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A recurring recommended character is a recommended character that appears throughout the series multiple times. The generally accepted number of appearances is about 3 times. However, this minimum does not apply to recommended characters brought onto the show by Patreon.

This list does not include those that had or have a chance at competing in the show, such as Ruby, Clock, Nonexisty, Anchor, Camera and other characters eligible to debut for TPOT. Lego Brick, Waffle, and Tune are also excluded.

Cereal Box

Cereal Box is a recommended character that appeared in BFDIA 5a, BFB 9 and 10.


Computer (also known as Computery, Laptop, Laptoppy, and Lappy) is a recommended character that appeared in BFDI 14, 15, and BFB 12. Computer's appearance changes greatly over the episodes they were shown in. In episode 14, Computer is a classic desktop computer. In episode 15, Computer becomes a laptop. In BFB 12, they resemble a slightly less realistic computer, which was intended to look similar to the computer shown for a brief moment in EXIT. They were killed once in BFDI 14 after jumping into a vat of hydrochloric acid.


Crayon is a recommended character who was recommended by alexlion05 in "Don't Lose Your Marbles". They were seen jumping happily when Pencil was talking. They also appeared once more in "Rescission", this time recommended by jaysillyboy. They were later disintegrated by Pencil with her Emergency Button. They were also recommended by TDJessiFan in "Get Digging", placing 25th in the Top 25 recommended characters, just barely making the Top 25. In each of their appearances in BFDI(A), they were seen jumping, clearly overjoyed. They are one of the few recommended characters (such as Flag) to be animated.


Credit Card

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Credit Card is a recommended character that appeared in BFDI 17, BFB 4, BFB 6, BFB 12, BFB 13, BFB 14, and BFB 15.


DS is a recommended character who appeared in BFDI 25, 24, and BFDIA 5a. In BFDIA 5a, he appears to have Get To The Top Although There Is No Top! or GTTTATINT, a game by Cary Huang, on his screen.


Football is a recommended character who was recommended by alexlion0511, spongron, wixxxproducera, and GaminAwesome in the episodes "A Leg Up in the Race", "Don't Lose Your Marbles", "Bowling, Now with Explosions!", and "Lick Your Way to Freedom", respectively, as well as appearing in "Return of the Hang Glider" as a non-recommended character.

Alexlion0511's Football was seen running around on fire after Firey set them and some other recommended characters on fire.

Spongron's Football was seen in "Don't Lose Your Marbles" while Tennis Ball was turning in a ball. This version of Football is black-colored instead of brown, and their eyes are white.

Wixxxproducera's Football was one of the recommended characters in "Bowling, Now with Explosions!". In "Return of the Hang Glider", Football was revealed after their (fake) Leafy disguise was ripped off.


Lava Lamp

Lava Lamp is a recommended character who was recommended by simondomino in Episode 14. They were seen, along with some other recommended characters, jumping in a vat of hydrochloric acid, trying to retrieve Bally and Marble to gain 10 extra points.

Lava Lamp is based on the real-life lava lamps. They have what is presumed to be plum and violet (and at times red and orange) colored wax inside, with a dark gray holder and top. Unlike the real-life counterpart, however, Lava Lamp doesn't seem to need heating from a light bulb, or rather anything to have the colored wax working. Lava Lamp was one of the characters to appear in BFDIA 4, however, they had a change in color and lost their limbs.


Mechanical Pencil

Mechanical Pencil is a recommended character that appeared in Half a Loaf Is Better Than None. It is a green-colored mechanical pencil. It was recommended by AwesomeMudkipKing.

In "Zeeky Boogy Doog", it placed 13th out of the top 25 recommended characters in the episode, and it was recommended by TotalCustomSeries.

Mechanical Pencil showed up once more in "Lick Your Way to Freedom", but with a new design, resembling Roboty.

In "The Four is Lava", Mechanical Pencil appeared behind Flower, Coiny and Naily while they're running to Four.



Microphone is a recommended character who first appeared in The Reveal, and would later appear in Rescission. In Insectophobe's Nightmare 3, Microphone appeared under the name "Mic".


Microphone is dynamic microphone. The dark-grey "head" of the microphone is not grated, implying that it may be soft, akin to a windscreen. The handle is a lighter grey. Microphone has white facial features and all four limbs.

One Recommended Character Per Recommender Sign

I am off balance! Hooray for me!
— One Recommended Character Per Recommender Sign

One Recommended Character Per Recommender Sign, also recommended as One Person Per Recommender Sign and also One Recommended Character Per Recommender, is a non-sentient object and a recommended character that appeared in various episodes of Battle for Dream Island. It was initially non-sentient in its debut in Rescission, but became a sentient character by Don't Pierce My Flesh. It is a picket sign with a wooden post telling the viewers that only one viewer can submit a recommended character per episode. It was recommended by ShinyGenesectAron2.


