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I'm sorry, but just based on your appearance, I've gotta say no.
— Lollipop, "Getting Teardrop to Talk"

Lollipop is a female contestant in Battle for BFDI. She was a recommended character who could've joined BFDIA, but she only received 95 votes, which wasn’t enough to join. Although Lollipop was formerly voiced by Cary Huang, she is currently voiced by Sam Lee in BFB.

Lollipop's only speaking role prior to Battle for BFDI was in "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know" when she told Book "I guess people judged you by your cover", in response to Book questioning why she didn't make it into the game. Lollipop was later flung to the LOL alongside the rest of the characters who couldn't join BFDIA, although Book made it into the game after the absent contestants were cut off.

Lollipop's IDFB redesign features a more shiny look, and she no longer has a wrapper on her. In addition, she is a different shade of purple.

In "Welcome Back", Lollipop, along with the other characters held in the TLC, was given a chance to debut in IDFB through viewers' votes. However, she failed to join with only 74 votes.[1]

In BFB, she competed as a former member of Bleh and previously on the Have Cots. She currently competes as an independent contestant as BFB advanced to the next stage in the competition.


Lollipop appears to be a lollipop made up of a spherical candy jabbed by a lollipop stick.

The candy is lavender and appears to have a smooth and shiny texture. Her stick is white and seems to be made of paper. Lollipop’s shape and texture somewhat resemble that of Dum Dums.



  • Lollipop has a wrapper.
  • Lollipop is      purple.
  • Lollipop has no shading or shine.
  • Lollipop has limbs.
  • Lollipop has no outline.


  • Lollipop is now      yellow.
  • Lollipop's name is "Lolly Pop".
  • Lollipop now has a smaller wrapper.
  • Lollipop has a smaller head.
  • Lollipop is slightly taller.


  • Lollipop has no arms.
  • Lollipop's name is now "Lollipoppy".


  • Lollipop has arms now.
  • Lollipop is      green.
  • Lollipop's face is on her stick.
  • Lollipop has a wider stick.


  • Lollipop's face is no longer on the stick.
  • Lollipop has arms.
  • Lollipop is      green.
  • Lollipop has no wrapper.
  • Lollipop has thin outlines.


  • Lollipop’s face and limbs are thicker.
  • Lollipop has no outline.
  • Lollipop is badly drawn.


  • Lollipop is      purple.
  • Lollipop has a thin outline.


  • Lollipop has no wrapper.
  • Lollipop is      purple.
  • Lollipop has no outline.
  • Lollipop's design is much more simplistic.


  • Lollipop has a wrapper.
  • Lollipop has an outline.
  • Lollipop is a      darker purple.


  • Lollipop has a shine to her top.
  • Lollipop's candy part has an inconsistent shape.
  • Lollipop has no wrapper.
  • Lollipop is a lighter purple.


  • Lollipop's arms are moved up.


Lollipop is arrogant and snooty. She usually judges characters, such as Book and Barf Bag, based on their appearances. She also refers to others with nicknames, such as "Bagel Brain", "Sport Globules", "Tacoy", and "Little Gray Zig-zag". The nicknames seem to have a malicious slant, though it is possible that she sometimes uses these nicknames as terms of endearment. She seems to find it hilarious when others use her nicknames unironically (e.g. Donut calling himself "Bagel Brain"). She does not act in a toxic manner towards her friends, such as Saw. She can also be pretty sassy, and once flirted with her teammate, but got slapped in response.

Along with being judgmental, Lollipop is also extremely rude. She relentlessly reminds Barf Bag of how her "barf molecules" make her slow and unintelligent and she originally picked on Taco for abandoning their team before learning the truth.

However, starting from "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", Lollipop has become more upstanding and empathetic after she heard Bell and Taco's conflict in the stinger of "Enter the Exit". She was seen defending Taco when Book kept assuming that she would "abandon" the team again. She also understood that Taco's strategy was the main reason that they survived the challenge in "Four Goes Too Far". She also defends Balloony in "X Marks the Spot" after Leafy killed him.

