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You're a loser, but you're my loser!

Loser is a male contestant in Battle for BFB.

His basis first appeared in "Puzzling Mysteries" as an asset. The first season sometimes used beige cubes to represent the losers, hence his name "Loser". He is a prevalent character, despite his name. His team, The Losers!, was named after him. Everyone respects him, and he respects them back.

Loser competed as a member of The Losers!, a team named after him, and was eliminated in "The Liar Ball You Don't Want". However, in "The Escape from Four", he rejoined the competition by escaping Four.

After rejoining and staying in BFB, Loser competed for the Have Nots team until "Let's Raid The Warehouse", when he got eliminated again.

He speaks in a very wheezy and slightly low-pitched voice.

He also appears in Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two, when Clock stated he used to be in a duo with Winner.


Loser is an ivory-colored cube with a light scarlet outline, followed by a thick pale, light grayish gamboge outline. This substance is known as "loser". He usually appears from the front or the side, and he is rarely seen from the back. Loser looks like a rotating square. He also has a heavily grave voice.

BFDI 7[]

  • Loser has no limbs.
  • Loser's shade is more saturated and his design is simplified.
  • Loser is only seen on one angle.


  • Loser is brighter.
  • Loser's shape is more hexagonal.
  • Loser has limbs, saying that he is sentient.


Despite being named "Loser," Loser is extremely popular and strong with his friends, and his popularity appointed him to be the leader of his team, The Losers!. The contestants praise him of showing his fame.

He is shown to be a prideful and respectful character who everyone likes, and he has never been directly rude to any contestant. He is shown to have incredible strength in "Getting Teardrop to Talk," as he lifts a massive basket to save most of his teammates. He is always very helpful and helps out his allies and his team when they need it.

Unfortunately, everyone has high expectations for him. However, in "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", Loser did lie when he said that he used to play with poppers "all the time," even though they had just been invented, according to Fanny. Because of Fanny, there seemed to be a controversy over his reputation. Despite this, Loser remained kind and respectful, and still was when he said his final words.

In "X Marks the Spot", Loser is shown to absolutely dread the thought of his fans doubting him, which shows he can be rather conceited, since everybody thinks so highly of him. This conceitedness is most apparent in "Let's Raid The Warehouse", where he assumes everyone has voted for him to be safe, showing how full of himself he can be when everyone's support and praise goes to his head, when in reality he got the least votes, leaving him completely speechless.

In Oneirophobe's Nightmare, Loser's conceited nature is shown in a flashback, and all comes to a head when he shows Winner a contract for a movie about the then-duo and their signature performance, Loser-Cake. When they express their discomforts and how they felt overwhelmed with their high life, Loser seemingly brushes this aside, stating that their names "could be everywhere." However, when Winner tells him that they just want to live a normal life and not one of stardom, he promptly abandons them and goes completely solo, continuing his performances. This whole scene showed how he valued fame over his friendship.

In the Battle for Dream Island: Official Character Guide, it was revealed that Loser has more fans on Earth than people, showing his extreme popularity.

Official Character Guide biography[]

Loser is anything but a loser. This ivory-colored cube is, without a doubt, the most popular contestant, which is why his teammates named him the leader of The Losers!

Loser is the most charitable and kindhearted person ever! He often prevents fights and tells people things that make them feel good. He has saved people's lives from heavy baskets, and is so skilled at playing with toys that he can play with them before they've even been invented. He also likes to watch Cake at Stake, even if his team isn't up for elimination.

Did You Know?: Loser somehow has more fans on Earth than there are people.




In "Today's Very Special Episode", a flashback shows a group of unknown objects kicking a papier-mâché version of Loser. However, Loser may have been inside and had broken free from the papier-mâché sometime after the flashback and before BFB (evident in the closed captions as it says "Loser whimpering"). This may mean Loser wasn't always treated like a winner. this is supported by the song Message to Loser

In "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?", it is revealed that he and Winner were a duo at the start of Loser's career. However, Loser hit the mainstream, while Winner faded into obscurity.

