The Magical Die of Judgment is a die seen in "Sweet Tooth" and the non-canon short "BFDI and II Finally Cross Over".


Eraser questions the fact that it might be a regular die, but because it has sides of 0, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 15, it is not a regular die. (It may be a 4-dimensional die since 4D cubes (also known as a tesseract) have eight cubical faces.)


  • Bubble - The Die gave her a 4/6
  • Coiny - The Die gave him a 5/6
  • Eraser - The Die gave him a 1/6, possibly due to his earlier comments
  • Firey - The Die gave him a 6/6
  • Golf Ball - The Die gave her a 0/6, following the other judges who didn't like the dirt on her cake
  • Leafy - The Die gives her a 15/6, unlike the other judges who gave her low scores

(The rest of the rolls are shown off-screen.)


  • It appears in the non-canon short "BFDI and II Finally Cross Over", where it is used in the board game that Coiny and the Nickel of Inanimate Insanity are playing. In it, it lands on three, moving Coiny's piece three squares forward into the "Meetup Space".
  • The Magical Die of Judgement can't talk but can communicate by landing on a random amount of dots.


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