Official Character Guide biography

Lollipop thinks very highly of herself and is a little arrogant. She judges people by their looks and calls them names. Because of her brash personality, many people are offended by Lollipop, whom they resort to calling "Lollipoop". Despite her occasional disrespect, Lollipop writes excellent, heartfelt tributes to those she cares about.

Lollipop is also a salesperson for fork repellent, which comes in a spray can. She has sold one quadrillion units.

Did You Know?: Lollipop likes the freedom of not wearing a wrapper, but it has led to unwanted licking.



Battle for Dream Island

In "Vomitaco", Lollipop makes her first appearance. She watches the elimination along with other recommended characters.

In "Bowling, Now with Explosions!", Lollipop, who is named Lolly Pop at the time, watched the elimination again.

In "Gardening Hero", Lollipop gasps with the other recommended characters when they find out that there will only be one more opportunity for an eliminated contestant to rejoin.

In "Don't Pierce My Flesh", Lollipop makes a cameo when Leafy, Flower, Bubble, and Firey are running.

In "Hurtful!", Lollipop makes a cameo when Leafy and Bubble are doing the challenge.

Battle for Dream Island Again

In a video revealing the characters that can join BFDIA, Lollipop is one of the non-"The Reveal" recommended characters with a chance of joining.

In "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know", her votes are revealed: she got 95 votes. She has a chance to talk to Book, who is distraught she didn't make it. Lollipop says that the reason Book didn't join is that the viewers judged her by her cover. Book doesn't know if she wants to be angry or indifferent.

She is seen getting crushed in Eraser's hallucination. In reality, she is treated with TLC.


Lollipop is given a second chance at joining the show in "Welcome Back".

Battle for BFDI

Lollipop has her first major role in "Getting Teardrop to Talk". She is first seen asking Eggy, "What was that about?" referring to Eggy's attempt to engage with Teardrop. She then tells Eggy a story of when she tried to sell Teardrop her Fork Repellent and got no verbal response. She mentions that TD did "this weird arm-fluttery thing" in response. Pillow then tells them (albeit wrongly) that arm fluttering means that the person doing it doesn't care. Lollipop is quick to tell Barf Bag that her "barf molecules" make her dumb, for they "infect" her brain. In response, an offended Barf Bag flutters her arms at them.

During team creation, Barf Bag tries to tell Lollipop that she can "prove herself" if they are on the same team, but is rejected mostly due to her appearance. Barf Bag would then team up with Spongy, since he "likes [her] presence". Lollipop joins Gaty's team, with Taco. Shortly after the teams are named, she asks Four to get X off the tall pillar, but is quickly dismissed.

Screenshot 2020-01-07 at 10.42.35 PM

Lollipop rudely telling Dora to be quiet.

Bleh takes off in pursuit of a basket (which leads them through the desert, the world's largest oven, and some molten lava in turn), losing Ice Cube, Lollipop, Teardrop, Book, Taco and Gaty in the process. Saw and Dora, however, are able to make it out of the lava with the basket, just saving them from last place.

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", Lollipop is freed by Free Fooders Stapy, Eraser and Marker, but they immediately kill her afterwards since they expected Foldy.

In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", Lollipop's rivalry with Barf Bag expands. She tells Barf Bag how "ruthless" her "barf molecules" are, then says that Pie (who exploded earlier) should use Fork Repellent. Barf Bag tries to use "science" to prove Lollipop wrong, but that doesn't work. Lollipop tries to make Barf Bag's arms flutter instead. Lollipop tells Barf Bag her arms are "wiggling", but Barf Bag tells her to let go. Lollipop dismisses her, and tells her to "perhaps [...] take a nap instead". Shortly after that, Lollipop overhears Liy saying that her team needs to prevent more deaths, so she sells Liy one quadrillion bottles of Fork Repellent.

She is seen later on her team's swingset. She writes eulogies for Taco, who is still stuck in the jawbreaker. Lollipop writes that Taco was "quite amalgamated and weird, but bold and courageous nonetheless." Lollipop is seen later when Saw tells her team to "push through". They are spared from elimination again. Later, Taco's surprise appearance enrages Lollipop.

In "Today's Very Special Episode", Book teases Taco, saying that "Taco doesn't need to be killed to be deceased in [her] eyes", to which Lollipop laughs and says, "the truest things really are the funniest".

