • This is the first ad and advertised item on BFB.
  • These "revolutionary" Earmuffs are a nod to the Revolutionary Headphones from season one.
  • They also seem to work as a sound transferring device, because when Four screeches into the earmuffs, Yellow Face gets dizzy.


The Easel is an object Four used in "Lick Your Way to Freedom" to display the votes.

It also made cameos in "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", "Today's Very Special Episode", "This Episode Is About Basketball", and "Don't Dig Straight Down".


Emeralds are gems that first appeared in "Don't Dig Straight Down". They fuel the contest due to them being X's treasure, which he is supposedly searching for by hurtling towards the Earth's core. However, all of the emeralds were actually either barely underground or in Four's eyeball.

In "The Four is Lava", the emerald is used by Woody like a surf board after escaping Four's eye from the overflooding lava that was spewed out.

In "The Escape from Four", the emerald is held by Woody, even after when he and the emerald were taken somewhere else.

Friendship Bracelet

It's a friendship bracelet! Try it on!
— Taco to Spongy, "Take the Tower"

A Friendship bracelet is an item in Battle for BFB. It was given to Spongy by Taco as a "welcome back gift".


The friendship bracelet has a salmon color with a maroon outline.


In "Take the Tower", Taco gives the friendship bracelet to Spongy and asks him to put it on. When Spongy does this, water splashes on Woody. This causes more water to flow over to Firey, which burns him. Blocky says that he needs to write down this "New material."

Later, in the challenge, Loser says that he has an idea. He then takes off the friendship bracelet, leaving Spongy sad since it was removed from him. Loser than starts folding it, much to the contestants fascination, and eventually throws it over to the other teams castle. Then the contestants have to balance on it to fight the other team.

In "How Loe Can You Grow?", Taco asks where Spongy's friendship bracelet is. Later she says that in the bottom two, she would support him, but since he didn't have the bracelet, she wouldn't.


  • This bracelet, currently, is the only bracelet object in BFDI to be inanimate.
  • This bracelet has been shown to be very elastic, since it stretched all the way to the other teams tower in "Take the Tower".
FriendshipBracelet BFB18

Frosting bags

In "Today's Very Special Episode", Rocky barfed frosting into some bags so Beep could make a cake in the shape of Four. Woody then held one of the bags over his head and squeezed the frosting out of it.


They are gray with a picture of strawberry cake on them. They are pink when filled with frosting.


The GET AWAY FROM ME Button was an item used in "The Escape from Four". It was used on Four and the 14 contestants because Two said they have to host the show somewhere else. There are possible side effects that include: uncooking, depigmentation, dent removal, and enlargement.

Ice buckets

In "How Loe Can You Grow?", X got set ablaze thanks to the Have Nots using the Superspeed Laser on Spongy's private jet to increase the size of the sun in order to make the Aloe Vera plants grow faster. To fix this, Four gave both the Have Nots and Have Cots an ice bucket each. The teams went to space, having the idea to use the ice bucket they received on the sun to shrink it.


Juice Box

The Juice Box an item that appeared in The Escape From Four. It was first seen when Four was very hot when X gave it to cool him down.

The letters AJ on the juice box mean Apple Juice. The OJ on the orange juice box could be a nod to OJ from Inanimate Insanity.

Loyalty chart

The loyalty chart is a chart that Leafy used for her team in "Lick Your Way to Freedom". The chart displayed how loyal everybody on Beep was to Leafy.


Screenshot (5)-0

Leafy, demoting Cloudy's rank.

The scores seem to be on a ten-point scale, from 1-10. By the end of BFB 2, Rocky was the most loyal, having a score of 8, while Balloony was the least loyal, scoring 3. Roboty's loyalty is unknown to Leafy.


  • It's been written with a unique puce colored crayon that comes out red.
  • It may be based on, or referencing, Leafy's levels of niceness.

Paint Bucket

A paint bucket is a tool used to color items and contestants.


Its only appearance was in X Marks the Spot, where Lollipop tried to use it because Four put her on the same team as Leafy. She is then seen carrying the paint bucket while in the FreeSmart Supervan for an unknown reason. She then replaces Coiny's glue for his plan to fail, resulting in X being painted orange.



Oh my gosh, Pen! That's a pentagon!

A pentagon is an arctic blue piece of paper with 5 sides. It is apparently "extremely scary", according to Eraser.


In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Pen shows Eraser what he believes is a rectangle. Eraser then corrects him by saying it's a parallelogram, and he would know (since he is a parallelogram, too). Pen then shows Eraser a pentagon, and Eraser is immediately terrified. Pen doesn't notice Eraser's fear and instead comments on how "Pentagon" is his name (Pen) with "-tagon" added as a suffix. Eraser explains that pentagons are "extremely scary". Pen doesn't think it was that scary until the pentagon intensifies causing both of them to scream. They call Blocky to fix the problem, who uses Saw to cut the pentagon into a quadrilateral and a triangle. Pen comments on how he never wants to see a pentagon again.


  • The pentagon has the ability to make the world around it darker and to make the music playing more intense, and shake on its own.
    • However, this could just be in Eraser and Pen's imagination, as Blocky and Saw don't seem to notice the change. This could suggest that pentagons are not actually scary, but that Eraser and Pen have an irrational fear of them.
  • Pen and Eraser being scared of the Pentagon could be related to the Pentagram/Pentacle which is seen as a sign of anarchism.
  • The Pentagon is the second item to appear in BFB.
  • After Pen says he doesn't ever want to see a pentagon again, the camera pans to Foldy, who also happens to be a pentagon and, coincidentally, of the same color palette as the pentagon.



Main article: Poppers

Satisfaction detector

The satisfaction detector is a device used to measure the satisfaction score.