Battle for BFDI[]

Screenshot (168)

In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Loser makes his first appearance when Pencil accuses Naily of killing Bubble (even though Bell was the actual suspect) by telling her to stop. Everybody starts screaming, "Loser!" when he appears; he then tells Pencil to apologize. Later, Firey, Needle, Coiny, and Pin approach him and convince him to join his team during team selection. Clock, Cake, and Eggy join shortly after. When it comes time to name the teams, Firey suggests calling it "The Losers," before everybody chants his name. In the challenge, his teammates throw Pin and cause the basket to fall on everybody but Loser and Eggy. Loser then lifts the basket off of them and onto Eggy. Finally, Loser's team wins when Clock uses his clock hands to send the basket flying to X.

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", Loser is shown licking a jawbreaker, freeing Gaty, placing Beep up for elimination.

In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", Loser comes up with the strategy of using Daylight Savings to speed up Clock when being used as a fulcrum.

In "Today's Very Special Episode", Loser appears near the end of the episode with Eggy, standing next to a paper-mâché sculpture of Four (with X stuck inside). Eggy acts surprised when A Better Name Than That's drawing got a higher score than their sculpture, to which Loser replies that he never liked pâper-maché. Then, the episode cuts to a flashback where either a paper-mâché sculpture of Loser or several unknown people kick Loser encased in paper-mâché while they laugh mockingly. This could imply that Loser was bullied at some point in the past.

In "Four Goes Too Far", at Cake's request, Loser shields his team from the twinkle of contagion using one of X's baskets (with X hiding inside). During Coiny and Pin's moment on the cliff, Pin is worried that the team is so Loser-centric and wonders how they would function if he got eliminated. However, Coiny remains confident that they will still manage themselves because Pin is a heroic leader. Bell breaks the basket and gives Clock the twinkle with a few seconds left in the challenge, putting the Losers up for elimination.

In "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", Loser walks up to the others playing with poppers. He says he used to play with them, but Fanny calls him out for "lying," as they were just invented an hour prior. This causes significant controversy among objects whether or not to hate him because of that "lie". After coming to the elimination center and being requested by Donut to spread out for being too close to him, he is in the bottom two. Donut then reveals to Loser that he is eliminated with a record of 12,062 votes, causing The Losers and the recommended characters to gasp in shock. For elimination, Donut sealed him in the Liar Ball, which he then uses for the contest. Later at the end, he is sent to space by Remote's explosion, where he gives his elimination speech that Donut cut off before. He appears again in "Questions Answered", but still in the jawbreaker.

That would make for a great icon

In "Enter the Exit", he is still in the jawbreaker, reading Donut's Diary. However, Four puts him inside themself. He later stumbles into the EXIT and is one of the many EXITors up for rejoin. After Roboty insults Four, he throws the Liar Ball at him, causing Loser's rejoin audition to be, "Huh? What was that?".

In "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", Leafy and himself were in the top two for rejoining. Leafy tells him that she'll be happy with either of them joining. Loser, still in the jawbreaker and unable to hear, is continuing to read Donut's diary. He asks if something in the diary is a cryptic message. This sentence is what Leafy thinks is his reply to her previous statement. He doesn't get enough votes to join (5,830 compared to Leafy's 13,835), so Four puts a paper in the jawbreaker so Loser can see how many votes he got. Not understanding what is happening around him, he is confused seeing the number "5-8-3-0," which is the number of votes he got.

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", Cake suggests that the Losers jump down a hole dug by iance. Still, Eggy points out the decision's flaws and means digging their hole is more honorable, escalating to "spiritual connections" with Loser. This results in Eggy claiming her spiritual connection is so strong, she bleeds Loser's color when cracked and that Loser stands for independence, perseverance, and dignity. When she says this, the camera zooms into the sky, and Loser is then shown in the Liar Ball saying, "I could go for some chicken nuggets right now...".

In "The Escape from Four", Loser finishes reading Donut's diary at the beginning of the episode, decides he needs some new reading material, and breaks free of the Liar Ball. Loser and the other EXITors escape the EXIT. Since Stapy is too heavy, Loser climbs on top of the stacked objects that the Exitors were using to escape. Loser tells everyone that Spongy's holes are stretchy so that they can climb through. Loser manages to be the only one to reach the surface without difficulty and rejoins. After jumping out from Spongy's body, Loser tells his friends that he missed them before Four starts sucking the Exitors back in. Loser then helps with trying to pull them out. After pulling out Spongy, they both start running as Four chases them to send them back to the EXIT. Later, Loser switches to compete on The Power of Two, at first wanting Two's powers. Still, he switches to Four when the prize becomes A BFB. Loser becomes one of the fourteen contestants to continue competing on BFB. Along with Four and his thirteen fellow contestants, he is transported by Two to the Pillary Ruins to compete.