In "Fortunate Ben", her only line is asking Four to screech Flower. However, she forgets that Four screeches anyone who talks to him, so she instead gets screeched. She is later seen on her team's paper plane. Her team's plane never hits the ground.

In "Four Goes Too Far", Lollipop, like other characters, is first seen during the heart scene. She later follows Saw to space.


Lollipop asking Saw if she ever "experienced the vacuum of space before".

In space, Lollipop asks Saw if she hasn't experienced the vacuum of space before, to which Saw says she hasn't. After Gaty gets infected with "the light", Lollipop is infected twice. Taco's "abandoning" of her team is met with negative responses, including Lollipop saying "What else is new?"

Lollipop is seen later on the Moon, fighting against ABNTT for possession of the Twinkle. Since Taco asks Bell to look at the Moon, making her get the Twinkle, Lollipop's team is safe. However, Golf Ball's rocket breaks, leaving the two teams stranded on the Moon.

In "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", she, the rest of her team (except Taco), and ABNTT are still stranded on the Moon. The two teams have seemingly created an alliance to prevent each other from losing. Her first appearance is her saying that she's glad to not be on Earth, for "whatever disease they've got sounds dreadful". Blocky tells her off, saying that his team and Bleh's goals are unguarded, meaning that either his team or Lollipop's will lose, and asks her if she wants to see Four come at her "at a million miles an hour".

When Tennis Ball controls Remote, she tells him to make Remote "do a dance". Later, Robot Flower closes ABNTT's connection to Remote, saving Bleh. The liar ball lands in ABNTT's goal and Bleh are safe yet again.

In "Questions Answered", ABNTT and Bleh are still stranded on the Moon. They witness Donut broadcasting himself through TV and starting Cake at Stake. When Donut calls himself "bagel brain", Lollipop laughs, as "bagel brain" was the nickname she called him. When Donut says that it's a habit, Lollipop collapses, laughing, until Donut puts his arms through TV and shuts her up himself. He then explains that his new camera can transmit matter as well as light.

However, the transmission only goes one way, and Lollipop takes this opportunity to bite Donut's arms, which are now trapped on the Moon. Donut, angry at her, calls her "Lollipoop" and explains that there is a way to get them off the Moon. However, Lollipop does not know what he actually meant and tells Donut to not call her "Lollipoop". Donut proceeds to warp Earth through his camera, saving both teams.

Lollipop isn't seen again until the challenge is revealed. Later, when Barf Bag fails to answer for her team, Lollipop tells Barf Bag her "barf molecules" make her slow. Barf Bag calls her "Lollipoop" and tells her to shut up.

She is seen later with Saw and Book, worried that Donut's audio recording of Four's Screechy could actually screech someone. However, there is no effect--until Donut puts the audio recording towards himself; he is screeched. Saw gets the question "What is the past tense of 'eat'?" correct for her team, despite saying "eight".

In "Enter the Exit", the contestants try to bring back Four. During this, Pillow licks Lollipop out of hunger. Lollipop snaps at her, and Pillow says that she was "just hungry" and wanted to eat.

In the episode's stinger, when Taco is trying to apologize to Bell, who is declining her apology as she doesn't want to trust her, Lollipop can be seen watching from a distance.

In "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", Book says that "someone" wouldn't go up, and would also not volunteer. Lollipop believes the "someone" is her, and starts to leave before Book says she was referring to Taco. Lollipop then asks why Book won't talk to Taco but will talk about her.

In "What Do You Think of Roleplay?" she is mostly seen defending Taco when Book tries to point out Taco as the fake. Lollipop acknowledges Taco's heroic deed for her team. It is eventually pointed out by Teardrop that Taco was the fake (as she was Pin), and Book shows her team how Taco "abandoned" the team (Lollipop holds her head in shame), enraging Book to all points of rage. Despite this, Bleh is safe.

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", she is first seen with Book, who is watching Taco with binoculars from behind a bush. Lollipop is uncaring of Book and Taco's conflict.

She greets Saw, and shortly after questions if the fumes have completely left her body (they haven't). When Book goes on about Saw's "abandonment" of Bleh, Lollipop remarks, "I could go on and on about the things [Book] overreact[s] to."

