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Locker of Losers

First appearance

"Reveal Novum"

Last appearance

"Welcome Back"


Navy (box/lid), White (text) Gray (lock)


Goiky (2011-2013) Yoyleland (2013-present)


Likely decommissioned

Leafy: Hey uh... Speakery? Where are you sending the recommended characters that didn't win?
Announcer: They're going to LOL.
Leafy: Why? What's so funny?
Announcer: Nothing's funny.

The Locker of Losers, abbreviated as LOL, is a container used to hold various characters and objects throughout the Battle for Dream Island series. It is a large blue lidded metal box with its name written on the side, and it is adorned with a padlock. Its walls are five inches thick. It is similar to the Tiny Loser Chamber, though the Locker of Losers is larger.

The Locker of Losers's first appearance and only appearance in season 1 is in "Reveal Novum", where it is used to contain all but three (David, Bomby, and Nonexisty) of the eligible-to-join recommended characters; later in the episode, it is crushed by the Sun. After its return in Battle for Dream Island Again, it is used to contain the Tiny Loser Chamber, which in turn is used to contain any characters not participating in the competition. As of IDFB, the Locker of Losers has been transferred from Goiky to Yoyleland. It does not appear in BFB, as it is superseded by the EXIT; all of the prisoners of the Locker of Losers have been released, presumably by the Wall Teleporter.

Characters in the LOL in IDFB

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  • The initialism "LOL" is used to mean "laughing out loud," hence Leafy's confusion.
  • The Locker of Losers is known as a locker due to its padlock, but the lock is not attached to anything, and it appears that it can be slid off easily. The lock may serve to weigh the lid down.
  • All recommended characters eligible to join the game besides David, Bomby, and Nonexisty died in "Reveal Novum" when the Locker of Losers was crushed by the sun.
  • Evil Leafy may have escaped the Locker of Losers by teleporting.
  • In "No More Snow!", some of the contestants who were in the Locker of Losers can be seen in the background, indicating that they may have escaped.
  • BFDIA 6 does not exist, so as of Welcome Back, it is unknown how Puffball was sent to the Locker of Losers without her having flown away.