Battle for BFB[]

In "X Marks the Spot", Loser is placed on the X Colored Team. To get X, he spits on the ground, saying X would have to mark it. Loser ends up being proven right as X lands on his saliva spot, thanks to the Four Colored Team, making his team safe.

In "Take the Tower", Loser comes up with another strategy for his team. Using Spongy's friendship bracelet and Firey's Coiny-slapping glove, he manages to create a bridge between the two towers. But, unfortunately, his team ends up losing the contest when their tower breaks apart.

Oh so hes making a tightrope

In "How Loe Can You Grow?", Loser is safe with 4,738 votes. However, Loser feels bad for Spongy getting eliminated and tells him that he'll take care of his spaceship. Spongy then takes off. In the contest, Loser helps Firey and Flower find a laser in Spongy's spaceship, then with Firey, does a drumroll. The laser causes the sun to grow, making his team win. Loser then gets in the spaceship with his team to pour ice on the sun but burns to death when they get too close to it.

In "A Taste of Space", Loser is recovered by Four. In the challenge, he says that if they run fast in place, the earth will rotate. The team does this to make it nighttime, helping to cool X. Unfortunately, his team lost the contest since they had fewer points and failed to keep X cooled down for good.

In "Let's Raid The Warehouse," Loser, along with his team, is up for elimination. Flower tells Loser they need more votes than the entire first season of BFDI to be safe. Loser is not worried about mustering up enough votes to be safe, as he assumes his supporters will vote for him to be safe. That was wrong; Four reveals the votes to Loser, showing that, despite his popularity with other contestants and viewers, Loser received the fewest votes. Thus, he was eliminated for the second time. Loser, being proven wrong, is left speechless and can do nothing but babble incoherently as he is left hurt. He continues to babble when Four transports him to the BRB. We can still hear Loser babbling in the stinger ending.

In "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", "Fashion For Your Face!", "The Tweested Temple", and "The Hidden Contestant", Loser can be seen spinning in the Big Rotating Building with the other eliminated contestants.

In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", Loser is snapped out of the BRB to help with the contest. After being released, he immediately questions who the gray box thing is and where Four is. He is placed back inside the Liar Ball in the challenge, and Teardrop pushes him into a goal. He reappears for the BFB 26 challenge to tell the contestants to eliminate Profily.

In "SOS (Save Our Show)", Loser nonchalantly agrees with Purple Face when he calls his TV show idea terrible but reassures him that they can figure something out.

In "Chapter Complete", Loser votes for Gelatin to win. Loser decides to help X save Four by going to the Pillary Ruins with the other contestants. Once they're on the Sun, Loser reassures Four that they had fun on their show. With Four back to normal, he teleports everyone back to The Desert, where everyone has fun at Four's party.

Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two[]

In “Oneirophobe's Nightmare”, Winner's nightmare was about Loser. After Winner's team caught up to them, Winner explained their past relationship with Loser. In the past, Loser and Winner were best friends. Playing games together and performing "Loser Cake" for their friends. However, Loser became obsessed with the fame, and wanted things to become bigger and bigger, in order to be even more famous. Eventually, Loser Cake became so famous that Loser was offered to make a movie about it. However, Winner was hesitant, wanting things to remain simple, and wanted to go back to performing for just their friends. Loser was distraught by this, and ran away, never seeing Winner again.


Season 4 (BFB)
Episode Votes
7 12,062 (eliminated) (52.17%)
11 5,830 (to rejoin) (17.91%)
19 4,738
21 5,600 (Eliminated)
Total votes
Elimination Save votes Total
12,062 10,338 28,230


  1. "How Loe Can You Grow?": Burns to death after getting too close to the sun.

Non-canon deaths:

  1. "If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge": Sucked into Black Hole.
  2. "BFDI: Claustrophobe's Nightmare": Dies from the heat death of the universe (offscreen).
  3. "UNREAL BFDI — Thanks for 1 Billion Views!": Crashes into Puffball and David's body, became Flower.