Lollipop is entranced by Yellow Face's ad for the Fork Attractant, and is criticized by Fries for showing an interest in Yellow Face's product, when she sells the complete opposite of Yellow Face's product.

Later on, while the other teams have started their search for X's treasure, Bleh, still arguing with Book over her beliefs, hasn't started their search yet. As Gaty takes Book away, Lollipop remarks, "Looks like it's time to get this book's cover... judged!" Saw says that she has always hated that expression.

In "Don't Dig Straight Down", Lollipop stays on the surface with her team for the entire episode. She defends them from lava using her Fork Repellent, but eventually the can runs dry, and they are seemingly burned to death with the rest of her team (with the possible exception of Dora and Saw).


Lollipop surviving her first elimination.

In "The Four is Lava", Lollipop, along with Dora, Gaty, Saw, and Teardrop, is revealed to be alive in an underground hole. Lollipop is using her apparently-limitless cans of Fork Repellent to keep the lava from flowing down the tunnel. Thanks to Saw and Dora, Lollipop and her other teammates are brought back up to the surface by Four. Lollipop falls into the bottom two with Dora to be eliminated, but ends up safe with 8,044 votes. Because her team was already present for Cake at Stake, Bleh wins the contest first.

In "The Escape from Four", Lollipop considers switching to TPOT, but is convinced to stay on BFB by Four offering A BFB as a prize, making her one of the fourteen contestants to continue competing on BFB. She, along with Four and her thirteen opponents, are transported by Two to an unknown area to compete.

In "X Marks the Spot", Lollipop is placed on the Four Colored Team. Realizing she's on the same team as Balloony's ruthless murderer, she considers dousing herself in X colored paint to get on the other team. Her team uses the FreeSmart Supervan in order to get X. When Coiny decides to glue X to the ground, Lollipop swaps the glue with her paint, making it so that her team could easily take X. Lollipop's team ends up losing, however, as they forgot Teardrop, and have to turn around. The lasso holding X snaps, flinging X near the opposite team. In the stinger, Lollipop informs her teammates that they already lost.

In "Take the Tower", Lollipop gets screeched by Four when she tries to ask why the least voted contestant is now out. She becomes unconscious, so Balloony tells Four to give her a lot of pats to help her wake up, but due to too much force, she shatters into pieces. Lollipop is up for elimination and survives with 8548 votes. During the contest, she, Bubble, and Gelatin try and disguise as Flower. She was also seen when Loser created a path for the X Colored Team. When Teardrop bounces off of the bracelet, she flings Lollipop and Woody away. In the stinger, Lollipop is seen waiting for Ruby to pick her up. She gets irritated by her singing, telling her to never do it again. When Leafy sings along with Ruby, Lollipop is seen in torment, wanting to get out.

In "How Loe Can You Grow?", Lollipop is seen hanging her head in despair as Ruby and Leafy continue to sing. When the radio in the SuperVan starts to work again, Lollipop is joyful, as she can finally listen to "real music". However, this does not last long, as the van is stopped by Four, who reprimands them for driving over X's Aloe Vera plants 73 times. When she finds out they drove in circles 73 times for the sole purpose of Ruby getting along with Leafy, Lollipop is tormented.

Once asked about a strategy during the challenge, Lollipop suggests the Sun come to them, so Ruby used herself as a lens to make the plants grow, resulting in getting 1 point. However, she set the plants on fire, so the Have Cots now have -1 point. Sometime later, Lollipop gets X to explain why he's growing aloe vera plants. When X is set on fire, the Have Cots scramble into a cardboard spaceship and set for the Sun, which has been enlarged. When the Have Nots close in on the Sun, the spaceship they are in catches on fire, ironically leaving the Have Cots' cardboard spaceship, gifted to them by Blocky, safe and sound. The Have Cots are now up for elimination.