Saw's Drink

Saw's Drink is a cup with a straw, containing a liquid, which Saw is seen drinking in "Return of the Rocket Ship". It has a salmon colored straw, a light pink cap, a medium pink body, and a light grey zarf.

As of "The Four is Lava", the drink is currently in Cloudy's Collection.


Ruby! Digging with shovels is faster than with teeth!

Shovels were used to dig for X's treasure buried underground in "Return of the Rocket Ship".


Shovels were first seen as Cake at Stake prizes in BFDI and then tools used in BFDIA to obtain ingredients from underground. They return briefly in Getting Teardrop to Talk, used by Dora when digging for islands.

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", shovels are first seen inside of a crate. Ruby picks up some shovels for Iance to use and hands them to Snowball, Flower, and Lightning respectively to dig. Later on, Team Ice Cube! can be seen digging with the shovels. Although the rest of her team isn’t seen using the shovels, Teardrop can be seen holding one as Ruby picks some up from the crate. So far, Teardrop, iance, and Team Ice Cube! are the only ones seen using the shovels. There are different colored shovels that correspond to each team.


Spongy's Private Jet

I brought my private jet!

Spongy's Private Jet is a jet owned by Spongy. He uses it to escape the magma in "Don't Dig Straight Down". He refuses to let his teammates join him in it, due to there only being one seat, despite Naily pointing out that the other four could probably also fit in a Spongy-sized seat. He spends the remainder of the episode in his jet, eventually flying into space to avoid the lava. The Private Jet is seen again in "The Four is Lava" after a recommended character showcase, along with Puffball, who is looking at the Earth in response to Four yelling the challenge info. It is seen later in the episode when Puffball enters Goiky, who gets shot at by Spongy using a Cannon built into his jet. This ultimately backfires on Spongy when Puffball reflects a cannonball back at Spongy using Bell, which damages the ship causing a crash landing. Spongy survives this, however, using a parachute.

This was also used in BFB 19.


The Stethoscope is used by Match and Pencil on Loser while he was reading Donut's Diary in the Liar Ball.


The tablet was an item used in A Taste of Space. It was hacked by Four and was used to communicate with the Have Cots in space during Cake at Stake.



Asset of tablet

X's Alarm Clock

Not to be confused with Clock.
It's time for the intro, Four!
X, after stopping his alarm clock in "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset"

X's Alarm Clock is an item used by X to let Four know when it was time to do the intro. It first appeared in "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset" and it is possible that it could appear in future episodes. So far it has only appeared twice.

In "This Episode Is About Basketball", X's Alarm Clock can be seen in Cloudy's Collection.


It is a classic alarm clock with a metallic gold-yellow design on it, and it’s a little bit darker than the color of X. Its face is white with a grey smiley face, and it has a white ringer that hits the bells of the clock. The clock’s hands are maroon, having an hour and a minute hand.


  • When X stopped the alarm clock from ringing, he jumped and had the same face as it.
  • The hour hand looks like it is between where the 4 and 5 would be.
  • X’s Alarm clock wouldn’t tell a real time unless the 4 or 5 were differently placed.
  • The Alarm Clock was replaced with Clock and then Dora at later episodes.



X's cards

BEEP, are you seated?

X, in "This Episode Is About Basketball" and "Enter the Exit", used colored cards to help him stay on track at Cake At Stake. After the events of the elimination before, he needed to prepare. His use of them is very briefly mentioned during "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", with the thing X said before beginning.


The Year's Hottest Look

Team Free Food presents, the Year's Hottest Look!
4 free

The tower that makes up "The Year's Hottest Look".

The Year's Hottest Look was Free Food's entry for the contest in "Today's Very Special Episode". It is a tower of members of the team Free Food with (contestants listed top to bottom): Yellow Face, Foldy, Fries, Puffball, and Stapy. The tower takes the shape of a person, with Yellow Face as the head, Foldy as the arms, Stapy as the legs, and Fries and Puffball as the torso. It was revealed to Four by Marker, who pulled a red drape off of the tower. Four's reaction to the tower was shooting love hearts that acted as solid objects. It received first place in the contest in Today’s Very Special Episode.


Yellow Face's can of beans

The can of beans were used in Yellow Face's ad in "Let's Raid The Warehouse".


Likability list

You're currently the 45th nicest individual around here!
Leafy, describing likability ratings to Pin.

The likability list is a chart used by Leafy in "You're A Loser, But..." to measure and compare people's likability. It is held with an easel similar to the one mentioned above, except its colored parts are recolored. It was used to encourage Pin to be likable enough so that Loser would invite her to his party.


So far, the only ranks on the list shown are those of Leafy and Pin. Leafy made herself to be #1, while Pin starts at #44 before Leafy gradually demotes her rank over time:

  1. 45: When Pin criticizes Leafy for making herself #1, causing her to take offense.
  1. 46: When Pin takes a boat from Cloudy's collection and accidentally drops it on him.
  1. 47: When Pin and Leafy's boat crashes into Flower as she was too far away to hear the former warning her.

After Pin is demoted to #47, Leafy believes she's doing it wrong and abandons the likability list, deciding for Pin to give Loser a simple gift instead.


Not Cannon

The Not Cannon is a weapon that is used to shoot objects over long distances. It appears to be an old-fashioned canon, with a sign saying "NOT CANNON" attached to it.


In "HELP US get to VIDCON 2019", Match shot Basketball off a cliff with this cannon. This is currently its only appearance, and it is unlikely that it will be shown again.


  • The reason the cannon says "Not Cannon" is because the short it appeared in is not canon.
  • All the assets for the parts of the Not Cannon are brand new.
  • According to the calculations, it was figured out that the Not Cannon's launch speed is 79.4339 m/s, or 284.4 km/h.


The Walkie-Talkies are a communicator that are used to communicate with other people from far away.

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