The One Recommended Character Per Recommender Sign is a sign with a wooden post and a white piece of material with writing on it. Its face was on its paper in Don't Pierce My Flesh, but its face was moved to its post in Hurtful!.




Poop is a recommended character from Episode 18. They were recommended by luigiluigi2020. They are a big, brown blob of human fecal matter. They are also one of the two characters to be a bodily fluid, the other being Pee-ey.

In Episode 14, Poop was armless and was one of the characters to jump into the vat full of hydrochloric acid. In that episode, Poop was recommended by EnchantiCam. In Episode 20, Poop was limbless and was one of the gaspers and was recommended by SexyAippy.



Ring, also recommended as Golden Ring in "The Reveal" and Ringy in BFB 7, is a recommended character that appeared in The Reveal, Rescission, Gardening Hero, and The Liar Ball You Don't Want when Loser was eliminated.

It is a golden, armless ring in episodes 17 and 19. In Rescission, they are a recolored version of Bracelety's body asset that was recommended in that episode. In episode 20, it gained arms and has a consistent shape. In BFB 7, it has a sharper and taller design with a similar color scheme to their episode 17 variant.

Other than that, currently nothing else is known about them.


In The Reveal, Ring, what it was first called, was watching the Cake at Stake, and Announcer remarked they were a stalker.

In Rescission, Pencil disintegrated them.


  • In BFB 7, their right arm is not attached.
  • Their name in BFB may be a reference to Fries and Firey Jr.'s nickname for Bracelety.


Rose the Flower/Crystal Rose

Rose the Flower/Crystal Rose is a recommended character that appeared in "Don't Lose Your Marbles" by firemoss1, once in a bush next to announcer, and again next to Match. they appeared later in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2" two times, one called "Rose the Flower" by yoshiman4321 and the other one called "Crystal Rose" by crystalzoura1.


Seven is a number and a recommended character by Cody S. They first appeared in the 2008 video "X Finds Out His Value", along with Four, X and other numbers.

They were first recommended in "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", by the recommender Cody S. They also appeared in "Return of the Rocket Ship", "Don't Dig Straight Down", and "The Four is Lava".



I am the sky
— Sky, The Reveal

Sky is a recommended character that appeared in BFDI 18. They were recommended by krazyjordan.

There was also another Sky that appeared in BFDI 20. They appear above the TLC when the Announcer explains that the eliminated contestants will vote for the next episode.

In both episodes, Sky is a pair of floating eyes and a smiling mouth. In BFDI 24, however, they were badly drawn. In this episode however, the message reads: "I am Sky, recommended by jordansollie".



Swappy is a recurring recommended character in Battle for BFDI. He appears to possess a button similar to the Emergency Button in "Four Goes Too Far" and onward. He was the icon under "Rewards" shown on Patreon, replacing Bracelety after "Today's Very Special Episode". However, as of "Four Goes Too Far", he was replaced with the recommended character PDA.

Swappy reappears in "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", "Don't Dig Straight Down", and "The Four is Lava".


Swappy, despite his name, is seemingly a white question mark. The shading is a heather blue, which is a grey shade of periwinkle. He has all limbs.


  • His creator has a FANDOM account.
  • In BFB 6 and 7, he holds an Emergency Button. According to his recommender, he is supposed to hold this in every episode.


VR Headset

VR Headset is a recommended character who appeared in BFB 13, 14, and 15.

It resembles a virtual reality headset with 2 lenses with 2 faces.

VR Headset is first seen among other recommended characters in "Return of the Rocket Ship", when A Better Name Than That are digging towards an emerald. VR Headset appears again in "Don't Dig Straight Down" when iance is digging away from lava. VR Headset appears later in the episode, where they are killed in the lava, along with other recommended characters. They make their final appearance in the credits of the episode. VR Headset appears several times in "The Four is Lava" with other recommended characters.

Their design and pose is based off of their original look from jacknjellify's illustration of them on the jacknjellify Twitter. A character with a similar name and appearance appears in "The Four is Lava", but they are tinted blue and the R in their name is lowercase.


Watermelon is a recommended character that appeared in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2".

It was eaten later by the bugs. Watermelon is seen looking at Talking Teardrop's dialogue in her speech bubble, as they are tipped over or fallen in front of Lava Teardrop. Watermelon also appeared in "Return of the Hang Glider", "Get in the Van", "Lick Your Way to Freedom", "Enter the Exit", "What Do You Think of Roleplay?" and "The Four is Lava".


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