In "A Taste of Space", when Leafy calls space as tranquil as she remembers, Lollipop steps in presuming not very tranquil. Lollipop reminds Leafy that she was obliterated by a laser when she was last in space. Leafy claims that it isn't true, so Lollipop shows the exact moment from "Gardening Hero". Leafy then claims being obliterated by a laser isn't as bad as it sounds and fires one at Lollipop to prove it. Lollipop is safe with 8,208 votes, gets recovered by Four, and then gets pushed by Four back into space through the camera. Leafy asks if her death felt cozy, Lollipop responds if excruciating pain is her idea of cozy.

After Cake at Stake, she suggests that they dump a bucket of ice out the window to win. Gelatin reveals that if they dump ice on the sun, it'll destroy the outermost surface and they'll sink right through. Lollipop decides to elect Teardrop to be the only one to dump the ice, knowing she wouldn't be able to decline. Leafy insists that they should all go out together, much to Lollipop's annoyance, however, nothing happens. Lollipop later drips on the sun and suggests spitting on the earth. After multiple ideas, her team is teleported back to the earth. Leafy dumps some ice on X, so her team wins the contest.

In "Let's Raid the Warehouse", when Four says that they've reached the final 10, Lollipop says that there is only 9 of them, which makes Four recover Bubble. Lollipop points out that Bubble calling Teardrop "a water-based specimen" is weird. She and Leafy end up being the gift receivers for their team. She tries to sell her fork repellent to Gelatin, making him question her about how she and Yellow Face are selling competing products. After Leafy talks to Woody, she says that what Leafy said was cheesy, but she respects it since she supposes that she should be nicer to her "BFB mates", and offers them some fork repellent. When Flower asks if it is from the Yellow Face brand, she tells her that it is from her brand, which she claims that studies find better. When she receives her gift, she acts touched and surprised, but then points out how they only did it because they were obligated to. When she sees that her gift is a bunch of spoons, she seems to like them, until she notices that they were from the Yellow Face brand, which she doesn't like, and ends up having her satisfaction read 3/10 for her team. Despite her low satisfaction, her team still wins the contest. Later, she tells the Have Cots to reassess Woody's value to the team and that he can be useful, and also tells her customer base not to listen to Gelatin.

In "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", Lollipop gloats about how great it is that they get to relax indoors while the loser team is forced to stay outside. Leafy tries to convince her to let the Have Nots join them, but Lollipop tells Leafy to just go to them instead. Leafy decides to listen and leaves. Once she's gone, Lollipop alerts Bubble that Leafy is gone and the Have Cots all celebrate.

During the contest, Lollipop calls Woody up to the stand to ask where he was when Donut's diary was stolen. During Woody's story, he reveals Leafy was there which Lollipop finds suspicious. Leafy gets upset at this and forces Lollipop to sit down so that she can call Firey to the stand. This annoys Lollipop, as she can recall they use to be friends before. Gelatin then briefs her on their history. Lollipop realizes that she and Gelatin were the only ones who weren't around when Leafy stole Dream Island, and proposes that they should form a newbie alliance to get further in the game. Gelatin accepts and they do a newbie alliance handshake.

Later, Lollipop spends a long portion of the trial trying to get Flower to admit that she stole the diary instead of asking her questions. Getting tired of arguing, Flower just tells Lollipop to pick her as the thief, since it would just make them lose, Lollipop isn't sure what to say back. Leafy then admits to stealing the diary, which Lollipop finds really low for her, considering she stole Dream Island. Four reveals that Leafy, didn't actually steal the diary, annoying Lollipop. Realizing the episode is wrapping up, Lollipop tells Gelatin that they need more screentime, and tells him to anything like a funny dance.

In "Fashion For Your Face!", Bubble asks Lollipop if she values her as a friend and teammate. Lollipop claims she does, so Bubble angrily asks why she didn't notice when Four killed her in the last episode. Lollipop makes up an excuse, telling Bubble she was waiting for her birthday to arrive. Lollipop survives the Cake at Stake with the second least votes. During the contest, Lollipop and her team take a steam train to Yellow Face's Warehouse, due to Firey accidentally destroying the first train. On their way there, Lollipop suggests that they take off Flower's itchy sweaters since she isn't around to hear them talking badly about them. Lollipop is proven wrong however, as Flower runs all the way to the Warehouse and kicks Lollipop's team into the purple box. This frees Purple Face, who begins chasing her team with the intention of eating them. Since they aren't able to outrun him, they wrap Flower's vomit-proof sweaters around them to avoid being digested. After being trapped inside Purple Face for seven hours, Teardrop gets an idea. Starting with Lollipop, she threatens to pierce her sweater to get her to scream. Lollipop's screaming is too low for Teardrop. Lollipop's team wins the challenge when Teardrop kills Gelatin in order to have him get recovered and free Four.