  • He is one of the characters who debuted in BFB but isn't a recommended character. The others are Foldy, Liy, and Stapy.
  • Loser is the only newbie on the The Losers! who has arms.
  • Loser is the first contestant ever to receive a 5 digit number of votes, at 12,062.
    • However, this is only true going by release date order. Chronologically speaking, many contestants were eliminated with 5 digit votes in BFDIA.
    • This is the single highest amount of elimination votes a contestant has ever received at their first Cake at Stake.
  • Loser was the first BFB character to get out on a majority amount of votes, 12,062/23,119. (52.17%)
  • With him being eliminated in The Liar Ball You Don't Want, this ended the streak of four consecutive competitors whose named end in "y" being eliminated.
  • Due to both his rejoin and Foldy quitting BFB for TPOT, Loser is the the highest-ranking character out of the four new debuters.
  • Loser currently holds the record for the highest amount of votes to rejoin without returning at 5,830.
  • Loser is the second contestant to rejoin without voting. The first being Spongy, in "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None".
    • Coincidentally, Spongy also rejoined without voting in the same episode as Loser.
  • Loser is one of the 5 contestants who rejoined after getting eliminated, the others are Blocky, Leafy, Spongy, and Flower.
  • Loser is one of the few contestants who failed to survive their first ever Cake at Stake, while managing to survive their next one. The others are Flower, Donut, and Spongy.
  • Out of the many contestants who made their competitive debut in BFB, Loser is the only one who has been voted off twice.
    • He’s also the only BFB newbie who has been eliminated through both elimination and save votes.
  • "How Loe Can You Grow?" is Loser's first and only time surviving an elimination.
  • Loser is always on the same team as Firey.
  • Loser is one of the six contestants with more total votes to be eliminated than to stay. The others are Spongy, Balloony, Cloudy, Naily, and Rocky.
  • Loser is currently the only contestant in the series who never once received more votes to stay in an individual episode than he did in an episode to be eliminated.


  • Loser got his appearance and name from "Puzzling Mysteries" in a visual demonstration where a contestant on the losing team would go to the winning team. This also goes for Winner.
  • The Official Character Guide states Loser has more fans on Earth than there are people. In real life, the possible cases for this to happen would be:
    • The number of fans that Loser has is either misrepresented, faked, or is just an exaggeration.
    • Some of Loser's fans are organisms that do not fall under the definition of "people".
  • A jacknjellify tweet stated that Loser was the cameraman in "BFDI APPISIOTE 225555555!!!!!".[2]
  • In "Today's Very Special Episode," Loser revealed he doesn't like paper-mâché, as what is supposedly a paper-mâché version of himself was kicked by unknown people.
  • In "Cary Reacts to BFB 1," Cary states that Loser was his favorite character and the reason he was hyped for BFB. Michael has also stated that Loser is his favorite character. They are both sad to see him go.
  • Loser is the only one eliminated character that appears in his rejoining picture with the same pose he has in his team icon in "Enter the Exit".
  • Out of all the BFB contestants, Loser has his name said the most times.
  • He is one of the strongest contestants, as he was able to lift a massive basket in "Getting Teardrop to Talk".
  • According to jacknjellify's new JNJ Logo live stream, it's revealed that Michael voices him similar to Snowball by editing the recording.
  • According to Michael Huang at the Texas Object Hangout 2022, Loser is the hardest character for him to voice.
    • It was also revealed that all of Loser's lines in "Getting Teardrop to Talk" had to be split into individual syllables and put together in audio editing.
  • "How Loe Can You Grow?" was Loser's first (and so far only) death.
    • He was the only character in the entire series with no deaths or kills up to this point (assuming Liy's claims of killing are true).
  • In "PUMPKIN 2.0", he has BFDI assets for the first time, ignoring the instances where he's walked with BFDI legs in the show.
  • Loser is the only contestant to have a song named after them (X was the first, with All I Want for X-mas — SONG by Four & X from BFB)
  • According to Clock, Loser and Winner were once a duo.
  • Loser was the only member of the Have Nots to go and try to get Four back instead of trying to get the BFDI from Purple Face in the finale.
  • According to YouTube, both of Loser's eliminations are the most replayed part of their respective episodes.


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  1. Loser's colors change with his rotation. For convenience sake, the colors here are from his pose in the Official Character Guide.

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