A list of minor, inconsequential, or insignificant items that first appeared in Battle for Dream Island Again. For items that first appeared in the first season, see List of minor items in Battle for Dream Island.

Acid spitballs

It's okay. I've got acid spitballs. One hit, and Leafy will disintegrate into ASH!

Acid spitballs are green acidic balls supposedly strong enough to corrode Yoyle metal, as they were utilized to harm Metal Leafy.

Their first and only appearance (so far) was in "Get Digging" when Gelatin decided to shoot the spitballs at Leafy while she was throwing knives at him and Needle. Leafy, however, avoided all 262 of them, making them useless.


Bubbly Pop

Bubbly Pop is a drink given by Puffball Speaker Box to Bubble to make up for her not being allowed to compete with her alliance, as she wasn't an official contestant.

Distance Tracker 2000

Distance Tracker 2000 was first seen in "No More Snow!", where Needle uses it to see how much longer they need to walk to arrive at Yoyle Mountain. She sees it says 70 feet left, and Yellow Face and Needle then cheer, thinking they are that close to Yoyle Mountain. However, Coiny points out that it was actually the distance to Evil Canyon, and the real distance to Yoyle Mountain is 2761 miles. Shortly after, W.O.A.H. Bunch falls into Evil Canyon and the Distance Tracker 2000 is never seen again until "Return of the Rocket Ship", where Golf Ball uses it to track the coordinates of an emerald.



RIP Fries in advance

Book cutting the rope with a knife

Main article: Knives

Knives were used by Leafy and Pin in BFDIA. It was also used by Book to cut a rope in "No More Snow!", dropping a weight and causing PuffBall, Fries and Evil Leafy to be crushed to death. It was used again later in the same episode by Match in an attempt to kill Pencil.

It was seen again in "Welcome Back", when Leafy planned to throw it when Coiny took some deep fried breaths with Fries, but didn't because she's too horrified at the pain Fries has to go through when doing deep fried breaths.

Leafy Detector

"I mean, why prospect when you can detect?"

The Leafy Detector is an item used by Pencil in "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know" to find Leafy during the scene where the BFDI contestants are chasing Leafy through the Evil Forest after she stole Dream Island. It was advertised by Boombox at the epilogue when Leafy is in Yoyleland at the end of the episode. The way it works is unknown and hasn't been explained.



  • It is a recolor of the Emergency Button, except for the absence of the face on the button.
    • They were both coincidentally used by Pencil.
  • While Leafy is being stunned via the Leafy Detector, the animation she is using is directly taken from Spazm Leafy from the first season of BFDI.


In "Get Digging", to get ingredients for their Yoylestew, Team No-Name used shovels to dig underground.

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", the shovels are found inside of a crate. iance and Team Ice Cube! used them to find emeralds.




The Anti-Yoyler is an item mentioned by Fries that can supposedly turn a character infected with Yoyle Metal back to their normal form. It has only been mentioned in the BFDIA 6 Deleted Scenes video, where it was used on the members of FreeSmart and W.O.A.H. Bunch, and it is currently unknown what it looks like. It might be some sort of remote because of the button sound effect that was played right after Gelatin used it, who complained about everyone being Yoyle Metal.

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