In "The Game Has Changed", Lollipop is spit out of Purple Face as cake for Woody. For the challenge, Lollipop doesn't feel like making an actual party since they're just being forced to make one as a contest, without any genuine thought, and decides to make an intentionally bad party that Four will hate. Since Woody is Blocky's replacement, Lollipop asks him for a suggestion for the worst music she could possibly get for her disastrous party. Woody gives her Purple Face and she assigns him to write a song for her party. Lollipop shows off her Halloween-themed party to Four, along with a badly sung song from Purple Face, hoping to have done the worst job in the challenge. To Lollipop's shock, Four loves it since Halloween is his favorite holiday and he liked Purple Face's song. Since Lollipop got 10/10 she wins immunity. She also gets to choose someone else to have immunity and picks Gelatin because of their alliance.


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Season 2
Episode Votes
1 95 (to join)
Season 4
Episode Votes
15 8,044
18 8,550
20 8,208
23 7,851
Total votes
Elimination Save votes Total
8,044 24,609 32,748


  1. "Bowling, Now with Explosions!": Might've burned to death while trapped in a large metal box.
  2. "Getting Teardrop to Talk": Melted in The World's Largest Oven.
  3. "Lick Your Way to Freedom": Crushed by Stapy and licked to death by Marker.
  4. "Take the Tower": Has her head crushed by Four patting her head too many times.
  5. "A Taste of Space": Obliterated by Leafy with a laser.

Non-canon deaths:

  1. "Battle for Dream Island: Official Character Guide/Instagram Promotion": Has her head crushed into pieces by Stapy.


  • Lollipop is one of the two BFB contestants with purple on their body. The other is Marker.
    • They both also have a purple and white color scheme.
  • Lollipop is the only person to ask Four to screech someone else.
  • Lollipop appears to be a lighter shade of purple in IDFB than in BFDIA.
  • Lollipop is the only recommended character in BFDIA that didn't make it, but also had a speaking role at the same time, shown in "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know".
    • If the not-present contestants weren't barred from competing, then Book would hold this role, too.
    • This may have also been referenced in BFB 13 when she says "It's time to have this Book's cover judged."
  • When Lollipop was getting punished by Marker and Stapy in "Lick Your Way to Freedom", she made the same pose as she did in the IDFB intro.
  • Lollipop is one of the 8 food contestants, the others are Taco, Eggy, Cake, Pie, Fries, Donut, and Gelatin.
  • She had her first speaking role in "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know" but didn't speak again until "Getting Teardrop to Talk".
  • She and Bracelety are the characters that have had the most iterations and design changes.
  • As a recommended character, she got a new design with every appearance.
    • Only in IDFB did she get a final design.
  • Lollipop is one of Cary and Michael Huang's favorite characters according to their own respective reaction videos.
  • She is left-handed, as shown when she is writing eulogies for Taco.
  • When Bleh's icon on their Team Buzzer is separated, it is revealed Lollipop writes in cursive.
  • She and Bracelety are the only BFDIA eligible contestants that showed off some of their personalities prior to being contestants.
    • Coincidentally, they both were recommended 6 times in BFDI.
      • However, if one counts Bracelet and Lolly Pop as being Bracelety and Lollipop respectively, then they would have been recommended 7 times each.
  • Lollipop holds the record for the highest number of elimination votes, without leaving, from a single Cake at Stake in BFB.
  • Lollipop has gone through the fewest eliminations out of the Have Cots, only being up for elimination 4 times as of BFB 22.
  • Lollipop is the only contestant in BFB voiced by Sam Lee post-split, so she is also the highest-placing contestant voiced by Sam Lee in BFB.
  • Lollipop is the highest-placing newcomer in BFB following Taco's elimination in "Who Stole Donut's Diary?".


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