"Maroon Ball, Balls, same thing!" — Ruby
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"Maroon Ball, can you draw?" — Tree
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Golf Ball Stub

"Guys, you're all thinking too small!" — Golf Ball
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Hmm, hold on. I asked for a red ball. This is a maroon ball.

Maroon balls are first seen in "Don't Lose Your Marbles". They are similar to but are not red balls, and they will cause a person who hands them in as one to lose 10 points from their score as a penalty. They are most likely owned by the Announcer


In "Don't Lose Your Marbles", whoever brings them to the Announcer loses 10 points. Leafy gave one to Ice Cube, but it caused her to lose points, making her want revenge on Leafy.

Match also brings one and is pushed farther into the danger zone because of it.

Eraser finds one and loses points. He ends up being the last person to find a ball, taking so long that it turns to night. He eventually finds a ball, but it's so dark the Announcer can't tell if it's red or maroon. Eraser then accidentally sets it on fire with Firey. The Announcer eventually believes it is a red ball, awarding Eraser 1 point.

In "Hurtful!", Leafy and Bubble attempt to find a ball in the Episode 12 section of the challenge. However, Leafy finds a maroon ball and cannot continue, while Bubble goes ahead.


  • Maroon is a tone of red, and sometimes it's counted as red (including all tones of it).
  • It is unknown if Eraser's ball was ever red or maroon, as it was too dark to see, and Firey eventually set it on fire.
  • The maroon ball appeared in "The Four is Lava" as a recommended character.
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